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: Any chance of the movespeed from cloud drake soul being activated after your first movement within X seconds of ulting? That descriptions just makes it sound like an advanced nimbus cloak, which is useless on a lot of champions like {{champion:30}} {{champion:101}} and {{champion:202}}
yes - we will activate it after channel ults end
: Will the drake spawn/respawn times be adjusted for preseason? Also has the rift herald damage to turrets been adjusted or unchanged?
Drake spawn times are the same as live - spawn at 5m - respawn is 5m
Aean (NA)
: Maybe I'm undervaluing this but what is the advantage of the new Kleptomancy keystone over taking one keystone that reliably gives you something you can use?
If you can effectively use all of them, you would get more keystone procs per minute than say just running electrocute.
Yinox (EUW)
: where is spear of shojin removal ? u forgot it
Still happening - in the original announcement
: Are the new lethality items today in there too? That's the most exciting part for me
Yes, everything else in our original announcement (including lethality items) should also be there.
: Hey Scruffy, do you guys plan on at least reusing Ohmwrecker the name, since it was a RAF item
We're finding new places in the game for both Ohmwrecker and Zz'rot names.
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ruhepol (EUW)
: After being seen by Ashe's Hawk Shot (E) ability, the icon (owl eyes?) above the champions which were spotted do not disappear again and most likely stay until the end of the game. Sometimes, the icon resets and disappears after being hit by another hawk shot and the enemy vision vanishing again. This is very annoying since it looks like you are permanently spotted and don't know whether enemies truly have vision on you or not. Thanks!
We should have a fix coming for this one in the next patch.
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hpp3 (NA)
: 1. Will tower and minion damage still be shown? 2. It should be easy to see what the killing blow was, i.e. the final instance of damage that killed you. It'd really help in those cases where you flash out of a fight and then randomly fall over dead and you're not sure if it was a DoT, a minion attack, or an ability you didn't see coming.
Minion and tower damage is still included, yes.
: CC length should be split into perhaps ones that stun your movement completely and things like slows. Since those are the two main forms of CC someone would consider dealing with. (For example, if a majority of the CC is actually slows, people may consider Boots of Swiftness.)
The CC stat we are showing is actually roots, stuns + Basically hard CC. In terms of "I died because of CC" we think that slows aren't nearly as big of a factor.
: What is the amulett and the question mark in yasuo's damage recap? Are those items and runes or is there something missing?
We have a grouped up damage icon for "items" "runes" and "unknown" in the rare cases we are still unsure of the source.
Slachhh (EUW)
: Can you make It bigger, like the store? And can you move it on the screen? Personally, It looks awesome ^^
You will have the ability to drag it around the screen.
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beany (NA)
: Will galio see some work? I get the feeling you guys are somehow okay with him being high priority in support but not in mid, where he was designed to play in, given the silence after acknowledging the most recent nerfs were overboard. Can we see some adjustment for mid galio while bringing down support galio especially since aftershock changes will negatively impact him? I'm curious to see how zac's ult will function considering one of the initial rationale for changing it was that it was functionally too similar to wukong's cyclone, who himself is getting some work, though i doubt wukong's ult will be significantly altered.
Yea this isn't off the table, long term we definitely want to keep solo lane Galio viable.
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beany (NA)
: {{item:3043}} might as well be a unique item purchasable by ezreal, any thoughts on its continued existence?
Muramana definitely could benefit from some "broadening" changes that allow more than just Ezreal to use it. It's a cool stacking item that I could see myself enjoying on a number of champs.
: Aside from Zz'rot and Banner of Command, are there any other potential problem items that the team has identified that might need this treatment?
Yea * Mikael's crucible is in need of a rework. Overly ping reliant and can be made to better work for players of all skill levels * Ohmwrecker - tower disable hasn't proven to be a healthy mechanic and the item has nearly 0 users currently * Wit's end was this recently - if our 9.7 changes don't give it a more used niche it would fall in here Some opportunities that we would like to pursue with freed up space * More choice and options in lethality builds * An ap bruiser / ap melee item * All around cleanup of support items, get some more choice in there and dont force players into 5 actives in one build
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Kadexe (NA)
: Alright, I'll touch the elephant in the room - how does Yasuo look, from this perspective? He ticks off a lot of boxes on that list you wrote.
