: My friend is suddenly a high rank
Hey there! Any number of things are possible in this case. If you could reach out to Player Support with whatever information you have, they can take a look into it. It's possible his account has been compromised, but it's also possible he got boosted. Haeload's suggestion seems plausible. If you can't confirm with your friend for some reason, someone in Player Support can probably check in and at least look for suspicious or nefarious behavior. [Support link](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us)
: Suspicion of new ways of boosting.
Sorry about the game! That really sucks! While I can't comment on a conspiracy with enemy team, I've passed this player's info along to a Player Support specialist. If you see this behavior in the future, feel free to open a ticket and provide as much info as you can (summoner name, the specific chat if you have screenshots, etc). A ticket will for sure be seen, whereas it's a little less guaranteed when you post on the forums.
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: never search poro{{champion:24}} on google images
I have filed a report with Google, but I can't promise anything. I would recommend not searching for any poro-ized champions on Google image search without safe search if you're uncomfortable with NSFW material. It's a pretty unpleasant surprise if it's not what you're looking for :(
: Riot VS Users
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