RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Favorite: {{champion:161}} Sorry I don't have a least favorite, I don't find most champions running animations to be that memorable.
: I really hate lethality M.F, so recommend me a build for the moment.
I really think the new {{item:3095}} is a good first item on her. You can go {{item:3071}} , {{item:3675}} , {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}} and finish with either {{item:3812}} or a {{item:3035}} item. This gives good power in your first two items without going lethality or waiting on a bunch of gold for early crit, but then you have crit for the mid/late game to shred tanks.
Terozu (NA)
: Name one issue that has been present for 'literal years'.
: Globe of Trust was utterly inefficient for Gold Generation unless you were actively trying to get hit.... and that's a sure way to lose lane. Trust me, I loved this item on paper and I tried really hard to make it work, but it just doesn't.
I always got a ton of gold with that item. Sure the tier 1 and 2 versions wouldn't get you much gold if you lane opponents play passive, the but tier 3 item would give you like 100 gold every teamfight/skirmish. It was also just so much free money if you happened to be against a teemo (because you can use it to block the damage every time someone steps a shroom).
Anonagon (NA)
: Not understanding 7.24 Morg changes
I think the idea is the cooldown reduction on W will let her cast it a lot more, but support morgana typically doesn't build any mana items and maxes W last so won't be able to get nearly as much damage off of this buff. If Mid Morg builds RoA + Morellos, she can get a lot of W's off, and should do more DPS in fights.
: When's the last time you saw a Volibear in your games?
I tried picking him recently in the jungle, but my team dodged {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
pumamew (EUNE)
: I was lvl 18 before preseason start and it feels like I missed the important part on the way to get champions for early levels easier. I did some math and I had 8200 IP gained from 1-18. But in the new system it would be 10082 BE and Ashe and Garen and Brand . Ashe+Garen+Brand(450+450+4800) being 5700 BE, thats a total of 15782 IP so I missed roughly half of IP and it sucks, cause the leveling from 18 to 30 is much harder then from 1-18 and from 18 to 30 I will get 10230 BE which is 5500 less then from 1-18 which took less time. So for my leveling experience from 18-30 which belongs to the "getting champions to play" state of the new leveling System. In the old system, I can read in your chart, I would need on average 111 more games to get from 18 to 30. 111 games multiplied by average "old-system" IP gain from 67 IP is 7437 + 1. win of the day every 6 games which would be 18 times 150 which is 2700 IP . So i add 7437 with 2700 and got 10100 IP which is very close to the new System. And the old system would be better if I dont calculated with 1. Win of the day IP every 6 but every 4 games. So even if its very rewarding on the early levels from 1-18 which takes about 55 games. About the double of time (111 games) it could be even worse then the old system. And thats the problem I see with the new system which needs to be fixed. And especially in my case its very unfortunately. Please give me the "now" BE I lost in the early levels.
Well that's really only an issue if you care about playing Brand. (you can buy Garen or Ashe easily enough) If you don't want Brand it doesn't really matter. Owning ALL champions really isn't that important for enjoyment of league, just getting a good selection of champions you enjoy playing.
: Fleet Footwork has no late game fantasy
It gives pretty big heals for AP champs though (.2 AP scaling). Of course, most of them don't want attack speed (for the precision path bonus) but the ones that do (kayle, teemo, azir) can probably make use of it. That doesn't fix its problem with ad champs, but they can just buff the AD ratio on the heal at higher levels (like lvl 11 or something?) and then it does give the fantasy of enormous heals while kiting late game.
: Is it me, or jungling just got harder for certain champs?
Yeah I just played Hecarim, Rammus, and Ezreal in the jungle. Ezreal was fine (OP with dark harvest, but his jungle clear was pretty same), but Hecarim cleared a lot slower, and Rammus took way more damage (I actually executed at krugs, despite basically maining rammus jungle this season). Certain champions clear a lot slower, and pretty much all melee champs that don't have a lot of sustain take a lot more damage in the jungle.
: Fixing Champions who aren't included now; should be pushed out ~2PM to all regions.
Can you also fix the Precision Tree Combat tab? Right now it lists Coup de Grace as the only available rune, but there should be two other choices shown. Furthermore, the arrow in Corki's base health update is not formatted correctly.
: hitting lux'e skill requiring much good play lel
Yeah the OP is only talking about scenarios where he hits both enemy champs with one E. It may not be difficult to hit one champ with a lux E, but hitting 2 when they are both trying to dodge is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rockman,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hx39oM2T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-26T00:04:00.306+0000) > > mah wife Hire some thugs to kidnap Yugi and steal his millennium item. Kaiba did it in~~ Season 1. ~~ Season 0.
