: Kinda disappointed it isn't a Camille lore update. :/
Sorry for the tease! I do think the new header tells a lot about Camille's personality, and there's actually a ton baked into the image that paints a nice picture of what could be part of her daily life in Piltover.
: Nice to see some alt-verse lore expansion, especially because Odyssey is one of my favorite so there is some bias on my part xD
It's an epic universe for sure! Hopefully a lot more stories to tell there in the future. :D
: I meant specifically with **THESE** lore updates posts. These post that have (up until now) focused on the main canon.
They will, yes! As long as we have something to share, that is. Not all skin lines fit into fleshed out Alternate Universes, but you can expect stuff like Odyssey, Star Guardian, etc. to all feature in these notes. Is there anything else you'd want to see here?
: So, you made us hyped with Demacia with all this going here and there, hopefully culminating into Kayle's return now with the Sylas insurgence and will just let it there hanging? Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember reading in a dev blog that "leaving story hooks is bad both for the writer and the reader". Also, in the recent video at the start of the season you said ".. lore makes you think like the league universe is frozen in place. We're gonna change that."
Demacia's relationship with magic, and what's going on with Sylas, Garen, and Lux will be explored further in the League of Legends: Lux comic series! We'll have more details to share on that soon! We think the Demacia storyline and what's going on there with mages is a great place to start the clock ticking forward.
: really disappointed we didn't actually get new lore going, to be honest, feel like many champions are forgotten in more senses than one and I was hoping this would help wake interest in them while also showing more of them.
We have tons of lore planned going forward through the year! A couple weeks here and there will be lighter (like this one), but we hope to have some cool behind the scenes style content to show in those gaps. Sorry that recent stuff hasn't grabbed your attention, hopefully we'll have something soon that you'll be interested in! Lots of stories to tell!
: We need more pictures of champs doing everyday mundane tasks like reading the paper. Give me Vi in line at the Piltover Super Market
Caitlyn on desk duty, Ezreal getting his hair done, Camille trying to walk across her friend's new rug etc. That would be a great series. Edit: yikes the comment below mine has the same ideas, oops. Great minds think alike?
: Do you remember when thats how we got lore in this game? From the summoners gazette or whatever they called it? man the lore back then was strange but hilarious.
Are you referring to long forgotten Journal of Justice {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: * wait, kalye and morgana are no longer from a race of angels from another world? That's what sold me on kayle when I first thought to pick her up.
I personally think the narrative we are positioning with this update makes them more compelling, and gives them a bigger sense of purpose in regard to their "origins" and their animosity towards each other, but I do recognize it's a bit different from the original! This update, in addition to other recent updates, hopefully will give you a better picture of the culture of the people of Demacia.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ashekandi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rONLc0UO,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2019-02-05T20:48:35.709+0000) > > We've actually been doing releases in this cadence for quite a while now, we just haven't discussed it much. If you look back to around Odyssey and the Nunu & Willump release, there's been something about every two-three weeks! > > But I hear you, and appreciate that feedback - we definitely don't want to set ourselves up for any major retcon or anything. And for what it's worth, we do look pretty far ahead with how we plan out what will be written and there are still many stories that the team wants to tell, both connected and separate. I would say that's due to League of Legends (the game) having a lot going on at that time in general. Aatrox, Akali and Nunu released back to back to back with the Odyssey event getting shoved in there as well. My question is will this rate of lore activity continue regardless of there being a lot of launches going on the game. Sometimes it feels like the game is holding back stuff that we may be ready to see for some time now (cough Bandle City cough)
That's the plan/hope/desire. We want to have a pretty regular cadence in terms of stories and lore we release. It's hard to 100% promise every x days due to the nature of development, but we should have rather regular updates that fall alongside game patches, with bigger lore updates in line with bigger game patches.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: I'll say that while I do look forward to this speed of writing, you shouldn't be too fast with producing lore about things you're not sure what to do with yet. I'd rather wait longer for particularly problematic characters or stories to get updated than have another Nautilus or Karma dilemma.
We've actually been doing releases in this cadence for quite a while now, we just haven't discussed it much. If you look back to around Odyssey and the Nunu & Willump release, there's been something about every two-three weeks! But I hear you, and appreciate that feedback - we definitely don't want to set ourselves up for any major retcon or anything. And for what it's worth, we do look pretty far ahead with how we plan out what will be written and there are still many stories that the team wants to tell, both connected and separate.
: Hooray for lore patch notes
Thanks for the feedback! We're still iterating on how we do these, so would love to hear any thoughts or pain points!
: We gonna get new lore every two weeks from now on
Just to clarify as I did in my replies on Twitter - I should have said every 2-3 weeks, and "coming months" not "years," but we're sticking to a cadence along these lines. Of course things change and sometimes a story or release may get pushed back, but hopefully you'll see multiple releases each month as we work through 2019. It's still important to remember that there will be bio updates in addition to any new color stories or short stories, so it won't always be a huge release of full-featured, long-form prose. I also think this will help get more love out to the champions who haven't had as many updates or who are still in need of some lore touch-ups. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: so was the rengar change just so rengar know's khazix's name?
