: Wait I've always been using talisman for Eve. Are there times I should be using the hunter one?
I like to pick Machete if I'm starting blue. Talisman is generally better, though, if you're focusing on less aggressive single camp counter jungling; especially if you opt to clear raptors and red at the same time.
Vonler (EUNE)
: Riot is actually supporting the gimmicky catch-up exp strategy? Why?
Speaking candidly here, the strategy is there and players are actively using it. In this Patch Chat, it's best to perceive us as players as well as Rioters & I'd rather opt to suggest correct play patterns instead of foregoing that information when it may potentially improve a player's in-game success.
: What comps is she strong or weak in? Are there any must ban champs?
She fits well in teamfighting compositions, imho. Especially with at least one other AP user who could benefit off your MR shred. I always ban Jarvan (and Kayn/Lee Sin are good options as well).
: What's her pathing?
It depends on the game. You could opt for a blue buff start, transitioning into wolves/raptors/red/krugs. Or a wolf start (leaving one small wolf up), blue buff, small wolf, raptors, red. Or you could go for a raptors start instead with talisman. Those options should allow you to diversify your starting route to ensure you wont suffer from an invade as long as you pay attention to what route the enemy jungler took.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Novalas,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=wRUXAmkK,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-01-10T21:05:02.566+0000) > > The most fun I have in League of Legends is sitting in a bush for 1-5 minutes waiting for an AD to walk past me by his lonesome. You... are.. ...Evil. I like you already.
: We’re also down to just chat though! So, how are you? :D
I'm doing well. had a donut for breakfast so today is pretty value.
: What's your thoughts on Eve? I love playing her, but learning her has been frustrating. I keep getting invaded, and idk what to do to get ahead. If I farm, my team asks for ganks, and if I gank pre-6, I misplay a lot. Any advice?
She's currently a pretty powerful pick. Part of her early play pattern involves recognizing the enemy junglers intended play pattern. So, if I'm against Lee Sin, I'll focus on monitoring his start location (whether through a ward or which lane shows first on the map) and then change my pathing accordingly. In general, I prioritize farming over ganking on Evelynn (until 6) but am acutely aware of the enemy junglers locations if they show. This gives me opportunities to look to counterjungle to build a lead or to potentially deter/countergank with my W.
: Have any of you playtested the Irelia VGU yet? How fun would you say she feels now if you have? :) We talking Warwick VGU-level fun?
GangIeri is the primary playtester on Irelia. Judging from the discussions I've heard, the playtesters who have played her feel that she's a lot of fun. ~
: What's with the Kha buff on PBE? Does Kha really NEED buffs?
It's still something that's up in the air. We're actually also nerfing him (I think it hasn't been data mined yet?). Live Gameplay's looking into toning down the bonus AD ratio on his passive (to decrease power from his R evolution/passive damage). It's intended to be a slight power down, overall.
Tyexus (EUNE)
: Wanted to ask about Evelynn: * She seems very strong with high win rate but low play rate. Do you thing she needs a nerf especially with the upcoming buff on runic echoes ? * And do you thing Frostfang will still be abused by ap junglers even after change (sighstone quest) ?
We're investigating Evelynn changes. I agree, she's PRETTY POWERFUL. @.@ Though the play-rate is actually pretty sizable. As for Frostfang, it's a concern and we're looking to potentially make changes so junglers are less inclined to opt into the item.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Have ya'll had any chance to test out the new sightstone/'new' support items, or is that still in the paper stage?
We've had a lot of testing and exposure with the sightstone changes for a couple of weeks now. As Lowbo said in his post, we're still ironing out some details before it ships.
: Hey guys! :) How much time has passed since the last time you played Diana? Asked just out of curiosity {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
In solo queue? She's one of my pocket picks while climbing and I tend to lock her in against weak early game compositions. ThEntropist is also a Diana enthusiast.
