Falrein (EUW)
: Just reporting a small typo
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} D'oh! Thanks for the heads up!
BSurvivor (EUW)
: the site Is too laggy i can't even read the comics
Hey there, would you be able to provide me with your system specific settings? What operating system, device, and browser version you're using? We've been testing this internally and although the load times can be a little slow on mobile devices for instance, when you're not on wireless, it's only by a couple of minutes at most for the entire comic. 15 minutes is definitely excessive.
: PC. Mozilla Firefox. Hardware Acceleration is indeed on. WebGL is working. The ambient music plays after the crash. Map works until I scroll in or click a region. If I keep it zoomed out to the max everything is fine. After the crash that ambient music effect keeps playing until I kill the Process in Task Manager. I think it's a memory leak because it continues to eat memory until Firefox becomes responsive If I ignore the crash and do other stuff. I'd like to add that the map worked a-okay while Ezreals' map markers were up. It's only after they were removed that it started acting bonkers
We were able to replicate the issue on our end and are working on a fix for this asap.
Lyxana (NA)
: Did anyone else notice that Swain is invading Ionia? His home says Noxus, but he's definitely chilling with Irelia. :P
Hmm... ship it? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
patmax17 (EUW)
: Hi! First, thank you for finally translating the game in my language (italian), I've been waiting to play MvM for over a year now. Now, I hate to be that guy, but... I got the game two days ago, I ordered it last week after a friend told me tha game was finally available in italian. Can I say I was expecting some kind of announcement/news? The game just popped up in the store and there was no official news on the NA/EU site, the client OR the boards. I.e., if my friend didn't tell me, I would have never known the game was available in italian (also, this post is on the *american* forum, nothing on the euw boards as far as I can see) :/ I mean, I will definitely pley the heck out of this game and I'm suuuper happy I finally got my hands on it, but why wasn't there any official announcement? The only reason I can come up with is that you didn't want to advertise it too much in order to avoid risking the game to sell out too fast? But eeeeh, it's a meh reason :/ Or maybe there were plans for an announcement, but something went wrong? Now, it's gonna be tough to wait till christmas to open it (my wife and I decided to put the game under the christmas tree along the presents for our daughter :))
Hi! Definitely understand the sentiment. I think the only explanation I can give at the moment is we were so focused on getting these versions approved and out the door (along with the localized scenario tool), that our publishing effort was neglected in the process. Not a good reason by any means, but this time of year does get a little crazy for us. We'll look to do some sort of promotion for this in the coming weeks. Also, thanks for the heads up regarding the forum! I'll post this in the EU forums as well.
  Rioter Comments
: Hey Riot-team, is there a chance to acutally share these scenarios somewhere? Because it would be really cool to play the missions other players created (In my own, I basically already now how it could be solved).
Hey PoisonKiwi, I think we should definitely be able to leverage the forum here (as well as BoardGameGeek, which has an MvM sub forum specifically for this) to post up original missions and content.
: I'm from Spain and I was thinking of buying the game this week. I'd recommend buying it now or waiting. Will it take too long to go out in other languages, or more or less have some date prepared to put it on sale. Forgive my English, greetings
Currently the German, English and Chinese version are all available from the Riot merch websites. The other languages (including Spanish) should be available in a few months (likely November, but I don't have an exact date yet. They are in the production stage right now).
: @Catzpaw: If there ever will be a plan to translate to Dutch (if there is enough demand for it), I'd love to help out.
Hi Skywise Rising - unfortunately there aren't any plans at this time to expand the physical product beyond the current languages (the five above + English, Chinese, Korean). The problem is that when we print in a new language, we have to hit a minimum threshold to achieve economies of scale - we're able to just barely make the mark on some of those languages. We're still discussing the possibility of language packs (like we did with German), but run into a similar issue for those as well. I will keep you updated on this, but the current outlook points to these being the only production languages for now.
Flemman (EUW)
: Would love too play the game but want to wait till it's located in my language. Do you perhaps know what translation is next now than the German version is finished?
