Ifneth (NA)
: Why donโ€™t you let all champions buffer 2 abilities?
Fraione (EUW)
: Ability cancel/ignore gamebreaking bug (applies to all champions)
We don't consider this a bug. We only buffer one ability in League of Legends, abilities being cast are not countered toward this buffer. Added a new input replaces the buffer, causing the second ability to drop in the case you are providing. This is working as intended. (In case someone really wants to argue, Azir is the only champion that buffers up to 2.๏ผ‰
rag (NA)
: Massive Irelia E bug 100% reproducible, might be a small reason Irelia felt so strong pre hotfix
: The thing is, I did restart my computer, hell I even shut off my computer and went on it the next day to still experience the same bug. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I heard some programs that applies game overlays are causing issues with League. Some voice programs like Twitch and Discord could have overlay options in them. You might want to double check for that.
Corvix (NA)
: @Meddler - The Sion e bug "fix" has now made so if you E camps you now deal no damage to champs.
Should be fixed next patch. I can't reproduce this internally with lvl 1 sion with no items.
: Agreed. But I would have thought somebody would have noticed it by now. Because "Several" seems quite literal in this case. I mean - it is such a small "bug" so I guess that's how it gets unnoticed. But it can really screw you up when you are backing after a baron take and you get caught in the pit because you can't back from the bleed haha.
Yeah... we refactor Recall a while back, that might have gotten lost in the refactor. unfortunate........
: Dear Riot Exgeniar, Hello, I didn't find any mentions of a camera reversion in the patch notes. Does this mean that this was not able to be done in time? I really liked league of legends, and the way the camera is currently is literally unplayable for me. I was looking forward to coming back to league this patch when the change was reverted. Thanks for any info you can provide. Sincerely, Richardlizhu
I didn't put it in the patch notes, should be reverted with the upcoming patch.
: Dear Riot Exgeniar, Thanks for getting back to us players. I for one have been unable to play at all since the patch due to this camera issue. To be clear, the changes will be reverted on the next patch while a more holistic solution is looked for? I think that something you could implement is just an option in the settings (perhaps like a checkbox) to have old functionality as one option or new functionality as another option (similarly to how you have "move camera on revive" currently). Thanks for listening.
I'm so sorry, this is totally my fault. You can blame me. > To be clear, the changes will be reverted on the next patch while a more holistic solution is looked for? Yes
: I actually Prefer the Current live system. What I do not understand is why we cant have both. If we select semi-locked camera, the feature does not actually work until we hit "Y", lock camera. In which case, the "Y button" has no purpose since we opted out of the default option, for a reason. Would it be possible to switch between the current system and what the OP wants by hitting Y. My computer models has brightness and volume controls in the place of my F keys. I can not enable my F keys without disabling these features.
Yes it is possible, but I am concerned about the timeliness of the solution! Drop dead day for any changes for patch 7.24 is in about 1 working day, I simply don't have time to get anything outside of a revert ready for the next patch. It is a better solution for everyone if we just go back to the old semi-locked camera, and investigate and take our time with a 'new' camera with the current live system with some additional minor modification. This however will take a significantly more time because of localization, engineering, and QA. Does that makes sense?
Invariel (NA)
: Thank you for checking in on this topic! You have the scenario almost correct. Camera lock type = Semi-Locked, as you wrote. However, instead of using the 'toggle lock' key (default: Y), I have been holding the 'center camera' key (default: spacebar) to keep the camera locked on my character when I need it. Reaching over to keep toggling on and off automatic locking was not useful to me, and having a button that forced the camera to the place that I had put it that I could release and hold as necessary was incredibly helpful. What I would like (and what the sentiment of this thread seems to be) is for the "center camera" key to instead return the camera to its appropriate offset (which it currently does for Per-Side Offset) instead of to directly center the camera on my character, which undoes the muscle memory of the last couple of years of enjoying Semi-Locked mode. I can understand why there would be a dedicated "center the camera on my character" key (which I thought was F1), and why some people would want the current behaviour, and why the change was made, but I would like to have a "return camera to where I put it" key that I could set to mimic the functionality before this patch.
