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Plusmine (EUW)
: Thank you! Now they look AMAZING. Can't wait for the release. But now I also wonder, if the borders are "ready", and skins are yet to be released, what is the problem? Just curious. Is the tech not here? Can't it be micropatched or something?
Good question! We try to save micropatches for emergencies since they can create extra bugs and problems. In this case we do think the swap is worth it but don't want to risk potential complications.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah they will update later this year.
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: Any rioter can take on any role? Are there many rioters outside their usual area for the spice factor then?
A lot of us are swapping around in roles! For something this ambitious it's a little harder (so to some extent it depends on the project), for example we probably don't want people trying out art for the first time. I'm normally a product manager, though, and have been part of the comms squad for the team - it was been an awesome experience and I've learned a lot.
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: Technically you can cook with gas, though one spark will blow it up
I don't think cooking with unlit gas is super advisable though... ;)
: looks awesome! what is this for? will you be developing any more on this?
This is for an internal hackathon called Thunderdome. After the 48 hours is up, we most likely will not do much more work on it, in the spirit of the time limit.
I Yone I (EUW)
: Will it have controller support?please tell me it will have controller support! It already looks smooth and awesome. Smooth and fun movement mechanics are what i like most about good 2d platformers.
We totally agree that controller support would be awesome and most of our favorite platformers have it. It's definitely something we're talking about, but we may run out of time. Will keep you updated!
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Eleana (NA)
: It's so cool watching you guys progress and I wish you all the best of luck!
Glad you're enjoying it! We are having an awesome time making this and sharing the process, thanks for sticking around with us. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Can i ask if its the same % as the CS skin and ward going into MSI pool like worlds
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Katana,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=81snYHpY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-04T21:29:40.806+0000) > > Hey there! Good timing, we just released Conqueror Karma, the first official MSI skin as a re-branding for the Challenger line. Conqueror Karma will be available shortly and contribute to the prize pool for MSI - check out the full post for all the details: > > Am I going to be able to purchase her then? I am a little confused. Is this a skin I have to earn or can I purchase it?
A skin to purchase! It will be on the store just before MSI :)
: MSI 2017 Prize Pool and Challenger Skins
Hey there! Good timing, we just released Conqueror Karma, the first official MSI skin as a re-branding for the Challenger line. Conqueror Karma will be available shortly and contribute to the prize pool for MSI - check out the full post for all the details:
Bibim (NA)
: When will Spring Split NA LCS Icons be in store for purchase?
Hey there! These are live in the store now. A few teams who qualified late or updated their brands after this patch will be available during 7.2 (so the NA LCS bundle will also be available in 7.2 when all icons are in). Enjoy! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Tier 3 team emotes are not working? Still only see the T1 emote. Wonder if it's not activated until worlds officially starts or what. EDIT: Did some testing, tier 2 summoner icon gives tier 3 emote but no recall animation. Tier 3 icon gives tier 1 emote and recall.
Hey guys, there's currently an issue with the C9 emotes that we're fixing! This will be updated soon.
: Championship Riven Questions
Riven will be available through November 6th 23:59 PST and then will behave like all other Championship skins (coming back for future Worlds, available through Hextech and Mystery Gifting).
: ya was thinking the same. i wanted to vote for aphromoo
Hey guys, when I pick the players on this list it's sometimes hard to choose who we include. Typically I go based off of number of games played in the LCS because this will give us pros with the most competitive experience. Because Lulu is most popular in the mid and top lanes at the moment, that's how this particular one played out. I try to pick diverse roles so that we can hear from as many pros as possible, which is why last week was support players on Thresh!
: How much of a "brogrammer/bro-gamer" culture is there at Riot, would you say? I've heard great things about Riot as a company, but gaming as a industry always seemed rather stand-offish towards women, for a lack of a better explanation. As a female programmer and gamer, you can see how this can be a concern. How much emphasis does Riot put on making sure they cultivate a culture that is inviting to people of different gender identities and cultural backgrounds?
