PaladinNO (EUNE)
: _Trilogy_!? Daymn, I gotta go grab myself some .torrents ASAP! EDIT: >Pitch Black (2000) The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) Riddick (2013) "Pitch Black" - that name does sound familiar to me, but I cannot find it in my archive (downside of having literally 1000 movies stored locally). That means it's either been put a BD-R (in which case, would be faster to re-DL it than physically search for it) or deleted for being a simple 700 MB / 1,36 GB rip.
Fair warning: Pitch Black is _basically_ a sci-fi horror movie. Which actually makes the Riddick trilogy kinda cool, they completely jump genres within the same trilogy.
Drugoth (NA)
: "MULTI-PASS!" "Yeah, yeah, she knows, it's a multi-pass."
I legit say "Leelu-Dahllas-Mooltee-Pahss" to myself every other day.
: I would sell my soul to see Chronicles of Riddick aesthetics in League. Please. Please. PLEASE I BEG YOU DO IT!!!! So dope.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >The ~~skins team~~ Audio Mixer has a good taste in movies! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I know I have a Riddick movie in my archive, so I searched for it. C-H-R... "Chronicles of Narnia" \*oops* :/ Found "Riddick 2013" though. Is that the sequal? _Also, have you seen "Serenity" (2005) or the Firefly series?_
I believe Chronicles came out in 2004! Riddick (2013) is the 3rd movie in the trilogy.
Lagertha (NA)
: PTSD, League of Legends, and Recovery
You just made me one happy Rioter. This is why I come to work everyday. I'm so happy you shared it :) League might be a tool you used but it's unmistakeable that _you_ are why you're better. You've got some grit. The username is fitting.
LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
: The skins team has a good taste of movies!
This might be my favorite sci-fi film ever made outside of Chronicles of Riddick. The genre is so geared towards series and sequels that when you see a great sci-fi movie that really _feels_ giant, but the director tells a concise story within that space... dang... it's just the best.
Ashkendar (EUW)
: I am sorry guys, but there is only one true LoL theme: {{champion:201}} The epitome of stache-y magnificence composed as a beautiful piece of music. It simply cannot become any better than this
He is, bar none, the best part of League. That shield hit sound is like drugs for my ears.
: The music team seriously needs to chill the hell out
This was Scherzo's work, who also happens to be responsible Bligewater, Diana, Ivern, and tons of other great stuff. He's a die hard Irelia player and if you ever meet him top lane... run. Scherzo also wrote a dev blog on music recently:
: Do you think Audacity is a good software to use for more filter-heavy voices? I know many VAs such as myself use it as a go-to, but from a sound design spectrum I'm not sure how it would hold up.
Melledoneus, If you're making great stuff, it doesn't matter what you use! But a more substantial answer is: Audacity is a **Digital Audio Workstation**, you could think of a DAW as a _system_ to accomplish your task. Your choice in DAW is somewhat inconsequential. What I believe you're interested in is what's best to generate really effected voices (like Bane in Batman or Xerxes in 300). The ability to do that lays in your **plug ins**. I'll use an analogy. If we're talking about the ability for a person to express themselves to others, humanity has lots of "DAWs" with agreed upon rule sets - Speaking, Writing, Films, Music, etc. Lets pretend our "DAW" is Writing. Well, to write well it's assumed you need a good vocabulary. The more words you know, the more ideas you can express by writing. Plug-ins are your vocabulary, they're your ability to express really precise ideas within the system, but they're not effective _because_ of the system, rather because of how you use them. Was that way too hand wave-y?? Did that not help at all?? Text 8996-TreblNOTHIN if this was not helpful.
: It's true. Hell, I don't even need to *see* the game to know what's going on. Just by hearing about 10 or so seconds of the game, I can tell who my brother's playing, who his support is, and who the enemy lane is, and anyone else who's botlane. Just off the audio alone. When looking at strictly visual, there's rarely a time I'm confused as to who's who. Sure, with *some* skins, it can be a bit tricky at first glance, but generally I'm able to tell instantly. It's amazing.