I haven't forgotten about you! It was just a long weekend! I'm just going to revert the changes to alleviate the dissonant in control, and come back with a more holistic fix for everyone. With that said, switching in and out of camera lock state is not the most initiative control. If we could make a control scheme that satisfy your need from the current Semi-locked camera, what do you think it would look like?
Invariel (NA)
: [Gameplay] Semi-Locked Camera Does Not Work
So, let me understand this correct. You are using semi-locked camera without the camera actively being tracked (Camera Locked: Toggled OFF, with Camera Lock Type as Semi-locked.) When you are pressing Space while Camera is locked, you want the old behavior where it returns to the last offset position? But don't really care what happens when your camera lock toggle is on?
Eeyore (EUW)
: SEVERE BUG: Press The Attack versus Decoys
Thank you, we are aware of the issue!
Psyphere (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Blitz E and R abilities can knock up-silence Fizz when he is mid-air (his E ability)
The Blitz E is working as intended. Fizz can't dodge the Blitz E with Fizz E once Blitz has started winding up for it.
: Permanent Visual Effect Seraphic Embrace Barrier Glitch
We are aware of the issue. Thanks for the report!
Gohnaku (NA)
: I know but the damage hits that causes the dismount so I feel like the knockback should happen
The knockback gets overridden by his dismount's knockback.
AZ Frost (NA)
: Can we see a vid showing it done on a teleport champ? I play WW in the jungle a lot and I didn't know this one...
This was the easiest way for me to upload the GIF... so Linking my twitter. [CLICK HERE](https://twitter.com/Exgeniar/status/924067616095793158) ps. Riot doesn't endorse Twitter or anything, this is just the easiest way for me to share it
: [GAMEPLAY] Urgot R vs Skaarl
Sadly not a bug. That's how Skaarl works.
Should be fixed with the new patch. I had a random chat with someone the other day and he mentioned had fixed that.
: Not a bug? So Jax and all other champions have to teleport if u flash while their jump? I think WW have to jump on plase there i was then he start jump.
Not a bug. That's how Warwick's Q works, he locks on and follows everyone's teleport/flashes/dashes (except Recall, because that would be silly).
Vyxxin (EUNE)
: Jhin's 4th Shot Bug
Pressing S doesn't stop your auto-attack. Pressing H does.
Arfang (NA)
: Aatrox Q
Yorick's W has a knockback component on it, which is knocking Aatrox out of his Q. This is intended behavior.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Exgeniar,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=NKJRNiEo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-14T22:28:17.839+0000) > > We film the spotlight way before we finalize everything on a champion, so this animation might have been cut. However, I am poking the lead QA on Ornn to double check with him. > > Edit: It was axed Guess you can say they really "hammered" out the animation
: ornn running animation?
We film the spotlight way before we finalize everything on a champion, so this animation might have been cut. However, I am poking the lead QA on Ornn to double check with him. Edit: It was axed
: League of legends replay expired
Sorry buddy :( Replays don't carry over from patch to patch. We patched today, and that means the replay is expired.
Bata817 (NA)
: Cassiopeas Ultimate Bug on Fakers play
I believe this was fixed a while ago...
d1abol (EUNE)
: Warwicks Q teleportation bug...
This is warwick's lock on mechanic with his Q. It is working as intended.
beany (NA)
: So I can assume double copy pasting a stance from nearly 2 years ago means it's never getting fixed? I really just want to be certain so i don't have my expectations ever raised again if a new Jayce skin comes out.
We need to redo his entire rig for all models and all skins to start fixing it. I **_personally_** don't expect this to be fixed anytime soon, maybe if / when he gets a VGU.
beany (NA)
: Just asking, is there still any hope that the visual defects with jayce's weapon (something I hope you actually remember) will fixed in league's lifetime? Alot of the answers about processes don't directly address the issue of whether the bug will eventually get fixed. 2 years is a pretty long time to wait, many online games don't even last that long, I'd rather get the straight answer.
: How does riot manage bug reports?
