: The teemo was trolling by messing with the minion wave and being unsupportive in lane, which is what trolls like to do in platinum games.
Maybe he didn't want his tower taking damage so he killed the enemy minions...is that possible?
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: How to get banned for creating and prolonging a negative game environment
Teemo provides excellent vision you can turn a fight with his shrooms and even has a blind there is a reason feel was labeled support a few seasons ago.
Arduno (NA)
: What if woman had the power to use pokeballs on everything they desired
meowwow7 (NA)
: it's all fun and games in one for all mode...
Is one for all available or something ?
Hópe (NA)
: Global Ults shouldnt go in the opposite side of the map if you aim them towards a UI
: I am below 160 pounds for the first time since I was in 6th grade.
: I am completely demoralized by the levels of trolling in low elo
okeis mda 7 (EUNE)
: is possible to get hacked from someone giving you skin or only knowing your summoner name ?
: My tip for Warwick as I often play jungle ww. You can get dragon at level 3. Depending on what side you are on start at you far buff, kill wolves, get the nearer buff, scuttles then drag. You may need to early smite, but your passive and blood scent should keep you safe. I find once you get drag that early it can intimidate the enemy a little. From there just pressure the lanes. Even if you don’t attack, just scare them with an active blood scent.
This cheese was done to me and it didn't intimidate me at all physiologically i just denied Dragon was ever taken since solo Dragon at level 3 is not possible.
: nope it's perfectly okay
then why they ban skyhart for not communicating
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: > [{quoted}](name=Roam Support,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=03xzVGop,comment-id=0001000100000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2018-03-28T19:22:25.828+0000) > > It was your argument to use Jesus as an example now if you hadn't read the book you shouldn't make claims like you know what is in the book Clearly doesn't understand hyperbole. Its ok buddy I'm autistic too, sometimes things don't click for me either. ;)
no I understand and your attempt to accomplish your sarcasm failed I was just pointing that out to educate you.
chaorex (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Roam Support,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ENEE0Je8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-29T04:03:25.721+0000) > > When playing support its better to play chap he adc prefers regardless of ur play date just land ur skills don t dod that's how i lost a ranked game as leona
Maybe u could substitute your Leona with [guess the champ] they have nearly the same kit only [insert champ name here] runs faster so u should be able to make it back to the nexus sooner so u don't lose
: Help me not be toxic...
It's not what you say it's how you say it keep that in mind
sKingEan (NA)
: Ranked: People who play it without a Mastery 4 On their Champ
When playing support its better to play chap he adc prefers regardless of ur play date just land ur skills don t dod
bybike (EUW)
It's way better in higher elo
: People need to stop hating on Yasuo to the extent that...
don t play yasou if you need ganks he's toxic enough without them
: Yo, can I not be perma banned? (riot pls)
Nothing lasts forever don t sorry you will get your account back
: > [{quoted}](name=Roam Support,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=03xzVGop,comment-id=00010001000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-03-28T12:48:31.938+0000) > > jesus said anyone can also walk on water if you have faith you can even move mountains. so I guess that example supports my argument thank you. have faith in yourself and your team and if you lose, lose honorably . GIven there are 0 cases of either of those happening, your argument pretty invalid. Much like all of your arguments, begone RIot fanboy.
It was your argument to use Jesus as an example now if you hadn't read the book you shouldn't make claims like you know what is in the book
: Who do you think is the most satisfying champion to play?
: ofc we all know about realistic win chance when at the postgame screne one chan verify how one adc deals 40k dmg and the other one cant reach 10k, and that is just one role. In the actual LoL if ADC gets fed, he ll go with his support to end mid or top. So, if bot lane lose fast, in less than 10 minutes you can have a 1vs3 at mid with your bot lane refusing to move because "man we need farm we are too behind". No, in this seasson early game fed is most of the times the end.
: Quick tip for you top lane pros
ward for them its solo que... but what more annoying is 10 mins later when they forget there lane was always pushed jungler u suck u never gank....
