: Rioters + Players VS Doom Bots. Friday 21/10 @6PM PST on NA server
Welp, only one thing to do in such dark times... SUMMONER THE BARD {{champion:432}} _chime noises intensify_
Nomeya (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Rename the "ARAM" map in the lobby back to Howling Abyss
Heya Nomeya, Sorry for the delayed response! That layer won't always feature maps actually. For example, we plan on having the rotating game mode queue also live at that level, so you might see something like SR / TT / ARAM / RGM We've been working on getting RGM into LCU, but we've had to make changes (like these changes you've see to game select) to make things a bit more logical.
: ONE FOR ALL challenge: Rioters VS Players. Friday 16/9 @6PM PST.
Is it true that Bard votes count as double? Who would dis this....
: Rioters VS Players Nexus Siege throwdown! NA server on Fri 15th July @4PM PST.
: Play Definitely Not Dominion with Rioters! Friday 2016/05/27 @ 4PM PDT (11PM UTC)
Hmm, sounds fun... I wonder who I will play... Definitely not Bard...
: URF CHALLENGE: Rioters VS Players. Friday 22/4 @6PM PST.
TFW L4T3NCY doesn't ask you to play because he knows you'll pick Bard... {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} (But for real, I'm down to play...)
doviende (NA)
: Will the MMR for each separate game mode continue on the next time it rotates through? I ask because I really loved the team gameplay in the 6x6 Twisted Treeline mode, and I want to be playing it with other serious players. It takes several wins at the start in order to work up your MMR to be matched with the other serious players, so I want my MMR from the last rotation of it to stick around for next time.
Yep! Each mode will have its own MMR used for matchmaking, and it will persist across runs.
: When playing against L4T3NCY, you should always ban Alistar, Malzahar, Fizz... :D
: One For All: Rioters VS NA Players. Friday, Oct 23rd @4PM PST.
There is a 20% chance we will play Bard. You can thank me later...
: Riot, are you hiring 5 year old children to do you coding?
We agree that it sucks when champs have to be disabled :( GP was a pretty hefty champ upgrade from a scripting / tech side. He had a fair amount of scripting rewritten, and a couple new systems added to support him and future champs. An example of this was an alternate currency system besides gold (which was also used by the Black Market Brawlers game mode). I'm not trying to provide excuses, but rather just trying to give some insight into why even "just" a champ upgrade can have some hiccups.
: Gangplank can't exactly talk while dead, now can he?
Exactly :( Though for the music you should be able to toggle it via the options menu!
: [Client] Cant connect to server please check your network and reconnect to your game
Hey Demigod707, Sorry I don't have a direct answer for your situation, but have you tried looking at this support article? There is a lot of great info on this page that might help you: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues -Terra
: My favorite character in Hexakill?
Personally I love Blitz - with so many people on such a small map, it is impossible to miss ;)
Kobold (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Terra,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=Viq3HNEU,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-05-28T23:39:46.525+0000) > > That would be pretty nuts, but as other people have already pointed out, performance would be a big concern. We did some investigation recently and found that # of player champions in a game drives the how expensive a game is (CPU / memory wise) far more than any other factor (i.e. # of bots, specific champions, specific skins, game duration, etc...). > > One can dream though :D On a related note what steps have been taken to attempt to lower the strain on the players rigs? Is the new client going to reduce amount of system reqs?
We have a team that is focused on improving performance of the game - they were the ones that did the investigation I mentioned above. Something you might have noticed is that load times have gotten faster recently (in the past 6 months or so?) - they helped a lot with that. That being said, it is everyone's responsibility to monitor performance. For example, the maps team did a bunch of things for SRU (including some interesting animation compression which isn't mentioned here): http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-optimizing-rift And the game systems team fixing an in-game shop freezing issue: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-510-notes#patch-shop-performance Caveat: These are game client performance stuff, I'm not very knowledgeable on performance outside of the game client, so I can't really speak to that.
: How about a 10v10 map? or 15v15? 20v20?
That would be pretty nuts, but as other people have already pointed out, performance would be a big concern. We did some investigation recently and found that # of player champions in a game drives the how expensive a game is (CPU / memory wise) far more than any other factor (i.e. # of bots, specific champions, specific skins, game duration, etc...). One can dream though :D
: So Hexakill
I don't have the numbers, but if I recall it was actually one of the more popular ones! Edit: I'm referring to the Hexakill: TT version.