I'm crying and it's beautiful and I don't care who knows.
: What songs go for your favorite champs?
Braum. I've always liked the idea of Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich for him. I can imagine him trekking across the Freljord, covering up against the cold, trying to do the best he can for the people he meets, dedicated to fighting the battles they can't fight. He smiles for them, he laughs that old Braum laugh, but when he moves on, when the last village falls behind the last rise, he's alone. Nothing feels quite as good as home, and he misses it. And he misses _her._
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot TreblMuffin,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=g0Ua6NZ0,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2017-12-14T07:18:12.767+0000) > > That's what happens when you shove a drill into a few pounds of hamburger. I'm afraid to ask.......but........... why?
Like all great sound design it was about 30% "You only live once." and 60% "Let's see what happens." The remaining 10% is just childish giggling.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot TreblMuffin,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=g0Ua6NZ0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-13T18:33:13.463+0000) > > I have a serious soft spot for ol' Aeoli The Sandwich Priestess. She and Leona are my two "don't mess with my ADC" thicc girl supports. > > (Spoiler alert: Illaoi support is epic. Max E first, watch the sadness consume your enemies.) > > (Also C3Sound's tentacle slap sound design is so darn satisfying) > > (I'm done with parenthesis now) Aeoli Sandwich Illaoi confirmed new skin.
Skins Team: "Oh no, here he comes again..." TreblMuffin: "You guys-" Skins Team: "No." TreblMuffin: "But the name-" Skins Team: "Please leave us alone." TreblMuffin: "Just try drawing it." Skins Team: "Fine." Everyone: "My. God..." *Releases skin *Riot wins grammys *Everyone claps vigorously
: "Audio Mixer" That sounds that a fun job (not being sarcastic (just in case you took it that way (I am also done with parentheses)))!
I have never worked with such a merry band of weirdos. Solid to the core. The audio team knows how to party. Just ask Riot KarateMonkey. That dude destroys our foley room on the regular. After Urgot was released we were finding ground meat all over the room for weeks. That's what happens when you shove a drill into a few pounds of hamburger.
: ***
Sometimes thiccness is a state of mind...
: Illaoi is actually pretty flirtacious
I have a serious soft spot for ol' Aeoli The Sandwich Priestess. She and Leona are my two "don't mess with my ADC" thicc girl supports. (Spoiler alert: Illaoi support is epic. Max E first, watch the sadness consume your enemies.) (Also C3Sound's tentacle slap sound design is so darn satisfying) (I'm done with parenthesis now)
Shaune (NA)
: The Riot Audio video has me interested
Hey Shaune! The Riot Audio Team comes from a lot of different backgrounds. Some of us went to school for music, some for sound design, some for production; all over really. In my own experience, I was in radio with a heavy emphasis on music production. That led me to try my hand at film music composition; but after being on a few dub stages I really fell in love with film mixing. I've been taught by some really incredible people on that front, and our whole team still looks at a career as a learning experience. You're always the padawan, man! It's going to sound completely underwhelming but one of the most important things you can do to learn a craft, especially one like foley, is to just **be around** to see it happen. Find a post production facility, watch how people act, listen to the words they use to describe things, just absorb things. Even within sound, foley artists are a different breed. They truly are artists; they make connections in sound that you'd never imagine. Utora did some cool foley for Tahm Kench where when he told me about the objects he was recording I thought "psh, that's gonna be hard to make that work," and boom he nails it. When we were working on the CG for Xayah and Rakan I remember sitting in the control room listening to extremely talented artists work, and you could literally hear the expression they could put in the most mundane objects. There's no straight path that I know of in sound :) So just stay curious, always be a student, and pay attention!
Oto (EUNE)
: Are we getting a new cinematic soon?
: No Pool Party and Project skins this year?
We're combining the skins into PROJECT: POOL PARTY. Please stand by.