: you want facts? Challenger games rarely last more then 20 mins when one team has a lead of even 5 kills know why? because they are smart enough to know if the enemy team was good enough to gain a lead they will keep making that lead larger and larger till they win, and they also know that's its not about winning one game that takes 60 mins when you could lose this one and win the next two in the same time
each one of those challenger players were once in a gold v gold , plat v plat game difference is they over came defeat and didn't surrender to get where they are.. your skill level directly effects how hard you can carry , like right now its getting harder and harder for me to solo carry silver games BUT if I had a duo carry I could reach gold a lot faster but honestly you guys have played league long enough you havnt yet come to the conclusion that when your in solo que to win games you have to solo carry. and by solo carry I mean sacrificing your xp and your gold and your time in a attempt to make your weak players strong enough that they can survive long enough for you raise your level up and keep repeating that until u have victory , because if you are the better player its not so bad for you to go behind making your weaker players get ahead or strong enough to manage so you can later catch up and pass them... or you can just try to solo carry in a 1v9 which is very hard to but its what solo que is about
I hate more when you have a team like that and u bring them back into the game where they are in the situation the want so they don't want to afk , then all u do is make one or 2 calls, hey guys lets back and baron , inhib and baron, or back down . just one call I mean u been putting in serious work , no they are so arrgogant ahead they forget the person who got them ahead and don't even listen... then the weight of the team becomes far greater , I can only solo carry to an extent, and usually its to the extent that I have to make one call during the game, when to baron. its rarly respected sadly. lets go baron adc I need you , response: I go mid and feed
Colte (NA)
: i mean if your team already died like a retard for the past 10-15 minutes it probably can't be turned, it requires too much effort saving a long lost game unless your team comp is actually decent if people start calling the shots and communicate properly to engage and focus the biggest threat after threat and take objectives at the right time. it triggers me when the jungler never gets dragon especially the inferno and elder.. they usually tell me im a better jungler than they are when it's common sense! i also can't believe how these lv.30+ players never consider buying a control ward to set up before they walk near the bush when they try to gank.. why have they never thought of this?! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
what role do you play obviously not jungler, I would guess top laner
: > [{quoted}](name=FirewaterDM,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=03xzVGop,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-03-28T05:11:19.749+0000) > >but IF you AFK cause of it you're definitely the shithead in the situation, I can live with that.
ever played a game you KNOW you can win and your team actually does get surrender off... surrender system is unfair to both sides .
Kailyou (EUW)
: Yeah boring snowball mechanics everywhere. Herald, Dragon, inhibs. especially inhibs. imo thy should respawn immediately after ace. often u ace enemies and still lose cuz 3 inhibs down is just too much. also i remember good old times without this annyoing herald and dragon. especially as top laner it feels very unfair if your lane opponenent gets free infernal. and who doesnt know the one feeding trollpick who presses no. surrender vote should be accepted 3/5 IMO.
if you want infernal, push your lane , go to dragon and take it then tp back. now u got infernal.
: My theory is that they just leave this game to die, milk it while it's still played while maintaining a minimum of staff for content development and balancing. You know what Riot's creative output is beside like 6 skins a month? One new character every 8 weeks, or a VGU, which is even less time-intensive. I made the mistake of judging Riot by the Indie-Dev standard that might have applied when they once started out, but even by that level it is just pathetic. Same thing with lore - the few teeny tiny bits we get are good, but apart from that... NOTHING. You know what some small indie studios crank out in a few month's time? A HELLA LOT in some cases, I tell you that. The thing is, they probably got something new in development, but releasing it while league is still hot would mean splitting their playerbase between two games, not good when you ride the F2P model. At the same time, Esports finances itself through sponsoring and advertising - meaning admitting this game is slowly going down would inevitably hurt Esport profits. Given how little they care in the last years, THIS is the conclusion I have come to. They will milk this game with the skins and then let it croak... and skin money is a LOT. Even if only 0,001% of players buys a new 10 bucks skin, given the massive playerbase that's still a six-figure income and more, WAY more than it takes for one VFX desinger to sit down and put some fancy sparkles on an existing or slightly modified model and get a splash artist to work. You know, small indie companies overprice their optional products because its a way of the players to say thanks if they have the money. however, it is NOT the main content, it's a small bonus. And a big company like Riot that can produce them cheaper still charging that much is just... pretty disgusting when you think about it.
if you want riot to believe you , then simple give your replay footage of the unbalance , isn't it way easier that way? or maybe in fact you people lie and are just toxic and need a ban
: Dear Riot, I am ok with you making the game brainlessly stompy and snowbally...
