: The reasoning, from what I can understand behind that, is that at high elo dying has a much bigger consequence than at lower elo. Lower elo you kinda brush it off, down a few hundred gold but whatever, not that big, but higher elo punishes so much harder for small mistakes. Although technically not inting, 0/2 in high diamond and 0-2 in gold are completely different monsters
There's also the matter of "trading kills" when one is your 2/0 Jungler and the other is an 0/2 Support. The jungler loses out so much more because shut down, objective control, as well as all the gold pocketed from it through assists. While the reasoning is there, it doesn't detract from the hostility that breeds from every death being an "intentional feed" when you simply get caught. It enforces a negative mindset that the person who died did so to bring your team down and thus lowers the morale of everyone else. It could be a 1v5 under tower, but hindsight 20/20 in that everything could be prevented simply by avoiding the situation which is impossible unless you're a mind reader. In short, every death I could easily argue is inting because you _knowingly and willingly_ took a trade / decision that resulted in your demise. Ergo, you can't say "I didn't know they dive me" when you stayed, their team was missing and you were being pushed which means it would be a better decision to forfeit the objective for your life. This should not be the case in a **_team-based strategy game._**
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: Boards Usage: Part 1 - Formatting
Off-topic question, when are we going to get this scheme across all the rest of the boards. On-topic THANK YOU I WANTED THIS SO BAD <3 http://imgur.com/hgj4jit
Keyru (NA)
: Looking for Wardens - Volunteer Moderation
I volunteer! Because, ah, probably a stupid reason but I want to make the community better and hopefully less toxic by promoting a more friendly atmosphere. Having been part of a previous community, I sat by and watched it crumble beneath greed and entitlement. As well, I want give back for all the game has given me both in stuff and in conversations. To bring people up, you must be the first to hold out a hand.
: PSA: If You Die To Your Lane Oppenent
I love when jungler holds my lane, just don't die doing it...
: why isn't Lux meta?
She is balloon One rotation and zero mana No dashes/blinks, get caught and die.
Shahamut (NA)
: Honestly, I'd love to test it out, but Yasuo is always banned :-P
There's this new thing called a Practice Tool.
: Maybe I've been making boards wrong
Having a lifesteal item, preferably a bloodthirster negates the harming effects of death's dance. Put it on a Graves or Jhin who can make use of the AD scalings well.
Wuks (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fate Fire,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=Tb0KiGzh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-17T18:19:09.921+0000) > > Quicknote: I absolutely love the UI here, why do we have the ugly blue-greens...Anyway -- Preach! > [{quoted}](name=Fate Fire,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=Tb0KiGzh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-17T18:19:09.921+0000) > > I think General Discussion should have a few separations of &quot;Nerf This,&quot; &quot;Buff that,&quot; and/or &quot;Champion Guides/Strategies,&quot; because it is currently just a mess of people complaining or something similar. People will lose to things as is natural, why not give a place to vent and learn how to play against certain characters and comps? Are you talking about Gameplay here, or did you mean General Discussion? > [{quoted}](name=Fate Fire,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=Tb0KiGzh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-17T18:19:09.921+0000) > > As for Miscellaneous, turn that into General Discussion and make it an &quot;Anything goes&quot; place since I usually think General as not the game. If I wanted to discuss the game, I would post in something like &quot;Gameplay&quot; forums. I personally am thinking the same, but I'm trying to get a better feel of any issues that GD'ers could have to this. Thanks for your help!
> [{quoted}](name=Wuks,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=Tb0KiGzh,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-05-18T00:22:25.254+0000) > > Preach! > > Are you talking about Gameplay here, or did you mean General Discussion? > Ah, I was probably talking about Gameplay, but lately GD is full of gameplay which probably confused me as I wrote this.
: It's been 6 months... Can we stop ignoring Nidalee now?
I took her mid not too long ago against...I want to say either a Lux or LeBlanc, and she seemed fine to me. I did well and even won my lane, late game couldn't do much. Then again, I play mages mostly assassin style because screw cooldowns. I'm going in, I don't intend to do an attrition war, that sucked back in season 5.
: > [{quoted}](name=LyingOnLine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0XuVqMdK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-16T22:42:47.393+0000) > > Ahri&#x27;s needed nerfs for the past two years. Okay, but _why_? I don't get it. I'm looking for an explanation — not for someone to tell me just straight up that she needs nerfs.
She has pretty good waveclear with Q that has a return of true damage along with a burst of extra movement. Three flashes on an ult with a relatively low cooldown (80s or so at max rank) You have roughly 6 flashes in the span that Flash is down with a five minute coolodown. Flash/dash-charm is a very difficult, if not impossible, combo that pretty much guarantees death to any moderately low target. Unless you're a tank or an assassin that can catch her out, she has a lot of safety to provide minimal-to-no risks to rewards.