> So how does it go? You receive the bug report, you test it? And then you fix it? Here is a TLDR version: * We receive the report * We read the report to see if it is actually a bug report - we usually filter out things like one-off player hardware issue, or user errors * We decipher the bug report to understand the issue at hand * If we manage that, we try to test it in game VIA a more powerful developer version of practice tool * If we can reproduce the bug, we would then isolate the issue to its core issue, then document it. * Then we prioritize the bug based on player/esport impact and urgency * Then it goes into the queue of bug fixes > How many people are responsabile for fixing/testing them? We have a sizable team combing through all player reports > Is there a difference between bugs reports from pbe and those from live? Yes and No. PBE bugs are usually of things we are working on, and Live are things that have been out in the wild. They go through the same process, but since PBE bugs tends to be about things that are currently in development, they tend to get fixed more promptly. > Is there a difference between reporting the bug in the "report a bug" boards, or the "report a bug" in game? They go to a different destination, but they are handle the same way, and by the same team. > Is it possible to filter bug reports in the boards by champions/items/client so it's easier to search them? No that I know off.
Bunnymap (NA)
: I believe that she is supposed to be able to ult during a snare. If she's moving around while snared though, that's a bug. Don't quote me on this, I'm not completely sure.
I am 99% certain you are correct.
: Yasuo can ult Xayah out of her ult
Ooray (EUW)
: Riven q+flash combo
This isn't a bug, you are breaking her Q dash with your flash.
: Sion ult vs lulu polymorph
Had a conversation about this a few hours ago, this should be fixed next patch.
: GAMEPLAY - Enemy flashed away from Demacian Justice.
Game Rule: Targetted abilities gets cancelled during cast time if the target are no longer visible. This is what seems to have happened, thus intended.
: [GAMEPLAY] Morgana W does not pop banshee veil
Leyin (EUW)
: Gamebreaking Shen Bug [ disable shen for this time]
Thanks for the report, got it to happen. For the time behind, don't stand on directly top of your sword.
: Banned for toxicness but I'm a nice guy :(, people report me for toxic if there swearing at me! PLS
Looked up your account... You seem to have went through the entire toxicity escalation process. You might want to reconsider some of your recent behaviors, and how you treat people online, and in general. I poked the chat log in your last few games, here are some low points I saw (which you already have): > FrostUniverse: OK SHUT THE FUK UP YOU TRASH ADC TOXIC MDF realy just go afk noob > FrostUniverse: yo %%%g0t adc come 1v1 retarded pussy > FrostUniverse: what a %%%g*t trundel I don't work in Player Behavior, so I can't really help you with any of these except provide some insights. But those words are probably considered **extremely ** toxic. If you really want to contest the perma ban, you could open a support ticket, but your chances looks grim.
Epcoatl (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Azir ult passes through enemy
Looks like you just missed it. The trigger zone is around the soldier's shield, not around the entire soldier. :\
: Rakan dashes get interrupted by all hard cc and not just displacements.
Intended to be a counter point against Rakan's mobility. It works just like Yasuo's E.
: Fizz E Bug
Blitz' E kicked you out of your E, then he immediately silenced you. I don't see a problem here. Yes, Blitz E can do that to your E.
: @RiotKateyKhaos Dark Star Thresh's Q animation hinders me from faking out other players!
This is a base Thresh behavior; it is not exclusive to Dark Star Thresh.
: Sorry >< Fixed in 7.6 Update: Hotfix Live
oMovIsO (EUW)
: Sion's possible bug
Confirmed, Hotfix in flight.
iKluzeR (OCE)
: I love you
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Sion's Decimating Smash does seem to be bugged.
Sorry >< Fixed in 7.6 Update: Hotfix Live
Canastus (NA)
: This has been around since MONTHS and Riot hasn't done a single thing to fix it. They couldn't care less when it comes to Cass, sad truth.
: Cassiopeia Twin Fangs (E) Bug
Thanks for bringing it up, the video is very helpful to understand what you are explaining! Should be fixed for 7.5 pending QA.
Panth (EUW)
: Old Pantheon bug is back
If my theory is right, fixed for 7.5
Nebuul (NA)
: During Tank Update - Please fix this longstanding Sion bug
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