: Implement a "Mute Self" button already!
: A Compromise to make Morgana a little more viable, without actually making her OP
Nah she's fine. Land Q good. Miss it? shouldn't be rewarded. She's balanced for support and that's all she needs to be. Morg mid is braindead and promotes no lane interaction.
Mc Raton (NA)
: When are we going to nerf Lucian?
I think u should focus on ur gameplay first before asking for Nerf. HAHAHaaaa
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Question about Zed, the most annoying assassin to face of them all
: Conqueror needs to go
Conqueror is fine, draven is fine
: We're going full circle
Lol, adc aren't weak, it's every other classes that are broken. Like getting outraded by a Janna, or neeko %%%%%%ed base DMG and hard to see skillshots and R. Brand chunking for 1/3 of hp with only the base DMG of his w and passive. What I'm getting at is adc needs their items, but other classes don't. Pyke missing his shit but lol I can just get out np and try again. Just Nerf supports back to half a champ. Their job is to get me kills and ward. Nerf jg deciding the game. Remove Drake rng, most %%%%%%ed mechanic of this game. Give adc base stats back. Revert runes, theyre just broken masteries and unbalanced mess. The only way this game can take a second wind and not continue losing players is to "rework" their balance and design team. Yes I mean firing the fools. Idk why bother posting here anymore tho because riots doesn't read any of ur complains.
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