: hi riot dudes, i love league of legends, i survived cancer, and i appreciate the game you have made for this world, it has helped me through the pain i endured, furthermore i have alot of ideas for u. one of them is a shapeshifter character that can take on any shape of a character for a short time or a morphing type being that can be anyone your playing against, that's just one idea, my dream would be to make awesome games such as LOL, I know i'm just nobody but i would love to help with ideas and would give it my all to help create the things people love about gaming, my email is jmfhzombie@gmail.com, i know this probably wont get through to you nor do i expect any reply but hey it's worth a shot right? Even if you just say hi that's cool with me :)
Hi! :^D My advice for chasing that dream: start making games now. It's a steep learning curve, but with free engines like Unity and Unreal, you can find lots of tutorials online to get you started. If you can make a game that other people enjoy, you're on your way to building your resume and portfolio.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Keyserito,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q5Rti3k0,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-05-12T19:17:46.892+0000) > > For a brief time, when we added the stone she surfs on, it didn't have a unique texture yet, so Taliyah's face was stretched out over the surface of the stone. Pics plz!
I had trouble digging one up, so I just swapped out the rock texture with her character texture. It looked kinda like this: http://tinyurl.com/hbm29w6
hman912 (NA)
: Ohhh Man She iss soo cool 10/10 Guys Good job in creating a Great champion. I know there will be people saying is is so OP but ya' know they will cry. But as for my Question. What was the Hardest/Biggest Challenge In Creating Taliyah? Also How did you decide on her final Outfit , It suits her perfectly?
For the VFX, it was a constant challenge to not let her rocks cover up everything on the map, especially with her Q rings. Some of the earlier versions were patterned disks of stone set in the ground. You can imagine how quickly those would cover up everything everywhere! The E wasn't much easier. We needed large, clear landmines that didn't draw all your attention to them, but still let you know where to avoid.
Aznbeat (NA)
: Favorite bugs in her development? (not counting the healthbar saga i watched daniel klein have last night lol)
For a brief time, when we added the stone she surfs on, it didn't have a unique texture yet, so Taliyah's face was stretched out over the surface of the stone.
: Thanks for doing the Q&A Guys! Were there any super cool or maybe just interesting abilities that you had tried to put on her kit, but then ended up scrapping for whatever reason? I always love hearing about scrapped abilities :) Cheers!
For a long time, her auto attack was visually designed more like a trail of rocks ripped up from the ground, similar to what happens when you yank a rope or a garden hose and send a wave through it. We all liked how it looked, but it had two problems: 1. It looked way more powerful and significant than a regular mage auto attack (like it was a skill shot, or something similar to Malphite's Q). And 2: It didn't have a clearly defined leading edge to the projectile, to give clarity for when the missile was about to hit, or where it came from. It was on her for a few weeks, but toward the end, we realized it wasn't working for gamelpay, so we went with a more "needle-and-thread" feeling on the small stone she throws.
Saianna (EUNE)
: I've watched Stonewalls Sion yesterday and couldn't shake this feeling he was kind of useless champion. For a Juggernaut to have all of his power located in Q. damage from AA is unreliable and ultimate so easy to miss..
Pretty much all of Darius' power in laning phase relies on his Q, Garen's relies on his E, etc. All the juggernauts pretty much tank and use one or two abilities to make them viable. In Sion's case, it's a mix between his Q and ult/passive.
: I'm glad you like the idea. I really hope to see it implemented in the future. I'll purchase it on the spot. Especially if it had some really cool effects too and maybe a laugh that got tweaked just a little to sound more satany lol. Also really hope you get to try that curry. my favorite is the chicken cutlet curry with double meat and double cheese. Another question though. Do you play xbox360 at all?
sadly, i have not owned a console in many years. The last for me were the PS2 and Nintendo DS lite. I'm definitely more of a PC gamer type. I like building my own PC's coz it gives me an excuse to buy super high end games to test it out. And I like super high-end games because they give me an excuse to upgrade and buy new PC parts :^D ...it's a vicious cycle
: Pool Party Udyr. Everytime he changes martial forms he gets a new swim ring with the animals head. Make it happen.
wait. is he ONLY wearing the floaty animal inner tube? Maybe some flip-flops too, i guess.
