: Karma Gameplay Change Preview
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: What's the funniest bug/unexpected interaction that y'all've rooted out in the past few patches? Weird combos or unexpectedly strong/weak options also count. Also, what's sleeper right now? What should I play if I wanna be too cool for the meta and surprise people with a strong pick?
> What's the funniest bug/unexpected interaction that y'all've rooted out in the past few patches? Weird combos or unexpectedly strong/weak options also count. Not a bug or totally unexpected, but Jhin is _fast_ with Stormrazor/Swifties/Rapidfire/Fleet/Celerity. I was racing a Righteous Glory Skarner in the river and forced his flash. > Also, what's sleeper right now? What should I play if I wanna be too cool for the meta and surprise people with a strong pick? Doesn't look like perception on Pyke has settled yet, but I'm quite sure he's extremely strong (support) if you put in the time to master him. From watching streams, I can see most people haven't figured him out yet :P
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: What kind of ADC Pyke prefers?
Anyone that can all-in with him early and wants to fight levels 2/3. Jhin, Tristana, and Kai'Sa have all been pretty great with him.
: any plans for miss fortune? shes not too good right now
We doubled her AD growth in compensation for duskblade nerfs this patch, I don't think we have anything planned for the immediate future but my first question is whether this patch was a net win or loss for her. It's possible she's better now, because while she does build duskblade I thought it was mostly for the armor pen, I'm not sure how many procs she actually gets out of it.
: A Question that's a bit more specific: When playing the Swain Buffs, did you find them help make him a bit smoother? I will say I got frustrated more than once when someone just barely slipped out of my range under tower before I could reactivate his ult. Also, can you finally actually trade with w, or do you think it's still too expensive mana wise?
I've actually only played the Swain buffs today on live - to your first point, yeah I really appreciated being able to R2 earlier into the ult. To the second point, the only time I'd use W to trade is when I can hitconfirm it with my E, which is pretty unchanged from last patch. It still works fine for that and is less expensive to explore the map with overall.
: Removing tracker's knife has left lee sin with a nerf while he is already weak imo, especialy when sightstone is also no longer in the game. Seems weird that you wouldn't at least buff him a bit this patch to make up for the nerf. Are you considering any changes to his kit to make up for tracker's knife?
I think this one is actually pretty interesting - Lee Sin can no longer go trackers, but now has to take Stalker's or Skirmishers, both of which give actual combat power. Obviously the ability to ward hop is super valuable for Lee and definitely has a meaningful impact on fights, but I imagine that Lee Sin players are just going to keep their yellow trinket to be able to ward hop. Having to think more meaningfully about when it's worth it to ward hop because you have less wards overall on is certainly a feelsbad, but I'm unsure what the impact on his power level will be.
Bjartan (NA)
: What are the main position of the icelanders Hjarta and Gangleri ?? ^^
Hjarta mains support, and GangIeri mains Vel'koz {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
12345z (NA)
: What do you think of the current state of lucian?and is there more buffs planned for him? e.g. Q range (900/950/1000/1050/1100)
I don't have any thoughts/comments on Lucian, but just as a general response to your proposed buff: In general designers tend to avoid variable ranges on non-ultimate abilities to reduce the burden of knowledge in learning how a skill works (players only have to learn one range as opposed to 5 different ones, that could change based on skill order/game time etc.)
: Out of curiosity, what level would you say you guys play at in your *worst* roles and/or champs? Like I suspect a lot of diamond+ players who never jungle could probably play full lethality tahm kench jungle and probably still out perform bronze players through their superior game knowledge and macro play for example, but it's unclear how far down the ladder being off role might really take some of you. (Lethality kench jg might have been a bad example since I mean worst while still trying your best [so meta picks], but you probably get the point.)
The answer definitely varies from person to person, but I'm personally confident in my ability to play any role at a high diamond level. I'm not as good at the game or ranked as highly as I could be in general just because having a real job decreases the time you have to play compared to being in High School/College (when I played like...a lot), but we all find plenty of time to play the live game.
Wappa (NA)
: Is it easy to disconnect the game that you play at work during playtests and the live game? Have you ever confused yourself or misbought items because of the differences?