Yasuo has a lot of tools but actually doesn't suffer from this problem as a whole. His winrate actually goes down in higher ELO play as opponents learn to exploit him. The core combo of being a squishy melee without strong burst leaves a lot of opportunity for opponents to stop him.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Hey Scruffy As a huge Voli fan with over 2 million mastery points on him i think he needs a tiny bit more love at 3 specific things after that E Buff. --- #1) Could you take a look at his Passive? Voli has a lack of durability during (team) fights. One reason is that his passive is just too weak to work properly because it has never been adjusted to the rising dmg (and Tank Item HP nerfs) over the last seasons. You often die before it could even go half it's duration. **One solution could be to let it reg faster.** Maybe 5 or 4 seconds instead of 6. Could be too strong in early laning phase; so maybe it could scale 6/5/4 seconds with Ulti upgrades. Also/Or you could make it work with the Resolve Rune "Revitalize" (currently not happening because Reg not Heal). That would give Voli a bit more options in the Resolve tree while buffing the Passive a bit. --- #2) Is there any chance to make W a bit more rewarding vs tanky champs? Voli's W has always felt unsatisfying vs tanky champs. Often you can't even finish them when they are VERY low HP. That's pretty disappointing for such a long CD ability. I know his new E 8% Dmg buff is for dealing better against Tanks, but his E shouldn't be stronger than his W in any case imo. Now it feels even more like a hot fart in comparison, considering that it has 18(!) sec CD and should feel like an "execute". Better lower the 8% E dmg buff but for that give his W a CD reduction per upgrade and more dmg vs Tanks, so it remains his main dmg ability. --- #3) Are there any plans to make Voli's Ult castable while moving? Voli is easy kitable and has problems to stick to his target. It feels really clunky and outdated if you chase someone but have to stop to cast your melee Ult. It's just a little improvement and wouldn't affect his winrate at all, i guess, but it would make him less tilting to play in some situations. --- I don't think that this would make his winrate go up but make him a bit more comfortable and fairer to play. Also keep in mind that an unpopular champ with 2% pickrate (1% in Jungle) is only played by hardcore fans and otp's; so his winrate is a bit better as it would be since he is only played by players who are very experienced with him.
Long term we would love to do all of these. Volibear is a clear VGU candidate. Appreciate you taking the time to call out stuff that you would like to see improved.
: First also wouldnt lucian actually fit into the list? his only forseeable weakness i can see is him oom'ing himself, and the only thing i can see he would be missing is waveclear. same with ezreal. you cant exactly counterpick lucian because he's stronger then the majority of botlane picks right now tbh, and you cant really get close enough to ezreal to punish anything because once he gets under half, he can just farm with q.
Lucian is a bit OP right now but I think his worst in class range (500) gives him a clear weakness relative to other ADCs. Some nerfs might be needed but I think his design isn't problematic.
: Anychance you'll go back to looking at a classic like azir? If you think he even needs it.
It still seems like we haven't completely solved Azir. It's not high on our priorities right now but not out of the question.
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Katard (EUW)
: Hi Scruffy ! First of all, I'm really excited about all this stuff, can't wait to see them ! Though all those changes look pretty interesting and innovating, they have left me with some questions. Firstly, I think the new independent stat choices are definitely a good idea in order to let players adapt to certain matchups and give them the opportunity to diversify their builds. However, some stats look very doubtful on paper such as the health regen stat so I wanted to ask you if that wouldn't be better to have flat health stats rather than this ? Also, do you plan on adding new offensive stats such as armor penetration and magic penetration ? Thanks for sharing us your thoughts, keep up the good work !
We're trying to keep the stat choices simple and clear so we want to limit the amount of options to 3-4 offense and 3-4 defense currently. We're still iterating on and testing the different choices so "honorable mention" stats that we've considered but aren't currently our top picks include things like pen and scaling resists.
Retocyn (EUNE)
: How will it affect match-ups in which one side has clearly push adventage. Be it {{champion:51}} {{champion:43}} into weaker bot lane duo. On usuall Cait gets cs lead already, because of her range allowing to take less poke and take cs safer. The same goes for {{champion:126}} in top lane, he can get massive cs leads over the opponent in the lane and on top of that he would be rewarded even more, by pushing the wave and hitting the turret, which he already commonly does anyway. About the earlier spawn time for minions and monsters. It might kill creative invade routes like for red team - bot tri bush > kurgs > turn on red, to catch some people off-guard. Or it as well might not give enough time for pro teams to ward against lane swap and lane swaps are something people considered boring to watch, as far as I recall. (now I assume the bot lane turrets are still squishier, but there might be a strat that let's people to get a massive adventage with lane swaps now) One thing I'm glad about is these barricades might help top lane shake off the mandatory TP, which is good. About armor and magic resistance being pickable in the runes again. I hope you take it into consideration that every ranged champion gained magic resist per level and burst mages won't drop too much because of that.