Shibiko (NA)
: YES! I love Megaman X and the music is one of the best in the series in my opinion. Here is a really good cover of storm eagle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQmCmr1QbyQ
So good! oh man. Takes me back... Makes me want to do a whole set of arcade skins RIGHT NOW!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Keyserito,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=JzBkufUf,comment-id=005e0000,timestamp=2015-10-21T22:20:16.228+0000) > > It really depends on the job you're going for. What position did you apply for? I applied for the "Recruiting Coordinator" role. :)
Gotcha. Definitely not my area of expertise :^( I will say, we value experience for those sorts of things. Get your feet wet in other studios and/or recruiting agencies. That, and having an absolute passion for gaming in general is key. Who knows? you may yet find your way here :^D
: Heh, yeah, i did mean his back is bigger, i just noticed it on here: http://www.lolking.net/models?champion=63&skin=5 upper back/shoulders Also, although that kinda bums me, you are right. Can wait for the skin c: Thanks so much for the answers! {{summoner:14}} {{champion:63}}
woah. the rig seems broken to me on the base. But I think I see what you mean. Yah, he's been working out. Maybe he's more full of evil energy, and that's what made his rib cage expand...
: Omg I was so wrong :'( I was trying to focus in almost everything at the same time. T__T
If you really enjoy being a generalist, maybe VFX is a good fit. In one day, I might be painting in photoshop, modeling in Maya, animating timing in-game, adjusting colors, and shape silhouettes. I only suggest focusing because it's the quickest way to make yourself employable at a studio. If you've worked really hard at just one thing, you're more likely to be employable doing just that one thing. Then, once you've excelled at that for a while, you can branch out and start doing more. I just haven't seen a student start at a studio doing 4 different things very well on day 1. All that being said, having some experience in a variety of things is nice. It shows that you can be well-rounded. But when push comes to shove, getting five B's less likely to get you in the door than one A+ and four C's.
: ***
: Hey Keyserito, do you like effects that are more of a "pew pew" or a "fwoosh"?
Tokotaro (NA)
: What Do you Have to Say for aspiring Artists Who want to get Into the Gaming Industry as Artists? Should they Start while they're young and If they do, Where do they Start? How can they get Exposure To become A Legend Like you??
Pen Mileage, my friend. Just work really really hard, every day. Every night. And yes, you should start while you're young. The beauty of it is that you can reference the work of every artist that went before you. So if you want to work at Riot, try emulating the work we do, the way we do it. Got an idea for a champ? Practice building a champion that'd fit well in our game. Then it's time to get feedback. DeviantArt and Reddit are great for that kind of thing :^] You'll want some mentorship too. Find an online school or a local art teacher, who does the kind of work you want to do. Be careful not to pick a mentor that does artwork you're not interested in. If they draw countryside livestock all day, maybe it's not the best fit (no offense to bovine realists around the world). If it's VFX you're interested in, I'd be happy to offer some more specific pointers. Feel free to reach out on YouTube or Twitter.
Decrit (EUW)
: Many times Rioters that are discussing skins when they talk about VFX are all lik "we have few people/they are different from models/they require this or that". This makes me thing that while there are loads of artist of various genres VFX are the most lacking one? Do you require human sacrifices sometime?
Oh, man. Pretty much every game studio that I know of is looking to hire VFX artists. It's a relatively younger discipline in the arts, and there's not as many classes available for VFX in school (usually, it's VFX for film, not games). So yes, we have a very high demand for more and more VFX in our game, and it's one of the hardest positions to hire for. If anyone wants to learn how to become a VFX artist, feel free to reach out to me on my YouTube channel or on Twitter. I'd be happy to point you toward some good resources for learning :^D The industry is super hungry for more flashy VFX, and I'm here to help where I can.
: As someone in the medical/fire field i'm a big fan of charities. is there any hope of seeing skins that benefit charities? EMT-mo anyone? how hard would it be to do something like world of warcraft where they release a new pet and 10% goes to a charity or relief fund, but on league?
