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LilZerz (NA)
: Riot Pls: When's URF Coming Back?
can URF come back and not ARURF????????
: VS. Ending Soon
can we still buy the skins even after the event ends?
: Riot Pls: Ranked Pls
tbh from my stand and viewpoint, I agree with this but also the lower elos need to be fucking changed. I've been stuck in gold all season putting serious effort into climbing until recently I gave up. I have over 900 matches in ranked(this season and last) and I'm still in gold. Most of my matches and mmr go everywhere, literally I can be the only gold in the team and everybody else is plat 4-1 then the next match would be silvers. Sometimes, my matches would be a mix of platinums and silvers elo players. Most players around gold 3 and above that I have actually seen are those who wants to climb. Sure yes there are some dumbasses and trolls that pops up but it's rare to see that unless I'm placed with silvers and/or usually gold 5s. I also have a smurf account and the players are even worse down there. I would be on a 8 game win streak and get a team full of 4 feeders and waste my time giving them a free win, then a spam of friend requests after and the same shit I always see,"DUDE YOU'RE AMAZING CAN YOU CARRY ME." No, carry your fucking self. Ranked is suppose to be competitive but this season since dynamic queue came out, all that has disappeared and has gone down the drain. Fix your shit riot because I have friends quitting or playing less including myself.
Jynx (NA)
: Pool Party fan art!
Where that Pool Party Riven/Katarina at tho?(if you you what I mean)


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