: There is something that is confusing me. In his new lore.... does Mordekaiser still have any connection to the Shadow Isles, or doesn't he? In Universe, he is still listed as a Shadow Isles champion, but these are never mentioned in his new lore now. And I remember a Rioter saying that he is unrelated to the Mist. ______________ But **if** Mordekaiser has no ties to the Shadow Isles anymore.... why did they colour code him that way? Just like how they gave Urgot alot of green details with his rework to emphasise his relation to Zaun now, Mordekaiser is way more in line with other Shadow Isles undeads when it comes to his colours. This is confusing me, someone help pls.
This is a good question! Short answer is that Mordekaiser is not a Shadow Isles champion anymore. For updates the champions bios get updated when they go to PBE but their Universe page is updated after they get fully released, which is why you still see Morde listed with Shadow Isles champs. As to the color question you're pretty much on the money, we just need to take a step further and think more holistically instead of region specific. Morde is a "vengeful spirit" bound to armor and many of the Shadow Isles are also "vengeful spirits" so they are very similar... just in different places in Runeterra. Which would beg the question is there potentially some unknown connection between what Mordekaiser is attempting and the effects of the Ruination? lol That might muddy the waters more than help but at least I hope that answers your question >. < my brain is a wondrous place and I recognize that sometimes what I say makes sense to me but no one else.
: Problems I have with Wukong and the technique of "Wuju Style"
I recently read Master Yi's Bio and Color Story and I totally understand how someone would think that Wuju was solely a sword technique. In the Bio they even say... > Wuju was founded by those believing their swordsmanship to be too precious to share, too sacred to draw blood—so for centuries, it flourished in isolation, with no outsiders knowing its true nature. The way I think of it, and it could just be me trying to find an answer that fits rather than the intent so grain of salt and all that lol, is that Wuju is similar to real world martial arts in the sense that there are styles and sub-styles embedded in them. Ebonmaw made the comparison to Shaolin Kung Fu and to take that even further you have Northern & Southern Style that then have things like the 5 animal styles. Maybe to bring another point that's closer to sword or weapons styles, modern day Kendo is very different to what was taught pre-World War II. Before the war throws, disarms, and locks were taught and counted as legitimate techniques, even though the name translates to "Way of the Sword". The Kendo of today does focus on sword techniques but the core principles of Kendo are the same today as it was 80 years ago, as it was arguably hundreds of years ago but that is also debated. In this case the way I thought of it was that Master Yi studied Wuju but decided to focus on the training with the sword. Similar to how you would start with the basics of Kung Fu before choosing a weapon or style to focus in. He then taught WuKong the basics of Wuju and then decided that the staff would be a better fit for his approach to the principles of Wuju. Many of the martial artists that I've trained with all approached their art differently than myself, or even from the students in their school. Sure there are similarities, which is natural since you're learning from the same teacher, but take TKD for example. My personal favorite kinds of kicks are power house kicks, like a side kick, or large sweeping kicks like a hook kick; I try to break through a guard or around the guard. My friend though loved "jabbing" with his kicks, he'd throw some to the body, to the head, back and forth, to try and get you to mess up your guard. Both are very different ways to executing the principles that we learned, but we both still studied TKD. Anyway, that's just how I understood it. Cheers! ^______^
: why kindred moves me.
Off the top of my head I think Ekko and Brand are the two that resonate with me based off of their stories. The story where Ekko's parents get him a name day cake as a surprise, even though they're basically living pay day to pay day, and he rewinds time to share that moment with them over and over... oof, chronobroke right in the feels. With Brand it's the whole nature versus nurture. Was Kegan's attitude a result of how he was treated? Would his story have been different if those around him had acted differently? Did he bring about his own undoing or was it others who fanned the flames?