Excellent idea. I know we've done this sort of thing in the past, though it's not my area of expertise. Some examples are Nurse Akali, Jaximus, and Urf the Manatee (Warwick Skin). In addition, Riot engages in other charitable efforts, and some Rioters have organized to give back in various ways.
Freezman (NA)
: I believe you mean Leona W.
d'oh! but to be fair, the E is also one of my favs
: easily my fav champ but the designers dont show him much love as it relates to skins
A Yasuo skin is on our radar. hype EDIT: not in the near future, just sometime in the future.
: that sounds lovely !!!! <3
So good! Yes, plz. And then each of them can get a corresponding prince skin.
: I know you have a ton of stuff right now, but I hope you guys can update kayle's VFX at some point. Her fire looks a little... old.
Agreed. But even then, she's not the worst offender VFX-wise :^(
: Do you know any programming languages and where should someone start if they want to learn graphic arts or animation?
I know some ActionScript 3.0 (enough to make my own derpy mini games). It's a lot of fun making both the art and the interactivity. But it's not necessary to learn programming if you're going into the arts, unless you want to be a Technical Artist, like a Rigger, Materials Artist, or tool builder. Where to start? It's all about pen mileage and feedback. Keep on making lots of art, and find a mentor that makes the exact sort of art you want to make. It might be a professor at school, or a friend in the industry.
: Heartseeker Xerath confirmed?
: Hi Jason, I hope to work for Riot Games one day so I try to ask every Rioter I encounter the same question, "How can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pool when applying for a job at Riot?" I've actually applied not too long ago but it was a no go because I seem to be lacking in experience. I will definitely apply again when I get another year of experience under my belt but in the mean time, I would love to know what I can do to be get a step closer to my dream of working at Riot Games. Thanks!
It really depends on the job you're going for. What position did you apply for?
: oopsie. Which VFX gave you the most difficulty to make? Is that even a thing you can have difficulty doing?
Yes! Oh, gosh, yes. I'm embarrassed to admit just how long PROJECT: Leona took. So many tries and re-tries. But yah, the only reason I know anything about this stuff is because I've done it the hard way / the wrong way, and had to start over. That's the best way to learn, really. Just trip over the pesky thing enough till you remember how to navigate around it. That being said, I'm sure I've got plenty more to trip over on the path ahead. It just comes with the territory. But that's good news for any newbie, coz it means great artists aren't born that way. They just keep pushing forward while others turn tail when it doesn't come naturally. It's not up to fate whether you'll be a master artist some day. It's up to you.
: Hi! i got a couple of questions for ya 1) Why is Spirit Fire Brand's back bigger than his skins/default model? That intrigues me. 2) Could you add jiggle bones to his tribal earrings? i think that would add a lot to the skin. P.S. i own Project: Leona, Star Guardian Lux, Pool Party Lulu, and as you can see DJ Sona, which you maybe didn't do much on but those waves are still super cool! all the skins/effects are incredible and i cant wait till spirit fire brand is out. Please write** _back_ **if possible. {{champion:63}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:63}}
Glad you like the skins :^D 1) Not sure I follow. HIs back is bigger? Spirit Fire Brand's got back, I guess XD 2) Typically, we only add jiggle to larger areas of focus. Since his head dress is so commanding, it'd be a bit distracting to also have the smaller earrings wobbling around (though it'd look super cool, I'm sure!)
: Is Pool party yasuo, or ekko possible in the future?