Penns (EUW)
: guess that explains why zed didnt get reworked but fizz did :]
Zed was a part of the assassin rework in some capacity. :P On a serious note and needless to be said, the champion update team doesn't take into account the playtest champion pools to decide what champions should be reworked. The aforementioned list strictly discusses what we enjoy playing while playing the game on our solo queue grind. :P
: I am a toplaner. I play pretty much everything, though Shen/Rumble/Camille are my most played as far as toplane goes.
Chiken138 (EUW)
: Why are Volibear Buffs taking so long. A champion with that much counterplay, should be the easiest champion to Buff without any trouble
We're investigating Volibear buffs. No ETA atm.
Kai Guy (NA)
: I'm curious which of you guys tends to go "off meta" the most? Personally I'm a huge fan of breaking out of the norm. (Rip {{champion:18}} Ap.)
We've got a few people who really enjoy their pocket picks (regardless of meta). Personally, I'm a huge fan of playing assassin champions and Nidalee even in tank jungle metas. I know Penguin loves him some Anivia. King Cobra loves Asol & Cassio. Ender L is a dirty Rek'Sai/Kennen two trick. Madness Heroo's favorite champ is Zed and he'll lock it in no matter what :P. Unsure if any of us like going really weird stuff (e.g. AD TF).
Raptor (EUNE)
: Hey guys , not sure if this is appropriate but have you by chance got to test the upcoming new champ ? If yes then how does he/she feel like ?
> have you by chance got to test the upcoming new champ ? We have~ > If yes then how does he/she feel like ? > ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: What do you guys think about Ahri and Kayn these days?
Think Kayn is performing pretty well atm. I've been finding a lot of success personally in-games. For a high pick rate, he has a pretty solid win rate across low & high elos.
: When are you going to fix the spinning axe bug for {{champion:119}} after using e? Or when his axe randomly just disappears when you catch it? Seems like never.
I'll go ahead and fwd this to the correct team~
: > Disclaimer: We have no insight on upcoming/future skins. Still keeping project bard under wraps I see >ensure that we’re introducing positive changes to League in terms of both balance and fun. I know many people have different opinions on what "fun" means, what would be your opinion on what fun is in league. Personally I think playing off meta stuff is one of my favorite parts of league(Excluding getting flamed by team mates), I even mained top bard last season (Its pretty tough to go bard top this season, for now). Edit: The bard top even generated some memes here on the board :P https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/memes/AwKlNLhm-when-a-riot-member-doubts-your-off-meta-pick
The most fun I have in League of Legends is sitting in a bush for 1-5 minutes waiting for an AD to walk past me by his lonesome. :D Or stealing objectives. I like that too.
: > outplaying hard to outplay scenarios like a 3v1 tower dive Sounds like a shaco player
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Vonler (EUNE)
: And what about her E bug? The ability is interrupted if enemy gets out of sight during the cast animation and it goes on cooldown. Kinda screws her ganks whenever it happens.
Should be resolved next patch~ Stashu recently solved the issue. > https://www.reddit.com/r/EvelynnMains/comments/7htnzk/future_changesadjustments/dqvt158/ > That E bug is pretty frustrating, sorry about not squashing that one sooner (it's mostly as you mention, preaseason has been intense). Promise to have something in for that in the next patch (8.1, which isn't until next year, so, sorry about that D: ).
: Riot about Evelynn and hextech protbelt
The primary reason is that the items would make her W proc pattern too reliable. But there's also the factor that this would force designers in the future to take into account the fact that Evelynn's W can get proc'd by items. It'd make designing items in the future potentially a lot more problematic. It's easier to just have the ability get proc'd only by Evelynn's spells instead. As an aside, Evelynn's performing pretty well right now. If you're having difficulties accessing her charm, you may need to try different play patterns (such as flanking, extinguishing the charm early for the slow, or charming a fake target to bait a squishy target into a false sense of security).
: Actually, any word on when we'll start hearing about the next champ?
Gonna have to hit you with the classic Soon TM!
: What in the heck my Jinx is insane.
: Any thoughts on the balance between the two Kayn forms with Rhaast having some buffs coming on the PBE?