Flagg (EUW)
: @Riot - Anacoluthons in skin bios
TIL what an anacoluthon is. Here's how I make sense of it: "As a practitioner of masked dance drama many of Shaco's performances begin as social commentary..." versus "A practitioner of masked dance drama, many of Shaco's performances begin as social commentary..." That comma replaces the "as" at the beginning of a sentence. Granted that doesn't work with the Zilean bio aaaaaaand my grasp of English grammar is... well, poor at best lol. Now I'm gonna go ask one of our editors to see if that makes sense or if I'm just completely wrong. Woo! Learning something new everyday.
: @Riot - Who the hell is Ronas to break a bond between twins?
This is an excellent point and I think you've provided some possible answers to the surface question of "who is Ronas and how was it that this particular person, named in the biography, could break the bond between twin sisters" in your post. I'm going to take a stab at answering the question behind the question, if that makes sense, which is will there be more stories about Kayle and Morgana that delves further into the events that lead to these two twin sisters going their separate ways on rather bad terms? The only answer we can provide right now is potentially. There's a lot of moving pieces and decisions being made that can't shared, and probably wouldn't really interest most of the people here lol, but hopefully soon the team will be in a better position to come back and revisit some of these really juicy or spicy moments. Personally, I wouldn't want the story of someone as potentially important or impactful to a champion, as Ronas was to Kayle & Morgana, to be restricted to a paragraph or two in a champion bio. I do agree that, in this case with Ronas, a simple "Oh he showed up, something happened to him, and then the two sisters tried to kill each other" does feel unfulfilling BUT I am hopeful that in mentioning him the team is setting up for future work where the story of Ronas, Kayle, & Morgana could be addressed in more detail. Cheers!
ZenKe (NA)
: Quick question about Frozen and Yellow Jacket Shen
Unless I have my dates super wrong, the Yellow Jacket skin came out long before Zed was released. However, I don't think a Scorpion-esque skin for Zed would be a good fit, maybe Smoke instead. Eh? Eh!? ...I'll see myself out.
: can you please tell the artist to pick that illustration, make this happen legendlarry for the community, for the fans, for the lolhentai artists(jk). you can be our riot superhero. jokes aside, i love you, best rioter ever!!!!!!!! you're happy in you post and not that kinda serious vibe type lol and i love you for that and lastly you dont ignore community responses :D
La Bello (NA)
: one thing I would like to ask would be will Evelynn be keeping her current costumed get up (the spiky black armor with the arm capes and spiked leg bands?) Im actually a huge fan of it and would be really disappointing if it got shafted for the full shadow nudity as was supposedly leaked. is the Evelynn update visually Master Yi tier or more Warwick tier?( resolution updating and more details vs re-imagining like how WW has robo parts now) Or something like Karma where her entire outfit is completely changed
It's a Warwick level rework. As for her costume it's definitely different from her current spike and leather look.
: >Oh man, I dunno if any splash could come close to Frostbuttblade Irelia but there's one that might come close but I can't promise anything >. < For Evelynn or somebody else?
Evelynn. There's one illustration that may come close but it's just an idea right now so I can't promise anything lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot LegendLarry,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EUoqa3vd,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-27T17:50:23.750+0000) > > The team working on Evelynn did their homework and really tried to figure out what makes Evelynn so popular among those die hard fans One thing I think makes her popular is that she doesn't have much in the way of lore, which enables people to fill it in on their own and become more attached to her. Some people want her as a vampire. Some people want her to be related to the shadow isles as the ruined king's daughter. Some people want her to be a succubus. For myself I was thinking human with some relation to the void, think sexual hunger/predator, half voidling perhaps. I'm pretty much assuming riot's . . . building team team is going to screw this up big time because they can't leave well enough alone. I mean you are calling her a succubus when you should know half the community thinks she's a vampire. Some people like her because of the outfit, but because it is polarizing, riot is going to get rid of it. Riot hasn't matured enough yet to know that polarizing characters and designs are fine. The other thing that makes her popular is her playstyle. She's very weird to play as, but once you get it, she's very rewarding. Everything I heard suggested her unique playstyle is going away. So I've already filed this rework under complete failure even though it'll be 4-6 months before we see it. Why? It's obvious riot doesn't really know or care about eve. Yes they've got her pegged as a "sexy assassin", but that's such a broad category once you get into the nitty-gritty that it doesn't say much. The other reason I say this is it feels like riot is listening to the complaints more than the positive stuff.
