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: The reasoning, from what I can understand behind that, is that at high elo dying has a much bigger consequence than at lower elo. Lower elo you kinda brush it off, down a few hundred gold but whatever, not that big, but higher elo punishes so much harder for small mistakes. Although technically not inting, 0/2 in high diamond and 0-2 in gold are completely different monsters
There's also the matter of "trading kills" when one is your 2/0 Jungler and the other is an 0/2 Support. The jungler loses out so much more because shut down, objective control, as well as all the gold pocketed from it through assists. While the reasoning is there, it doesn't detract from the hostility that breeds from every death being an "intentional feed" when you simply get caught. It enforces a negative mindset that the person who died did so to bring your team down and thus lowers the morale of everyone else. It could be a 1v5 under tower, but hindsight 20/20 in that everything could be prevented simply by avoiding the situation which is impossible unless you're a mind reader. In short, every death I could easily argue is inting because you _knowingly and willingly_ took a trade / decision that resulted in your demise. Ergo, you can't say "I didn't know they dive me" when you stayed, their team was missing and you were being pushed which means it would be a better decision to forfeit the objective for your life. This should not be the case in a **_team-based strategy game._**
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: Boards Usage: Part 1 - Formatting
Off-topic question, when are we going to get this scheme across all the rest of the boards. On-topic THANK YOU I WANTED THIS SO BAD <3
: Just Bronze Things
Hate to break it to you, but those are brass.
: What is most contested role?
It used to be mid, but I think it's either jungle or bot/support cause ganks and the tower being made of paper.
: I have begun permabanning cait. Interestingly all cait players insist she is not OP in any way.
Half of my health at level 2 says othewise.
Le Him (NA)
: 10 Ban System - Perma Ban Yasuo EVERY GAME.
Let me know how it goes after your 20th game with {{champion:51}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 6
This thought completely hit me as I was playing a game earlier what with all the updates. Any chance of updating the splash for Sorceress Lux?
: Your Roles
Support before a Mid laner. As much as I love the 1v1, I like being a babysitter/guardian angel for my team.
: Your mains' Passives are now three times as powerful. How OP are they?
{{champion:103}} Triple the heal or heal 3 times as fast. Is it both? Any way you cut it, heal your entire health bar on a Q {{champion:99}} -starts building {{item:3094}} for extra range- Pop the passives {{champion:22}} Hope you didn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Probably worse than a Morgana binding.
: yeah but.. the game that you linked me is a loss.... so it just seems weird that you're saying she can do all this op stuff and lose.
1v5 against 3 fed enemies is difficult. Win or Loss, it's still impressive from a solo perspective.
: But what does this have to do with my post?
She's still strong hence why she's still banned. If not then she's as bad as Yasuo in terms of having one in your games. What, you expecting me to say she's broken in some form? Until the remove her ult, she's still going to be a very, very, very good pick due to her mobility and charm. Lowering the numbers does not change much, you get hit with a charm during a teamfight, you're going to die.
: I dont really understand what you're trying to say...
Basically, nerfs still hurt and she's still a strong pick. Other than that, she's still popular.
: That moment when ahri still gets banned after the nerf Even weakened, I still managed a 2v1 under turret at almost no health. That and I have the bad luck that if they're not on my team, they are some diamond player getting fed.
: Is there a reason i shouldnt be playing taliyah as a support?
My issue with it is how restricted becomes. Bot lane's smaller than mid and doesn't quite allow a lot of room for you to Q. After about 4 uses, you've effectively turn your 12 rocks into 3 for a short period of time. As well as that, E-W combo is a difficult combo to land unless you can pretty much get them as they're autoing. It would be like playing Syndra support. It works, but the input to output is not as valuable to someone like Leona or Zyra.
: Just watch
The guy doing the ones for America. That's just painful, lol.
: I was playing a game and somebody mentioned a clown fiesta. What does it mean?
The best way would be saying "people running around like chickens with their heads cut off" as in zero focus, abilities flying everywhere, etc. What should be a clean gank for a kill turns into a double lane as Person A goes for Person 1 while People B and C go for person 2 while Person 3 comes from behind and wipes.
Penns (EUW)
: Why exactly is Fizz still banned so much?
