: Warriors Cinematic Season 2020 Asset Pack
Hey all- asking about the issues some are having with the texture files. Since it's a weekend we might be slow to update. Thanks for the patience!
: Okay, but do tell me why you made Galio smaller than his splash art or short story? Everything felt perfect except for that looking at the artwork presented.
Tldr: things that work in 2D art in a splash don't always translate well to cinematics. Same reason why a champion in a splash art might have a smaller sword than in game. Different mediums need different things
: Are you planning on adding the textures as well? These are awesome, but 3DS Max is giving me an error saying that it can't locate the textures for the characters and weapons, and it doesn't look like there are any in the files.
It should be included in the zip file... It works on my end... 🤔🤔
Hitoroki (NA)
: Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the turnarounds, I have a ton of ideas for fanart
Should be fixed. Check it now
: I think there is a mistake in the links. The first one is stills from the cinematic trailer, which were supposed to be in the last one, and the turnarounds are nowhere.
working on fixing ASAP!
: I think it's awesome you are providing a 3D model for us to use. Maybe in the future we can get more? If not all weapons as 3D models? People would even pay a small fee to get them, I know I would. We can already find alot of league models out there, some are free some cost, but none of them are THE models. Honestly wouldnt take much work to start adding them to the Merc store.
So its not always easy due to the quality in game. For this case, we made a video with high res models already. Therefore giving out the gun file was much easier. The detailed 3D file already existed. Characters that don't have that, the 3D files aren't always as detailed since they are meant to be in league and seen from a particular angle. It super exciting that we were able to do it for this project, and personally I hope we can do it more!
: Star Guardian Little Legends are coming
grarrrg (NA)
: Swimbananas DOES still exist! '#missthevideos
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot swimbananas,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=kcg9hig2,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2019-07-22T18:25:34.845+0000) > > I'm a bit confused on the 21 countries part, as North America has always been 2... but to answer why its only the US and Canada, there are tons and tons of legal things to consider when doing a contest. Many countries have laws around it, and taxes in particular for contests. I won't even pretend to be a lawyer, but after consulting our internal lawyers, we determined it was best for this particular contest to limit to only the US and Canada. North America (as a continent) is actually 23 countries! While "North America" is sometimes shorthand for **Canada + the United States** or **Canada + the United States + Mexico**, most of Central America and several island nations are technically part of the North America continent. Not an uncommon slip-up though, 'cause the fact that we often call one North America and one Central America does sort of confuse things.
Yes, but for Riot regions its always been only US and Canada :P
Naureen (NA)
: I was super hyped until I saw rule 5. I wonder when did North America change from 21 countries to just 2... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I'm a bit confused on the 21 countries part, as North America has always been 2... but to answer why its only the US and Canada, there are tons and tons of legal things to consider when doing a contest. Many countries have laws around it, and taxes in particular for contests. I won't even pretend to be a lawyer, but after consulting our internal lawyers, we determined it was best for this particular contest to limit to only the US and Canada.
: Would size be an issue with the cosplay? I have a very large league of legends cosplay I would love to enter!
: I got excited because I thought people were going to cosplay State Farm workers...
Win Zhao (NA)
: what does most engaged mean? they played the most games? they ranked up the highest? they spent the most time in-game tft?
This was before ranked, so other than the rank one: yes. We factored in a few different things when we made this list, but number of games played was for sure one of them. :D
Amokiir (NA)
: Is there space for pairs to enter? For example, a costume maker and a costume wearer duo?
If a costume maker is using a model (what you call a costume wearer) they would be the one to submit, and the model would essentially be their +1 to the event.
: Feelsbadman This makes me feel like I'm not a real cosplayer bc I don't make my own costumes. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
You definitely are a cosplayer! It's just very different to wear a costume for fun at an event vursus entering a cosplay contest. Both group are 100% cosplayers, just different kinds of cosplayers
mvmlego (NA)
: I'm pretty excited about this, too. I'm wondering how they're quantifying percentages of a costume, though. That seems like a nightmare for judges. Even a theoretically simple metric, such as weight, isn't practical, since judges can't take apart most of these costumes in order to weigh their parts.
If you are asking about the 80% "made by you" that is biased off a build list that is part of the submission process. Hope that helps!
Meerso (NA)
: the fact that you commented after posting it makes me chuckle just a little.
: State Farm LCS Summer Finals Cosplay Contest
: TFT Community Creator Bounty Race
zssen (NA)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} scarra: makes actually 500 tft videos riot: sCaRrA iS nOt a cOnTenT cReAtor oR lEagUe pArtNer
We love Scarra and he is 100% in LPP! This isn't an exhaustive list of our League Partners, nor the awesome humans who we are trying to support make TFT content.
: Trials: Three Days Left
: I'm still waiting for that, Neo PAX Sivir, skin. Yes.. I entered. No, It did not get made in just a few min.
Hi- All who entered should have gotten an email with the timetable for when the prizes will be given out. Please make sure to check that out
: Should we wear the cosplay to PAX east even if we aren't selected to get the skin? Or do we only have to submit the cosplay for the skin?
I totally think you should still wear it to to PAX, even if you aren't a Finalist. We would love to see it! Plus the league meet up is happening at 3pm the same day- https://www.facebook.com/events/383449469135259/
: Question! I have bought most of my costume from a cosplay artist but would still like to join. Do I have to submit under her name? Can I not enter on my own?