We're currently working on translations for Czech, Italian, French, and Spanish.
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sabtas (OCE)
: Mech vs Minions Australia?
Kades actually wrote up a post about this very subject on BGG - I'll share his explanation and thoughts here: "There are two plausible solutions here, though they are both not ideal. The first is for us to create a distribution center in Oceania, the same way we have one in the US and EU. Unfortunately, that's a very large investment and it simply doesn't make financial sense. The second, more common, solution involves partnering with a distributor locally and have them handle the logistics of shipping you your orders. This may still be what we do, as it's what happens with most games/products. The problem there is that we've been able to keep the costs down for you by selling direct or cutting out the middleman. Adding a local partner back in to the mix would mean that we would need to raise the sale price to cover their costs (because a person should be paid for a day's work). So then, instead of a $75 game with $50 in shipping, you're looking at a $125 game with $15 in shipping. Getting it into local stores makes that cost jump significantly again (to cover your FLGS's cut). So, yes, the shipping (and perhaps the whole experience) becomes a lot more palatable when it's $15 instead of $50, but it's still, ultimately, more expensive for players in Oceania. That's been our primary struggle. And even with the current shipping price - which we recognize is far from ideal - we are subsidizing it by a significant amount with every unit we ship. I'd encourage you to price the shipping of a box that's MvM's size and weight from Chicago to Sydney to get a sense of how much we are subsidizing the shipping; we pay significantly more than $50 to ship you a copy. But we also really hate charging even that much for shipping. The other option we explored, initially, was to not ship to Australia at all until we solved this as we expected some pretty justified blowback around shipping costs; there are still many regions that don't currently have access to MvM. But since there wasn't a language barrier, I felt that giving you an option to order - even at an expensive shipping cost - was better than you having to wait until we solved this problem (if ever) or having to buy it aftermarket. I apologize for the long-winded response, but I felt it was a really fair question and I wanted to provide as much context here as I could - even if I suspect you'll ultimately be disappointed in my answer."
: Cards in czech language
Currently the only translated versions we have committed to are German and Chinese, however we are evaluating a number of other languages (including Czech) for possible language pack upgrades in the near future. A language pack would essentially supplement an English copy of the game. Also, if you check the website right now, I believe you can download the rulebook and dossiers in Czech.
: When will a Japanese rulebook be published?
Very impressive stuff! Unfortunately I can't give an exact date (because we're not really sure of the time table ourselves), but we are looking into getting all the dossiers and rulebook materials translated into Japanese soon. We'll make them available on the website where you can download the other translated versions.
: Master-Degree
We've typically played it with everything unlocked!
: This game rocks
I don't think we intended for it to play like a Legacy game, but rather we wanted to include some semi-legacy elements that would help to drive the story and overall campaign. There are unlockables in MvM, but after you've unlocked them you're basically free to use them in subsequent playthroughs if you so choose to. Glad your family and friends are enjoying it!
: Card discard
In the Wave 1.5 release (Wave 1, Shipment 2) we added a line to the rulebook saying that you can choose to scrap a card for no effect instead of playing it to your line.
SunJas (EUW)
: Help with painting color / Reference images
We actually tried our hand at painting some of the pre-production minions and this is what we came up with. Keep in mind though that these are on unwashed minions (the final minions have a slight wash). http://imgur.com/a/IeotJ There's also a [thread about painting minions](https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1710110/painting-tutorial-minions) over on bgg with techniques and such.
: 1) Sliding mechs push other mechs. All movement is treated the same in regards to pushing, etc. It doesn't matter what caused the pushing mech to bump in to the pushed. 2) Pretty sure it covers all tiles the boss is on.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Catzpaw,realm=NA,application-id=AMxvhsRt,discussion-id=y4bIKoLK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-18T00:22:42.928+0000) > > .... which means you could potentially bump into it multiple times in one go for each point of movement you have... Wait, what? Does that mean if I bonk a spiked wall with speed3, I'd get three damage? One for each movement point? We've been playing it that a spiked wall interrupts the move command, just like lave would. So Speed3 would do one damage, if a skewer was up next, that'd be another one, and so on.