: But this basically is the first 10-15 chapters. First we had SG Lux. It was going to be stand-alone but the people fuckin' loooooved it. So then comes the 2nd batch of SG. No real plan to add any actual lore behind, just more dope skins they know will sell. So they have the 1st team battle the baron. Now with the 2nd wave of SG - we are actually starting the story. The first wave was more of a setting and feel for the story. This new wave of SG came with actual lore and only tells us the very beginning. If we get more SG sets I am sure we will get a fleshed out villain/someone summoning these void monsters.
:) I think this is a really awesome high level look at Star Guardian! Now it might not be _completely_ the case with SG, but at times we do get excited and jump at an idea without a comprehensive understanding of how it might evolve once it's in players' hands. We can't always anticipate what's going to have a lot of resonance, and part of why Riot loves feedback is so that we can have our ears open to hear it directly from fans. If League Players resoundingly say "HELL. YES. SECONDS PLEASE." We go "Awesome. Give us a hot minute and we'll cook some more of that pot pie for ya." I can think of a few champs that would be really good foils for the Star Guardians. :)
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Damn, this music can make even the shittiest video touching. God fucking like. I want to kneel before group who has created this song.
Riot Talondor was the composer for Ornn. He did a beautiful job rewriting his Ornn music for this trailer.
Silven (EUW)
: @Riot: How does game translating work?
I can't speak to the structure, because I definitely don't know it intimately, but I can say that our local teams in regions do a bang up job working on really _really_ tight timelines and getting things _right_ for local players. There's a few things that are actually really interesting about what you're talking about, which we call "Localization." The first thing is that in the case of in game VO, some ideas and jokes simply don't make sense or aren't part of a local culture. Sometimes a joke that's funny because of the way it's spoken in North America doesn't make any damn sense in China! So at times, localization teams become part of the writing process, helping to shape a regional actor's performance to fit the idea for another culture. A second component in both our in game and cinematics is specific to the audio team. Our sound designers put a lot of love, thought, and iteration into how a champion sounds. Riot KarateMonkey spent ages hand placing the sounds of Urgot's mask respirator! We have to create entire "recipes" for local teams to use in creative ways to get the same kind of processing on their actors, and reproduce the original tastefully for their language. This isn't simply following steps, but actually listening and making sure it sounds good for the language. Finally, in our documentaries like Legends Rising or Live/Play, there are sometimes _GIANT_ teams of translators that we hire to help in subtitling and making sure that non-english dialog is edited correctly. I don't know Thai, so for Live/Play Fight, at the end of an edit I'd have a translator sit with me and listen and help make sure I wasn't cutting off any words. I remember for an episode of Live/Play (I think :/) it was almost _impossible_ to find an isreali translator. Why? It's not just that they need to speak the language in question, but that they need to know how to translate _League Of Legends_ into their language. There's a lot of colloquial terminology to League that, unless you're inside the community, you simply don't know. I mean, think of the first time you heard ADC, gank, jungle creep, CC, Nexus, backline, TP. Even if you know your language, it doesn't mean you know the word or concept behind a word. Translators have to be League players, community members, writers, _and_ know their craft!
: Every lux skin
Even Commando? That is the best skin in the _game_, baby!
kasfas (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=THE RlVER KlNG,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9EIqrHOB,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2017-07-07T22:01:48.833+0000) > > THE RLVER KLNG approves FTFY
: Riot missed a big chance to reveal new Urgot.
If I may take a moment to riff on this. New urgot spits out old urgot meat onto barbecue Leona's grill, which is sizzling hot, she skewers old urgot meat and presents it as tribute to The River King, Tahm Kench. He eats the whole thing in one gulp and says "delectable..." Then starts playing the Tahm Kench theme on his tongue, except it's squealy electric guitar. New Urgot starts blasting rounds into the air like it's Texas on the 4th of July. Cut to black. The words appear: "League of Legends 2017. The Battle Crab is Back."
Zeanix (OCE)
: Out of all the old champions, Blitzcrank definitely needs a Voice Over update
: Playing a legitimate support is harder than I gave it credit for
Gralph (NA)
: Does every champion have to be overflowing with confidence?