I believe that every champ should have a pool party skin. Including Urgot. so, yes :^]
: What did you study in collage to be able to creat skins, how did you get into riot and do you have to live in cali to be with the skin team! :D
I studied animation. There's an important distinction between a college program that focuses on fine art, and one that focuses on entertainment art.:One is geared more toward gallery work (which is also rad) and the other focuses more on work to put in a portfolio when you apply to a studio. For me, the faculty at BYU helped guide me toward building a good portfolio that would be appealing to a studio. After working in the industry for about 7 years (most of that was while I was also in school) I applied at Riot. I had done a lot of freelance, and worked at a smaller studio for 3.5 years. And yup, you've definitely gotta be here to be on the skins team. We make so many changes every day and need a ton of collaboration, so it's important you're here with us so you can keep up :^]
: After reading this you've instantly become my favorite Riot employee. You can count yourself one more fan. My question to you is, what do you enjoy most about your job? ...also what do you think about the latest Cutie Mark Crusaders episode? :3 {{summoner:31}}
Favorite part of my job? Being surrounded by the incredible talent. It's like strapping myself to one of those torture stretching boards, but instead of my body, it stretches my skills. It's painful to grow so quick, but super effective! As for that episode, it was my favorite in a long time. So satisfying. The pacing, songs, character development, and reveal were all SO GOOD!!! Now I'm wondering what the next meta-story hook is gonna be? There's currently not much mystery that needs revealing. I hope they come up with something else to anticipate.
: besides pool party lulu, what other skins have you worked on?
Full Skins: Reaper Soraka Winter Wonder Orianna Eternum Rek'Sai El Tigre Braum Heartseeker Varus Surprise Party Amumu Arclight Vayne Star Guardian Lux Pool Party Lulu Battle Boss Blitzcrank PROJECT: Leona Ironside Malphite Spirit Fire Brand Victorious Sivir Dragon Trainer Tristana Unannounced Skin - currently in development Partial VFX on Skins: DJ Sona - Concussive AOE waveform Forsaken Jayce - electricity touch-ups Warden Sivir - frisbees! Warden Nautilus - anchor missile Order of the Banana Soraka - banana basic attack :^D Boxer Lee Sin - boxing glove decals / indicator Prehistoric Cho'Gath - Spikes Champ Update: Mordekaiser - collaborated with another VFX too Probably some others I forgot -_-
: Xerath might be deceptively easy, depending on what you wanna do. Simply recoloring his blue energy to pink energy, for example, is pretty simple. But if you wanna add sparkles and hearts, and change the energy to burning pink fiery love magic, that'll add a few weeks. Older champs sometimes pose a problem, because they weren't built in an easy-to-edit format. So first we have to spend time untangling their "spaghetti code," then we can work quickly and efficiently on the effects. Otherwise, each skinned effect re-color means just as much time (or more) spent hooking it up :^( Luckily, the list of spaghetti champs gets smaller every time one of them gets a skin. Yay!
lol! i just realized I didn't answer your question. Yes, mages with magic elements require a lot more work on VFX than more physical champs, like Pantheon, Katarina, or Tryndamere. heh, hope that answers your question.
Mansana (NA)
: Which champ do you think requires the most degree of work for vfx? Xerath, Syndra, other champs with a lot of particle fx?
Xerath might be deceptively easy, depending on what you wanna do. Simply recoloring his blue energy to pink energy, for example, is pretty simple. But if you wanna add sparkles and hearts, and change the energy to burning pink fiery love magic, that'll add a few weeks. Older champs sometimes pose a problem, because they weren't built in an easy-to-edit format. So first we have to spend time untangling their "spaghetti code," then we can work quickly and efficiently on the effects. Otherwise, each skinned effect re-color means just as much time (or more) spent hooking it up :^( Luckily, the list of spaghetti champs gets smaller every time one of them gets a skin. Yay!
SLU Dent (NA)
: How come when a champ gets reworked their skin splashes (which look entirely different to them ) remains the same? Reference : Whistler Village Twitch ... i mean look at that splash haha
I've got all the respect in the world for the splash artists. They're a small army of illustrators, painting some of my favorite illustrations month in and month out. Truth is, there's just enough of them to keep up with the demand of new champions, skins, and large-scale updates. The good news is, they've got enough time to slowly churn through that long list of old skins, some of which you've seen go into the game lately (Chosen Yi, Jade Wukong, and Vandal Brand being the latest). Day by day, month by month, that list of old skin splashes gets just a bit smaller. But it's a big list, so I hope you understand!