Hey- so the section about it being handmade is so that the person who submits to the contest is the one that created it. So no, you wouldnt be able to enter the contest since you didnt make it. Now if you talked to the Creator, and got them to submit to the contest, knowing that they would win any prizes because they created it, then that's fine.
: do people get skin if they submit form or they need to be selected for finals{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Anyone who enters will win a Neo PAX Sivir
MıLo (NA)
: I don't think you meant to write 70k RP for 1st runner up prize ?
Nope! We didn't! We will fix it to be 7,000
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
175453369652084736 Joining the Sandlewood in lurking at your art!
: Bringing NYC gamers together with Narz
{{sticker:sg-jinx}} Narz is best.
SweatWet (NA)
: I live in Seattle is this free?
The Alienware stuff is free. You are welcome to join us there!
Raharu (NA)
: Are the game development and career presentations exclusive to women and non-binary folks? I am deeply interested in the subject matter and meeting Rioters is always fun, but I am neither a woman or non-binary. Am I still welcome to check these events out?
The first two events of room 613 will be only open to women and nonbinary folks.(there might be some exceptions. I will try and post on Twitter the sechedule everyday) However, all the activities of the room will be open to all after 3pm, including the "Ask a Rito" time. :D
: Will there be a league after party/rave like last year?
not this year. We take every year to experiment a bit, and what you see above are the plans for PAX.
: Riot at PAX West
If any cosplayers want to come to the league meet up, we would love to have you: https://www.facebook.com/events/215417959321646/
dmilin (NA)
: > All prop firearms are prohibited by Oracle Arena. > All prop bow-type weapons are prohibited by Oracle Arena. > All prop swords or imitations of bladed weapons are prohibited by Oracle Arena. > All prop staffs or poles are prohibited by Oracle Arena. So you're saying lamp posts are okay?
I like the joke, but actual answer- no. It's considered a "pole"
She signed it for me at PAX. I had to wear it. :D
mvmlego (NA)
: Yo, Swimbanananas! I had posted a comment a couple weeks ago saying that I didn't much care for your hosting, but this video changed my mind. Good delivery, meaningful commentary, and a couple of well-placed jokes. Great work!
Thanks for letting me know! I’m trying to improve and get better.
grarrrg (NA)
: Hear dat dere song dere ya? Ya dere hey, you betcha.
Rhino4Me (NA)
: Is the proper use of commas/punctuation not taught in elementary school anymore?
I typed on my phone, and mistakes were made. I wish I could fix them, but I cannot... Thanks for pointing out my errors. I should have taken more time to double check them :P
: So you release a statement saying you're sorry Kai'sa has a low cut v neck but then you promote a titty streamer with her breast covered by a thin piece of fabric all over your client? Seems like someone at Riot HQ is a hypocrite.
Hey Christye, I wanted to jump in and clear something up. I was the one that suggested we bring Kay to campus and promote her work. I wanted to do that because of how positive, and geninuninly fun to watch her streams are. While yes, while painting she is not wearing much, its due to the nature of bodypainting as an art form (an art that is very different than cosplay, and isnt cosplay). Her streams focus on positvity and bringing up her community, something I wanted to share wih our larger league community as well. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you are upset about the “hey, we might have made Kai’Sa too revealing for her character type” announcement and how that feels very opposite of what is happening here. I can 100% see how that feels like we are saying two different things at the same time. However, I just ask that you dont take it out on our league community member, who did this paint out of passion. As a company we wanted to promote the postivity of her stream, something I saw cery clearly when watching it for the first time. We are always trying to experiment with ways to celebrate our creative community, and are still finding the best way to do that. I’m personally sorry that you feel this was a little weird given our statement, and I wanted to say thankyou for being willing to jump in and express how it felt a little off. I still stand by my decison to suggest Kay for this project, as I personally think she is a great artist, a positive member of our community, and an all around amazing human.
Fireware (NA)
: No Lie but mine is 2minutes older {{champion:26}}
...You are right. How did I miss that?!?! I'm wrong. I'm sorry I failed you...
: Had an amazing PAX! Loved meeting so many other players, and a few streamers. I think my favorite cosplay were the two lovely {{champion:150}}
As one of the Gnar's thank you! I'm also glad you had fun finding a team and meeting up IRL
Ragepyre (NA)
: I wish! Though I was so exhausted from wearing Renekton and Kha'zix that the following day I was sore as can be! lol
I feel you there. Cosplay for 4 days is hard, but you looked amazing!
Hattop (NA)
: What is she suppose to be?
I'm dressed up as Mega Gnar
: PAX East Highlights
It was amazing meeting everyone at PAX! Can it be PAX every weekend?!?!?
: I made an amigurumeep
Strouky (NA)
: Where is PAX going to be?
PAX East takes place in Boston :D
Happiest (NA)
: Wait, i need friends to get the free stuff? Aw, man.
Its ok! Make some on the floor! Start a "looking for group" area :P
: If I don't cosplay, am I allowed to wait for Mega Gnar outside the cosplay lounge?
I'll be around the shirt store area, so no need to line up to say hi :D
: My wife is going as Miss Fortune. Can't wait to see Mega Gnar.
You both should come to the cosplay meet up!
: I'll be there Thursday and Friday.
YAY! Make sure to come say hi! I'll be the one dressed up as Mega Gnar :D
Mr 305 (NA)
: 2nd {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Its ok, I still love you.
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