This is a great question. There are definitely a lot of places that don't have environments that are very conducive to women. I can safely say that I've never felt like I'm not taken seriously or otherwise ostracized for my gender. There is a little bit of a brogrammer/bro-gamer culture (I like that term haha) but in an almost entirely positive way in my opinion. I say this in the sense that most teams are quite close and friendly with one another, but that doesn't mean this type of dynamic excludes women. From my experience it definitely doesn't! Riot has a really diverse group of people working together and I've found it to be a very welcoming environment. It's a bit harder to say what it's like outside of my department (Esports) but I've never had a problem.
Shreding (NA)
: Thank you for responding. Your whole idea about not necessarily having to do something extraordinary, just having to present yourself in a way that separates you from everyone else is really interesting and I enjoyed reading your thoughts.
Glad this was helpful! To me it's definitely more about what you do and can do in the future and less about how flashy your application looks. That usually won't hurt though either. : )
Dragon132 (EUW)
: How many times did you played LoL before you were working here? (Sorry for my grammar)
There's a lot of variety among interns and employees but personally about 3 years before I started here and 4 years to date!
Shreding (NA)
: What about you and your application do you think you separated you from all the other applicants who applied for your respective internship?
I've said this a few times in this thread but I'll say it again because I think it's so important! I think what separates those who get jobs and internships and those who don't is how well they're able to represent themselves through their skills and experience. Many people think that they need to do something crazy for their Riot applications because that's what they saw on Reddit one time, but that isn't necessarily the case. Being creative and fun is definitely a plus when it comes to Riot, but don't feel like a offbeat application is your only route. For me, what I think got me the job was the fact that I had already been doing what I loved for a year. I was volunteering with community sites and working on community shows. I knew what I wanted to do and I had the knowledge, skills, and experience to back it up. Figure out what you'd like to do and start working on it right now! You're only going to put yourself ahead of the curve and really be able to showcase your passion.
: @Riot Katana @Riot Brick Fort Hey guys, just a quick question on your esports internship: Esports is a huge category so, does riot assign you to certain tasks or do they ask you what you want to learn more about within esports and you go from there? For example, @Riot Katana, you mentioned that you work closely with the editing team to publish articles. I'm assuming writing is a hobby of yours(?) so you geared more towards that route. But say someone is more interested in player/talent relations or events planning within esports, would they still be required to write a minimum number of esports articles? Thanks!
Hey there, this is a great question. Esports allows a lot of diversity and it's very easy to carve out a role for yourself based on what you'd like to do. Before I came to Riot, I was writing articles for community websites and studying that at school as well, so I definitely wanted to include that. That was my focus last summer during my first internship. This summer, I wanted to branch out and work with some other teams which is what landed me on Special Projects. Under this jack of all trades team I've been able to work with web content some more, league ops (tournament rules and organization), production teams, the events team, and a lot of others. If you want to work with player management or the events team, then you could definitely do that and your internship would be geared toward those types of tasks.
: For the eSports interns, do you know what the article ([these kinds]( writing process is like? (I would put more description here but marching band has mentally drained me for today.)
Hey there! I've actually written a good number of the articles on that page so I can definitely give you some insight. Some of the articles we write come from internal sources like me or the members of my team on Esports Web Content while some of them come from freelance writers. A lot of our freelancers are experts on a particular esports scene (LPL, GPL, etc.). Pieces are written internally or submitted from freelancers and usually go through a few rounds of edits to clean them up and improve them. Usually the aim of content is either to entertain players, teach them something about the game or pro play, or a mixture of both. I think it's a pretty fun process as I've been able to develop some of my own recurring content pieces like LCS Pro Tips, the Community Spotlight, and more recently, The TLDR. Let me know if you have any more specific questions!
