Olimental (EUW)
: http://40.media.tumblr.com/d7d5293361e12720bf5ab26731f4804b/tumblr_mvrnqyETin1rcy5vdo6_500.jpg I did not make this, nor do I know who made this but I absolutely love this Ziggs skin{{champion:115}} . I guess it could be a 'Special Ops' (along side gangplank) or a 'bomb squad' and start a new group with people like Jinx{{champion:222}} , Corki{{champion:42}} , Tristana{{champion:18}} and other explosive users. I love it because it just makes sense, turning his normal bombs (auto attack) and 'bouncing bombs' into grenades and having his 'minefield' as an actual minefield, as well as maybe the claymore being his 'satchel charge', and obviously the nuke being the 'ultimate', when his passive activates the grenades could make a similar sound to 'Arctic ops Varus'' grenades For his recall he could bring out a beeping bomb, there is a red and a blue wire, he cuts the red one and it explodes throwing him upwards and then he can either fall back into base or parashute back down to base. So as you may guess I have thought quite a bit about this skin. So please please Riot, make this a skin. Thanks.
Oh interesting...I wonder who did that one...If only they also did another 4 to have a complete squad...Oh well... ;) http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2015/11/meet-omega-squad.html
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
It's been a while since I posted an update, because it took that long to complete my fan-suggested concept for [THE OMEGA SQUAD](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html)! Enjoy!
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Updated the [Gallery ](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html) with Arctic Ops Lucian!
: Is there a kitty cat Rengar concept out there?
:D http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-NfnY1qynScQ/Urid5SSDnmI/AAAAAAAAASY/uhDWIDBVKNI/s1600/HelloRengar.jpg
: Dunno if you still look through all of these, but Cosmic Orianna. Nobody can figure out the base skin, but the ball is a flying sun/star. Saturn rings?
: Samurai Kassadin Computer Virus Nocturne Dead Crow Fiddlesticks
I read that as Dead Cow Fiddlesticks...That took my brain to a weird weeeird place >.>
Owllus (NA)
: demonblade aatrox
You mean Aatrox Aatrox? :D
: Why no shen skin :(
There is in the complete gallery ;) http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html
: I´m a huge sucker for "What if´s" so here goes: What if:{{champion:86}} {{champion:99}} Garen and Lux´ Family had been Noxian instead fo Demacian? (Noxus Garen, Noxus Lux) What if: {{champion:119}} {{champion:122}} Draven and Darius had been born in Ionia? (Blademaster Draven, Blademaster Darius) What if: {{champion:77}} Udyr´s Animal Spirits were Demons, trying to posess him? (Demonic Udyr) What if: {{champion:14}} Sion had survived his fight with Jarvan I and retired as a Noxian War Hero (- Sion) What if: {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench´s victim (the Gambler) had lived in Freljord? (Freljord Tahm Kench) What if: {{champion:58}} {{champion:75}} Renekton and Nasus´ places had been switched? (Nasus in the tomb with Xerath, going insane, Renekton standing vigilant) - (Rageborn Nasus, Vigilant Renekton) That´s just a few, I always have imaginings like those in my head XD
;) http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2015/08/demon-guard-udyr.html
: I´m a huge sucker for "What if´s" so here goes: What if:{{champion:86}} {{champion:99}} Garen and Lux´ Family had been Noxian instead fo Demacian? (Noxus Garen, Noxus Lux) What if: {{champion:119}} {{champion:122}} Draven and Darius had been born in Ionia? (Blademaster Draven, Blademaster Darius) What if: {{champion:77}} Udyr´s Animal Spirits were Demons, trying to posess him? (Demonic Udyr) What if: {{champion:14}} Sion had survived his fight with Jarvan I and retired as a Noxian War Hero (- Sion) What if: {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench´s victim (the Gambler) had lived in Freljord? (Freljord Tahm Kench) What if: {{champion:58}} {{champion:75}} Renekton and Nasus´ places had been switched? (Nasus in the tomb with Xerath, going insane, Renekton standing vigilant) - (Rageborn Nasus, Vigilant Renekton) That´s just a few, I always have imaginings like those in my head XD
Oooo that last one sounds pretty damn cool! :D
: Firestorm Janna
Great minds think alike? :D http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Hey all! Totally forgot to update this thread! We got [Fire Storm Janna, Marauder Miss Fortune, and Soul Stealer ](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/) Bard! :D
Shíny (NA)
: Is the creature pictured in the Bilgewater crest the Blue Flame Leviathan?