: 10 Bans might force riot to change kits that are fundamentally toxic to play against.
Zed ban...ha haha. Problem is that even with 20 bans, there's still champs people hate playing against. There's champs that people don't want to play as and investing a lot of time/money into it is just as bad. I mean, how would you feel if suddenly your champ is on the permaban list? Or even a new champion is revealed. Consider also the fact you have to fight with 4 other people in blind who are going pick that champion that's never played in ranked or norms.
: How to know if you shouldn't play a certain role
> If you don't know how to ward don't SUPPORT How about it's the entire team's job to ward an not just the support? How about you pick up a blue trinket or use one of those 2 yellows you've had sitting in your inventory all game. Better yet, buy a control ward because those things are invaluable.
Amuricut (NA)
: Perma-banned for... lol?
ebay tier? Damn that's a new low.
: Good Morning Gameplay Boards
*Sips coffee* gut everyone.
Warpes (NA)
: So is this the reason they refuse to nerf Ahri?
Ahri's only been picked like two or three times this season and Is sitting on some 40% winrate or something (I remember a couple teams at qualifiers picked her up only to be shut down pretty quick). Picking out that single game, yes OMG AHRI OP NERF NERF NERF except that the entire team performed amazingly against TSM who had to resort to a full shield comp abusing Karma, Ivern and Lulu to keep WildTurtle alive long enough to have an impact. Levi was amazing, Stark's amazing, Optimus is amazing, Archie has been fantastic, Slay could improve a bit. Each member of Gigabyte has performed fantastic in 1v1 scenarios with weakness to teamfighting and macro play. Optimus has pulled out Syndra, Orianna, LeBlanc, and even Lissandra. Yes, it's a basic play, but for TSM to be caught out hard like that means they deserve full punishment for WildTurtle being as far forward as he has been all split.
: Can ranged champions proc execute targons's shield?
I did it with Lux as a joke way back when and I don't know now, but you can still get the charge if you can kill the minion. Execute makes it easier on melee champs.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: PBE is a shitfest, You don't get a good idea how how balanced Sejuani is if a Bronze sejuani plays it vs a challenger jungler and gets stomped, or if a challenger Sejuani stomps some poor bronze player. The function of PBE is to make sure everything works properly when it hits live. So we don't have to deal with as many gamebreaking bugs.
Shame there's still a ton of bugs because people ban out the reworks 90% of the time. It's almost like people treat it as live...
bramcool (EUW)
: New Riot Game
They have two now, Mechs vs Minions which my oldest brother constantly drools over the packaging.
: New Thresh & Irelia Skins Gameplay - League of Legends
That's not Irelia, that's Karma, you lied to me.
: Deathfire Lux????
I like taking it as a safer option compared to thunderlord's where proc'ing it mostly consits of E-E- auto which means I have to get in range and, being a burst mage, is bad as I'll become prone to ganking.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Pulsefire Caitlyn Voice Over!
For some reason, listening to her reminds me of Joanna Dark from...well Perfect Dark.
: Haven't seen Ahri thread in a while
{{champion:7}} pro plays, probably why.
: Annnnnd the boards are back to complaining about lee
Pretty sure Teemo needs to be swapped with vayne
: http://i.imgur.com/W0wVY4c.gif?Noredirect
Elfezen (NA)
: Every time Nidalee throws spear on a Champion
: What Champion do you Think Will get the Next Ultimate Sin?
ADC, Jungle, Support, Mid, so we're just missing a top laner. Of all that's seen play or is super popular, I'm going to guess either Fiora or Galio. Unless that Pulsefire Caitlyn is real then that's the next one.
Fikule (EUW)
: Any other non-mid players use mid as their secondary role to always get their primary?
I'll do Support-Mid from time to time. If I q for Top/ADC/Jungle, I'll somehow manage to get it every other game. Not that I'm terrible (apart from top), I'm not all that great either and I get the luck of facing high plats on their mains whenever I'm filled in those roles.
: when did i say i dodged?
Well, if you're at 0 LP, and you dodge, it goes to -3 and so on, not sure if there's a limit and wanted to make a joke. In a more serious note, take a break if you're on a losing streak or learn what's going wrong (and don't say "omg, shit teammates are holding me back" because you're missing what exactly is going wrong such as mis-positioning or bad map control)
: need help, 0 to 98 to -80 (about to demote)
If you're at -80, you might want to stop dodging...
: Everyone who's reading this...
{{champion:99}} _puts on blublocker glasses_ "DEMACI-blergharrgh!"
: So i asked myself...animu/waifu thread
Love the music and like the art. Sidenote: I've always loved the "glassy" shine of eyes when it came to waifus, never understood why.