: that's of challengers playing against bronze players, you do understand that right? in a match of gold vs gold, plat vs plat, even challenger vs challenger that would never happen, hell in a challenger game if one team afk for 15 mins they would come back to a defeated screen your "points" hold no power here in the land of logic and reason
yes my point is that if you are going to give them that much credit in gold v gold plat v plat etc. if you are going to give them that much credit then why not afford them the reasonable assumption that if they are not surrendering the game is still winnable? how do you want your cake and want to eat it no. use your logic .
: He is a roam support. That alone proves he has no clue of the current situation. Do that crap in front of me and I will orbitally bombard your bot tower and will reach your inhib for that mistake and end the game gg
there are plenty of champs that can handle farming early. primarily sivir. team composition matters more than how you think meta games should be sonny boy
: Wow you must really have no friends. Are you also that annoying in real life?
my teammates are my friends maybe if you considered them friends you wouldn't ruin there game with afk in matches
: > [{quoted}](name=Roam Support,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=03xzVGop,comment-id=000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-28T03:04:23.006+0000) > > I just think that alo t of the reasons challenger are challenger is because they win games at least I can prove it Who gives a shit if challengers can win these unwinnable games, that's completely irrelevant to 99 percent of the playerbase. It's like saying "Jesus could walk on water, why can't you?" The game feels like shit to most of the playerbase, especially veterans, so why should we give two shits about what Challengers think. We play the game to have fun, Riot ruined that, why do I care what challengers think? If anything they share the blame since RIot made most of these changes for those high elo players so their precious LCS would be watchable, and it still garbage because the morons tried to make the game something its not.
jesus said anyone can also walk on water if you have faith you can even move mountains. so I guess that example supports my argument thank you. have faith in yourself and your team and if you lose, lose honorably .
: I tested it and even got the afk loot message after game my team was barely one level ahead while I was behind 3 levels
: > [{quoted}](name=Roam Support,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Nm9vtPAA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-27T22:01:56.302+0000) > > I just texted this unless u have to be disconnected for it wor k but it was not noticeable While im not 100% sure a disconnect is required, i do know that this is majorly noticeable.
I tested it and even got the afk loot message after game my team was barely one level ahead while I was behind 3 levels
: Mr. high Horse???? wtf Im just telling you the same thing i was told by Riot Support themselves. That along with using common sense. If he literally just finished a Leaver Buster punishment yesterday, that means that the games leading up to his initial punishment was because he was already having a pattern of either DCing in games or AFKing in games...so he got a punishment. Then the very next day after completing his punishment he DCs again....so of course the system is going to flag him and apply another punishment. its the same for people who get punishments for being toxic. If you get a 1 week ban for being toxic and then the very next day after your ban is over you start flaming people in chat in your game....will you seriously be shocked if you got banned again? When literally no time has passed since your last offense.
20 mins sucks it should revert to 5 mins after x amount of good games
: I guess he wants "proof" in form of a replay that I upload here or something. But let's be real, we all know how games are recently, so i doubt I'd have to go through that trouble for anyone to believe me with what I say.
Hello am I anyone? Yes I'm someone hello do I believe you? No. What are you afraid of i just want to teach you how to win hard games so u stop stealing my elo
: I've got my Switch by my side, so when our Fiora feeds the Darius or Nasus 5 kills and won't surrender because they think they're good, I'm just going to go search for Shrines or Moons.
Even with 5 kil gare n can easily shut both them down with his ult.
: Yeah and even if that means forcing through going afk, that's STILL the better thing to do. I wonder just how do you fuck up a system so bad that the only efficient way to go through it is to be toxic? I'd rather risk my account getting banned than pumping all them nerves and energy into clearly lost games. Says quite a lot about HOW impossible comebacks are...
