: Gee, it's almost as if Graves' has E nerfs on PBE exactly like the ones you proposed I guess QQ these days don't even need basic research. Bitch about FotM and boom, free upvotes. Edit: and what's worse is a stupid gif that is the epitome of "low quality" posting gets more upboats. This place is officially a shitfest circlejerk because anyone with legitimate discussion points that goes against the current hivemind get downvoted so hard their post may as well not exist. Good work. /rant
You mean that _nerf_ that gave him the full benefit instantly instead of making you stack it? The one that was stronger than his current state? I'm glad they scrapped that.
love god (NA)
: Just because graves is a MARKSMAN doesn't make him an ADC. While ADCs are typically MARKSKMEN, not all ADCs are MARKSMEN and not all MARKSMEN are ADCs. {{champion:203}} PRIMARY: MARSKMAN PRIMARY ROLE? JUNGLE
Except he was designed as an ADC. He was played as an ADC. He was intended as an ADC. Then everything changed when the Rito nation attacked and "fixed" Graves. Making him a monster we all hate.
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