In most of my games it's usually that Mid feeds or if I'm the one laning against him, he gets a double and proceeds to cause havoc everywhere. Whenever I'm ADC, it's like nobody wants to protect me at all and he gets a free pass. Not like I go off to a lane alone because yes I deserve to die if I do that. It's more like I'm with my team when suddenly they engage, here I am alone in the back and he gets to walk up, r-q-e me then walk away. "OMG, Ashe, why do you keep dying?" I don't know Leona, why are you all the way the middle of the enemy team when I'm nowhere near the fight (ex, I back, they engage so I try to run to them asap). If that's not bad enough, troll poll stops any engage and he can get away so fast.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fate Fire,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Nx3GAgAh,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-06-03T13:58:51.395+0000) > > I remember a time when Lux was far more hated than Yasuo and Riven combined, especially when she was a popular support pick in s4. I miss those days, I got a good laugh when an entire team chased me into a bush where mine was waiting to ambush. you monster :O
Oh no, that's not even my worst crime. I did tank Lux, like full on had a warmog's and everything. Their confusion was glorious to behold as 3 assassins and a mage are here trying to burst me down while I run them in circles stunning and whittling them down.
: {{champion:17}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:103}} all these champions and more..have a nice aura around them that pretyt much just tell everyone enemy or allie..*mind you blitz is thinking about the enemy team and there response.*that pretty much just says let me tilt you harder then a fed {{champion:86}} spamming his laugh and mastery 7 badge like hes a god. ESPECIALLY THIS{{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} THING RIGHT HERE. my god he tilts me sooooo fucking team or not he is so tilting. the enemy {{champion:53}} never misses my {{champion:53}} pulls half the damn minion wave
I remember a time when Lux was far more hated than Yasuo and Riven combined, especially when she was a popular support pick in s4. I miss those days, I got a good laugh when an entire team chased me into a bush where mine was waiting to ambush.
Kai Guy (NA)
: If you read guides and still do not improve...
I kind of did it without really realizing it. I was, as follows {{champion:22}} Learning the game in general. Farming, movement, basic gameplay {{champion:99}} Switching to her, I learned how to support and trade. Warding, protecting teammates and getting proper set up plays. {{champion:103}} Straight mechanical play. To me, Ahri was the most mechanically-intensive champion. As well as that, I used her to learn proper roams and map warding. Sizing up enemies and she became my "sparring' character in which I learned all the other champs through dueling. {{champion:89}} Learned to engage and disengage, peeling for my carry/team. She still remains my top pick when teaching new players when to go in on a trade due to having to commitment on the engage. Basically, if go in at the wrong time, you'll die most of the time. {{champion:14}} When Cinerhulk was extremely broken, I used him to learn jungle clears and ganks. Map awareness improved a bit, but not by much. Should take him there again, but I'm a bad jungler. Never can do a good gank and can't really AFK farm as I did before.
ZenKe (NA)
: You're delusional if you think any champion gets as much hate as yasuo. It's not even about being overpowered (which he isn't) it's about if his playstyle is healthy or not.
{{champion:103}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} I could go into all the arguments of "yasuo is fine" but I'll be completely ignored by the masses of people who can't stand him or his playerbase. His crit could be looked at, maybe. His windwall is infuriating, and I remember when they buffed his shield in S5 I can beat him in lane as Lux who should have an easy, if not easiest, of time. You know what I do? Walk around his stupid crap. Harass with range, I have bullied MANY out of lane with the most fragile burst mage. He'll be permabanned until he's Azir status, he's just the first in a long line of soon to be "balance" issues that will crop up.
: Lol "Nerf nerf nerf urf urf urf" Gameplay boards are walruses confirmed
: The Perfect Solo-Q Game
You didn't ban Yasuo, there's your first problem. Sidenote: owww, that has to be painful.
Ralanr (NA)
: Honestly I'm getting tired of the Yasuo bans and complaints, but it doesn't help that he appears in 7/10 of the games he makes it past bans.
It was bound to happen. His 100% pick/ban guarantee is because he's a taboo champion rather than a problem child. Personally would ban Ahri and Lucian before him but people want to hate Mr. Has-a-key
: as you wish but i don't know why you want more accurency when she has 40.3% pick rate
There's currently a burning of Yasuo right now. All other champions are being ignored until he's either gutted, reworked which still guts him, or we get more bans. Pretty sure they'd add more bans before they want to gut him.
: This board needs stricter ruling in terms of what kind of content's allowed
Any time I make any actual discussion that involves Ahri, immediate downvotes. Hell, I get flak for saying I start cull on any ADC now since it's my lucky item and I actually think it's good. Whenever I try to show weaknesses: "you dun know anything, clearly they're OP cause I lose. NERF NERF NERF give us URF URF URF RIOT RIOT RIOT"
: ....Eerie. Give it a week.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: Older players are gonna get fcked again.
