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: You are entitled to hold your opinion. Just don't shove it down other peoples' throats. People have a right to play whatever they want. Stop trying to control them.
If i could control them, i wouldn't lose. Games are nearly always won by champ select.
I am not basing this on winrate, i am basing this off of common sense, go away you are toxic.
: did you actually just tell him to stop being toxic? lol, look at your post you are probably reported a lot with that attitude
Wow, can you not be toxic aswell mate.
: "Don't pick your second most played champion of all time and 1st champion you ever unlocked, because I have some anecdotes about shitty Evelynns, and I'm extrapolating their skill level to the entire community!"
No, That champion is literally bad, like Ornn and Kayn, they bring NOTHING to a fight, the change on her passiv completely gutted her, she is a bad champ.
nm1010 (NA)
: Oh so you are account sharing? Doesn't that result in an immediate ban? ######Also pretty sure name and shame doesn't apply for a direct response, but I'll take it down for you. Its not like the negative behavior is hidden anyway.
Didn't know my little brother cannot be on my account ; _ ;
nm1010 (NA)
: Oh the playing stupid card, how original. Here this might help you jog your memory Afk, censored go to his match history at any site Int, censored go to his match history at any site Trolling, censored go to his match history at any site According to your boards history you have a chat ban too, so you must have quite the potty mouth.
Alt acc, wasn't me, now leave, you are extremely toxic, and you are showing players names and violating the terms, leave before i report you.
nm1010 (NA)
: I'm toxic for calling out your attention seeking... If I pointed out your tendency to afk, int, and troll would that be toxic too?
My tendency to do what, did you just assume i do something? Please stop oppressing me, you are belittling my forum post, go away with your toxicity.
Fork xD (NA)
: I guess if you are using the word reaction in the most broad sense imaginable then yes, any type of action in response to stimuli is a reaction. With that logic I figure it is hard to have a real constructive argument with anybody.
This is truly sad, this is who you were complaining about and i 100% agree, the people on forums are just as bad as the cry baby bullies in the game, give power to socially awkward man children and this is what you get, LoL is the 4th wave feminist movement.
nm1010 (NA)
: We get it, you're a Riven main and act like an jerk. No one cares, go attention seeking somewhere else.
Nice excuse, Riven main, hur nur, rivens the third champ i mained since i played this game. stop being toxic and go somewhere else.
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Magi Mayvin (EUNE)
: if you were toxic in the other 2 games then I don't get why are you complaining at all,you deserved the ban. Everytime they ban you they show you the full chat logs so you can have a "good job team" and "kill yourself yasuo" in the same log it doesn't really matter.
cus clearly i was trying to reform, hence why i started to just duo and literally refrain from typing, but i guess if that third game was toxic enough hey, whats the point in reforming if you don't have to be toxic to get banned, just get reported and thats enough.
: love toxic riven mains LUL
Out of every riven ive ever met, and this is coming from an adc main who wants to main riven, i can tell you adc's are easily the most toxic playerbase, also stop making yourself look bad.
VoIdymort (EUW)
: >Everyone in the boards doubt, boards is a joke as much as riot. >Anything else to say? yeah: the joke's on you this time {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
So nothing to say. got it.
VoIdymort (EUW)
Everyone in the boards doubt, boards is a joke as much as riot. Anything else to say?
: "Extremely inflammatory and offensive" How? We are toxic my dude, riot is riot, just make a new acc and buy more champs/skins so they get money.
VoIdymort (EUW)
: full chat logs would be nice
other 2 were toxic i admit, but that one i just linked was the full chat log of the third game lol.
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: Not even a senile grandma would believe that's the meaning of the well known acronym, so...Yeah. Evidently, the people in your match didn't agree with your hateful statement and they reported you, then the system checked you did say something punishable and procceded with it, seems like it's working just fine.
Not true, me and my friend literly use it like this all the time, ive actually gotten 25 game mute for talkin to my friend ingame b4, just a sad company filled with children playing it being cry-bullies.
