: "Draven now has the intended no longer has a higher attack speed ratio than intended" Wat
We're fixing that one, not sure how it got messed up.
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Puddy (EUW)
: What time Wednesday PM? Im asking because it could be midnight or it could be afternoon. If its afternoon a lot of us can play after work so that kinda info is nice to have (:
Totally understand where you're coming from, but we're being vague here on purpose so that we can be flexible on timing if we need to adjust and to help slow down the rush to the servers.
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: I would like to know how to solo Baron as a TF for...scientific purpose {{champion:161}} .
Well first, make sure that your game lasts 80 minutes. Then sell your boots, go barefoot, like a hobbit..... Like this: http://imgur.com/ZxEkInh
: TF and Brand both have really good waveclear, but Brand can't take towers easily and doesn't have as much global presence. I don't think that team TF would have to backdoor, just split push (considering if they grouped the ensuing Pyroclasms would have them all dead nearly instantly).
I was the no boots TF in that game. Essentially it got to the point where the Brands would just obliterate us in fights, but we would be running around their base destroying all of the inhibs, they literally had to spend all of their time defending their base while 3-4 of us were dead. It also helped that I solo'd baron twice, did not know that TF could do that.
9001 (NA)
: Annie dodged all 3 of my Xerath ults by standing completely still...
[Did it look like something this?](http://i.imgur.com/CE8Bp.gif)

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