I'm neither an expert on the subject nor do I speak for anyone here when I say this: I totally and utterly agree. I think deep characters are normally vulnerable and almost always tragic in some way. Look at lead characters from the most popular TV series around and they're almost always deeply flawed. Now, a bunch of league champs _are_ actually pretty 3 dimensional in this way, but their most overt character traits are rarely "sad boi" so I get where you're coming from. I think one of the most beautifully tragic characters in the game is actually Ivern, if you read his lore and listen to a few of his lines that sort of existential sadness is there, it's just not overt. He comes off as sort of goofy and fun, but that's a bit of the genius of it to me. Some of the deepest, saddest people are those that make us all laugh and have a good time. I think you raise a valid question. Do people need "I'M A TOTAL BADASS" to feel empowered when they play? I don't know. I'd like to think not. But then again I'm a support main, so, yanno.
: Kayn is missing a nipple
I mean, the guy twirls around a giant scythe. Accidents are bound to happen.
: OMG who is the guy that created Jhin's Ultimate Music?
This is some classic Utora magic. He and Ed The Conqueror (composer for Jhin) worked together, got what are called "stems" from Ed's composition, and created a new piece of music to work with Jhin's ult.
: Well there was the attempt to carry on Champion Insights for Galio's rework over on Nexus. Why has that fallen short as well?
Hmm, a little confused about what you mean by this. Clarify plz?
Solideus (EUNE)
: I REALLY miss the podcast. :(
Would you believe me if I said _we_ really miss _you_?
: @Riot, What ever happened to League Community Podcast?
Hey Barkingspider73! You have a horrifying summoner name. If spiders could bark they would be 100% more scary. We don't have any plans at the moment to return to the League Community Podcast, but yanno... "impossible to see, the future is". I'm really happy you enjoyed it, and I know the whole crew is happy as well. We put a lot of love and effort into making something that would give players a glimpse into the development of the game we all love.
patmax17 (EUW)
Some say he's still karate-ing to this day. On a real quiet night, if you listen real hard, you can hear it. Off out there; beyond the horizon, on the foley stage, out where sounds are made. He's still chopping. He's still hasagi-ing. And you know... that's where things are okay... That's where things are as they should be.
Sinlaire (NA)
: You should try it with the Pentakill skin on. Imagine the same hard hitting smash but instead it sounds like they're getting wrecked by Thor's Guitar. iz gud.
Fun fact: Riot KarateMonkey actually purchased and _destroyed_ a bass guitar for Pentakill Yorick. Like really. Pieces. Another fun fact. Riot KarateMonkey is yoked.
GenoXx (NA)
: Will there come a time where the Animation Workshop show champions in their normal day lives? Does this hold you over? A while back I asked an old friend to paint me a picture of my main boi, Nautilus, just chillin. I keep it framed at work now.
BabyNaix (NA)
: woah that nami skin actually looks like one of her best skins
I'm cool with this if you add Blitz to the list and instead of hair it's just exposed wires that look like a beard.
Meep Man (NA)
: Something That Would be Cool If It Was Added- Footsteps for Giants
So this is actually sort of an interesting creative question in League. A few of our sound designers like Utora and ChefSpecial have done some really great foley and foosteps for champs like Kled and Warwick, respectively. They sound GREAT to my ears. They add a lot of life. _BUT_ Good feeling sound and game clarity don't always work well together. Footsteps might feel good and add life to a champion between 00:00 and 02:00, but once you start laning and teamfighting, they turn into noise that's not really that important for gameplay. So it's a question of allowing a player to focus on important moments. Most current in game foosteps are aural cues that are attached to a specific player choice (bloodhunt, or Sion Ult as you pointed out). For now, League is largely footstepless, but who knows what the future may hold!
: Urgot Professional Fanart
I like the squishy crab rolls on his big ol battle crab tummy.
: Jhin would be proud bro 4/4.