Kinjishi (NA)
: "...but sometimes I don't want to deal with trolls or tryhards" They'd show up in the other game modes as well. Do you mean Ascension (i.e. Guardian of the Sands)? Riot would probably say that it takes too many servers to maintain all game modes all the time. Patching and keeping them up to date would increase expenses... and people already complain a lot as it is.
Server capacity probably wouldn't be the issue since I don't think having game modes around would cause an increase # of players. IMO the bigger issue would be the upkeep of having to make sure every different game mode doesn't break when new content is released. Example: I have no idea how Bard works in All-For-One, but it probably isn't "well". Even if it functionally worked, how the heck would 5 bards tell between all their different chimes, shrines, etc. It would take resources to make it fun and be a good user experience for the relatively small # of players that would play the mode. So the thinking is that if we put those resources other places we can deliver overall better/more player value.
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Gonna need some Super Saiyan Servers then. The Servers just needs to scream for 20 episodes & they're good to go.
Indeed :D It needs to be a trifecta of having: - additional game server capacity - good monitoring (being able to detect/predict degraded experiences before players experience it) - reactionary tools (i.e. being able to throttle game starts for specific queues) We've made big strides over the past year in some of these areas, but obviously we could always be better.
Kaedwen (NA)
: URF vs. Doombots
URF Doombots was something we considered, but ultimately didn't have time for :( I do agree it would have been pretty hectic! In order to have a good Doombot experience, the AI would have to be tweaked. Just enabling the URF ruleset makes the bots cast their spells somewhat more frequently, but not to the URF degree that players do. Another consideration that makes it tough is both URF and Doombots are more game server costly, so making sure the servers don't melt would take some work too :)
SpeedieG (NA)
: What do you mean by Finishers?
> [{quoted}](name=SpeedieG,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=h1wWRH1v,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2015-04-06T19:01:49.110+0000) > > What do you mean by Finishers? That is our name for the death animations that come from having a summoner icon equipped (i.e. the orbital laser, heart explosion, or URF ghost).
: Will URF be on PBE?
Nope, PBE is used as a testing ground for features that are about to go live, so URF (or any other game mode for that matter) will not be on PBE. There were definitely challenges in releasing this year's URF mode without going to PBE first. PBE can often be a gut-check that everything is okay before going live. One example was "How will URF affect game server performance"? Of course we can do load testing, but can we be certain that our load testing scenarios will match the behavior of players in the real world? What about different hardware configurations around the world? How will play patterns in different regions affect our game server allocation? Etc...
: When will we see the release of Urf the Manatee in the featured game mode URF, where we all have to defeat him?
Do you really think the almighty Urf could be defeated by mere mortals such as ourselves?!
: Who was the genius that came up with the current login screen? No, seriously. They deserve an award. They deserve every award. Give it to them now. Not only did they create the most amazing thing to ever grace the login screen, but they had the courage to go in to the conference room and say "Guys, I just had a great idea. For the URF login screen, we see a mysterious blob-shaped shadow. Then, the screen zooms out and lights turn on to reveal Urf wearing a toga and sitting on a throne of gold behind 6 gigantic machine guns while dubstep plays, later revealing bubble machines and flamethrowers in his presence." **_GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE._**
I'm not sure who initially came up with the idea, but typically it is a team of people that works on login screens (a splash artist may draw the image, a GFX artist does the animation, a composer comes up with the music, etc...).
: What happens if we shit talk the dev team? :V _Kappa_
Don't make us bring out the Sona...
: And who is your favorite?
AP Rammus :D How about you?
: URF throwdown VS URF mode devs
I'm down! Pro tip - L4T3NCY's favorite champ to have on his team in URF mode is Bard!
: I have talked to supports about that as well, there is a sweet spot between too far away, and close enough to be stood on that needs to be hit. Isn't there a "target ally" key similar to the "target self" and "target enemy"? Does that only work on champions? Thanks for the response!
I don't *think* there is a "target ally" key. I'm not sure what happens if you click the lantern spell, and then click on the ally's portrait in the upper left of the screen - that might cast the latern to them if they are in range, but it would probably go directly on top of wherever they are standing at that moment. It is the worst feeling to throw the lantern a little bit too far out of reach, and then have your ally get stunned/blown up before getting there. "Um...sry dude...my b"
: Question about Thresh's lantern
Not to my knowledge. I think learning where to throw lanterns is actually kind of a skill that Thresh players need to develop as they play more games with him.
: i am guessing that team riot will probably set up a game and put a password here in the forums for people to join i am not sure.