: it was 2 years ago boy !!! xD
This is league, if you don't type for 30 mins then tell a tryndamere that he doesn't build Ludens Echo, then you are toxic. This is where feminism originated from.
: honor and ban system ..
if you can go 2 years without being toxic i wouldn't worry.
: Post this and watch as salty league tears pour in
want the actual ss? sad part is that thing i got muted for was what i got muted for in my 10 game punishment, so no sense how i got punished
Chermorg (NA)
: I'm sorry if it seems like I'm dense but I simply don't understand this: The IFS punishes you within 5-15 minutes after a game's end. If it punished you for this game, it did so 5-15 minutes after this game was over. Thus, if you say "i literally finished my 10 game chat into an insta 25 game chat", it makes me believe that this was your 10th chat restricted game. That is backed up by the fact that there are a very small number of messages, and they're fairly long. My recommendation to you is that you submit a support ticket, ask them to confirm that this game was played *after* the beginning of your 10 game restriction, and if it wasn't, ask them to remove the new restriction (double jeopardy - you shouldn't be punished for games you played before a recent punishment was applied/completed). If this game was in fact played *after* you got your 10 game restriction, then your new restriction is valid as you were negative in this game.
That game i got muted for happened last night, i played my remainder 9 chat restrict games earlier today. Literally got out of a 10 game mute, into a 25 game mute with the punishment being what i wrote from the 10 game mute. Literally.
Chermorg (NA)
: You typed very little. Were you chat restricted when this game was played?
This game that was played, was the game that got me the 10 game chat restrict, i literally finished my 10 game chat into an insta 25 game chat, and only punishment was the one i got 10 game restricted from.
Chermorg (NA)
: This game looks like you were *on* chat restriction when you played it, not as if you played this *before* your restriction.
RallerenP (EUW)
: Because you obviously didn't learn from the 10 game chat restrict. The next punishment will be a 14 day ban. The next after that is permaban.
That made no sense, i literly got 25 game chat mute after my 10th game ended, and i wasn't being toxic to literly ANYONE all of my games were streamed, and you can tell from the restrict, also literally that was what i got 10 game chat banned for. P.S. Friend said you need to grow up and not have the mentality of a 12 year old.
: i wish i had just a chat restrict. but ok in context i guess the lp part passes. so i can only assume the bronze comment? i dunno.
Yes wich i don't understand, but like... i got 10 game mute for this, how did i go from a 10 to a 25 game chat mute... for the same thing that got me 10 game chat mute???? someone explain this to me or should i just open a ticket alrdy rofl... i'm being scammed
: 25 game chat mute how
P.S, This is what i got 10 game chat restricted on.... Literly, this was from my 10 game chat restrict, and then i got 25 game chat restrict with it again... idk.
: > me : kennens not with me, and honestly who cares about your lp, you are literly at the low of the low, your lp is nothing. > me : I just want bronze 5.... chill man, stop trying to analyze everything LOL
Someone on my team was harrassing the kennen who i was not queueing with, and kept complaining about his lp, if you think that is toxic then idk, think something wrong with you.
Okuma (EUNE)
: Show us the whole chatlog sir
That is it, if you don't beleive me i can send a ss on imgur.
: Rules around toxicity
I Literally just got 25 game chat mute for this and only this. " Riven Smurf R1: ? Yes to get to lane faster. Riven Smurf R1: sorry i am new xd Riven Smurf R1: he is rly good xdd Riven Smurf R1: im not trolling xdddd Riven Smurf R1: why does shen keep backing... Riven Smurf R1: kennens not with me, and honestly who cares about your lp, you are literly at the low of the low, your lp is nothing. Riven Smurf R1: I just want bronze 5.... chill man, stop trying to analyze everything LOL Riven Smurf R1: She is, im with lulu, lol "
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: Placements bugged?
He posted on an alt acc obviously.

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