: My husband is getting stationed at the Naval base in San Diego so I won't be able to move closer until he's out of the Navy, but I tell him all the time I'm going to apply to Riot and find a second home there and just see him on weekends. #dedication
That is dedication! Best of luck to you : )
Redbone (NA)
: Do you choose the assignments you do? Like how do you know what you must do? Thanks
Managers usually work closely with interns (and all employees really) to figure out both what needs to be worked on and what you're excited to work on. You figure out what projects to work on based on those two things. It's very easy to craft your own role here if you're passionate about things. If you mean from a time and work management perspective, there are lots of tracking tools and regular meetings with your team that can help to keep you on track.
: Hi guys just wanna say thanks for the awesome game i have been addicted to for about 3 years! :D My question for you guys is how do someone like me become a riot member? Ive tried before applying to you guys but no luck :P Is there an special criteria i must fill? Also please tell me how you guys became riot members!
Riot is very focused on hiring people with strong skill sets and lots of experience. As I've recommended to a few others in this thread, start doing what you're passionate about **right now** because there are opportunities to do so in so many places. Even if this means doing it as a hobby in the meantime or helping out some sites on a volunteer basis, you're proving your passion and building up your experience. Figure out what you want to do first, then try to find a place to do that at Riot or any company you'd like to work for. In my specific case, I was writing and editing for some community sites and working on some community shows for about a year before starting my first internship here. This gave me the knowledge and the skills that I needed to succeed here and also gave me some great things to show when I applied.
: Do you need to go to university/college to do an internship? Also, is there much of a place for writers at Riot?
You do have to be attending a college or university to do an internship, but not necessarily to get a job. There are so many teams that writers could work on at Riot! I am a writer (partially) in esports for and I've shadowed writers (Wrioters, ha) from other departments as well. Every written word that you see as far as announcements, lore, and other site content has to be written by someone! Check out the job listings if you're looking to apply, and be sure to browse all the departments as there are embedded Wrioters all over!
: How far does everyone commute? I'm moving to San Diego next year and would love to work at Riot but I want to know if 3 hour commutes are a thing
3 hours is quite far and I would not recommend it, especially with traffic. This summer I commute about 20 minutes in the morning and that's about my personal maximum, but there are Rioters who drive further. I haven't heard of anyone commuting from San Diego, though. We tend to work long (and fulfilling) hours here, so driving 3 hours each way is just not feasible. That would mean you'd have to leave around 7am in the morning and not get home until about 11pm each day if you're lucky with traffic. Don't let that discourage you from applying to Riot, though, as I'm sure there are housing solutions that could be worked out.
: Are there any Internships open for people that want to work in E-sports, If so what kind and where can i sign up?
There are definitely interns in esports - I am one! Usually the department is quite flexible with what we want to hire so don't feel limited! If you're knowledgeable about esports you could apply just about any skill set here at Riot. There are more technically based roles working on fantasy and and there are more strategic roles focused around designing leagues and tournaments. I work a lot on writing and editing for but I also work with the other sub teams we have. We also need people who work with and manage the pros, as well as project managers and tons of other things.
: (to all) How much influence did you guys get to have in actual projects? And on the flip side, (be honest now) how much grunt work did you guys do? Examples would be awesome! XD (to Riot Eh) I'm planning on applying for the QA 2015 summer internship, is there anything that you wish you knew before going in that you know now? Any and all advice for an applicant? What skills did you find yourself using the most during your time there?
You get to influence as much or as little as you'd like to. There are definitely some grunt work tasks to do at any company but you won't be made to do them just because you're an intern. Every team is going to have menial tasks that are shared among team members. You're never going to be getting coffee for someone. Most interns will be given projects that they can lead, which is a really great experience. I've been lucky enough in my second summer to lead a ton of my own projects and really grow that way. It's the best method for trying to help interns transition from summers to full time. Interns are treated like regular employees and it's a great experience because of that.