Yep! The original Rengar stories came out before the release of Kha'Zix, so they never mentioned him by name. He was always referred to as a "Void Creature" before, but the relationship is more fleshed out now.
: In "Human Blood," The reptilian Vastaya, Kuulcan, states that Nidalee called the man "human." But nowhere in that story does she have dialogue where she calls anyone "human." Was something cut or were words missing? It's kind of pivotal to the point of the story that Kuulcan bring up her use of a word she didn't actually use around him.
Thanks for the call out here! This was an editorial mistake; originally, she did say the word "human", hence the reaction. We're going to work on correcting it.
Larriet (NA)
: Yes, sorry, that is the one I meant. As much as possible, I'd like it if stories would be linked directly from a Region or Champion page, since I get the impression most players will be more likely to find them that way in the future. Having it on the map is a close second to that, as well. :)
Ah, okay! Yeah I think that one, for example, could be linked to the Noxus Region page, but also to a "Jungle" Region page, if one existed. I think that's potentially why you don't see it living in any one region, as it technically is a Jungle story. I'll make sure to pass that feedback along to the Universe team though! With champions, though, we do link the stories usually. For example, on [Nidalee's page](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/champion/nidalee/), you can find a link to her new short story, ["Human Blood"](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/nidalee-color-story/).
: Are we going to get more lore patch notes in the future or this was a one time thing ¿
We've actually done them a few times now, but they were only on the League mobile app - so yes! We plan to continue doing them going forward, but would love to hear feedback on the design of them if you guys have any. Is there anything we could do better? Things we shouldn't do again? Things that are missing? Also, there won't be any regular cadence that I can say to expect of them for now, but any time we have a lot of updates for lore and/or new stories, we'll work to get one of these together.
Larriet (NA)
: Is the new story accessible through the Noxus page on Universe?
I assume you mean "At the Edge of the World"? For now it's not linked to the Noxus page, but I can see how that could make sense. The story is available on the Universe homepage, and can also be found under Explore -> Short Stories or on the Runeterra Map!
: Huh I thought it wasnt going to be on universe until 6 months later?
For series coming in 2020, yes - those will be available for free 6 months after on Universe. Those issues will be sold physically at comic book retailers and through services like ComiXology and Marvel Unlimited. If you don't want to pick them up then, you can wait to read them on Universe 6 months after those releases. For 2019, we will mostly be doing physical paperback trades, and not selling individual issues, so all of the first year of issues will be free on Universe.
: If they aren't printing physical copies until well after the release, does that mean that the initial releases are going to be distributed through the Marvel Unlimited service only? Just curious because they hype up all this comic news then tell us to wait and read them for free on the client. So how exactly do they want us to read these when they actually drop? Also curious about whether Riot or Marvel is supplying the artist/writers as that was also unclear. A side thought, with Marvel's deal with Paramount, does this mean we could see characters from Runetera in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
The initial releases, if you mean Ashe, will be available for free on Universe. You should also see a link out to Universe in the League client once the first issue launches as a reminder! You can also access them through ComiXology and Marvel Unlimited, etc. There will be a special edition available on the Marvel Comics App and Digital Comics Shop, Comixology, etc, which will feature over 20 pages of bonus content such as artist layouts, inks, colors, character concepts, and more.
: I really like the art style and getting to see what the Freljord. They showed some really cool and promising pictures. I think Ashe is probably the best character to use as like, the "flagship" character for the comics. I hope the quality of the comics stay high and don't end up being glorified exposition dumps where each text bubble is like 1-2 paragraphs and text/dialogue dominates half the page. It's one reason why I hate a lot of comics is because the art is just there to make all the talking heads more bearable.
I agree in thinking Ashe is actually a good character to start with - she's got an awesome backstory that will be cool to show in comics, and she's pretty well known! We are definitely committed to keeping the quality bar high. What you see from Ashe is what we want to continue to deliver in each series. I've read the Ashe issues and I can tell you that, in my opinion, the text doesn't dominate and the art is front and center throughout each issue. Would love to hear your thoughts when the first issue releasing next month, though! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Jaspers (EUW)
: Wait wait wait. Riot doing extended stories and lore outside of a small part of their website? Never. Get out. Why Riot haven't done this is a a long time I don't know. And hopefully more to come, right Riot?
For what it's worth, we're hoping to be able to take some of our stories beyond Universe going forward. We love the platform, and it's great for telling stories about the champions, but we also wanted to explore other avenues while we continue to push things to Universe. While I can't exactly say how that will all manifest just yet (we're still figuring some of that out), we believe things like comics are a great first-step for us and something that makes a lot of sense to help better visualize Runeterra. We do know that people want more long-form and fully realized stories, and we're committed to continuing to make awesome things (like these comics with Marvel) into 2019 and beyond.

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