I personally find it pretty easy to separate them, and don't often get confused about which version I'm on. When playing in-dev stuff there's plenty of confusing things going on within that, be it temp VFX or wonky interactions. If everyone is paying attention then we know what we're testing and what changes are implemented, so usually aren't caught off guard in that respect. However, I'm definitely not as good at the game as I could be just because this is a real job and there's less time in the day to play :P.
: I actually just asked a question but I misread the title- the question I had was for 8.4, while this thread is for 8.3. So let's start over! Regarding the Inspiration path- admittedly, it's a path I don't really use too often. I'm not sure what's "popular" or what isn't, but there are some runes I feel like I'm not seeing very often (Approach Velocity, Celestial Body, Minion Dematerializer) while there are others that I feel are taken quite often. My question is: How do you guys at Riot see the Inspiration path as a whole? I often have trouble finding uses for some of the runes, like Future's Market for example (unless I'm playing Ornn so I can enter debt from the comfort of my own tower), but at the same time I don't think any of the runes are bad- mostly just unappealing through either numbers or potentially awkward effects (Minion Dematerializer again). Is the path healthy? Do you think these nerfs will cause people to spec into other paths entirely? Also I'm having trouble figuring out who to run Inspiration on as a primary (with the exception of Kleptomancy users). Any pointers or tips for using Glacial Augment/Unsealed Spellbook effectively/who they're theoretically most useful on? I'd appreciate any tips!
Minion Dematerializer sees a lot of high-elo and pro play for pushing lanes, hitting waveclear breakpoints, and getting lane priority in general. I personally love Future's Market on Blitzcrank/Ali/Thresh for first-back mobility boots. We're actively working towards making other trees appealing/adding new runes and balancing the existing ones! Battlemages like Swain/Vlad who like to swap between TP and Ghost, or top laners who want to start with ignite pressure are all pretty good Unsealed Spellbook users. I see it pretty often in the botlane on ADCs and Supports but personally think Aftershock/Aery on supports and combat keystones on ADCs are better in regular play.
: I noticed {{item:3301}} has a new stat of 5 movement speed and {{item:3305}} now has a 10 MS on PBE. I was surprised to find that {{item:3069}} doesnt offer any MS whatsoever. I rather not have any MS on the early starting items and have a reason to consider getting the last upgrade than to lose the MS I previously owned in the earlier version. What is the reasoning behind this? Yours sincerely, - LifelessAngel PS: Im loving the AP options offered! Very good work in revamping mid AP Items! <3 <3 <3 Edit: PS(2) I had previously (yesterday) opened a thread on PBE Boards asking about this and no one came forward :/
That's a bug! Should be fixed soon, and just to put the usual disclaimer that PBE changes aren't guaranteed to ship, but this looks pretty safe.
: How's Karthus doing lately? And do you think he could use some additional love soon? I know that Riot gave him an ult ratio buff to tbh imo I think it might've been the wrong direction to take any buffs for him.
Yeah he's not doing so hot right now, surprisingly the ult ratio change barely moved him. I think he was on our radar a little while ago but other things took priority, he could definitely use some buffs. I'll ask some designers what they think next time I talk to them.
: Now that Swain has been revealed, can you guys share some insight on how you've generally built him, runes, playstyles, matchups and team comp synergy, etc? I'm looking forward to playing him but haven't had a chance yet. He seems amazing though, I really love the direction the update team took him.
I've only gotten a lot of exposure to Swain support, and he's actually pretty neat when paired with an ADC you can proc your pull with. Best combo is probably Swain and Draven, where Draven throws his E at the enemy and Swain can immediately pull them. Team comp wise, the more people who have CC that synergizes with your pull the better. Best rune is likely Summoner Specialist as he has lots of similarities to other battle mages like Ryze and Vlad.