Honestly, I'd be happy if they unlocked the rest of the champions on my account (16 left) as that's how much that would have been anyway. Other than that, meh, I don't really care for a refund all that much as IP will become completely worthless after.
: Dear Riot, please ban me.
As for your anger issue, you can do what I did and have a rubber band on your arm that you snap whenever you feel about to explode. After about a couple weeks it should give results. On the other hand, coming from someone who's tossed the game aside for a few months and is planning on it again due to a Minecraft update, the first week is always hard since it leaves a void that was filled with it. You just need to replace it with something else, be it a hobby, going outside, watching youtube, etc. Music is always a good option. Finally, it's just a game. Repeat that to yourself, it is just a game. There's a saying that I go by to keep me from completely losing my own mind from frustration: It's just another day. Meaning, it does not matter what I do because tomorrow is a new experience. My life involved and still involves a lot of random crap happening that is beyond my control. At the very least, I can take a deep breath, smile and say It'll be better tomorrow. Good luck on getting the ban, though, it takes a strong will to admit they need one.
: PSA: Remember, Blue Team - Yasuo | Red Team - Lee Sin
I feel like after a month of this, people are going to start complaining about someone new who's tearing up games. My bet is either going to be Varus, Corki, or Vi.
: when you wake up at 6:00 AM in the morning...
I've been up since 4:30 (yay for insomnia...) and I'm just sitting here sipping coffee while reading board posts. I love 5am, everything's so quiet in the Chicago. As soon as 6:00 hits, construction eeeeeeverryyywhere.
: @Meddler you talked about making melees viable Botlane
Well, problem is they can make every champion viable but people will always stick to what the pros do. Can't really speak for other regions, but in NA any sort of off-meta is trolling even in fun. Though, I like to believe that it can happen naturally if you let it. Forcing it will always cause issues, but sometimes things like APC bot lane Ziggs and Ahri happen Backstory: our yas was being a spamming dick and I had hovered Ashe. Saw the team they were building and thought "no, I don't want to deal with a 0 movement team" so I quick-picked Ahri. That and to troll our Yasuo a little bit along with I just wanted to have fun, they banned my Xayah </3 Not sure how we won, they could have easily crushed us cause I was constantly out of mana.
: How to become a better 'sidestepper'
I just randomly move back and forth so I'm already prepared to sidestep any skillshots. If my enemy doesn't know which way I'm moving, they're more bound to miss their abilities.
Keyru (NA)
: Looking for Wardens - Volunteer Moderation
I volunteer! Because, ah, probably a stupid reason but I want to make the community better and hopefully less toxic by promoting a more friendly atmosphere. Having been part of a previous community, I sat by and watched it crumble beneath greed and entitlement. As well, I want give back for all the game has given me both in stuff and in conversations. To bring people up, you must be the first to hold out a hand.
: Rumor has it tomorrow is the dawn of 5 bans
{{champion:103}} followed by {{champion:236}} Yas is annoying, he is the epitome of frustration, but he's easily crushed in lane which makes him pointless in teamfights. Ahri, on the other hand: one charm and you're up shit creek without a paddle in the middle of the sahara desert. Lucian is my Yasuo in no matter how utterly destroyed he gets in lane, he just comes back with a quad kill and proceeds to mow down all the people with his abuse of cleaver and bork. Whenever they're on my team, they get fed and proceed to have a Riven brain by going in 1v5, dying multiple times late game. Give me Yasuo any day, at the very least I can watch them pull out the flute which is nice.
: Skill Shot Practice Tool
I think a better name for the Scarecrows could be Scaresatans. Also, I'd like the idea of a moving target or maybe a randomly teleporting dummy to practice with. I'm often missing easy shots and eating too many myself.
: PSA: If You Die To Your Lane Oppenent
I love when jungler holds my lane, just don't die doing it...
: why isn't Lux meta?
She is balloon One rotation and zero mana No dashes/blinks, get caught and die.
: Discussion: You can see how good or how bad your team is while playing support, True or False?
