: Seems like common sense tbh. But thanks for the information! Why rely on a signal through the air instead of plugging through directly? Cmon people be like the koreans!(like always)
: I made a quick post for a step by step guide if this is not clear enough for some users. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/UXnW6af0-league-launcher-reported-by-avast-fix-2122016
Thanks for catching this and setting up this guide, Mike, and thanks for reporting it Sona. A few of us are working on making sure this won't happen again. EDIT: Not 100% sure about the behavior of the issue, so redacted. I'll make sure to find someone who does understand the behavior better and can keep it from happening.
: http://zulidoodles.tumblr.com/post/129510260548/they-get-enjoyment-out-of-slapstick-cartoons There's more to this. Follow the link by clicking on the picture and if you have safety settings, click "I understand, and I'm going in"
Hay guys, I found a new favorite! :3
: {{champion:41}} I want to eat oranges and be k. Feeling ill? Eat an orange and be k. Got hit by a car? Eat an orange and be k. Failed a test? Eat an orange and be k. There is no limit to how k you can be with oranges.
I might have lol'd a little too hard. I had to... http://imgur.com/UUX5QcG
: Well, I spent some time in class a little bored and tried drawing a shadow isle poro.. I haven't started painting it up in photoshop yet, but this is a rough outline from my drawing yesterday!
The horn spider!!! hahah Love it. You should totally finish it. And why no moar people posting??? T.T
: Thought this might be appreciated
157 clicks on first try. I dig it. Great find!


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