Vig1lant (EUNE)
: Hi Recently i've sent a ticket about a possible improvement for the upcoming season concerning ranked games and i got a very supportive reply as well as i was adviced to contact the devs via forums so the following can be seen and discussed in public. Concerning the ranked games LP system. my recent experience playing solo/duo ranked games shows that despite any improvements done all these years concerning the matchup, most of the times we are still matched with teamates who are unable or don't wont to perform and this usually leads to a very bad game experience. surely most players have often a bad game and i'm certainly among them, i don't consider myself any good but i do have some bursts of very good play. so.. here is the idea i expressed in the ticket: ** i'm wondering if the LP gain/loss could work together with the "Champion Mastery" and specifically with the grade we receive after each game. I believe if the LP gain / Loss is tied to the performance of each player rather than to the game outcome, then it should be more fair. ** e.g if a player performed very bad, but his/her team "carried" and they won the game, the LP gains should be less for that player, or if he/she was the best performer but lost the game, the LP loss should be less than a teamate who performed badly. that way i believe anyone who has constantly bad performance (in purpose or not) rightfully remains to a lower division for a longer time until there's some improvement and also cannot hold back teamates who are good enough but the matchup system and their teamates used to "betray" them.
I think this idea is cool and would work if there was a way to objectively measure performance on a game by game basis, but there's really not, because "performance" is a very subjective thing. There are metrics you can look at like KDA, but what can you look at to tell if the person with the low KDA was sacrificing themselves all game for their team to make plays, and actually the reason they win? I've been in games where a 0/11 Tryndamere wins the game because he never stops split pushing and draws a lot of attention to himself, even if he doesn't even get to kill any towers. There's also games where the 0/11 Tryndamere loses the game because he's repeatedly dying. > that way i believe anyone who has constantly bad performance (in purpose or not) rightfully remains to a lower division for a longer time until there's some improvement and also cannot hold back teamates who are good enough but the matchup system and their teamates used to "betray" them. That already exists in the current system. If someone is playing badly consistently, then they only have 4 chances to roll "good" players, while the enemy team has 5 chances to roll "good" players. Statistically, they'll drop over a number of games. Alternatively, if you play consistently well, you only have 4 chances to have "bad" players on your team but the enemy has 5 chances to have "bad" players on theirs.
: What's with the Kha buff on PBE? Does Kha really NEED buffs?
Current plan right now is to target something that's somewhere between neutral and slightly negative, might have to do some more work to get there.
: 8.2 is supposed to be a big Patch, but there are very few changes on the PBE atm. When can we expect to see more?
Probably daily as designers iterate. Sometimes changes float around for a bit internally before going to PBE.
: Hi Rioters, im a support main and having played every support champion (and many others), I found one I truly love to play as, it's {{champion:61}} I like shielding supports. And her support through the ball feels unique since I have to take in account her delay travel time of her of ball unlike a Lulu, Karma, or Janna's shield. Considering the effots to bring champs such as Zyra and Morg to both mid and support role, what is keeping the Lady of Clockwork from also being picked more often as a support mage/enchanter? Do the others supports just happen to do her job much better? I have this idea that just might be balanced in a way that it doesnt favor Orianna MID but helps her keep up with the other supports. - mana cost reduction of her E if she targets an ally, not herself. Woulnd't change Orianna midlane since they max QWE and wouldn't help her in weak unfavorable matchups (QEW). Any thoughts? I wanted an opinion on this pretty please. Thanks for doing everything you feel its best to make the gamr we love feel fun, enjoyable and rewarding, -Self proclaimed Support{{champion:61}} main Edit: wanted to add a Orianna Icon in there <3
> [{quoted}](name=LifelessAngel,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=wRUXAmkK,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2018-01-10T22:36:35.979+0000) Considering the effots to bring champs such as Zyra and Morg to both mid and support role, what is keeping the Lady of Clockwork from also being picked more often as a support mage/enchanter? Do the others supports just happen to do her job much better? I think that's it. All that she brings besides a shield to the bot lane is an AOE slow, and in my mind that's not enough for a support to be top tier when other supports have that and more. Her ultimate is a pretty cool ability to have on a support, but other champions like Alistar have comparable CC to her ult on basic abilities. In my mind she's comparable to Taliyah support, but biased more towards defensive utility through her shield rather than the catch that Taliyah has. >mana cost reduction of her E if she targets an ally, not herself. Woulnd't change Orianna midlane since they max QWE and wouldn't help her in weak unfavorable matchups (QEW). Any thoughts? I wanted an opinion on this pretty please. I don't think that would move the needle. It doesn't really address any of the other problems I called out above. To help Orianna support I imagine we'd have to make more significant changes that would have to impact Mid somehow. It would be cool to have Orianna support as a secondary playstyle in the future (which it already kinda is as you play it!) but don't think we'll be doing anything in the near term.