> [{quoted}](name=DragonTroopBeta,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hx39oM2T,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-26T00:06:10.858+0000) > > Hire some thugs to kidnap Yugi and steal his millennium item. Kaiba did it in~~ Season 1. ~~ Season 0. I'm pretty sure it's part of the plot that you have to beat the owner of a millennium item in a duel or you won't be able to use it properly.
Procella (EUW)
: Xayah and Rakan are so fun!
Rakan is so fun! I didn't like him at first because I tried to build him AP, but after I saw LCS players go courage of the colossus and a tankier build, I realized he's really fun if you play him that way. Feels great to be mobile as a support.
Werdx (EUNE)
: Players with 350 mastery points
Don't look at bronze as a bad thing, almost 35% of players are in it. Unless you have dreams of being an LCS player, it is more fun to have fair games in bronze than to lose all the time in gold or diamond. Leagues is about having fun, if you end up in bronze for a while because you are a relatively new player, don't let it tilt you just have fun playing with players around your skill level. Also, the most effective way to climb is to main two or three meta champions, so players who have high mastery scores may be stuck in bronze because they play a different champ every game instead of focusing on a couple to master them.
: It's a semantic, but every champion in the game sans {{champion:429}} has at least one 100% AD ratio via their basic attacks, which can't be dismissed since some champions realistically have 0% AP scaling and get no value at all from AP, while any champion will lat least get basic attack damage via AD that can be multiplied with crit and attack speed. Barring that... All of these Marksmen have an AD Ratio specifically stated as 100% or higher total. {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}}{{champion:21}}{{champion:15}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:498}} --- Lucian has a 100% BONUS AD ratio, and Kogmaw can pass up 100% on targets below a certain health threshold. {{champion:236}} {{champion:96}} --- These four are the only ADCs who don't have an explicitly 100% AD Ratio in their kits somewhere. {{champion:42}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Actually, corki R big one at lvl 16 has a 1.5 bonus AD ratio. twitch E fully stacked has a 1.5 AD bonus AD ratio, and Tristana E has about a 2.0 AD ratio on her fully stacked E (when maxed) as well.
: I believe it also works with Shen Ult on Twitch
Fun fact it also works with Shen ult on Kayn. If kayn is ulting someone and shen ults him there's no warning that shen is coming in.
Spooder (EUW)
: Humiliated in my first ever ranked game
Don't let them discourage you. You'll get placed into a better mmr for you soon. If you don't already do this, I recommend making liberal use of the mute button on players who are being toxic. If someone calls you bad or is being a jerk in the first few minutes of the game, they are unlikely to contribute something useful in the chat the rest of the game so you are better off muting them.
: What's happen if u take Hunt of the Blood Moon as keystone and Magical footwear (the one where u can't buy any boots, cause u get it for free at ten) ? Cause if i recall the BM active is on boots
I believe that just means you can't use the hunt of the blood moon until 10 minutes, just like if you took the keystone and didn't buy boots until 10 minutes. Definitely some anti-synergy.
: Pre level 30 has 0 balanced fair games.
That's what the new system this preseason is going to fix. I believe everyone has all runes available from lvl 1 (for free). I'm not sure if they are removing lvl restrictions on summoner, spells, but I think they are too. That won't fix all the smurfs running around, but it should help.
Evangele (NA)
: If Your Summoner Name Was an In Game Item
An item that lets you summon a zombie knight to fight for you (like yorick ult, but weaker). It would be a tank item that gives armor, CDR and mana building from glacial shroud. The zombie knight would only fight champions, not minions.
Blackwindy (EUNE)
: I bought these runes for permanent use. PERMANENT USE. They didn't have a sticker on them with an expiration date.
No video game has an expiration date on it, but many multiplayer games get their servers shut off in a few years. League is lucky to have lasted as long as it has. And you didn't spend any money on those runes they only cost IP but you are not losing access to runes.. You are now getting access to ALL runes for free in the preseason and getting some free blue essence to spend on champions on top of it.
: am i wrong or is ornn garbage
He seems good the couple times I've seen him. The passive means its hard for him to get pushed out of lane (since he can just build a cloth armor, ruby crystal, or null magic mantle every few waves, depending on his lane opponent), his W gives him a good amount of survivability and the ulti is really strong with a rather low cooldown for what it does. He doesn't do that much damage, or win lanes super hard, but he can ult twice within a short time late game (if he has max cdr), and his passive is quite good. Also, his E is a mini malphite ult. I think he's a solid tank.
