Zielmann (NA)
: So, waaaaay back in the day, you guys sold special runes with things like the Harrowing and Snowdown. They were identical in stats to the T3 runes, but were basically just reskinned. I'm a big fan of limited/exclusive content, so I bought one or two of them when they were available (didn't have all the extra IP back then to buy them all). Are these just going to be gone forever now? That'd make me a little sad. I don't even know what might fit in with the new system sensibly, but it'd be cool if there were a way we could keep an equivalent of that limited content in the new system, for those who still have them sitting around.
We haven't forgotten about those and have something in mind for you :)
: When they say future legendary skins will Dragon Trainer Tristana be included? Its not out yet but it may be out before this new thing starts. I love the skin but getting it for 1350 would be much nicer
As part of the new discount changes, Dragon Trainer Tristana will be available in the early sale after she has been out for 4-6 months :)
Micajah (NA)
: Will there be an Academy Skin Bundle?
Hey Micajah! I'm glad you're stoked about the Academy skins. With some exceptions, we don't usually do bundles for brand new content, so Academy will not get a bundle. Thanks for asking!
: Gangplank Skin Bundle
Gangplank is dead! Let there be wailing and gnashing of teeth! Let us all grieve for the fall of our favorite sailor! And let us be patient as we wait to discover the fate of the treasures and skins stashed aboard the Deadpool. Who knows what may be dredged from the burning wreckage?
: Purchased Captain Fortune, but...
Hey Krys Teare Star, I'll look into this and see what I can find. In the meantime, go ahead and submit a ticket with Player Support so that we can track the progress of the issue and make sure other players aren't having the same problem. We'll do our best to have you strutting your way back to the Rift with the Captain as soon as possible.
: Goalkeeper Maokai
Hey JOJO11TOP, Goalkeeper Maokai will be in the next sale starting in a few days. It will still be in July, I promise ;)
: @Rito: Will there be a bundle with all the new Bilgewater skins?
Hey Laughing Fish! Glad you like the Bilgewater skins. Go ahead and pick up the ones you like; there won't be a bundle on them as part of the event.

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