: I've been playing league for about 3 years now and this is my absolute favorite game on the planet. The skins that you guys work on are so cool, the visual effects are stunning and unique and the movements of champions are so lifelike it's mind-blowing. I think it's awesome how much work you put into this game. I was wondering if you, a current Riot employee, could give me some advice on the best way to build up my experience to eventually become an employee myself. I'm very interested in the animation side of game design and have gained experience using programs like 3D Studio Max and Blender. I know their isn't a guaranteed way to get any job, I would just like a bit of guidance so I could work for a company I admire. Thanks for your time
The best way to get in as an artist is to focus your energy on one part of production. Pick a discipline, like you would pick a class in a game, and level up that one craft. Here's a few to pick from: Character Design, Environment Design, 3D Character modeling & texturing, 3D Environment art, character animation, VFX art, Character Rigging, etc. Once you've decided on your focus (sounds like animation is yours), there are some fantastic online courses you can take, taught by industry professionals, for each of the specific disciplines. Art school might also be a good option, though admittedly, it's typically more pricey. Do your research, and look into which one seems the best fit for you, then go for it!
: hey Keyserito, how ya doing? I was wondering your views on teemo lol. I was actually wondering if there might be a new teemo skin coming up here soon. A lot of my friends and I have been talking bout how awesome it would be for a satan teemo skin since he is often referred as such. Also since you are in LA if you go to Irvine, CA there is some fantastic japanese style curry at a restaurant called cocos ichibanya. I used to eat it all the time when i was a marine stationed in okinawa japan, and the one in Irvine is almost exactly spot on to the japanese ones. My suggestion would be to also get the garlic cheese naan bread that they also have. it is amazing with the curry. They also make it so you can have it spicy or mild. Well hope to see a reply from you and I hope you get to try that curry. it really is good!
Teemo and Japanese curry. Both are delicious. My views on Teemo? He's got a ton of skins, but there's always room for more :3 That Satan Teemo idea needs to happen some day. It's just too easy.
: Project Leona is my favorite skin ever! Good work on that one. Are there any skins that you're working on that you're particularly excited about? Keep up the good work!
Yes. ooooooh, yes. I'm so stoked for the skin I'm currently working on :^D
: First off, thank you for the work that you have done to make this game great. Now a few questions. 1 - What is your favorite skin that you have helped make or did make? 2 - How are the champions that get new skins decided? 3 - What goes into making a new skin and how hard is it? 4 - There are so so many good ideas for skins on the forums. Are these ideas looked over at all, and if so, why would some of those ideas not be implemented, because some seem like such a perfect fit. (i.e. linebacker scion for example just off the top of my head from a thread I've seen) 5 - Are there new voiceovers and lines with new skins or would that be too much work? (But it would make it really amazing if that was the case) That's all. Thank you
1 - Definitely Pool Party Lulu. It's so rewarding seeing her at world so much too! 2 - There's a few different approaches. One is to take a look at which champs haven't gotten love in a while, and prioritize a group of them as potential picks in the upcoming slot, then brainstorm ideas that could work for one of them. We typically weigh out more exciting ideas over how badly a champ needs a skin. Basically, if it's not a strong idea, we wait until a better fit comes along for that champ. The other approach is to brainstorm a theme, then do a group of champions that fit well for that theme. 3 - Let's see... every skin is so unique, and so is its production. Sometimes, each artist only needs a couple of weeks (concept art, 3D modeling/texturing, rigging, animating, VFX, and audio). That's usually the case for skin lines we've done many times before, like infernal, frozen, or championship. But for the more un-defined themes, it gets a lot more involved. The most time consuming part is when an artist tries something out for a few days, shows it to the team, and the theme feels wrong. Like when I put too much green in Spirit Fire Brand's visual effects. That means going back, readjusting, then meeting and discussing some more. A skin line like PROJECT: gave all of us some trouble, because each artist along the way had a lot of re-do work to tackle on each of the skins. 4 - Trust me, we want to make every one of those fantastic skin ideas. The tricky part how limited our time is. So with Linebacker Sion, that's just gotta happen some day. But before that day comes, we may think up an idea we're even MORE excited about for him. Or we might do a line of dunkmaster skins in the patch just before him, and want to ease up on the sports themes for a while. Or people may not play a lot of football in other regions, and many of our players might think the theme isn't as cool as something else. That's not to say we'll never do it, just that we have to weigh it all out. 5 - Yes! We've got a few of those in our game. Typically, if it has all new voiceover, it is a legendary skin tier. New VO means hiring voice actors all over the world to give the translated lines in those regions as well, which then need edited and implemented also, which adds lots of extra time and resources to a skin's production.