Haha interesting observation! So the Serpent Callers actually just summoned *a* leviathan, of which there may be others :) Also good to note, the Battle of the Serpent was a recent event, whereas the Bilgewater crest dates back at least a century or more...And even the crest itself was influenced by of the ancient symbology of the native islanders, which dates back thousands of years... Good question though!
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Updated the [Gallery](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html) with Dragon Trainer Annie and Dragon Slayer Zed!
: Forsaken Fiora - Skin Concept
ERBAGUHGERBLEHUH! THIS IS SO COOL!! *Vomits rainbows* Ahem...*straightens tie* I mean...it's cool...you know, if you like that sort of thing... (And having worked on Forsaken Jayce...I really *do* like that sort of thing <3)
: But Jayce was always evil?
Nah, he was always a sappy good guy...but I've had my sights on him for a while... >.> **<Crosses "Jayce" off list>**
: Actually when I joined the skins team I'd just tell people 'I'm the dark-Leona guy' and they'd go 'Oh cool I remember that!'. Given that my job is to concept ideas for new skins it's not unlikely that Leona will get a dark skin like this in the future. RiotPenguin and I have a clandestine mandate: "An evil skin for every champion". I know talking about it kind of foils the secret nature Archer-style, but how often does LeBlanc mention The Black Rose?
Well...I guess it's not clandestine anymore >.> **<hefts battle ax>**...They know we're coming
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Updated the gallery with Dragon Slayer Zed! I can't for the life of me remember who suggested this, so ping me if it was you! :D http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html
FaiZhang (NA)
: Thanks! I'm loving the interactions between the community and the reds! I love the text monsters! <3 Keep up the awesome work :) P.S. If you don't mind me asking... what's some of the art that you worked on? Just curious. ^_^
Haha thanks! So pretty much, if it's evil and has a fur collar, it's probably mine ;) -- Most recently I worked on Forsaken Jayce, Archanist Ziggs, Omega Squad Teemo, the Warden and Marauder skins, and Blood Moon Kalista :)
FaiZhang (NA)
: Wow dude... i really didn't expect anyone to see this post in general. I just wanted a care-free environment to express how I felt. I'm not autistic... but that was pretty offensive man. Just... dang. o(╥﹏╥)o
Don't mind him - I just read his last few posts and it seems like he's just an angry hateful dude to everyone. Best to just ignore people like that... I personally _love _ your text art - I particularly like how you put a cut in the orc's ear, and gave the alien tentacle whiskers! Very creative. ;) Anyway, thanks so much for posting dude, got me right in the feels...I'm so glad to hear that you're starting to gain confidence in yourself! And I would echo other people's comments that even though it was League that broke you out of your shell, YOU were always in there from the beginning. and now that you're out, you can be proud of yourself and stand on your own two feet, outside of the game as well! **YOU **get to decide who you want to be and where you want to go in life! Kick butt dude!
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Updated the gallery with Underworld Renekton! http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html
Frayace (NA)
: I love these :D. But I have a sad question: Does you doing these and posting them here mean that they will probably never be skins?
No - It means they have just as much a chance of getting made as any other fan suggested idea :) -- Just depends no how much the community demands it! :D
: HOLY Sh*t rito actually replies to something....
That's a lie...who told you that >.>
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Hey all! Updated the gallery with Head Hunter Vi! http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html :D http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-11KnNRL8XjM/VPNvgmcVEyI/AAAAAAAAAhM/WPyJBpMgbEs/s1600/HeadHunterVi.jpg
Shíny (NA)
: Some one already posted [**my list**](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/yH9yufIL-list-of-riot-games-artists), but i definitely recommend Riot penguin's [**Blog**](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/faq.html#RIOT_beforeriot) (Which Answers a few of your questions) and [**stream**](http://www.twitch.tv/riot_penguin) for aspiring artists. I'd love to hear some other perspectives on this from any other rioters though, hopefully you get a response from some of them :)
Hey! So I've actually tried to answer those kind of questions in...my....oh...um. Yeah...what he said >.> Haha hope that helped, and let me know if there's anything it didn't answer! :)
: Lunar goddess leona, Riot Leona Dark magician lux Skarner-y reksai or reksai-y skarner {{champion:33}} ??