JCAzure (NA)
: @Riot Brick Fort and Riot Katana: For esports, what do you guys do exactly? Do you promote esports, set up or prepare events, contact and speak to the teams? I would like to know more about what you guys do in the world of esports. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Esports is an **incredibly diverse** team to work on, which is part of the reason I love it so much. I work on Esports Special Projects which means that my role is even more diverse than most. As Brick Fort mentioned, there are a lot of different roles, but there are also a lot of opportunities to work with every team, which is mostly what I do. Right now I'm working on some great examples of that which I unfortunately can't talk about, but I'm also working on Lolesports content and improving some of our internal processes and data. If you are passionate about esports and have the knowledge and experience to back it up, i'd say that just about any field of expertise could be applicable. We need everyone from devs to engineers to writers to people who are just great strategic thinkers. We need people who make everything work then we need people to figure out how they **should** work. This could be designing what the LCS looks like, deciding whether or not we need a Challenger Series, or any number of things.
: Hi! Just a few questions: 1. What do you guys enjoy the most about interning at Riot? 2. Do you feel that the environment at Riot differs than that at other companies you may have previously interned at (and maybe describe some of those differences/similarities?) 3. What surprised you the most from interning at Riot?
1. Figuring out exactly what I want to do. I am super passionate about games and LoL in particular but that doesn't mean I know exactly what I'd like to work on in the field. Interning here has given me tons of opportunities to work with different teams, shadow other Rioters, and carve out a niche for myself that suits my needs exactly for a career. 2. The environment at Riot is a mixture of high expectations and solid support. My first week at Riot during my last internship, I was running the web content side of Lolesports by myself late at night during EU LCS and I was terrified. There was no one to make sure that I wasn't making website breaking mistakes with tons of players watching, but my team was confident in me and had prepared me to do it. That was a huge step for me in establishing professional and personal confidence. There will be lots of times here when your team puts a big task on your plate because they know you can handle it, and you'll know that your team will be there to back you up if you stumble. The cultural aspect of not being afraid to fail really helps you to think bigger. 3. What surprised me was how much everyone plays! I had a hard time adjusting to playing League during work hours (trust me, I had no problem playing after hours), but it soon became clear that it's an important part of team building and staying connected to players. It's a huge advantage to be a player when making any decision at Riot. Because I've been playing for about 4 years, it's really easy for me to think "how would I react to this as a player?" and if it wouldn't be a great experience, I won't do it.
: From my POV, Riot seems more like a startup culture than a corporate environment (suit, tie, meetings). Can someone talk about the pros and cons of working at Riot verses a larger corporation? How much overhead is involved when starting a project? (licensing, rules and regulations, etc). Do you think Riot will be there for you ten years from now? Do you see yourself making a career in Riot as opposed to a stepping stone in your career?
I think that right now, Riot is somewhere in between start up and corporate culture, but I don't see it ever become a suit and tie sort of workplace. Because there's not as much pressure today as a game company faces in its infancy, it means that we can spend more time and resources putting out an ultimately better product - this is what I think separates us from a start up where everyone is burning the midnight oil to get something out no matter what it looks like. That being said, it still maintains some of the best parts of a start up in my opinion. If you absolutely want to make a project happen and it's in line with what Riot wants to accomplish for players, you can do that. There's a lot of freedom to do what you love. There is some red tape, which is meant to make sure that Riot maintains a high quality bar, but that shouldn't stop you from making anything, just maybe push you to improve upon it. I think that Riot will be around for a long time and I also think that it's a place I want to work for as long as I can. It's hard to imagine working somewhere with better company culture and there's no way that I could pursue my passions elsewhere in the same way.
Shoken (EUW)
: Thank you for the answer. That actually... reassured me a lot. :D
No problem! As I mentioned in another comment, I think the most important thing is building up your skills and experience. Whether you want to work at Riot or another game company, you're fortunate enough to know what your passion is very early! Use this extra time to learn to make games if that's what you're interested in, or write about them, or help manage communities even if it's on a volunteer basis. Before getting an internship here, I was volunteering for several LoL websites and getting experience that really helped me out.
: @Riot Katana: You are one of the repeat offenders on the list. How did it feel being one of the senior interns this time around? Did you dispense your infinite wisdom to the other interns?