Raitenshi (EUW)
: Do you guys watch out for fanarts and get ideas from them or sometimes even just take them as they are? 'Cause I've seen some I would really love to spend my money for!!!
We're always checking out what the community is up to. You guys inspire us so much. When I was originally on the AMA with Rek'Sai, you guys begged and pleaded for Pool Party Shark'Sai, and pitched the idea of kiddie pool tunnels. That isn't to say we'll always leave it exactly the same, or even use many ideas. But we definitely try to fill the need you guys are asking for. You want a super trolly Zed skin? Could be doctor, heartseeker, farmer, or many other things. There's lots of ways to fill the need, and it may not always end up exactly how it was pitched.
: You mentioned Lulu being your favorite champion but what about a champ that you relate to the most? Also if you were hosting a dinner party which champions would you invite? (you can only pick 5) Thanks for all your hard work in making some stunning champion skins! {{champion:157}}
Okay, so I don't think I'd invite Lulu, coz she's crazy, and my wife might get offended when her cooking just tastes purple to her. In fact, I think most champs would probably wreck my house. Ziggs, Heimer, Trundle, or Mundo would be a nightmare. So, probably Ashe coz she's a well-mannered queen. And Tryndamere, coz I like playing matchmaker. Next would be Ekko, just in case we need a re-do. Then Vi, coz it'd be fun to watch her try to eat with those gauntlets. And finally, TF for games afterward.
: Do you think riot needs to tweak their ranked system for ppl that do good but still lose and lose a bunch of points? P.S. Any new ideas for skins for {{champion:223}} ?
Last season, I went on tilt and fell from Silver 2 to Silver 5.... *sigh* The community has suggested some amazing Tahm Kench skin ideas. My personal favorite is the Cheshire Cat by VegaColors: http://vegacolors.deviantart.com/art/Skin-Sketches-3-WIP-565706047
: -What were your top 3 favorite skin particles that you worked on? -Which ones were the hardest to make? -What theme would you like to make more of?
- Top 3 favs: Pool Party Lulu's Ult (sand castles!), Reaper Soraka's Ult (the "evil heal" was a fun challenge), and Project: Leona's E (digital magic blast). - Hardest to make: Everything on Project Leona went through 2-3 versions before we found something that worked. lol. - Would like to make more: The "Riot Girl" line, especially with Tristana's new in-game outfit and gun. It's kinda like the Jinx fan club. lol
: Hey! I'm really excited for Spirit Fire Brand! To talk about the fire effects; way back when i started playing, Brand's fire, especially his ult, looked mostly like orange blobs. What are the challenges in improving fire effects in this game to look a bit better? (like they were for Shyvana, Rumble, etc.) Also, What were the considerations in differentiating the fire effects in Spirit Fire Brand vs. his other skins? (except for zombie-brand, all the fire effects pretty much look the same)
TL;DR: Making fire is HARD! There are so many ways to approach a flame. Maybe it's spheres with a scrolling flame texture. Maybe it's little bits of flame that start hot white and fade to yellow then red. Maybe you draw every frame by hand. Or maybe.... you get the idea So yah, deciding which technique to go with is a big part of the job. Trying those techniques then realizing they don't work is another big part of the job. lol. But to put a positive note on it, I learn something from every attempt, and I've found a lot of really fun and creative ways to give fire a unique personality. For example, Spirit Fire Brand uses inverted colors to look like dark fire. Base Brand uses lots of small flecks of flame to feel like a full-bodied mass of flame. The torches on Summoner's Rift use a simple randomized fire texture to match the style of the environment. The technique we choose heavily impacts the quality and vibe we get. So we get to explore a variety of tricks to get the result we want.