Currently we're aiming for it being similarly rewarding for "early pressure" lanes without them actually destroying the tower. In your example, the cait karma lane would probably push more and get more gold from barricade kills. In the current live game, they would push more and pressure first tower bonus. The difference is that with the tower staying protected a bit longer, players in all lanes get a bit more time to focus on their duels before the cait karma lane starts roaming around.
: @RiotScruffy please consider removing the change that was implemented in season 5 that made winning teams minions push harder/stronger . I think that is problematic to split pushing for the behind team. or if the ahead team has a split pusher its hard to deal with players should move waves as they please. it shouldn't be automatic also please consider giving us smite buffs back and reducing scuttle crab xp and gold. whil
We're actually looking at that system. Currently testing a more unified version where minion speed scales up with game time rather than with "turrets killed in the lane" (which advantages winning teams a lot).
Twai (NA)
: Hi I don't usually comment but this is my thought for the last part of what you said. If minions spawn earlier can something be done for loading screens and the first 30 seconds of the game? Quite recently with the patches my loading screens have be 50-75%+ longer and the first few seconds of the match there's this huge lag or pause that will cause my timer to skip forward a few seconds or more. My computer is more than capable of handling League and many others have had the same comments towards long loading screens and the first 30 seconds of the match
We're currently (and always) looking into fixing and improving the load times people are experience in load screen and right when they load in.
: Hey Scruffy can i ask why you guys are offering health regen as a choice? Since that doesn't seem like the most satisfying option for defensive stats
Health regen is notably a controversial option. We also worry that it might be unsatisfying and end up preventing action in the lane phase.
: > We’re moving the minion spawn and monster spawn times about 30-40 seconds earlier. We want to leave room for invades and other interesting early strategies, but in 95% of games players end up waiting around for 30s. In our efforts to make LoL the best game it can be for the vast majority of you, we think streamlining this phase lets you get to the fun quicker. With this are you planning on doing some sort of compensatory buff to a jungler like Shaco who relies on specific times to set up boxes to clear jungle?
We definitely will be considering it. Whenever we do systems changes like these, there is some splash damage on champions that have been using things the old way. We usually try to take a look at whoever was affected in a negative way.
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: > [{quoted}](name=RiotScruffy,realm=NA,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=GIWBugod,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-08-22T21:14:57.143+0000) > > Hey I'll give a quick insight into how I view good enchanter gameplay > > > * Spells that put more power into other champs can only make up a minority of my power budget > * Healing, shielding and buffing tools fall into this category > * Good examples - > nami & bard > * Overall my actions encourage champs to fight each other > * Janna and lulu have been problematic here where they can feel like an impenetrable defense > * My success and failures are clear and reflect my skill or good decision making > * Many good examples here. Sona has some of these problems when she had too much power in "just be an aura" Gonna be honest, i'm amazed you chose to dive in here, hope you got your safety vest on. That said, i'm going to quote someone else's reply; > [{quoted}](name=Speedweeb,realm=EUW,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=GIWBugod,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-22T08:25:19.461+0000) > > In my opinion all Enchanters should be reworked into Utility-Mages capable of healthy solo-laning. Because if the kit is healthy in a Solo lane, it can't suddenly be bad in a Duo-Lane (the other way around is a WHOLE different story tho). The perfect example is {{champion:267}} here - her kit is pretty solid and fun, she's just kept low on purpose, but with some damage buffs, especially to the ratios she could become definetly a viable top/midlane pick. > I wanna ask you outright, what are the chances of this being a thing? The *entire* support cast is consistently causing issues due to being balanced on a different level than the rest of the classes. At the same time, many other champions are viable or close to in the support role, going from Sion to Brand, while the support cast essentially has no other doable lanes for people who would like to solo play with them. I won't ramble on; i figure you get the point i'm trying to convey; but there's this: Riot now has a spot where they can heavily experiment such balance changes (currently being busy with Nexus Blitz). I would think it a good idea to give this a swing; Throw ideas at the walls for *every* support champion that would bring them into viability for other lanes and see what sticks, what systemic changes need to be made, and so on. I really want this to be a thing. Sincerely, an AP Sona main.