: PBE Livestream: Ornn, today at 4 PM Pacific
: thats really on the players being btches and not playing the game out just because it isnt easy and surrendering
False, I've had so many games lately where inhib towers are broken pre 20 minutes, had a game where we took all 11 towers by 22 mins yesterday I think. The game has gotten more snowbally the last couple patches, it's too common to see one side straight up kill the nexus pre30 minutes compared to before.
: I like how every single rework has people saying it needs reverted- they're not going to. At best they will push the rework back towards the original abilities, they don't just go back to it entirely. If it was a bad design before, they're not going back because the current design is bad too.
They might, they reverted Kog'Maw, and he never was as permabanned as new Zac is. Also, new Zac is a problem in pro play too. It really wasn't bad design, he was a relatively fun and modern champion with a respectable playerbase. Sure, his Q and W were not the most interesting skills, but a champion doesn't need all 5 abilities to be super crazy to be fun to play.
: genuinely curious how Zac is supposed to be a healthier champion than he was
Agreed, so much. Before his rework, Zac was a healthy, balanced, and reasonably popular champion. Now, Zac is super annoying because either he lands his ulti and wins your team the fight, or the enemy flashes out of it and he's completely useless because he jumped out with no one inside him and his E is on cooldown. The new ult just has way too much power compared to his old one, and the new Q is a cool idea, but not really necessary for a kit that already had a 1 second knockup on E and cc on his ult. TBH I really just wish they would revert the changes.
: Ancient Coin line quest rework
This would be a terrible change, lol. For one thing Janna already exists, no need to put her passive on an item. For another, the whole point of the support quests was to encourage people to play them by giving them a "selfish" reward so they wouldn't feel bad about getting the least gold and xp. Getting rid of the free ability point in exchange for an aura passive doesn't make sense. People will still buy coin because the gold generation is OP now, but most solo queue players won't care much about the quest anymore.
FilDaFunk (EUW)
: Extra heal and shield power? Restores mana on kill or assist? I'd take either of these - the second one seems much more awesome. EDIT: What about 5% extra cdr (max 50%): it won't be necessary for most supports to take it, but would be really nice on utility supports.
It already does restore mana on kill and assist... Read the item, in addition to the extra skill point you get bonus gold and mana on kill or assist.
: Does it not allow you to get your ult earlier or does the quest not finish by that point in the game?
You usually finish the quest between lvl 8 and lvl 10 depending how many coins you get. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to finish it pre 6.
: I don't think Akali being a user is a bad thing. But to address your concern, we aren't going to jump to conclusions - and you're right that it does add variety into these champion builds - after all not everybody does build it. I would not worry about us gutting the item. There are designers and playtesters here that agree with you in that it is a really cool purchase on those champs! :)
One option you have for nerfing it in an interesting way would make the active scale with range: so either slow travel time (instead of instant) or have the damage + slow scale with range. This way it is more effective for the melee champions: Akali, Eve, Morde, etc. and less effective on ranged champs like leblanc and ahri. This would hit kayle a bit as a side effect, but i don't see her build gunblade too much to be honset.
GGLineaR (NA)
: {{champion:74}} Rito pls.
Thunderlord's is sooo good on heimer though. One partial connection wtih W procs it.
: It's the same for Riven, her Bronze-Gold win rate is sub-par it only gets decent in plat and only fairly strong in Diamond-Challenger. Even then that is because in Diamond-Challenger she is played by dedicated mains almost entirely.
Actually Lee's bronze-gold winrate is over 50% and he's the best overall jungler right now accordign to in gold and silver, and the second best in bronze.
Eedat (NA)
: The amount of us low ELO players that complain about Lee Sin is astounding
According to Lee Sin is the best overall jungler in Gold, Silver, and he's the second best jungler in Bronze. I have no idea wtf you think you're talking about. Look at overall performance ranking, not winrate. Even in bronze, his winrate is over 50% anyway.
: ARSR is...
My issue with it was that the enemy team ended up with COMPLETELY meta teamcomps both times I tried it, and I was the only one that ended up playing an off role/champion. It felt like I was just playing normals, except I got stuck with a troll pick while everyone else was playing try-hard meta stuff.