: Why do so many supports have such a massive victim complex?
Being a support main, I have an ass of an ADC once maybe in 200 games or so and usually it's been my fault (not sarcastically, I actually legit screw up and get my teammates killed). I think people just want to complain cause they got stuck in the role and want to carry but instead tick off teammates. ie Support Singed and "omg, I'm helping my team!" and play more like a second role. My biggest complaint is people yelling at me to stop dying even though it gets us an Ace and my score is some 2/6/45.
: I really hope SKT don't win international tournaments this year
I'm willing to bet SKT is going to win again simply because the West don't really put out good enough teams. C9 gets overconfident which makes them run into a wall, TSM chokes when on the spot and the only real competitor were Edward Gaming and Rox Tigers, I think. Who knows, though, last year saw an almost upset when they were dethroned. Still, given how eSports is viewed outside of Korea, I'll be surprised if a NA or EU team wins.
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
If you're doing this, you better add block and the ability to leave clubs. As it stands, those two components are still missing.
Thorgram (EUW)
: Preview of Mid Season changes
: People complain about CertainlyT making champions unfun to play against
Losing is never fun no matter the champion because "I'm Challejour, these nubs I carry." P&C is unfun CC is unfun Skillshots are unfun {{champion:17}} is the antithesis of unfun Why the need for a graduate level word? BECAUSE...
Elfezen (NA)
: When you try a League of Legends match on the Japanese server to see how it feels like
Screw you, Sony. Not available in my country. Fine, I'll just go to nico video {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
LTFoReal (NA)
: Does league have too much cc??
> Morgana = Snare, stun "Death Sentence" Also kind of surprising there's so few unique hard CCs (silence, taunt, pull) and it's more about the stunes and knockups (...Must be Yasuo's doing). A lot of them are skill-shots which would make sense, how many are targeted? That would make for an interesting fact. Lastly PUT IT ALPHABETICAL ORDER, YOU'RE KILLING ME
: I used to buy it on Soraka back when AP Soraka was possible AKA before they gutted most of the AP items she was viable with and gave her nerfs that forced her to max W first.
She's still decent if you invest in a Rylai's. 9/10 nobody ever expects it and I get a slow/stun off.
: Can we have the 6.9-6.22 Chalice back?
I just realized that I used to build it a lot on Lux and Sona, hardly Soraka but didn't play her a lot. Now I don't, not sure when it happened but I think the new Redemption item made it far more valuable of a purchase to ignore.
: Who to ban as Lux?
Fizz tends to be a problem for me since he can dodge most of your stuff, takes less damage and has a bleed. Katarina's another one since she can just pop you under tower.
: That Xerath Global Q exploit....
I think you need this since it's more skill-based http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256681301/movie480.webm?t=1489478846
Petranese (EUNE)
: PBE items and mages???
Pretty sure Banshee's is the only decent mage item now, everything else is just pointing to rip any burst mage and potentially any other mages/ap assassins simply because Adaptive Helm alone nullifies their ability to take out squishies whom are going to be rushing {{item:3814}} as a second item Woo, a spell shield, how amazing. Now, let's see our armor options: {{item:3191}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3157}} and if you were desperate enough to build Tabi's, you're essentially cutting yourself in the Achille's since you need all the penetration you can get. As any Ahri knows, an Anivia Lane is quite literally the worst because, by the time you do a full rotation of spells to kill, you need to do it again on little to no mana. When Zeds and Talons are getting GA as a core item, good luck to any hope you have for winning or even surviving to get to the mid game.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: what's the actual range of ages between league players?
I'd honestly say they'd be in the low to mid 20s range. Just because you see the under 18s doesn't make up for the entire range. I'm 26 myself, two others I know are around there, gbay99 is there too. I'd say they're all playing Minecraft and Overwatch right now, though a poll might help a lot.
: The hardest skillshot to land?
I'd have to say Shen's E. I'm good enough to thread an Ahri charm between two minions with only like a pixel in between but for some reason I can never get his taunt off.
: Your main's favorite song
{{champion:99}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkIWmsP3c_s
: "I'm stuck in 4 chests"
Meanwhile I'm sitting on 28 key fragments and no chests.
: Unpopular opinion: SRARAM is actually refreshing
Well, I mean I got to do Support Varus with a Caitlyn carry into a Kog-Galio Lane. We somehow won lane and won game, I don't know how, but my supporting skills are legendary.
: "Shit" seems like a remarkably underwhelming word to censor out of a game rated Teen, especially under this context. You figure, meanwhile, I'm playing Blazblue, another Teen rated game, and the main protag says things like "You little bitch! Piss off!" "You…piece of shit!" and "Worthless trash!" while fighting on the regular and not one person bats an eye.
Doesn't Ragna drop an F bomb now and again?
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