Zielmann (NA)
: What was the first thing you worked on when you started at Riot?
The new sunfire cape. Actually, after it went live, I was so dissatisfied with it (and I'm pretty sure some of you guys were too) that I took some extra time to update it then re-ship it again.
Freezman (NA)
: How did you get into art? How did you end up at Riot? What's your favorite skin that you didn't work on, why? What is your favorite game of all time? (aside from League if it is League) Who is your favorite artist? From recent memory, your favorite instance of VFX in a game other than League? Thanks a lot! Cheers.
- I got into art at age 6, drawing helicopters and robots shooting each other with bazookas. - I ended up at Riot when I saw a job listing on Linked-in. I had been focused on hand-drawn 2D effects for a few years before then, and they liked the style. After starting at Riot, they began training me on the new skill set of 3D visual effects. Learning the tools took a couple of months, but learning the art skills took years. - Final Boss Veigar - Brian Thompson did a masterful job on that guy's VFX. - I'd definitely have to say Terraria is my fav. Sure the progression is fun, and the building/crafting is great, but the core gameplay loop of boss fights and platforming is the best. It's got every side-scrolling mechanic from every platformer I like: wall jump, double jump, bouncing bullets, grappling hooks, unique enemy behaviors, and on and on. So good. - Gonna cop out here. There are so many great artists out there, it's hard to pick one. But I really do admire Michel Gagne. That guy really re-defined western FX style in the 90's with his work on Osmosis Jones, Iron Giant, and many other animated films (and he's still doing fantastic work these days. you should check him out!) - Dude, the Koreans are doing amazing VFXwork in their games. Lost Ark Online looks so soooooo gorgeous, as do so many other KR action RPGs and MMOs. Also, I really like a lot of the VFX coming out of China these days. So hard to keep up!
: How do you maintain your cool yet charming demeanor while being approachable and great to work with? Which characters did you reference for Arcade Blitzcrank?
XD While working on Battle Boss Blitz, I was looking at one of my favorite childhood games: Megaman X. I was especially inspired by Spark Mandrill, Armored Armadillo, Storm Eagle, and of course, that green mini boss that kinda looks a lot like Blitz. lol.
: Hey Riot Keyserito, what type of schooling did you go through to get to where you are at?
There's a growing number of good schools to go to. There's also some fantastic online resources these days. Which one you choose really depends on the discipline you want to focus on: Character design, character animation, environment design, etc etc. Very few schools teach more than one or two classes on VFX, so I recommend getting involved in the online community for now. Bill Kladis did some great tutorials in the Unreal Engine. I'm also trying to get the word out in VFX education on my YouTube channel. As for my personal journey, I was lucky to attend a university with a great animation program. Within that program, I specialized in effects, which led me down the path I'm on today. When choosing a program, my #1 advice is to make sure the faculty have been successful in the industry (holding the same jobs you want to get) and that the graduating students are consistently getting the jobs you want to get. If those schools are out of your price range, there's tons of professional artists teaching online these days for a fraction of the price.
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: How do you generally go about starting concepts for a new skin & where do you draw your inspiration from? Furthermore how long does it take for a concept to be seen tested in game? Lastly, are you working on any skins at the moment that you are excited about? Thank you for your time!
Great question! VFX inspiration can come from just about anywhere--soap bubbles in the kitchen sink, cracks in the sidewalk, even dog pee on a tree trunk (more than once, I've gotten really funny looks for taking awkward photos in public). For a specific thematic, It really depends on the skin. When I was working on SG Lux, you better believe I was watching magical girl reference like crazy (yes, including Power Puff Girls Z). Other times, I'll look to movies, comic books, or all the amazing artwork you can find with a google search. I've started using Pinterest like crazy, gathering all the VFX reference I can into one place.