Haha I've done 3/4 of those ;)
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Here's ** [Ghost Bride Lissandra!](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html) **
: Graveborn Lissandra (Instead of colored ice spikes, she's riding zombie arms)
That's literally one of the first Fan Art sketches I ever did ;) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WBV-PRFY0qE/Urid56aaIUI/AAAAAAAAASg/U0llCHoAMo0/s1600/Lissandra_Undead.jpg
freAK47 (NA)
: Hey RiotPenguin. I'm wondering if you were at all familiar with the Roleplaying part of the forums? And if you had ever considered doing art besides champion art?
I am not familiar. What's that?
: Statikk Shyv. {{champion:102}} {{item:3087}}
I see what you did there...now GET OUT. Lol what would she be? A robot? Or elemental?
Frayace (NA)
: I love these :D. But I have a sad question: Does you doing these and posting them here mean that they will probably never be skins?
Whether it's suggested by a fan, Riot artist, or Riot engineer intern -- When we have a brainstorming for a new skin, all ideas are thrown up on the wall, and then the team votes. So them being here doesn't mean they're somehow black listed -- I can still propose them in a brainstorm...but they also don't get any special treatment just because I drew them. Does that make sense?
Avelden (NA)
: Scorched Earth Zac
: Blood moon Diana please! Like, she is the Scorn of the Moon!! D: She /needs/ one! {{item:3070}} {{champion:131}}
Number 6 ;) http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Here's ** [Pretty Pretty Princess Sion](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html) ** for *DMC75001*!
Granodd (NA)
: >Shaco is dressed in a tactical uniform, a hood drawn over his head and either a gas mask with enough eye features and designs to know that it's Shaco or a solid face mask that he would wear that is almost like a computer screen, a very simple smily face on it. His belt would have small devices that would be his equivalent of jack-in-the-boxes. His pants would be large and baggy, coming down to meet very long and narrow combat boots as to keep in line with Shaco's aesthetic. His daggers could either be made of some special techy energy or just be normal combat knives. > > Q - Shaco would disappear in a digitized puff of orange pixels and 'smoke'. When he breaks stealth he reappears, but not all at once, starting with either the head or the feet as an orange line of digital pixels travels up or down from wherever they started respectfully, revealing Shaco. > > W - Shaco throws his Jack-in-the-box, although it appears to be more like a landmine or pocket sized turret that winds down and arms itself, having the same digitized effect when it enters stealth. Enemies that trigger it cause its lights to flash and its turret to swivel towards the enemy, firing either lasers or bullets. When it dies, it gives off sparks and smoke before looking broken. > > E - Not much can be done here without looking overly flashy. Shaco throws one of his combat knives, or perhaps the knife he throws is retextured to look like a throwing knife. > > R - Same digitized smoke cloud as Shaco makes two of him. When the clone dies, it explodes in a fiery explosion and no death animation, but still giving Shaco's death noise. Edit: Found my original quote for what his skills would look like
: MECHA {{champion:111}} Nautilus (Transforms into a battleship) WARLORD {{champion:120}} Hecarim (Usually they have demon mask on their face and they use Naginata while riding) an example of this: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs38/f/2008/360/6/7/game_design_Eastern_Centaur_by_ilison.jpg
Wooow I don't think I need to do Warlord Hecarim. That piece is already awesome!
Granodd (NA)
: Special Forces Shaco?
Haha that's a new one - - What would his abilities look like?
