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: With Karthus's Requiem voiceover, will he be able to hear his own lines globally? If I'm ulting as Karthus, I'm often looking at a different part of the map than the one I'm in, so I'd miss out on all those badass VO lines. **"Sing, with your final breath!"**
That's a good idea, thanks for mentioning it! Will have to look into this possibility because based on what I can think of right now, he'd be the only champion that uses it (unless we want to do Ashe/Jinx/Ezreal ults as well or something...)
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: I'm really reading everything under the 'Sona' header as 'We're removing her auras.' And I don't like that. Because I like her auras. I think they're cool and a niche that I think no one else currently holds. You really have an inconsistent track record with 'making the champion feel demonstrably like themselves' when it comes to remakes. I hope you've learned your lessons from the Karma and Skarner remakes, because I don't want Sona to become something completely different.
I agree with you about our inconsistent record of maintaining a champion's identity through some of the updates in the past. One of the goals of adjusting our team's scope was to make sure that we have art and gameplay working together to make sure our updates are cohesive and true to the champion in every way. Before, when we had more piecemeal updates from various different teams, it was more difficult to coordinate and communicate about this. Sona is a project we're taking very seriously because she's well liked by players and picked quite often (in general play, not necessarily in LCS). There are major elements of Sona that players really like, so we're making sure to take that into account-- that's integral to our strategy when revisiting old champions.
: "A note on our upcoming aims – with Heimerdinger, Twitch, and Karthus we’re closing out a stretch of art-focused updates and moving into a period where we’re shifting the emphasis to gameplay. This does not mean we’re abandoning art; Gameplay Updates will still be supported with visual retouches where necessary, and for our more comprehensive projects we’re looking at champions with outdated / irrelevant gameplay in addition to lagging visuals (i.e. a certain undead behemoth)." Does this mean you are slowing down on VU releases? Please tell me I'm reading this wrong.
Not necessarily-- visual updates are a really important and valuable thing our team works on! It's just that in between visual updates, the team will also be delivering gameplay-focused updates as well. Our goal is to bring champions up to the quality bar, whether they need cosmetic upgrades, gameplay changes, or whatever combination.
Irailya (NA)
: I work at Riot now?
I never thought I'd have to share my name (Seb-- but not Sebastian!) with anyone, and it turns out when I started working with the Champ Update team, the new dev management guy and I were both named Seb. Always new and exciting challenges at Riot {{summoner:3}}
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