: Here's how your post **did not** start: > I was in a game with some sexist fuckwads and I was hoping to have a discussion about what can be done about the problem. Here's how your post **did** start: > Is Riot going to do something or does toxic sexism not matter to them? Drama. Accusations. Non-starter for conversation. Here's how your post **did not** end: > I'd like some feedback on this situation and to hear what others think. Here's how your post **did** end: > but I don't want to support something that doesn't protect people against abuse and I am feeling very exposed and attacked Drama. Ego. You came at this in a way that very much does make you look like a complainer, and attacking Riot as if they don't do anything to combat toxic behavior of all kinds.
Thank you for those tips. I may not have worded my post to your liking, but it came from a place of vulnerability. I run into sexist comments often and I would like to know that the company cares enough to do something about it. I'm not looking to start drama. In fact, I am looking to end it by ending sexism, racism, and hate in general. I am not attacking Riot. I am simply making observations about the employees speaking out about what is really going on behind the scenes and what I am experiencing by playing the game. I am curious about what those observations entail. I see you picking my post apart and telling me all the things you dislike about it instead of looking at it openly and seeing my plea for help. The intention was not to seem as a complainer, but sexism is a problem that comes up many times through league and should be more harshly addressed just like racism.
: > I've heard nothing back You are not entitled to hear anything back regarding punishment on someone else's account. > but it seems that a 5 to 10 day ban There are no 5 or 10 day bans in any punishment system currently in place. > At least an in-game chat ban. For one toxic game? Not gonna happen. > have 26 out of the 42 deaths So, we're still mixing this supposed inting thing up with the toxic chat. Interesting. Also, are you posting on more than one account?
That is actually helpful feedback. I am not 100% on how the punishment system works and that is one of the reasons I came to this board. I want to know if I could expect something in response or if it's unlikely anything will be done. I am just so used to seeing instant feedback reports afterwards that I thought we would always receive them if something is being done about the report.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Welcome to league of legends where 'women' (aka everyone who plays support, because every support player must be a woman, right?) aren't allowed to play the game without being constantly faced with harassment and sexism {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Well said! I think maybe it could, and should, be time for a change.
: > I expect Riot to care about toxic behaviors and inters. You're mixing up two things here, and it's really weird. > Those should both be punishable. They are. What are you expecting? As I told the other person, as gross as those comments are, they're not going to result in a permanent ban on the first shot. > I didn't mean to offend you if I did. What do I have to be offended by? I don't have anything to do with your situation. However, I don't like arguments that start with "zomg Rito doesn't do anything about x." They do. It's toxic behavior that will get punished if it happens too frequently.
I am not expecting an instant permaban. I expected a feedback report, but have received nothing. Even just a warning is fair game. I just want to know that this behavior is being looked at and handled and, like I said, the news of sexism within the company is discouraging. You just seemed to come at me a little aggressive with your comments assuming I like drama, have no suggestions, and just want to complain. I am sorry I began the argument in a way you do not like, but it is a real issue and I hope you can see that.
: I don't know if you've heard but they've had several sexism lawsuits against them in the past year or so. They do not care.
That is really too bad. I have recently been informed that there are issues within the company. I guess I just want to know that they are at least trying to handle this issue.
Zardo (NA)
: Probably not. I've dealt with my fair share of people like that and they all tend to avoid any real punishment, so riot probably doesnt have any systems to pick that up automatically. Your best bet is to submit a support ticket.
: > Is Riot going to do something You know, enough of these goddamn threads from people. Seriously. It sucks that assholes exist and say stupid things. But what do you expect Riot to do, ban them prematurely before something happens? > Not to mention top was 0/16 and diving the enemy base Oh now we get to the meat and potatoes of the whole thing, you're pissed that you lost the game. **EDIT**: Which game has the 0/16 top laner? I checked your recent (all Twisted Treeline) match history and I don't see it. Please point me in the right direction. > but I don't want to support something that doesn't protect people against abuse Do you perhaps have any suggestions on how Riot could handle this differently than it's already handled, or do you just want to complain? > I am feeling very exposed and attacked No, you probably don't have any suggestions. You like drama.
I expect Riot to care about toxic behaviors and inters. Prematurely before something happens? Something DID happen. The player demonstrated sexism and inting. Those should both be punishable. Losing a game fair and square is nothing to me. Experiencing abuse and people trying to lose a ranked game is definitely something. I want to know it is being handled. I want to know that I am supporting a company that cares about their employees and customers no matter their sex (or race). I didn't mean to offend you if I did. You seem upset with me when I am just asking for reassurance in this company. But maybe I am wrong. I do not like to assume when it comes to online stranger's feelings. It was a solo/duo ranked match where I played Nami. Date was 9/07.
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