: I still think Rylai's should build out of 2 blasting wands instead of a Needlessly Large Rod + Book.
Rylais doesn't build out of needlessly large rod, and has less AP than 2 blasting wands.
: Easy way to increase warding in games
This would have been a good idea back when wards cost 75 gold each and you could buy as many as you want, but now they are highly limited by trinkets/sightstones so this is a useless stat. It's better to save your trinket ward and use it in the enemy jungle when you get the chance to do so safely than to just use it on cooldown willy nilly. I don't want people placing trinket wards in random spots as soon as they come off cooldown just to improve their KDAW.
: Who do you guys think is the most balanced champion
{{champion:161}} : I don't think he's ever been nerfed. He was buffed once, and changed a little in the mage rework. He always does a lot of damage, but there is clear counterplay in interrupting his ulti. Also, his Q is one of the most fun skillshots in the game.
: I do think it is good, but his current ult is also crazy strong even if it does not look like it. If you then consider that he has the lowest winrate of any toplaner (outside of nunu and ryze) it is hard to argue that he does not need buffs after this.
True that last nerf hit him hard, but they are changing his E and passive a bit, so hopefully it will wind up being a buff.
: That does make it seem quite a bit weaker than his current ult. Can we expect buffs to his base abilities or is his new ult actually insane?
Well think about it like this, currently Maokai manages to dive and reach his target without having any cc on his ult, so he can just drop this shortly after he roots someone with his W for a guaranteed root. Sure the rest of the enemy team might be able to outrun the ult if they have boots, but they'll be abandoning whoever you targeted. It also could be chained with other allied cc, or just used to zone off a choke point.
: Should i get Leona?
Yeah I would recommend Leona. She is great if you want to play super aggressive. She would also give you another option for a tank, since the only frontline option you have right now is Sion. Leona is very good against Soraka and Lux, but not as good into Janna, Morgana, or most tank supports. She also is good with ADCs that are good early game or have CC, but not good with adcs that are weak early game and have no CC (like Kog'Maw).
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Lambyy (NA)
: Its really probably your computer, The new client worked perfectly on low-spec mode for my old laptop, and now that i have a beast of a pc it works perfect on regular settings, Its almost entirely just an isolated case for you that you should figure out yourself. or just enable low spec? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It is not his computer, I and all my friends still have major performance issues with the new client. And yes I'm using low spec mode.
: For the love of the gods, have you made the mastery/rune pages into tabs like on the legacy client, or do we have to suffer through drop menus? Drop menus are probably the least efficient way to navigate.
: Did you enable Low-Spec Mode? It's for anyone having issues, not just people on toasters.
I'm having similar issues with Cavill. When I type a champion name into the search bar in champ select, it takes over 5 seconds to filter to show the champion I want to pick or ban. So I'm forced to dodge unless I pick something about 10 seconds before the timer is up. Yes I play in low spec mode, and have no issues running the actual game. Nor was this a problem in the legacy client.
koshkyra (NA)
: What do you guys think is the most fun-to-use skillshot in this game?
: Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction
Why is the crit damage reduction on Randuin's being removed? Crit ADCs are already quite overbearing to deal with as tanks in the late game, this change doesn't seem to fit the direction of all the other updates.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dethflash,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kgENFELN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-04T22:55:30.998+0000) > > I saw a gold player stuck in a ranked game of challengers. Yeah you would think with 100 million people playing league at least once a month, riot could make matches even, but nope. You get crap like 5 silvers vs 1 silver and 4 diamonds. Pics or it didn't happen bud, I have never once ever, ever, ever, ever played against a challenger player. Ever.
Just watch a challenger player's stream. At least once every couple weeks there will be a player with a gold border in one of their games.
Grockk (NA)
: I'm a little confused why Amumu is receiving a buff considering he has had a >50% win rate for years
According to he's actually below 50% for the first time in a while now (and remember RIot balances for Platinum, AKA where gets their data). Amumu is also in the bottom 50% for junglers in overall performance. He did spend multiple seasons being in the top 3 for win rate in the jungle, so he probably doesn't deserve and immediate buff after he's been dominant so long, but this is definitely the weakest Amumu has been in years (prior to the buff).
: played 4 support games this morning
Wow, clearly the entire community is wrong based on your sample size of 4 games of a role you clearly don't' main.
: hmm let's see, i would probably make something like {{champion:63}} Passive {{champion:27}} Q {{champion:14}} W {{champion:91}} E {{champion:38}} R
That would be OP wow.
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