Shadow's performing slightly better (mainly because Darkin misses having Fervor of Battle). Ideally, the buffs on PBE should close the gap between the two forms. That said, we're still testing the changes and unsure as to what may actually ship. :P
: But can you tell if the Q of Irelia is still there? The last Champion Update Blog said she should stay. Or was it changed slightly?
Yep, Irelia still has her Q. Never left!
: There's a more easily replicable bug with her E. Basically, her empowered E deals no damage and goes on cooldown if she loses vision of her target during the cast. This also happens with enemies becoming untargetable, but I'm not as sure that that's a bug.
We're aware of this one. No ETA on the fix though.
: Yeah.. I've repeated it a few hundred times so far;P I have a calculus final in about 2 hours, so It'll have to be tonight. Would you like it posted here? Or a support ticket?
Posted here would be sick. Thank you. :)
: Good to hear. Follow up question before this post explodes. this most recent patch you hit evelynn with some bug fixes. Theres a major bug that is repeatable, and annoying/beneficial depending on your situation. If you charm a buff, (red or blue) or certain camps (big wolf, gromp, big krug, and skuttles) then hit your E... You end up INSIDE the camp, and it doesnt auto you for a few seconds. This is beneficial when you're clearing camps, but a problem when you're using E-scuttles to create distance between you and an enemy, and end up stuck inside scuttles minion block. Any plans on addressing this bug? (I've posted it twice to boards, and seen others report it as well)
Don't think it's a bug. I haven't personally experienced getting stuck inside the scuttle crab and getting blocked because of it as well. Could you send me a clip so I can fwd it to Stashu?
: How do you feel about Unsealed Spellbook then? It's becoming more popular in Challenger, but they don't use it for the spell switching - they just use it for the massive spell CDR.
It's been discussed internally and we're looking into a longterm solution for the rune in the future. Not sure what it'll be though.
: Who on the Playtest team has the best hair?
It was me ... once upon a time. And then I realized maintaining hair sucks. Now it's the boy wonder MadnessHeroo or Hjarta.
Diva (NA)
: is there anything planned for quinn and why is ender so handsome? also when will the club size increase plz answer {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Club size should be increased at some point this patch. Also... have you seen him? He's butts. :^)
: Hey guys so how are you guys planning on spending the holidays whether be Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc. Also what is lead champion update designer Statikk's legendary KPop dance like
Heading back home to DC & going to be attending MAGFest @.@. And... I couldn't tell ya. But I've heard stories.
: Now that the dust has settled, and Kayn has his place in league pretty much solidified... Whats your opinion on {{champion:141}} ? He is truly the definition of feast or famine. I personally think he needs to have his time to transform cut down. If you're falling behind in jungle, you need to farm, and if you're not ganking as much you wont transform and hit that power spike. Do you think his time-to-transform needs to be adjusted?
I actually firmly believe Kayn is one of the strongest junglers out there and think his current pacing for transformation is definitely tuned correctly. I think, in the right hands, Kayn can take over a game at a catastrophic pace while setting behind the enemy jungler and keeping him down. Ganking isn't the only option for him to transform. Invades, which Kayn has some of the safest invades out there, work wonders and his dueling while weaving in and out with E is pretty potent. I find myself getting a transformation at around 13-15 minutes pretty consistently by skirmishing while counterjungling.
: Can you already test the new Irelia or Aatrox? If so, how do the reworks feel? Is Riot going in the right direction with them? And did Irelia still promise her old Q? :)
We've had both of them in testing. Lots of positive feedback on them but can't share too much, sorry!
: Volibear has a buff in testing with his attack speed. THat wont be enough, he needs a q buff and a passive cd reduction. Any future plans with him aside from attack speed buff? Edit: I was first btw @koyun. Fite me.
We're considering other methods of buffing the burr. The attack speed change may not be the one we go with.
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jawd55 (NA)
: Pokemon socks! Ugh I know what I'm asking for Christmas now!! Like the sock is just one big Seto face? That rocks! I need to up my sock game
It is indeed one Seto face... On each foot.