: The team is composed of players from many different academic backgrounds & experiences. Check out https://www.riotgames.com/work-with-us/job/895414 if you want to see requirements and apply. Good luck!
Just chiming in to note that the linked position is for R&D and not for us specifically. In terms of our team we have openings not infrequently and we'll be sure to reach out to the community when we're looking for folks!
: Hey guys so how are you guys planning on spending the holidays whether be Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc. Also what is lead champion update designer Statikk's legendary KPop dance like
Going back to New Jersey for Christmas/New Year's...It's gonna be quite cold :(
blg fahim (EUW)
: Any update about Cassiopeia? She has been struggling since the new preseason started, she is constantly around 43%-44% win rate even at high elo. she doesn't have a proper rune at the moment, Aery is worse than Death fire touch for cassio, because the old DFT didn't have any cooldown and the new phase rush is a lot weaker than the old stormraiders. if you consider : - the 2 nerfs she received to her early game by the end of season 7 - that almost every mid laner utilize the new runes better than her. - that unlike other mid laners she cant rush magic penetration to start dealing damage without much AP, because the only way she gets penetration is from Liandry, but she has to get mana and cdr items first so she cant rush penetration. if you put all this togheter. Cassiopeia is in a really bad spot right now and should be considered.
Cass is being looked at so hopefully she won't have to cry for much longer. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Hi, I noticed that in the base stat changes of this season, pretty much all ranged ADCs got base AD increases... But I'm someone who likes to experiment with and theorycraft weird unconventional builds, and I'm afraid that this is going to doom all weird ADCs like AD Ahri and whatnot. I know they weren't really that great in the first place, but uh, I was wondering if there was any plans for giving love to weird builds? Stuff like AP Nasus, AD Ahri or LeBlanc, AP Blitzcrank, that kind of thing? I know that they're probably not going to be top tier any time soon, and that these kinda things have a pretty niche audience, but I think it's possible to give some help to stuff like this without interfering with the intended builds/playstyles...
So base stats probably aren't going to change, buuuut having adaptive bonuses in the game should help to support those builds at least a bit. So if you start a Doran's blade on Ahri/LeBlanc and find yourself primary Sorcery/Domination, you'll have some more AD (attack speed in Precision should help a bit too). I know that's not a super satisfying answer but that's all we've got for now :(.
Nefas (NA)
: Am I wrong to think that Gathering Storm is such a massive gamble that it is just a trap and shouldn’t ever be used? Maybe the current state of games being decided and done so early is influencing that.
Gathering Storm is definitely a late game bet while Scorch is more oriented towards laning phase, but looking at our data they're actually pretty close in terms of overall winrate, and this trend holds true for Karthus. As a Karthus player I don't mind late game bets at all because I consider him a late(r) game champ; in a playtest today the game actually got to 40 minutes and Gathering Storm was doing work.
: While I already can't wait for next patch (There's a Karthus ult buff on PBE Right now :P), What are your thought on how Karthus has been performing the past couple patches?
Obviously there's no keystone that's a 1:1 substitute for DFT, so that kinda sucks for him and some others. Overall performance is a bit less than what we like (hence the PBE buff). The logic there is that he loses the most from DFT in teamfighting scenarios because Meteor/Aery are good enough substitutes for increased single target damage, and so we're giving him something to help out his multi-target damage. Overall power curve is probably shifted a little, he's better in lane but worse later on. I think some stuff like Gathering Storm lets him remain a late game powerhouse though.
: Any way bard could get some added basic attack speed? I used to run them (I am a bad top man), and now it just feels so bad when playig him toplane.
Have you tried precision primary with Press the Attack? I think it would be pretty sick on Bard, and give you quite a bit of attack speed.
: Are there any plans to be able to see how much your runes did after the game? I know you can see it in game but it'd be useful to see how much a did for me in a particular game.
If you click on a game in your match history and then click the "Runes" tab, you can see this info!