If we have a bunch of peeps, we'll probably split into multiple games so more people can join in on the fun :)
Ramses (EUNE)
: Thanks a lot for the reply Terra! I was wondering if a 13 years hardcore gaming experience (MMOs included) combined with a Business MSc and the passion to work for the industry would account for anything! I know this is might sound like irrelevant stuff put together but I would like to know what are the chances this might be close to acceptable :) Thanks again for your time!
Edit: I totally misread that 13 years thing... editing my post properly ;) Like Dannamoth said below, the key would be to show how that experience has set you up for success in whatever role you are applying for. Sure, it might not be 100% applicable, but certainly some parts of it are.
Tahalden (EUW)
: Dear Rioters! Thank you for your initiative to provide some info/context on the type of job you have at Riot. As I understand it, QA is essential in any development process, and I did wonder what form it takes at Riot when getting the content out there for us players to enjoy. Because of my passion for gaming, I have considered to change careers into game development. Though, my background is considerably different from what is typical, I guess (?), as I've attained a Master of Science in Astronomy & Astrophysics, and went on to get a PhD in the same field, finishing last December. My interest during that PhD did not primarily go into the science itself, however. Quite soon, I started preferring programming work a lot more than the actual science behind my work. I thus took up the responsibility to develop a Python package, that interfaces theoretical modeling codes applied in our science. I loved to develop and write the interface myself, and have gone on to provide this package for colleagues doing similar work. I was responsible for the development (design, writing, debugging, version control), but also maintaining the interface and interacting with the users to improve the user friendliness of the interface. I loved that aspect of my work, but unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed during the course of my PhD. In fact, I realized the work that you describe is very similar to what I have done in developing that interface (sort of on my own time/initiative). I suppose I also realized that I could combine my passion for gaming with that sort of work. Would you suggest that I could fit in my experiences into QA at Riot? Which subfield would you suggest I apply to if so? All this, keeping in mind that I live in Europe and would have to move to the USA. Regards, Tahalden
Hey Tahalden, If it is programming you are interested, then the Technical Quality Analyst role would probably match up closest to what you are looking for: http://www.riotgames.com/careers/technical-quality-analyst The tl;dr is that this position helps ensure the quality of League of Legends through various ways such as providing automated testing for LoL, providing information based on the status of the current release as it goes through the development cycle, provide tools that help engineers review their code better, provide tools to spot risky code check-ins that might have a negative impact on the quality of the game, etc... Python is one of the core languages this role uses, but there is much more to a technical position like this then just knowing the programming language. Hopefully that helps you!
Regulus (NA)
: I am quite passionate about video games, especially League since I barely played any games since I started back in 2009. Moreover, I just love helping people and enjoy working with others while being expected to do ''my part''. Thing is, I'm barely knowledgeable when it comes to computer, although I have taken HTML and god was it fun! I am currently in route for a major as I enjoy learning, observing and analyzing human behaviours, thoughts and such. Think that'd be any use?
Hey Regulus, It is great to be passionate, but it is up to you to figure out how you can 1) Do what you are passionate about 2) How that helps the company you're applying for I could imagine positions where learning, observing, and analyzing human behaviors would be very useful, but it is up to you to find those opportunities and go for them!
Ramses (EUNE)
: Greetings! I had that question in my mind for a long time now, so I thought that this would probably be the best chance to ask. Riot Games is huge and by that I mean that there are many different positions. There are people in the games industry that have made a great career although they were coming from completely irrelevant backgrounds. For instance if I am not mistaken Greg Ghostcrawler" Street was a marine biologist? The question is... what is your take about gamers that are educated but what they did as a bachelor and as a Master's was not entirely related? Would you ever hire people coming from another background if they convinced you that they would want to work for a company like Riot? Thanks in advance for reading that semi-long post.
Hey Ramses, Having a relevant degree to the job is obviously a nice bonus, but for some roles is not a requirement. However, you have to have the experience to "wow" us more than someone who has a degree to make up for not having it. For example, maybe you don't have a college degree in game design, but you spend four years doing game design projects that are pretty cool and it shows you have what it takes to be a game designer.
: Hey guys ! First, i would like to thank for the game and the stuff you keep bringing at us :) And then I'd like to ask one question regarding careers at Riot. I'm currently in Law Scool and my question is, is there room for people coming from Law Schools ? I mean, are you recruiting jurists or something similar, or even for a spot of managment (community, internal, ...) ? Thanks in advance !!