My bad! Let me rephrase - you could potentially bump into the wall for each movement card you have (not point of movement) if you're facing the wall. So a Speed 3 card would only ever trigger a single point of damage from a Spiked Wall, but if your Skewer is next up and you're still facing the wall, you could take damage from the wall again.
: mechs vs minions german cards ?
A german version will be available for Wave 2, which is expected to ship in June/July of this year.
: scenarios
Seems to be working for me, can you try it again?
Jej (EUW)
: Question about Rules Mission 6 Boss and Crystals
Remember that the boss stomps minions, and a breakable crystal shard would be destroyed by anything that kills a minion too. So the boss would actually break the shards!
Jej (EUW)
: Spike walls - rule detail
1) A Spike Wall only deals damage to you when you actually **move directly into it**, not when you pass by an adjacent space (which I believe is what your examples illustrate). It behaves as a regular wall otherwise, which means you could potentially bump into it multiple times in one go for each point of movement you have. 2) I hope the above explanation helped with this as well, but if you travel over a Repair Pad that is next to a Spiked Wall, you wouldn't take damage from the wall unless you actually bumped directly into it. You'd heal as normal on the Repair Pad. 3) If an ability only deals one point of damage (like Hexmatic Aimbot), then you would choose which thing gets destroyed. If the card is an area effect (like Flamespitter), it would hit everything in the square. 4) As soon as a mech crosses through an inactive gate, it becomes active. This is the same for either pushing or towing (it would just change who actually got through the gate). A bomb never activates a gate and can be pushed through active gates as well. I'm not sure I totally understand your question about lava. Basically lava stops your movement completely for that slot, even if you had more movement left (like a Speed card). If you were towing something they would stop behind you. After stopping, if you have subsequent movement from another command slot that allows you to move or two you can continue to do so.
: A Pix Based, Command Card, Custom Micro-Expansion
These are really awesome! Gonna have to print these and test them out. You should post this on board game geek as well!
: Radioplay in other languages.
Hey! We are evaluating what is the best way to do this right now. Our goal is to eventually have the radioplay available in other languages.
: I actually got it yesterday so I was excited
Yup, Wave 2 is shipping this week! Expect to get your copies this week and next if you are in NA or EU. Other regions may take a bit longer!
: Wave 1-Shipment 2 release date?
Hey, we don't have a definitive date yet, but expect Wave 1 Shipment 2 to ship out around mid december.
: Cannot see notifications on mobile version.
Hey guys, we're aware of this issue and are working on a fix for it.
: Another cosmetic bug (far less critical): When you click on the Blue ! it swaps the white for black, indicating it was pressed. If you then click on the smaller Blue !'s in the popup, it toggles back to white, despite the message still being down. You can then click on the main Blue ! and it'll close the message area, but toggle back to being black. ... can you tell I spent some time in QA?
yep! We're aware of this one and will be fixing it in the next deploy.
: [Bug] New layout is bugged on mobile
Would you be able to tell me what system/browser you saw those display issues in? The ones in your post edit.
DorQuendi (EUNE)
: Just checked BGG and it looks like the answer is actually yes: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/23917428#23917428 Looks like the mistakes found during review time will be fixed. Now I am quite happy waiting for shipment 2 actually. :)
This is correct - we're currently compiling a list of fixes that will be applied to Wave 1 Shipment 2.
: After Defeating The Campaign, Is There Anything Else Left To Do?
We tried to make the ruleset as lightweight and modular as possible, so as others have mentioned you'll definitely be able to create your own scenarios. There's also some extra content you unlock upon beating the game... and honestly, I must have played each mission literally dozens and dozens of times and I _still_ enjoy going back to play them every chance I get.
Torchd (NA)
: Will the game be available at worlds?
I can't confirm whether or not we'll have copies available for sale at Worlds, so best bet is to purchase from the Merch store when it goes live on 10/13.