As an audio team member, this joke pleases me.
: Commando Lux Splash & Skin Update/Rework?
Commando Lux is specifically the only Lux skin I'll play _because_ it's full derp. There's something oddly satisfying in imagining the other team getting to the loading screen and thinking "THAT IS THE SKIN HE PICKED?!" Psychological warfare. That being said, Galio's Commando skin update makes it easily one of the top 10 skins in the game for me, in terms of just awesomeness. Too bad I don't play that big ol stone bro.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Illaoi is the only romantic relationship possible for Ahri
Ahri is clearly a Warwick kinda girl. Illaoi is all about that Vel Koz.
: I left a Dropbox link as edit! Thanks for the reply! Love how active Rioters are on the forum! It's actually been my dream for years to work at RiotGames eventually, after i get all my school done, in my opinion there isn't any other game developer that does so much for their game with such passion like riot does!
Sounds really cool. You definitely got the flavor of Darkstar in there! Regarding "unedited" voice files for champions like Thresh etc; no, but I imagine a resourceful audio nerd could imagine some way to get their hands on a snippet or two of the right VO for practice and learnin'. You might want to check the googles. You've got em all over the interwebs for most champions! Try making a thematic for Ezreal or Jinx. Their base VO is basically clean.
: Why not the current one but with different lines? Same as Lux and Caitlyn.
: I loved the animatic, but in all honestly I'd like to see Miss Fortune just get a VO update to reflect her lore character much better
Who would be your actress pick?
: Unedited Voice Lines
Dude, post it up we'd love to hear it! That's a great technique to refine your sound chops. John Frusciante used to talk about the best way to get guitar chops is just to play along with records and try to sound exactly like the guitar player on there. In no time you can cover any style you want and hopefully develop your own style. I'd say record your own stuff when you can and just mess with it. Come up with a character in your mind and ask how they would sound? Where are they from? What are people like there? What do they wear? Are they big? Are they small? Are they even human?!
ItsOrval (NA)
: I dont like the looks of MF, also she has modern guns in this animation which makes her feel even less like the actual MF
Hey there ItsOrval! I'm TreblMuffin. I do sound stuff for a whole bunch of our cinematic work. It looks like you're not alone in misunderstanding a bit of what this piece is, and what the Workshop is trying to show. Let me take you on a journey! *motions over shoulder as rainbows and beautiful horse-dog creatures appear from the sky* What this video kind of shows is a slice of our work as we see _on the way_ to a polished state for players. I actually have a lot of the same thoughts as you and many people in the thread when I get a first look at a cinematic. Half the time I'm looking at blocks and half sketched board-o-matics _before it even gets to look like this!_ Imagine trying to concept sound for a Zaun shotgun when it's just a chunky grey set of lines! Is it pump loading? What does it shoot? What's it made out of? How "Used" is it? In general there's a few different milestones where we refine aspects of a cinematic. Surrender is basically an **animatic**, which tells us if pacing and plot points are working, making sense, and resonating. Artists do their best to render out important pieces of the scenes, but at this stage, and especially for people like me, it's more important to get a sense of how the action moves and where major narrative beats are. In my opinion, which is certainly questionable haha, Surrender is a darker exploration of who Fortune is. It deepens her character and, to me, makes her more interesting than the bubbly gun wieldin' gal you get in game. There's some kind of creepy gritty resolve to do dirty work and deal with the demons later in this. Honestly, she scares me. But I'm also in love with her. Which is common in my life...
patmax17 (EUW)
: we know we want it
DUDE THAT HOOK hahahahahahaha
: I always imagined subterranean nautilus to be a lava diver of sorts, kind of like molten rammus with his armour fueled by it. I'd personally love a naut skin in battlecast, elderwood, nuclear, mecha or even..... A SKIN DEPICTING HIM BEFORE HE GOT IN THE SUIT
Bruh, this is for silly nautilus' only! But that's okay. Any Nautilus idea is a good Nautilus idea. League of Nautilus 2018!
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