Hey ThreshlockHolmes (lol, nice name), As Dannamoth pointed out earlier, we do have a legal department, but I don't think they are hiring at the moment. Keep an eye on the careers page at riotgames.com, as that is where the posting will be if they are hiring.
Sunday Sky (EUNE)
: Hi guys, I have a few questions about your processes. Do you use Agile/Waterfall or other software development methods? Could you tell me few words about software you using in work (I mean bug tracking systems, version control, IDE`s)? Sorry for my English. Have a nice day.
As a company, we certainly use Agile rather than Waterfall. As to what flavor of Agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc...), that is up to each development team to pick what they prefer and works best for their team. As for the software we use, we use a ton of different tools - again, we're more about using the right tool for the job rather than trying to fix the whole company into using a certain tech stack. We use a lot of the industry standard tools / systems / IDEs, and then some probably less known ones too :)
Ryudokku (EUW)
: Hey guys, Great information and a fantastic break down of what people should expect in QA. I am currently a QA Tester at Rockstar Games (2 year vet). I have actually applied for the Events QA role in Cologne. I myself am a die-hard League fanatic, but this has only recently happened in the past two years. I like seeing how you guys run, it seems a lot less restrictive. With people being able to try their hands at other areas other than QA. This is very different to other studios. Which is nice to see. Thanks for doing the AMA guys, very informative. My question would be, what actually swings the balance? Knowing more about the game itself, or applicants experience?
Hey Ryudokku, It varies on the position. For example, a Game Analyst should know the game very well, and all skill levels of play. A senior Database Administrator? Not so much - however, we do prefer people that have some experience playing LoL / games as they tend to fit better within the company culture and align with our core values. For Events QA, I don't think you'd need to be a hardcore player, but you would need to be knowledgeable enough to identify bugs when they happen, and having an understanding of the esports scene is helpful. If you have those two things (which a lot of people do), then it is going to be your experience that sets you apart from others. So... tl;dr experience is probably what tips the scale unless it is a unique job role (game play analyst, lcs camera operator).
DadAmes (NA)
: Hey Riot, Are there any technical or engineering positions available in QA? I love making things awesome, but I also love writing code! Thanks, Ames
Hey Ames, Thanks for the interest. As a matter of fact, there *are* opportunities to be a badass coder in QA! We have a technical career path that leads up to being something known as a Test Engineer, or similarly a "Software Developer in Test" (SDET for short). These roles involve fun challengese such as "How do we automated testing for League of Legends and the surrounding systems"? It is a pretty critical role to reliably shipping LoL to players every 2 weeks. Other projects include writing awesome tools for our QA and Engineering folks that help improve their efficiency and workflow (examples: source control plugins, informational displays of internal development metrics, etc..). An awesome part of this role is that there is a need for it in pretty much every area - Game, Platform/Backend, Web, Mobile... so you really get a lot of opportunities for learning different tech.
Thryale (NA)
: So here's the deal. I am trying to finish up my degree in Web Technologies and Design by completing just a few more summer classes. Once I do that, I'll get my degree(yay) but then what? What I really want to do is work as a game designer, and more importantly, work for riot games. I managed to make a small(I mean small) mod for the game Don't Starve using the scripting language Lua, and about 5-6 years ago I made a basic shoot 'em up game using Game Maker. But I feel like despite all that, I don't know if I have enough to get where I want to go. Advice? I need to get a job before 6 months so I can pay off college loans too. Do I just get any job and try to make games with game maker? Or do you think I can get a job at riot as is? If I were to pursue a career in game design, what would be my chances?
Hey Thryale, Everyone's approach is different, but this was mine. It was a dream of mine to work at Riot, but to be completely honest, I didn't view it as a realistic possibility until after I had my degree. I guess I was so wrapped up in school, I didn't really take a step back to look at the big picture. While I knew I was in the right field (computer science - I love computers), I wasn't very happy during my job after college. I finally looked at a job on Riot's career page, and said to myself "that is what I want to do." Here is where the hard part comes in, and where I'm more cautious than most: I then spent 1.5 years of my spare time getting myself to the level I needed to be to qualify for the position. It wasn't easy doing that on top of a 9-5 job, but I had a focused goal and was determined to get there. So for your scenario, you need to be honest with yourself and evaluate where you are at. Self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses is key to improving. If you feel confident in your game design abilities, then go for it. If not, then yeah - my approach would be continue to game design work in your spare time. Design your own game, or better yet, find a team to work with. I wish I had realized this seemingly obvious fact in college, but its not the time you put in that matters, it is what you learn from the experience.

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