: you drew a lot of dark theme, how about some light here? Fairy Janna make her cloud (iirc it's her W) into pixie, yellow light theme would be nice, her Q will similar to galio, and don't forget about the wings pls Princess ezreal, this will be fun, community often ask if he's male or female, so why not make him totally look like a girl ?? he should wear armor though, some pincess-y armor, it will fit him since he's short haired and kinda tomboy. Galactic Syndra balls --> black holes, E --> supernova, R --> black holes thrown as meteors Undead Zed, make her shadow into soul, and other undead-y thing Atlantic Azir his soldier made of water, his weapon will be trident, and all with blue theme farting singed okay this is more deadly than teemo's mushrooms
Addonays (NA)
: not sure if anyone said this yet but wreaking ball {{champion:61}} dance or recall which ever you want, should be her riding it like the actually wreaking ball music vid LOL
:3 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-PPZEOUqfyq4/Urid9nlRMpI/AAAAAAAAAT8/XL24rtIoUQU/s1600/WreckingBallOrianna.jpg
: battlecast orianna it would even make sense since both Viktor pls and ori are robots
You mean this? :D http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-PPZEOUqfyq4/Urid9nlRMpI/AAAAAAAAAT8/XL24rtIoUQU/s1600/WreckingBallOrianna.jpg
TakoBell (NA)
: Hey @RiotPenguin, {{champion:90}} Malzahar hasn't had a skin in a while I believe, and he would be a prime candidate for the dragon master theme. His voidlings could be mini dragons or dragonlings. His Q would produce flames from both portals , or the portals themselves could be dragon heads spewing fire. (Something akin to a fire mage's dragons breath in WoW, on each side) His W could turn into a ring of fire. His new Maelfic Visions could immolate its targets. His ult would look like a flamethrower or something similar, perhaps like the flamethrower in Mythbuster's "Fire vs. Ice" episode. I think the dragon voidlings would make the skin though. At the various stages of voidling frenzy, the dragonlings could mature and get bigger. (I.E. when first summoned, the dragonling begins as a whelp, and eventually turns into a full fledged dragon after 14 seconds.) _____ Unrelated to Malzahar, (or possibly related to, please blow my mind) I would love to see you draw some Warhammer 40k themed skins for any champions that you feel could be done justice in that style. {{champion:268}} Azir already resembles a Necron Lord, and could summon Necron soldiers and his passive tower could be a Monolith. Tyranid void creatures. {{champion:42}} Corki could be in a land speeder. Dreadnought Rumble{{champion:68}} . Imperial Guard Engineer Heimerdinger {{champion:74}} with various heavy weapons and artillery as his turrets. Anything Space Marine would particularly awesome, these are just a few I thought of off the top of my head. (I think somewhere above there is a request for a Lucian skin that is Warhammer 40k themed btw) Thanks
I love the Dragon Master Malz idea - very well thought out!
: Karate Lee Sin Woad Riven
Oo I like Woad Riven. What would her sword evolution look like? It'd be cool if it were more than just a broken sword getting fixed
: well, we already ran through Sobek, Anubis, and Ra for major god figtures..... maybe base her on Sekhmet...lioness headed Egyptian warrior goddess http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekhmet Skin team should really consider this one, its a great idea and REALLY fits in theme since Sekhmet is sometimes referred to as the daughter of Ra and Sivir is of Azir's lineage
Yeah I was thinking some sort of big cat as well. I'll keep that in mind for the next stream!
: Ruthless Zed or Gangplank! You know you want to.
What would those look like in your mind?
: Thank you so much for making these. Could you please make a sketch of Orianna? Not the champion Orianna, technically, or maybe it is? Who knows how that infinity gear works, but anyway, the human Orianna as she would have been had she survived to be a champion as she dreamed. and/or Ascended Sivr. Frankly, I can't don't know why that wasn't a skin Riot made for the Shurima event, but I would really like to see a concept of it. Whether or not you make any of these, thank you.
Ooo what would her ascendant animal be?
: wait theres a person called riot penguin? awesome penguins are amazing! they will one-day rule the world!
I know right! And I for one welcome our fluffy overlords...
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Hey everyone, thanks for the great ideas! I just updated the [**Fan Art for Fans Gallery**](http://riotpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/fan-art-for-fans.html) with **Undead Jinx** and **Soul Stone Taric** -- Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the stream, and keep postin' them ideas for next time!
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