: I don't like how we only get two rune pages to work with;; I know we can buy more but it costs as much as a champion. Maybe make this cost cheaper or give us more rune pages? I like the presets tho! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
I personally treat it like masteries, where in previous patches I only ran 1 mastery page and changed it every game in lobby depending on what I was playing. I think you'll find that after a while of getting used to it, since you're only filling 6 slots you should be able to do it in champ select if you have some idea of what you want. But for now, that's why we have the extra 15 seconds of loadout to give you some more time to figure out whatcha want.
LamChopz (NA)
: From what I know, the new Runes Reforged replaces both the current masteries and the current runes. You also carry over any rune pages you have purchased.
: Deathsworn Katarina is a P2W skin
Funny story, in playtesting we gave the feedback that her ult sound was wayyyy too loud. I haven't seen it on live yet so I'm not sure how it was adjusted but sorry if it really is quiet!
: Well, I honestly haven't because the Recaps say 90% of his dmg is physical. Is Riot lying or what?
Ornn deals mostly magic damage through his W and brittle passive.
Siachi (NA)
: Since Ardent Censor has been tuned down, how is Lucian looking for being an ADC again? {{champion:236}} Since the Ardent users aren't crowding him out as much. Do you think he may need some work, or help from Runes Reforged? --- EDIT: And on another topic, what are the playtest team's thoughts on Twisted Fate? {{champion:4}} I feel like no one really talks about him _EVER_, which is kind of sad for the champion that got me interested in League. Do you think he's in a good spot, but just outshined by other picks, or could he use some work?
I think Lucian is helped by Runes Reforged, he's a really sick user of Press the Attack. Don't know if it'll be enough to make him meta though. I personally think that TF is in an alright spot power-wise, don't think we have any work planned for him anytime soon.
: Have you considered a potential emergency scenario where you would have to revert runes reforged further down the line? What are your backup measures in case something absolutely game-breaking happened that would force the new runes to be taken out of action for several days or even weeks?
From a gameplay perspective, I can't see why we'd have to revert runes. We're definitely committed to supporting Runes Reforged going forward. Any potential emergency scenario would probably be from a technical end, and we don't really have insight into that end or contingency plans for those teams.
: Are there any thoughts about Thresh at the moment?
I think he's in a pretty good spot, very skill dependent champ with great potency in a meta of squishy supports who just want to build Ardent Censer. To my knowledge there's nothing planned for him anytime soon.
ChaoLan (EUW)
: Will there be some major changes made to Jhin? As an avid Jhin main I was sad that he gets dumpstered by almost any other ADC
Don't think there's actively anything going on right now for him, but I think that with the Ardent nerfs he should be a bit better as he benefited less from it than other ADCs, and we've also found that he is probably stronger on Runes Reforged than live as well.
Andyspak (EUW)
: What about the current VGU priority list ? Now that urgot and eve are fully rework, i really would like to know who's top on the current VGU update list.
[Here you go.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule/)
Yisery (EUW)
: Let's talk about Ornn. Imho his E is incredibly unreliable. I played him a few times and it was hard for me to predict whether his dash will become a knockup or not. Kind of similar to after Poppy's E push range got reduced, though hers still feels a lot better. Also his Q pillar is way too slow and only potatos will ever get hit by his q-e combo. Like, it sounds really cool on paper and the thematic is nice, but playing him just feels like garbage. Is his passive of being able to shop anyway just too strong to give the rest of his kit some reliability? How do you feel about Ezreal now being played mostly in the jungle?
Currently looking at some usability stuff for Ornn around the E and ult.
Sevetar (EUW)
: What about base armor tweaking due to rune changes ? Its gonna be hell playing without armor,esp if u get used to it (I use 17.5 flast armor on {{champion:24}} and 27/lvl 18 vs AP.His base armor without any armor at level 18 is 78 which is horrible)
Every champion is getting base stat tweaks with the upcoming Runes Reforged to make the game feel fairly similar to live while still allowing for playstyle customization. So for example with Jax, you might want to splash into the Resolve tree to grab Iron Skin/Mirror Shell and Overgrowth/Second Wind to spec into something similar to the defensive runes you mentioned. The base stat changes are pretty generalist I believe, so something like a rune page of nothing but flat armor in every slot can't really be translated into the new system, but I find it much more interesting to make some meaningful pre-game decisions rather than stat min-maxing anyway.
whyrawr (EUW)
: Its been a while, but still why Righteous Glory's active effect was changed from activatable to autouse when near enemy? I mean we used to be able to cast glory, come near neccessary target and use it only after this, but now any enemy can just stop you with its body. It is really underwhelming.