: Hi There! Thanks for doing this!! Two questions and a pair of compliments: 1) PROJECT: Leona is to date the ONLY skin i've ever bought. Leona is my favorite champ but I generally have a rule that I don't buy skins. I couldn't resist for Project simply because I was so desperate to have a Leona skin with cool particles. Awesome job, i love it. 2.) How do you guys go about updating VFX? Are there meetings that go on that discuss how the VFX should reflect their thematic or is it largely left up to the artists themselves to decide how things should look? 3) Branching from that - can you comment at all on the VFX changes for Morde? i know this is a scary topic so I"m not trying to trap you or anything, I"m just curious what the thinking was behind changing them and why the update includes so much less metal in favor of whispy swirls, etc. Personally I don't particularly like the new ones but I"m not trying to criticize, more just curious how these decisions are made. 4.) I played with Brand on OFA for the first time since his VFX were updated and OMG they're beautiful. I"m gonna buy him just for those. If you had anything to do with that or you know who did, please extend my compliments. They're awesome.
1.) Woah! That's so cool to hear! Leona was a real challenge for me to work on, having not done high-tech VFX like that before. There was a lot of failed attempts trying to figure out what "Digital Magic" looks like. So glad it worked out :^] 2.) There's a few strategies we have on updating VFX. The first is that the Champ Up (Champion Update) team tackles what they can as quickly as they can. Beyond that, other VFX artists occasionally chip in to offer some love. A few months ago, we did a batch of updates as a passion project, squeezing it into our free time (Morde, Brand, Corki, Nunu, etc). Then there's random instances where it makes sense, like Pantheon's Q and W impact sparks. While I was working on his new Slayer skin, we realized that we could apply the Q and W to his base. So we decided to give Pantheon players some love across the board, especially since the new sparks weren't necessarily thematically unique to the Slayer line. 3.) Mordekaiser is close to my heart, not only because we share a name, but because he was the first champ I ever played. Working on his new visuals was fun, but super tricky (as with many of our beloved Champ Up initiatives). His thematic is a paradox, because he's both the Master of Metal, and a magic-damage soul-controlling undead mage. We dialed back the physical aspects of the metal to better indicate magic damage. Admittedly, we did err on the side of spirit energy. I went for "etherial metal" where I could, giving the sense of a sharp, but other-worldly element. 4.) Yah, a fellow artist did Brand's VFX update. I'll pass along the compliment :^]
: First off, thank you for the work that you have done to make this game great. Now a few questions. 1 - What is your favorite skin that you have helped make or did make? 2 - How are the champions that get new skins decided? 3 - What goes into making a new skin and how hard is it? 4 - There are so so many good ideas for skins on the forums. Are these ideas looked over at all, and if so, why would some of those ideas not be implemented, because some seem like such a perfect fit. (i.e. linebacker scion for example just off the top of my head from a thread I've seen) 5 - Are there new voiceovers and lines with new skins or would that be too much work? (But it would make it really amazing if that was the case) That's all. Thank you
Excellent questions! Do you mind reposting on the BTT thread, so everyone can find the answers more easily? http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/JzBkufUf Thanks!
: 1) Can you tell us anything about some of her scrapped ability ideas? ~~2) What lead you guys to the Eternum skin decision?~~ **Edit**: I see this was answered elsewhere. Nevermind. :) 3) I've noticed that almost all of the recent champions' release skins add to an existing theme. Eternum, Blood Moon, Galactic, Dragon Slayer, Battlecast, High Noon, Mafia, Hired Gun, Justicar, and Bloodstone. Dino Gnar is the only one that created a new skin line since... Zac, I think. Is this a conscious decision by you guys, or just a coincidence? Thanks for doing these Q&A's! I really enjoy reading though them each time.
Nice observation about launch skins. I'll do my best to answer. In short, launch skins are tricky. Think of it this way: when you first see the launch skin, you've got zero history playing that champ. It's like you're meeting the new kid at school for the first time, and what she's wearing (her 'skin') is the first thing you notice (unless she has claws, fangs, and a giant fin on her back). Easily recognizable skins help you identify with the champion immediately. We didn't make a conscious decision to strictly stick with established skin lines on launch skins. It just so happens they give a very clear first impression, and that's our goal. As for Dino Gnar, the idea fits perfectly with who he is, and is immediately recognizable. Here, the skin matched our goals perfectly, established or not. Plus, a onesie is a no-brainer!
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