: Shout out to Riot
No, no... Thank YOU. Your passion is what enables us to do what we do day in day out. MvM is definitely a labor of love, but if it wasn't for you guys we'd never be empowered to take risks and do the things we do here at Riot.
KickAsz (EUNE)
: Do you support international shipping?
Yes! The game will be available on the merch store and we'll be supporting international shipping
Elrath (EUNE)
: Will this game be available on the Riot Games Merchandise for Europe at the same day (it is 13.10.2016) or will it be some days/weeks later? Edit: And another question - is this game to be limited quantities?
We're doing a simultaneous release in Europe and NA, so they should be available at the same from the merch store on 10/13. The initial wave is going to be 30,000 units in English and simplified Chinese, but you'll be able to download all the rulebooks and mission dossiers in multiple languages from the website.
Shee (EUW)
: Do you plan to release the game in other languages? I would love to get it, as I often meet friends to play tabletop games, but I don't think my friends would want to play with the game in english :( .
If you check out the website you can download the rulebook in multiple languages (just click on the download link and you'll get a zip with all of them). We'll also have the mission dossiers available there eventually as well. Currently for the physical product we are going to launching in two languages - English and simplified Chinese.
: Wow! How big is the team?
The team definitely grew over the years (I think it started with two guys and an idea, tucked away in a meeting room in the old office), but I'd say the core team is about 15 people, including designers, artists, publishing, development, etc.
: Just watched the videos on Youtube, looks fun! How long has the game been in development?
Flemman (EUW)
: Don't know if it's related, but since the start of the boards, if I'm on EUW english and want to go on EUW french boards, it bug and keep me on the english side of the boards (must go elswhere like for exemple, champion page, to manage to switch langage and then be able to go to french boards :s) edit: major point here, even if I use the euw url of the boards it's the same (would be great if we could have boards sort by language only not region :p)
Interesting, I may just end up escalating this then, it seems like it might be a larger issue than region locking.
: [BUG] Mid clicking the image preview in post doesn't lead to image in new tab
: [BUG] Anchor links are not parsed properly
Hey there, so from my understanding this is a conscious decision that we've made for security reasons - to now allow relative links. If you want to link to a comment with the #id, you have to provide the full page url.
: [BUG] Navigation Bar Redirects to EUW
The funny thing is, this just happened to me as I was trying to post a response to this, and it was because I was just on the EUW Boards page. The way the system works is it will save your region preference based on the last page you visited. If you could verify that this isn't what is happening and that you are getting redirected regardless, then I can escalate this.
Shetler (NA)
: What's your biggest Noob Moment?
The first (and second...and third... probably fourth) time I played Pantheon {{champion:80}}, I had no idea his ult had a range beyond 'self.' I would literally only cast it on top of myself every single time. Oddly enough, I had the same issue with Leona {{champion:89}} and her ult as well. Maybe it was a Mount Targon thing. -_-
Wolvomo (NA)
: Help! Broken images on the forums!
Are you still seeing broken links for images? It might be a caching issue if nobody else is experiencing a similar problem.
: Win 8.1 64 Bit IE 11.0.9 (latest version)
Awesome, was able to confirm this. Thanks!
: [Bug] Editing after already editing in a Reply
Could you provide the browser/system information for this bug? I can't seem to reproduce it.
: [BUG] Red tracker duplicates posts
Interesting... I'm seeing this on the desktop browser as well. I'm fairly certain it wasn't like that a week ago. I'll let the dev team know. Thanks! Edit: Actually.... nevermind. Those specific Rioters just happened to be posting in the same thread in a very short span of time. I'll try to confirm this.
Daen (NA)
: [BUG] "Go to Comment" Doesn't Work on Big Threads
THE SYSTEM WORKS!!! Brownie points for all, though because I don't *actually* have brownie points to give out, have a Doran's Ring instead :D {{item:1056}} We were able to reproduce the issue and have added it to the bugs queue. Seems like something to do with the way the 'Go To Comment' link is functioning in the 'New' view.
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