Show replay of unwinnable game that wasn't surrendered in silver+ elo
: The moment there is no realistic hope of winning a match is the moment one's Nexus should explode. The very existence of a match-ending objective means it represents the game's point of no return, before which winning should always be a realistic option. Dragging a match on long after it has already been decided is pointless, particularly if Riot is trying to speed games up, and is also cruel to the people who wanted a fun game but are forced to sit through an extended loss. The fact that this happens so often is indicative that the devs' methods of accelerating games have come at a serious cost to their quality and fairness. Similarly, the comparative difficulty in ending games that are clearly lost and undesirable to most participants on the losing side I think is also responsible for generating a lot of unnecessary frustration, as it only further contributes to the feeling of being shackled to an unenjoyable experience when the original intent was simply to have fun. For a time, the answer to this was that games rarely felt so unwinnable as to lack comeback potential at all, and preference on the surrender votes had been given to the minority of players who wanted to keep on fighting, rather than the majority who didn't. Reasoning was also given that 3-man premades could unfairly vote out the remaining two pickups who didn't want to abandon a match. However, none of these arguments have held up in practice, as games now frequently snowball out of control, and it's all too easy for two players, or just one player, to hold their entire team hostage, and often out of pure spite. It breeds toxicity and frustration, and only leads people to fall out of love with a game that has a lot of potential for positive experiences. Personally, I feel far fewer restrictions need to be placed on the surrender vote: I think it should be available right from the start, and should succeed if at least 50% of the team votes yes (so if you're down to 4 players, just 2 people voting yes should end the game). This should be blended with Remake, so that ending the game early and within certain conditions carries fewer to no penalties. If doing so were to lead to mass quitting, that would only be a reflection upon the true comeback potential in League of Legends matches, and would be even more of a wake-up call for Riot to improve upon that.
Yeah and I think that if u got a 4/0/-65 on your team then even with 4 bumps on a log Voting to surrender the game should g o on
: (Edit: Woops wrong comment)
I just think that alo t of the reasons challenger are challenger is because they win games at least I can prove it
: To be fair, if the game is above Gold Elo, that might very well *be* the case. A lot of the reason Challenger players are Challenger is their ability to not make mistakes and rack up incremental advantages, especially in the early game. But if we're already past that early game, against enemies that aren't going to outright throw, with subpar item builds and down several towers, there may just legitimately be nothing left to do. (That's before counting in the fact that such a teamwide skill jump is patently ridiculous.)
You must be a challenger to make that claim otherwise u have no credibility
: No, they would not. Personal skill is only amounts to that much when it's up against bare numbers. Once one team is so fed that they just can throw themselves against the enemy base and still profit of that, because every enemy in their way is simply maimed to death by the raw damage - and that implies a totally brain dead enemy team. It's mostly enough that when five are needed to succesfully hold up four, that's one more free player that can take objectives. Not to mention that it would be also highly champ dependant. Sure there are high-skill champions that can do the famous "1vs5", but if your team has an Ashe as adc, well what is she going to do? There are limits to what a single champion can do, and if the full arsenal of options has already been exhausted, then suddenly you will not open up new paths just because another player is on it. Or to make it short: Skill doesn't matter much if you can't express it, because the snowballed enemy Rengar just deletes you before you can even show anything of your skills, and as far as I know, making "Big dick plays" or whatever it is called nowadays, is a bit hard to do when you are dead.
That's why I want proof i have seen many videos on challengers LITTERALLY afkng first 15 mins of game and coming back to win. I think you greatly underestimate the strength of shut down kills
: Dear Riot, I am ok with you making the game brainlessly stompy and snowbally...
So you telling me that at the moment your game was (lost) if ur whole team was replaced with 5 challenger• players they still wouldn't be able to win ? I want profit of this
: 4v5 Experience gain in Aram is too high, and actually extremely preferable with the right comp.
I just texted this unless u have to be disconnected for it wor k but it was not noticeable
: Dear Riot, I am ok with you making the game brainlessly stompy and snowbally...
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: LF Silver Duo to climb to gold with!
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