That's actually why it was changed - so that there's some counterplay available to the enemy. Before you could just speed boost onto the backline, now your team can at least try to bodyblock the Cho'gath running at a million miles an hour towards your Trist. I would disagree that it's underwhelming, it's pretty strong on those tanky engage champs like Maokai and Cho'gath when they can force an engage, and often puts them within flash CC distance of your ADC, and so I think the nerf this patch was appropriate.
: Can we expect the Immortal Journey skins to be released this week or next before Arclight Yorick and Beekeeper Singed?
We don't really have insight into skins, so any skin-related questions aren't too likely to get a meaningful response here.
Kyunsei (EUW)
: Did you had thought about {{champion:23}} R while testing {{champion:5}} new R duration (extended through attacking) ? Also don't you fear {{champion:40}} become a secret cheese pick with Aspd runes and ghost ? (Ghost grant her ~35 damage on hit at level 1 !)
An autoattacking Janna is certainly a force to be reckoned with now, attack speed might not be bad (no idea honestly) but I'm pretty sure that taking ghost is cheezy. Maybe it'll work though!
: Do you guys set up specific team comps to test a single hero at a time or how does it actually work?
It's all contextual really, when stuff is really early on in development it often doesn't need to be a very controlled game because we're looking more for pattern validation than we are for balance stuff. When things are close to release and we are looking for balance and tuning we'll want more controlled games so that we can have expectations about what a change or champion should or shouldn't be able to do. It's almost always possible to fit multiple test points into a game, and is also a necessity to an extent because there's only so many games we can play in a single day and lots of stuff to test.
: Does Riot still have a customer support or was it killed like the Tribunal?
I think you're looking for https://support.riotgames.com
: How does Janna feel with the new changes? I feel like it fits a little bit with the title of "The Storm's Fury" now, but I was wondering your thoughts when testing her. Also, how does the new Ardent feel with also giving the support the buff?
I'm of the opinion that this is a shift in playstyle, both because Ardent Censer is now weaker and Janna isn't as good as sitting behind her ADC and shielding early on, but in terms of raw power might actually be a buff that people will take some time to get used to. She has access to a _lot_ of movement speed early on, as well as stronger autoattacks and Zephyr damage that scales based off of that movement speed. If you play Janna as an aggressive harass support I think you'll find pretty significant power, you can probably even try a W max now. On the flipside because you're interacting more you're also putting yourself at greater risk to retaliation or being caught out. Later on you won't be able to do as much offensively with autoattacks and Zephyr just because the risk of being caught out is much greater, and you're still vulnerable to being blown up, but she's still pretty good at playing backline peeler after the early game. The Ardent Censer change is definitely a power down for the ADC buff case, and it probably shouldn't be a mandatory first item anymore. Having the buff on the support too can be useful situationally but as a support you're often trying to do other things in a teamfight besides autoattack a lot, so you have to be careful that you're not neglecting your other supportly duties and putting yourself in too much danger for some autos.
Vekkna (NA)
: Were the Frostfang changes (both iterations) playtested on Zyra support? Did any playtester find that 10% CDR on Frostfang brought Zyra back to relevance in the current bot meta? If not, what was the verdict on 20% CDR on tier 3 spellthief?
Yeah I did that. The CDR definitely made her appreciably more powerful, but to me the issue with her relevance in the bot meta isn't Zyra or Frostfang, it's that the meta is Ardent Censer + heavy sustain through Doran's Shield and coin, and I don't think she has the power to punch through that at this time. I think that the 20% CDR iteration was pulled because of concerns that Frost Queen's Claim would be poached in the mid lane, which we were already seeing a little bit of.
: For those of you who play support, does the Spell Theif's Edge line feel competitive to you at this time?