Flemman (EUW)
: should rename predator to "hecarim rune" because, everytime that the rune will be buff, he will gain a massive boost that he doesn't really need with how the rune is atm. in fact, i fear that he will be nerf just to make the rune good on other champion, but forcing him into taking it all the time to do is job
Surprisingly, Hecarim's running Predator run into substantially less success vs Hecarim's who run Aftershock. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
: So is this thread Rito's safe place or what? No red responses in "Gameplay" in ages. Why don't some of yall get out there and admit this patch was ass already. :P
Rioters post in the Gameplay forums pretty frequently. You may have noticed a sharp decrease in posts because a lot of us are celebrating Thanksgiving weekend. This post would fall under "or what". It functions as an easy avenue for players to have healthy discussions with other players and the playtest team about our thoughts on the patch. Rather than making broad statements of your opinion on the patch, feel free to make any inquiries about specific changes that you don't like that led you to your opinion and we can have a discussion about it.
Srack1 (EUW)
: I don't know if this is the right place to ask it... But what do you think is the best keystone for volibear jungle?
Aftershock or Press The Attack tend to yield the best results for the burr.
jawd55 (NA)
: Has no one jumped on this sock question yet? XD I love goofy socks! My favorite is a pair of socks with pizza slices, closely followed by the classic puzzle pieces.
Hello, my fellow sock connoisseur. I'm a huge fan of pokemon socks (I have like 7 pairs @.@), though I've recently fallen in love with socks that has a giant Seto Kaiba face on it (from Yu-Gi-Oh).
Cosnirak (NA)
: >I personally find Nocturne substantially less problematic in terms of game health. I agree in regards to his basic abilities. But his ult? *shivers*
Shivering because of Paranoia? Sounds about right. : ) I think his ultimate is sort of necessary in an environment with incredibly mobile champions. Yes, he can point and click/one-shot a target when super ahead but it's tied to a fairly long cooldown.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Novalas,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xMuTbNoe,comment-id=00080002,timestamp=2017-11-21T22:28:25.708+0000) > > 1. The game didn't explode so, from my perspective, it went well. The runes change was incredibly necessary to take League of Legends to the next level. I'm excited to see how it pans out as we approach the new season and the 2018 pro seasons. > > 2. Big fan of Dark Harvest on everyone. I like one-shotting and obliterating everyone. :~) > > 3. Super painful but I think Miss Fortune is just as terrifying. > > 4. Think Yasuo should be able to bop Zoe if played optimally. Champions that get right on her tend to win the lane pretty hard (Diana is another champ that falls under that category). you are fine with dark harvest i bet you are fine with duskblade too really someone really needs to get the fuck off the balance team
We're not on the balance team (Live Gameplay). The playtest team works on core gameplay as a team that tests out changes to see if they meet design goals (to summarize).
: Are you guys still planning on balancing him as more of an assassin?
Not sure what the current plan is with Nocturne. Don't think he's currently on our radar.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Novalas,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xMuTbNoe,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-21T22:29:58.606+0000) > > I actually think Nocturne's kit has aged well, honestly, and personally wouldn't want anything changed. Imho, he could use a visual update in the future but I don't believe anything's planned anytime soon. what? are you trolling dude? can you say why? stop trolling he aged like shit i remember him being popular as fuck back in season 2 now he is nowhere to be seen and is just too similiar to rengar kind of like the diana/akali problem
If popularity were indicative of the design aspect regarding a champions kit, you'd be right... But I'm speaking strictly in terms of his actual kit design. Compared to other champions that are slated for reworks, I personally find Nocturne substantially less problematic in terms of game health.
Slim JesWS (EUNE)
: That is preety sad to be honest. What's your thoughts on Nocturne? Is not him like... too old? I think he really needs some love. He looks very old and his kit don't make you feel like you are playing 'The Eternal Nightmare'. Any plans for him in season 8?
I actually think Nocturne's kit has aged well, honestly, and personally wouldn't want anything changed. Imho, he could use a visual update in the future but I don't believe anything's planned anytime soon.
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