Being a support main, I don't have to worry about CS, kills, or ganking. It's just me, my ~~crybaby~~ carry, and the enemy laners. With less focus on micro, I can watch the macro. Keep tabs on map, see what abilities are up and aren't, and generally don't need to worry about a good score so long as I'm not going 0-55 or something. I've played many roles, but of them I feel most comfortable being a shotcaller here because I have all the information. Through vision and checking on items, managing health bars and actives, watching movements on the map lets me make an accurate assessment on everything. From the point of ADC, I can never tell where to go or where I'm needed except in teamfights since I'm one of the main sources of damage. From Mid, it's slightly easier because I HAVE to play not only the macro game, but the micro as well especially if I'm playing Ahri who's entire purpose is to roam. Top lane, I just forget about everything because nothing happens up there. Jungle ganks are a welcome surprise whether it be mine or the enemy because dear god it's boring as shit up there. Farm, farm, farm, tussle, farm, farm, farm, back teleport...As a jungler, I often fall flat on the macro play because I can never assess what's a winning or losing lane or where to gank. Half of the time, I only do it when you're pushed to tower or I can see a possible kill. Just because supports don't do much in the way of kills doesn't mean they are doing nothing. It's so easy to sit back and be like "OMG, what is this Ashe doing????" or "Fricking Annie dying for the fortieth time," but in the end it's just more difficult when you have a role responsibility. Take any support main and toss them in another lane and I guarantee you they will struggle hard. I remember trying to learn mid for the first time, it was hilariously bad.
Holygege (NA)
: Will LOL be the greatest game in the world?
An a search on Google's translate is a nightmare to behold. One day I'll learn a new language, but it seems that they're unhappy with the game being such a mess of "balance" because the developers (Riot) are buffing and nerfing on a constant basis, usually the ones that are popular or "strong." "Why bother mastering a champion if it's going to be wiped the next" year is the sentiment which I can agree with. If you're not up to date with the patch notes, item changes, reworks, etc, it can be exhausting as well as it can throw certain characters into either God Tier or trash tier. There's a mention of Cui God (whom I'm presuming as Urgot), Yasuo, and Teemo who people love because they're "ugly?" In short: let the people define the game, try to not mess with the scales too much, Riot.
: Sorceress Syndra & Pulsefire Yasuo New Skins Gameplay - League of Legends
: Dota 2 heroes that are like league champions? Unfortunately, none for our grand Moustachio.
Joxcab (NA)
: we need more people like you <3
<3 After Arcade, I don't care if she gets another skin. Besides, I got burnt on playing her and have been playing other champions like Janna, Taliyah, and Lux. Also wanted to play Xayah...for reasons...
Ralanr (NA)
: Really? Pool party Ahri?
Screw Ahri skins, give me some for Taliyah. Love, an Ahri main.
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: ...And you never wait the 60 seconds it takes for the ult to come back up? I agree u cant 1v1 kill Morg, but no AP midlaner realistically can do that. Again, outroam is super easy for Ahri. I still dont believe that the minefield of Taliyah just gives her a free win vs Ahri. What do you do when they nerf her to a reasonable state, hopefully in 7.11? You will no longer have the - by far - best SoloQ-midlaner to spam
There's a thing called "bad fight" or "I enegaged too early." that along with a failed gank by the enemy jungler only to return later to take advantage. What would you define as a reasonable state, though? She already has the highest mana costs of any mid lane mage with sub-par damage. In order to make her "balanced" you'd have to remove the movespeed on Q, get rid of two dashes on her ult and make her Charm similar to Xerath's in that it's shorter at point blank range and longer if she can get the full distance. I can easily win lane against her even good players. She's combo-reliant, needs charm for a decent trade, and ult as either an engage or escape, hardly ever kiting unless you can assure a kill and still get out. That is not to say "Oh, I think she's fine," because honestly I agree she needs nerfs, the point of my post was just giving you tips to lane against her which I could see I shouldn't have bothered because clearly I'm blinded by my waifu. News Flash: Noel Vermillion is better.
: What version of Minecraft did they remove numerical codes again? I forgot and am too lazy to look it up.
I think it was fairly recent, like 1.5 or 1.6 (Search says 1.8, wow didn't know it was that recent)
: 10 Bans being blind pick will lead to VERY stale metas
The meta will always be stale until every popular "op" picks are nerfed into Azir-status. Even then it'll be questionable because of the following they have. Once that happens, you now have to deal with even more frustrating champions. {{champion:103}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}} now you must deal with {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:40}}. If those are gone, you have {{champion:105}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:427}} so on and so forth until the only chrampions worth playing become {{champion:6}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:48}}
: @Riven Mains concerned about 10 bans
I'm surprised at the Zed ban. I almost never see him and when I do, they feed hard or go extremely even. As a main of the great waifu {{champion:103}} rip, she'll be nigh-permabanned gold and below. Good thing I have Lux and Morgana.
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