It's certainly stronger now (CDR is kewl and enables early aggression), but because of the meta largely being rush to Ardent Censer (coin gives more gold) plus coin giving a lot of mana sustain, it might still be outshone. Tank supports are also pretty favored and in a strong place at the moment. So I think it's a good change but I might still prefer coin or relic shield on many supports.
: Kind of off-topic as it doesn't directly relate to the patch, but is Urgot enabled for worlds?
Beats29 (EUW)
: Hi guys hope you're doing fine. I just wondered after seeing last Leona changes, had you ever thought of letting Leona proc her passive on monsters? It would able her to play on another role, would give more game diversity, and even as support, would be able to gain more presence on drake fights. I don't think it's healthy to let her proc on minions, due to the abuse in laning, specially after the damage buffs on last patch. However, it wouldn't be much abusable on jungle due the reduced timer to proc the passive on the same patch. I don't play much Leo, but I think her combo pattern would be fun when jungling, and I would be whiling to try it as well. Also she's a beast when teamfighting, which goes along with the current tank jungle meta. Sure it can be a scary option, but I think it's worth of testing on PBE at least. But I don't think her clears would be an overbalance issue due her attack speed growth. Speaking of attack speed, give Volibear a bit of love until he gets rework. It's sad some champions are let in the dumpster until the rework is completed. Increasing his attack speed to use Frenzy or even reducing it's W a bit would be a nice switch to give some attention at least.
This is just my opinion on what would happen if we let Leona proc her passive on monsters (read: made her a viable jungler). I think that she would almost certainly be too oppressive. With the ability to operate outside of lanes and accumulate selfish tank items more quickly and easily than as a support, she would be running around the map ganking lanes and ulting from the fog of war while being able to farm. It would also be awkward when she ran into the enemy jungler, since she isn't able to proc her own passive on enemy champions. Right now as a support, she's confined to bot lane to an extent to generate gold and play with her ADC, and there's tradeoffs to her roaming around the map. If she could operate independently we'd probably have to make nerfs to compensate, which would then end up hurting her in the support position. At this point, you now have support Leona mains asking why their champion was nerfed to make room for a playstyle they didn't ask for, so I think keeping the status quo of Leona support is good. I think that in the past we've discouraged jungle Alistar (remember season 2?) and Blitzcrank for similar reasons.
: It depends mostly on the kind of playtest and what all we have to test. In most cases, there's some number of test points in each game and some number of controls. For example, when we were testing Ornn, we would run tests with him in different lanes and also into various different matchups, but it doesn't usually come down to saying "here are the 9 other champions we want to test with Ornn today." We might set up a specific lane matchup (especially a control matchup to verify specific points - this is particularly useful when certain things are changed like waveclear breakpoints or combat patterns), but that doesn't stop there from being test points on the rest of the map - one test point does not invalidate any others in the same game, although for specific balance feedback we do try to get the number of test points as low as possible. Most of the time we try to get players in roles and on champions that they are comfortable on, but sometimes that is deliberately avoided in order to verify test points. As an example, if we think a set of changes we're playtesting overbuff an ADC, we might put a player who rarely plays ADC on it to see how they perform, or pair an ADC player with a less experienced support player.
When your reply is sniped while you're writing it {{champion:32}}
: When you guys playtest stuff, particularly new champions, how much freedom do the other 9 players have in their champion picks/builds? Is it a kinda do whatever you feel like playing and/or are good at, or are you pushed to try specific match ups, or to play other champs that also have balance changes (be it direct or to their items)?
It all depends. We try to fit in as many test points as we can while giving everyone maximum value for what they're trying to test. For example, something like the Taliyah mana cost increases from last patch don't require too much input from the other mid laner to assess their impact, just like the LeBlanc Q damage reduction to minions (also from last patch), and so it's probably fine to put them against each other in the same test. On the other hand, when doing something like final balance tuning on Ornn, you don't want a whole lot of variables in the top lane, so you might want his opponent to play something standard. When that's the case, what champ the standard top laner will be is up to the tester unless Ornn requests a specific matchup. Meanwhile, having Leona buffs in the bot lane and Ornn in the top lane aren't likely to conflict with each other very much and so it's fine if they're in the same test.
: Fantasy LCS is broken?
Don't run EU players on weeks where they only play one game. Besides that, depending on which option for points you selected when creating your league it's not an issue.
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