I think you put it pretty well actually. Nami / Bard are the modern brand of enchanter. Even though Nami doesn't do nearly as much "enchanting" as a Sona or Soraka, the feeling of being a positive supportive ally is still there. Edit: also I didn't answer your question about if enchanters can become more viable in solo lanes. Generally we're not opposed to it if the gameplay isn't completely degenerate (old soraka starfall spam). Though in some cases like lulu they can work pretty well but in others their tools make it hard for them to be viable with minor tuning.
: On your third point, specifically about Sona, I honestly would grab a table and a mug and go tit for tat with anyone under the sun to argue that, no, she doesn't do a single lick of that, Change My Mind-style. Community morale for the champion from the Sona mains drops to all time lows whenever she has *balanced* win rates, and most people don't really understand what she's doing for her team unless she's ridiculously overtuned. I've made the complaint about her game play falling beyond flat for a long time now, and I honestly stick by it. It's not even a *new* problem. > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EkxbfyvO,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-11-09T06:51:10.097+0000) > > Some thoughts on the current state of Sona: > > 1. There are a number of Sona players who find Sona unsatisfying and feel she needs to be buffed, including some players posting on Boards who've felt that way at least since her rework last year. > 3. **Sona's got a kit design that makes it really hard for her power to be satisfying. Her power's split between spell casts that affect multiple targets, auras that can affect multiple allies and power chord effects. That means each individual effect has to be pretty weak and therefore hard to feel, let alone feel good about.** > 4. Sona's got a really high reliability kit. Provided you've got at least a moderate handle on how her kit works you're going to see fairly consistent output from her. Because her lows aren't very low that also contrains our ability to give her high highs. > 6. In terms of where that leaves us we could introduce some less reliable abilities and concentrate power (e.g. by removing auras, power chord or multi hit spells and in exchange buffing the remaining elements) to address points 3 and 4 above. That would lead to a drastically different Sona however. There might also be room for some small QoL or buffs, and I expect Sona will be discussed again internally after preseason follow up's on a good track (though I'm personally doubtful we've got much power to work with and simply buffing Sona until she feels good's going to set her up for a nerf). I edited out a few bullets that aren't too relevant to the discussion...but this is from *3 years ago,* and the pain points of that discussion still exist as if nothing was done, even though there was at least an attempt to do something about it. Ultimately, having super simple, super reliable, and blatantly overloaded number-based basic spells on short cds just doesn't do well for an overall game play experience. For the more general topic, I get that it's impossible to make a perfect roster for any game. Still, I get the feeling that due to the nightmares these enchanters became in their own times, there's been this sort of "Eh...yeah...not gonna bother" mentality around them in the past few years.
Like the many cases where champs are missing our current high bar for gameplay, we are getting to everything in time. We both want to make sure that when we do change champs or other aspects of the game, we do them right and hopefully we end up fixing the issue and bringing the current mains with us in the process. We're going through VGUs as fast as we can while at a rate that we think lets us have a very high hit rate (really dont want to make the game worse). I think it's still worth expressing what we think is good (even if we're not working on it right now) and in the future, you will see work from us that matches our design values.
: I'm actually HEAVILY disappointed in Riot when it comes to Enchanters as an entire concept
Hey I'll give a quick insight into how I view good enchanter gameplay * Spells that put more power into other champs can only make up a minority of my power budget * Healing, shielding and buffing tools fall into this category * Good examples - > nami & bard * Overall my actions encourage champs to fight each other * Janna and lulu have been problematic here where they can feel like an impenetrable defense * My success and failures are clear and reflect my skill or good decision making * Many good examples here. Sona has some of these problems when she had too much power in "just be an aura"
: Do you guys feel like those champions are the best 'bot lane mages' to support? Some seem pretty frustrating to fight in a bot lane setting. on the other hand there might be other champions who would feel good down there for both sides that weren't part of the most recent meta, ie I think ziggs was overall fine back when he was good bot? Or Cassiopeia if you wanted to support a mage who feels like a marksman in a lot of ways
I think some are good candidates because they have cool ally synergy plays (swain) and others can just be plain frustrating in general (vlad/heimer). That's definitely not the ideal list, just a quick blast of who's already close.
