: How to end a game with style
In the recent one for all it was veigar vs garen I think, my team had veigar and I had forgotten to switch runes. I ended up going AD veigar and backdoored the enemy nexus while my team got shredded XD
: Vi, Demon of ganks, we call to thee!
Introducing Aatrox's long lost bae, Demon Vi
: Demon Vi? More like Succu{{champion:254}}
Hey look its Aatrox's {{champion:266}} girlfriend, Demon Vi
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
I main Lucian for... well... exactly the reason you'd expect.
: Chat with composer ProtoShredanoid on 8/12!
Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
Are you blue buff? Because I always take you second
: You familiar with matryoshka dolls?
To restate something from another thread "I believe th' term is called a *clown car*"
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
Were Tahm Kench's initials intentionally TK to be said as Team Killer? With his w it wouldn't be hard to believe.
: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
A little random, When I was starting an ARAM match instead of it saying "welcome to the Howling Abyss" it only showed the text and instead it said "Welcome to the Murder Bridge" HYPE
: I'm gonna build lots of movement speed just so I can make the infinity symbol with the line from his ult.
Better go fast, you will only get a couple of sEkkonds
: Dark Horses - Solo Lane Assassin Jarvan IV
First i'm worrying about Zed, now this?
: "Ultra Rapid Fire" Q&A with the Play team. 4/6, 11AM - 1PM PST
Who is your favorite champ on urf? Mine is zed :D
: i was in the middle of the desert in cali i was running at a 19 ping. Was literally the best thing ever. Unfortunately im back on the East Coast and i have the same ping as playing on EUW of a 113
lol I have 21 ping 24/7
Mirross (NA)
: Champion Mastery Q&A
Do you plan on giving away RP or IP once a champion reaches t5 mastery?
: DJ Sona Q&A on February 24
When did you start planning this skin? How did you come up with the idea to make her music available to her team? What are you most proud of on this skin?
Jynx (NA)
: Heartseeker community creation roundup
Thumbs up for Heartseeker Ahri!!!
: Meet your nemesis (draft)
EH... I just played my first Nemesis draft and our team was nothing but supports.. I got {{champion:16}} and I went 8 and 1 in the midlane xD
: The Glorious Evolution Battlecast Poro Ward Skin!
: Who's your Duo Queue partner?
My duo is Swishswishstab62 and we have known eachother for quite a long time over skype. :D
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
I will be happy with whatever skin I get! Long live the Poro King!{{summoner:30}}
Howldoom (NA)
: Riot really should have named Snowstorm Sivir's skin Shivir when they released it.
They should make a Snowstorm/Snow day Syndra or Ahri, Snowballs for life!
Borkí (NA)
: Should have made {{champion:254}} and {{champion:14}} skins because to catch {{champion:28}} and {{champion:29}} they needed ViSion
I suppose that is {{champion:254}}able
: {{champion:121}} Is she consumable!
{{champion:161}} I must know!
: {{champion:121}} Is she consumable!
{{champion:161}} I must know!
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I will probably regret this... check my chat history >.<
: Why...? Because I can! {{champion:55}}
Why? Draaaveeeen{{champion:119}}
: If gandalf azir hapens i demand balrog cho'gath
Or Graug Cho'gath... cause I totally didn't just beat "Shadow of Mordor" or anything.....
: I see what you did there {{champion:161}}
I knew you would do that {{champion:26}}
: @supa cool ninja You only said that cuz you wanna see Syndra in a bikini
There should be a second pool party release, the only two that i can think of is pool party Ahri=her q and ball are a beach ball, and Zac who would look like he was made of water
: {{champion:45}} IS THAT A SHORT JOKE?!
May I borrow a **little** of your time I was wondering if you could read this comment?
: Lists of Legends: 10 Themed Team Comps to Try in Team Builder
WHY ISNT YASUO IN THE DUNK SQUAD INSTEAD OF MASTER YI D: that ult is TOTALLY a dunk :p{{champion:157}}
Chake14u (NA)
: STOP WITH THIS CHAIN It was funny the first hundred times, but it's gotten really old.
{{champion:26}} I knew you would say that
: yup all the gnars are shit so far
I was inches from getting a penta as Gnar The only reason i didnt get it was because i died when lee was at 300 and my team took the kill
: Yay! Can't afford any of it! #thatdoglifetho
Yay I can afford it! #Paidkidlifetho
: Wow, foxfire is on sale, that's pretty rare. Was hoping for popstar though. ;)
I have PopstAhri :3 Although PopstAhri and Foxfire Ahri are very good just a preference of color
: Oh here comes that wonderful Foxfire skin!...Now I just have to get good on Ahri.
I MIGHT be very good at Ahri already and people might just get her because the skin is good and they have money x. x
Z46 (NA)
: I'll take my virus in purple, please!
Tastes purple :D{{champion:117}}
: Welcome to the League of Legends 2014 World Championship!
Sigh..... if and only IF the new championship skin is for a champ that i already own I'm getting it instead of Gnar and Dino Gnar...
: Evelynn is there, she is just invisible...
No they are all standing next to each other that would have ruined her passive
: Bitch please.{{champion:33}} {{item:3270}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:10}}
Sonic would be ashamed XD
: The Doom Bots have left the building!
Eizekial (NA)
: I got this reference, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Vine references are quite enjoyable, it makes me feel knowledgeable knowing the specific vine this is linked to.
: The Doom Bots of Doom have come
Logs on, "Oh yeah Doombots are out! I'm so gonna get that new icon." Starts lvl one Doombot match. "Ha that was so easy now for lvl two." *Five matches later* "God finally, wait if that was lvl two what is lvl five gonna be?!?" *Four matches later* "HOLY... SON OF A... ZYRA{{champion:143}} AMUMU{{champion:32}} HOW CAN THERE BE SUCH OWN SO FAST!!!!!" *Wins Doombots lvl 5* "Wait wheres my icon, I don't care NEVER AGAIN."
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays: Big Flays
I figure nobody is gonna see this so imma just say that i slather myself in jelly after rolling in syrup and then put green pudding on myself to get the feeling of playing zac irl...{{champion:154}}
: Or Infernal Thresh Screams "Get over here!" when he lands a hook
{{champion:161}} AHHH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE I love mortal combat :D

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