Oh man, I hope that when Eve does come out that you'll still give her a shot! I can totally understand how this rework seems rather shallow since I can't really get into details but I think you've hit on some really good points. You're right that since the team is giving her a more structured history / lore the "mystery" will be gone but I would posit that a vampire, a succubus, and a being of sexual hunger / predator, are very similar at it's root. The origin maybe different but the fantasy of those three have some strong overlap. Which is what the team tried to keep intact, her attitude and personality around being alluring and sensual but dangerous and vicious. As for a polarizing design, again I can't say much, but I think the team has had to overcome some very interesting challenges and the current design still plays into what makes Evelynn so polarizing, as you put. I can't really talk about her gameplay since I don't play current Eve and I haven't playtested the updated kit. As for Rito not caring about Eve, and I don't mean this in a mean way at all, but I dare you to say that to reave3 and see how that goes lol. If you talk to any of the team members you'd be surprised at how hard they're working at trying to make Eve the best she can be. But seriously, if you look at the team's track record, I think you'll find that the team does so much more than peg a champion as something and call it a day. I really wish we could show everyone just how much time, effort, and care people put into these projects. The team knows, really knows, that they're messing with people's favorite champions and they're so dedicated to making sure that they're going in a direction that not only makes a better champion but still retains all that people originally loved about them while giving them something new to love as well. Anyway, I'll get down from my soapbox and let you get back to your day but I really hope that you'll give the Champ Up peeps the benefit of the doubt and give Eve a shot when she's released. Cheers! ^____^
: support evelynn confirmed
LAWL! I mean, there are a lot of champs that make good supports that you wouldn't initially think about so... sure! Why not.
: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! riot legendlarry can we please get another frost~~butt~~blade irelia kinda splash please, maybe one of evelyn's new splashes because i want to see evelynn's ~~butt~~ beautyness http://www.mobafire.com/images/champion/skins/landscape/irelia-frostblade.jpg and btw, is evelyn's skin alongside twitch will be a shared splash again?? sorry for askng so many question
Oh man, I dunno if any splash could come close to Frost~~butt~~blade Irelia but there's one that might come close but I can't promise anything >. < The Safecracker splash is going to remain a shared splash with Twitch. It won't be a full update though, it'll be the same splash just updating Eve to reflect her new look.
Aeszarck (NA)
: Riot is working on Miss Fortune's splashes and Urgot's splashes right now.
^ What they said. The illustrators feel the same way about those older splashes as you do, @sorceroroverlord. However, we've found that the amount of splash releases that were going out, on top of the new content they were being asked to make, was causing some major burn out. For now you'll see a slow down in the amount of splash updates that are going out but during that time the team is figuring out how we can fit in more updates while not killing the artists.
: OMG, now I'm afraid that Masquerade will not be the coolest! :(
Oh, don't you worry about Masquerade. The artists have some really badass ideas for that one as well. I would personally count it a victory if you looked at all three of those illustrations and go, "I... I can't choose. I can't tell you which one is the coolest. You've got this one over here and that one over there but the other one has this!"
Zyranium (EUW)
: Some questions about Evelynn next Update
Oh man, I'm not sure how many of these questions I can answer so I'll have to pick an choose just a few. The team working on Evelynn did their homework and really tried to figure out what makes Evelynn so popular among those die hard fans and where they could push even further into the fantasy of an alluring demonic assassin. I don't want to spoil anything so I'll have to be vague here but she's a strong, beautiful, independent succubus and she don't need anybody telling her where to go! For the summoning spikes I'll just say that the artists won't let you down. As for your last question, I'm not an Eve main so take it with a grain of salt, but if there's an {{champion:28}} on the other team... never be alone. Cheers!