: Buff Thresh huehue. Need some extra power for that final push to challenger. Hook a brother up.
: Are we going to see any defensive stats now that it's being decoupled from Runes.
New rune stats will definitely include both offensive and defensive stats.
: Hey scruffy thanks for the post, assuming the changes go well what do you expect the game state to be like? Something similar to like S4 in terms of winning and losing games?
Actually I think it will be something new. We've seen 2 main states and we want to get the best of both. State 1 - early games are fun and back and forth, but ending the game takes forever (the infinite wave clear stall etc) State 2 - early games snowball too quickly but closing out games feels reasonable with a lead Our goal - back and forth early games with a clear way to end the game late if you're ahead
: Hey Scruffy, in regards to your final point about not changing up the way that people play the game too much, how are things looking into the future from a Bot Lane = Marksman Lane perspective? I'm pretty much an all-the-time ADC main, so I'm a little biased in being a bit unhappy about the change with diversity, but I also fully support a time where marksmen and other laners can coexist. I noticed you guys also called the bot lane orb currently in the store the "marksman orb", which admittedly brought a smile to my face :) Thanks for all your hard work in working to improve a game we all love so very much. I'm in this for the long haul. Awesome to be reassured that you guys are too.
Yw, we're always happy to get things fixed. With marksmen in a good place after 8.15 we will see how some of the diversity sticks and if we want to bring in non marksmen we will probably try more targeted individual buffs or changes to champs that we've seen like swain, vlad, heimer, ori, etc.
Jordian (NA)
: Honest question that maybe a Rioter could answer. If Runes are adding too much damage overall wouldn't it be easier to just buff the defense of all champions? With HP/hp per level for example. it would also keep intact the feeling of powerful runes without making them weaker. I'm sure you guys have considered it and have not done so for a reason of course. Also with these changes to lower burst damage wont this just make those runes weaker in general and chose less often? For example Cheap shot is already not used that much but it has it's place. This is just going to nerf it even more.
Currently the increase in damage is coming from 2 main sources: 1 - runes themselves give more damage than previous masteries 2 - most champs had slightly higher base defenses with the armor and MR that yellow and blue rune slots favored Our changes will probably focus on a bit of both of these.
ddoA (EUNE)
: > We want to decouple stats from your rune style choice and offer a pretty straightforward and direct choice of what stat you want for your champ. Can you be more specific ? Will this mean something like the old runes that we used to have?
TLDR - rune styles wont have stats associated with them anymore like the +adaptive or +HP. We're working out how we want to offer that but it's most likely a few new slots that allow you to pick the stats you want.
: I'm all for the ability to close out a game quickly when you're way ahead, but the one thing I don't want to see is this thing in Dota 2 I witnessed where a team would just immediately forfeit if they lost Roshan (Baron Nashor equivalent).
In our early testing we're thinking that ending the game relies too much on baron right now. Want a bit more natural minion wave pressure in the late game most likely
: "Damage and burst are too high" also "100% increase in yasuo R" thank you riot.
We're pulling those changes for 8.16 - not everything that goes to PBE will ship in the end.
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H30N (NA)
: No Dot? Sure. But no cool down reduction???? Riot what? Also, the trident system before was fine. First of all, it gave fizzes time to move around and dodge skill shots while it charged if they were engaging without ult, and if they were engaging with ugly then, ult-> q->full E w/slow->W was enough time to price the 3x damage. No one asked for this change... leave it alone.
W still has the passive dot - just not clearly mentioned in the post. We'll update it.
: So, why the fuck does Irelia ult stop sion ult?
: Will he get a new Splash art?
Aptest (EUW)
: @Scruffy: At the same time, some of the AAs of mages feel like a generic case of "throw a (colored) noodle at them". Any plans to upgrade this ?
Mages that at least have some reason to care about their AA tend to be pretty fun and feel more integrated into the core systems of the game. I think rather than focusing on "every mage AA feels unique" (which would be a lot of work for little benefit) we would rather just try to integrate more mage autos into new or reworked kits in a meaningful way. Some examples where this works are Orianna, TF, Jayce, Kennen, Lulu
: ez's autos themselves might not be that interesting, but his gameplay pattern for dealing damage in fights is pretty unique with the constant artillery of q's
Yea, in this way I think ezreal meets the bar. His Q is so frequent and important that it almost replaces his auto attacks. Playing ez feels pretty different from the other marksman.
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