: We're working on figuring out why! They're formatted in the way they should be, so not quite sure why they're not appearing :P
alright fuck it they're just hyperlinks now which I guess is an improvement over "literally no one can access them" but still :/ {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: I didn't crunch the numbers, so I won't dispute this. Let's just blame the intern.
That section was written by LaBoka, who incidentally **is** an intern. So yes, we can blame him. COME AT ME BOKA <3
: {{champion:157}} "Ok, we need to figure out who will take the One Doran's Ring to the Magma Chamber and destroy it." {{champion:79}} "The magma chamber is a myth. They never finished it, only left it as an incomplete promise." {{champion:45}} "Oh, it's very real. I, Veigar Greybeard have seen it, once. It is where Phantom Karthus forged the Doran's Ring, and it is where we shall destroy it." {{champion:32}} "I will take it there, but I do not know the way." {{champion:45}} "Yordo, you? Well, alright then, you have my staff." {{champion:86}} "And my sword." {{champion:32}} "Thank you, Garengorn." {{champion:110}} "And my bow." {{champion:201}} "My shield too." {{champion:79}} "And my Barrel." {{champion:110}} "How is that going to help us on our journey?" {{champion:79}} "Because, silly elf. We need something to relax us after a hard day's work. Hahahahaha!" **** {{champion:1}} **"GET EM TIBBERS!!!!!"** {{champion:45}} **"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!"** "Destroys bridge, knocking himself and Tibbers down it." {{champion:32}} **"GREYBEARD NOOOOO!!!!!!!"** {{champion:45}} "Flash you fools." {{champion:86}} "We have to go, now!" {{champion:32}} "Let me save him, he was our carry!!!!!!" **** {{champion:79}} "So you got us lost in the woods with your, _"tracking skills."_ Now what?" {{champion:110}} "I am sure Garengorn knows what he is doing." {{champion:201}} "You guys need have trust. Like we trust Yordo to deliver the Dorans Ring, we must trust Garengorn to lead us. Oh ho, that is a bright light." {{champion:13}} "Yes, Mr. Lionheart. It is I, Ryze Whitebeard. I am the revived version of Veigar Greybeard. Phantom Karthus is going to attack Middle-Runterra soon. We must prepare." {{champion:86}} "Hmm, you are a little bit taller than I remember." {{champion:13}} "Is that a short joke?" **** {{champion:32}} "We are almost there, Ram. If I feed, you will have to carry me." {{champion:33}} "Ok." {{champion:32}} "You are a man of many words, Ram. Maybe one day we can go back to the BandleShire, and you can plant that Maokai you always wanted to."
> {{champion:45}} "Flash you fools." Lost it. +1.
MaiDoAri (NA)
Hey everyone! Wanted to let you know where we landed with this exploit - and to be clear, this **was** an exploit requiring game manipulation in violation of the Terms of Service, we **are** identifying abusers (fortunately a small number), and we **are** in the process of banning offending accounts. Regarding the exploit itself, we patched out a server-side fix this morning (no download necessary on your end) and based on initial monitoring, the issue is resolved. Beyond today's fix, we're continuously working every patch to quietly improve our code so problems like this don't hit live servers, though we won't get into specifics for security reasons. We also wanted to chat about our decision to leave Ashe enabled. As several of you noted, the exploit in question wasn't limited to Ashe, so in handling this particular issue, disabling her would just have led to offending parties sniffing out other abuse cases. Us providing this explanation yesterday would unfortunately have led to the same consequences as well. Withholding information from you is always uncomfortable for us but in situations like this we have to be sure we won't cause more problems for everyone by being up-front. Thanks for sticking with us on this one, friends.
Keizgon (NA)
: THANK YOU. I wanted to hear Adobe Air disappear someday :') These are real tears btw. Thank you. :')
(Emphasis on 'someday' for now - we've got a long road ahead of us to get there!)
I am Mad (NA)
: What about the spectating live games? I enjoy watching those from time to time
If you're talking about the Featured Matches in the upper lefthand corner of the live client, we'll still have the ability to put those matches on the landing page, but the update lets us replace it with news or content depending on what's relevant at the time. If you're talking about Spectate in general, you'll still be able to spectate your friends through the Friend List! {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}}
: will the new patcher and client be twice as big or the same size because twice as big would call for some really big changes {{summoner:10}}
The patcher definitely got bigger - same dimensions as the client, which'll be staying at its current size. Just prettier :D
: Where does Flash go?
I used to put Flash on F, but then it Flashed and ended up on D
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Vakabiel (NA)
: I would suggest you link the champion splash that you are encouraging people to buy to the actual champion page so they can easily see what the champion is all about. Plus, after all that hard work on the champion page design it will get some traffic over there.
An earlier version did this but we replaced it with lightboxing. The standard expectation on LoL.com is that clickable images link to full-sized views (eg screenshots in new skin announcements) but that rule may be bendable in this case since the loading screen banners aren't the same as full splash images anyway.
: One thing that's kind of annoying for me (I'm at work atm so the monitor is fairly small) is clicking the art to open the splash makes the artwork expand the page past my viewing area, and just clicking the background doesn't remove the image, so I have to manually scroll over the bottom right of the image and click the X everytime I look at a full splash.
Good feedback on lightboxing. I'll pass it along to our developers.
: Definitely cleaner, definitely more efficient. Mission accomplished there! From a general sales standpoint, I do wonder why you don't also show the original price to show the amount saved if they buy it now/then. I am not a salesperson or business guy at all though so it's really just curiosity on my part.
I'll ask ecommerce about this; from a technical standpoint it's simple to do.
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: OK


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