I like the repeat offender classification. Being an intern for the second time is nice because it makes adjustments much easier. I felt like I grew so much professionally and personally last year, so I was able to hit the ground running this year. I'm pretty sure I don't have any kind of special wisdom that I could impart on anyone, but I did give this advice to anyone who asked me how to adjust to Riot: talk to as many people as you can. Networking at Riot is incredibly easy as everyone is very willing to talk, teach, and work together. It's also very important if you want to branch out and diversify your work load. I've been lucky enough to help out basically every sub team in esports and even other teams at Riot, so I've gotten a really good bearing on what I most enjoy working on and where my strengths and weaknesses are. There are always exciting things and people around Riot and getting to know other Rioters is the best way to find your niche.
Shoken (EUW)
: I'd really, really, really like to join riot in the future i'm still in high school tho (almost finished!) I want to go for informatic engineering at university... Is there a chance i can enter if i do that or should i aim at other majors?
There are people with really diverse fields of study here! Riot cares more about what you know and what you can do than what you've studied. The other esports intern last year with me (who is now full time after graduating) studied Philosophy. I'm studying English and Economics. If you want to work in a more technical field then that will certainly help you, but never feel limited by what you've chosen.
Chapstic (NA)
: What are some of the coolest projects you guys have worked on as interns? (At least out of the ones that you're allowed to talk about)
Some of the coolest things I've gotten to work on this summer are things I can't talk about, but there are some others, too! I've been working on developing article series' for and last year at worlds I got to work on videos and video interviews with the pros there! That was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I've gotten a chance to work on.
: How was it dealing with presumably your first NDA? How many friends asked about game secrets?
Dealing with being under NDA isn't all that difficult of an adjustment. You need to be more careful about what you're saying because it's very easy to let something big slip, but in general you get used to it. Basically **everyone ** you meet in game when you have a Riot name will ask you for secrets, and many friends will be no different. Sometimes it's a shame not to be able to share things you're working on if you're excited about them, but it's all worth it when players finally see it!
: How involved are you guys with the rest of the company - with everyone else's work, like is it an open-office sort of style environment? Do you guys kind of know what's up just because everyone converses regularly and talk floats around? And how's the work-life balance, or does it kind of merge into one just by the nature of your jobs? Do you get to play games/hobbies/have free time for yourself as much as you'd like and/or is the company highly encouraging of breaks and downtime? I guess I'm curious how casual the workplace is, and if there's a lot of activity throughout the day. Seems like something fresh goes on everyday as I heard from some of my friends who interned at Riot in the past, and that must be cool! Thanks in advance, and good luck to each one of you guys. :)
Riot does a pretty good job of trying to keep its teams connected even though our day to day work is so diverse. There are a lot of opportunities to see what other teams are working on through company events and just talking to other Rioters. I will say that this depends on your team, though. It's definitely harder to stay in touch with the rest of the company if you're working in some areas. Esports, for example, operates a bit more autonomously on a day to day basis, and won't have much interaction with League of Legends teams. If you really want to know what's going on elsewhere in the company, though, you can certainly take the initiative to do it no matter where you're working.
Tygger7 (NA)
: how's the Santa Monica life?
Santa Monica is pretty cool! Being near the ocean is great but there are a lot of places to live near Santa Monica that are great as well. During my internship last year I lived in Santa Monica and this year I live right near Culver City. The places are very different from one another but they both have plenty to do within walking distance.
: So how many of you do think you will be staying on as perma-Rioters? How many don't feel its right for you? So on and so forth. Also, any specific tips for people who aspire to be interns?
This is my second summer here at Riot so I've definitely enjoyed my time! If you're a very driven and passionate person then you'll fit right in. Because everyone here is like that it's easy to support one another and that makes for a really cool and exciting environment. If you're aspiring to be an intern, you need to start doing things right now! People ask me all the time how they can get into working at Riot or video games in general. My answer is always that you should get started as soon as you can. If you want to write about League, start doing it! There are tons of channels to do that and gaining the experience is going to give you the edge you need. If you want to be a caster one day, then start casting. Riot loves people who want to do what they love, and they value people with the drive to be a self-starter. You can never have too much experience and you're only helping yourself grow!

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