: reave3 answered that she will be having a shared splash again with TF
We just wrote the creative brief for the Tango Evelynn splash and personally I'm super excited to see what our artists come up with. We also talked about Shadow Evelynn and that one has me super hyped as well.
Unit684 (NA)
: Hextech Galio Post Rework
Hi Unit684! Redesigning the skin to be more aligned with the new Hextech theme and shape language was a big factor in the decision. However, one of the goals the team tries to deliver on with skin updates like this is to provide a powerful, aspirational, and compelling alternate fantasy for the champion. The team tried to really drill down and figure out what were the elements of the original skin that would make people want to play with that alternate fantasy. With the update to Galio's personality and story the team felt that this new design best represented what the core elements of the original skin were. All that being said that's the intention but I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Was it just the aesthetic design of the original skin that drew you to it or was there something more to it that struck chord for you? Where do you feel we missed the mark? What makes this concept feel like a recolor instead of the intended alternate fantasy? Personally, this was one of my favorite skins out of the rework because I'm a fan of the Iron Giant movie and this just sorta fits my fantasy of being able to say, "I'm Superman" when I ult to a teammate. Cheers!
: @Reav3 Splash Update questions
Hi Moonboy! I know I'm not Reav3 BUT I do work with the illustrators on the Champion Update team. 1. Karma splashes are in production and being worked on as we speak! ...er...type...whatever. Work is being done. 2. I actually had to ask our Art Lead about this one lol. As of now it looks like the team is gonna touch it up a bit but we won't be doing a completely knew splash. 3. T . T No. That would have been so awesome! 4. She is definitely on the list but we haven't put a date on those updates yet. 5. I'm going to answer this question directly. Yes. However, if you're asking are there illustrations that are laying around at about 80% just waiting to be finished? Then the answer is also yes! Cheers!
Ralanr (NA)
: But why the water vial? It doesn't really do anything in game.
I always thought that the vial was sort of the new lantern for his design. Though that's just an assumption on my part. I never actually asked Lonewingy if that was true or not lol.
Ezman360 (NA)
: Can new yorick jungle?
I mean...if Malz could jungle why not Yorick!? Personally, I can't wait to find out...though...I'm a terrible Jungler :|
: 2 : If they're away from each other, they can each have 4 (for a total of 8 spooky friends across the map), but if they go near each other, they share the 4. 3 : 5 if it's just him, 10 if he invites the maiden
I'm with you on this one, Rainslight. Yorick looks like he could put away more than one 'zza by himself.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Why did you guys decide to not-give his Mistwankers a face/empty eye sockets or something?
I can't speak to the final reasons why but I do remember a lot of discussion around the Mistwankers, as you call them lol, and if they should be representative of actual dead people or if they should be more abomination / twisted visages of the life they used to be. With Yorick being a caretaker of the dead as part of his lore the team felt that it would be more horrifying / motivating for him to see these twisted creatures and know that he was corrupting the lives and deaths of those he tried to help. Hence making them more faceless / no eye sockets.
: Obviously we want the best bug from this. Maybe the most insane version of his kit.
I remember Solcrushed saying on the Yorick stream that there used to not be a limit on his minions. Apparently in one of the playtests there was a wave of Yorick minions that was 40 strong, or something ridiculous like that. They changed that shortly after.
: What's pst?
It's the sound you make when you want to whisper to someone.
Auryiel (NA)
: False representation? Really Riot?
Hey ya'll, Just wanted to own up to this one. When we were capturing the images to be used for the comic it switched Jayce to the enemy team, hence the red gate, and we didn't catch it until now. We've already recaptured the image to show a blue gate and it'll be updated soon. Sorry again for any confusion this may have caused but thank you for letting us know. Cheers!

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