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: The chat logs presented in client and/or by Blitzcrank Bot are the full logs of every message you sent. So no, you didn't say "GJ multiple times". Further, it doesn't matter if "everyone" is negative in the game - you still don't get to break the rules.
So basically, I can't talk? period? Cause apparently Talking in chat is breaking rules? That's what your telling me. I know it's missing chat logs because that's not everything I said in that game. I had a conversation with Thresh that game Cause he can tell I was being flamed in team chat. It's kinda sad that you just Assume I'm a bad person because of a bullcrap report I've Received, Idk how to even try to explain it to you because all your seeing is that I'm a bad person, When All my friends think I'ma nice dude, and an honest guy. Yet all you see is a jackass who thinks he is right. I'm Sorry you think that but I mean I've been playing this game for over 10 years and I've seen beyond worse than what I've done here In EVERY SINGLE GAME I play. I'm a jungle main I get bitched at and shit on EVERY game whether I do decent to help the team or not. So now instead of trying to help me understand your just saying Your a dick have a nice day. Congrats on being a prick, I'm trying to get answers and your just sitting here saying the same thing "your wrong. get over it." Yet in this instance I KNOW that this report is bullcrap, And the only reason I got in trouble is because a premade team, All four allies I had, reported me because 1 person said to. I got in trouble for it and I'm getting punished for it because Of a toxic person who will NEVER get punished because you guys only care about the ones who have messed up once and are trying to do better. Think about that for a second I'm going to bed because I can't help but fathom Why this turned into a "flame the person trying to get answers because he supposedly deserved it." Instead of the real reason which is the fact that YOUR BOT doesn't punish accordingly. You 100% just told me "It doesn't matter if everyone is negative, You're the only one who gets punished." So thank you for making my bullcrap of a day worse because instead of trying to hear the full story you ASSUMED I'm the bad person, You ASSUMED I am toxic, and I am negative. Well Thank you for proving to me that Mods on this board don't care, because obviously you just want to sit there and think, "He's bad, He will always be bad, and I hope he gets what he deserves." Have a good night Thanks for being a prick and not trying to help anything.
: You spent the entire match arguing, calling for reports, and raging about your team. You didn't say a single useful, positive, courteous thing the entire time. Literally not one such message. ...Speaking of the word "literally," which you used seven times in your post and chat log, it doesn't mean what you think it means.
It decided to not highlight those words in the games chat Log, When I got top first blood I had said Gj, which he then flamed me for saying that. Then when mid roamed I thanked him for roaming. The chat bot doesn't like to focus on the good in the game tho.
rujitra (NA)
: Trying to reform is great. But if you don't actually reform, it's not great. If you're still using things like "they were doing bad things" as your excuses, you are not reformed. Period.
So basically your saying I just can't type anything because that's literally what I got in trouble for, Replying and being reported. This chat log shows no positive because there WAS no positive in the game, My team was inting btw that's NOT the entire game I said GJ multiple times when someone did something right but that's never focused on by the "Chat bot" he only see's bad just like you do.
rujitra (NA)
: Their behavior does not matter. Yours does. If other players are violating the rules in games with you, please feel free to report them and they will get punished if it is merited. The reason it only took one game to get you punished is because your account was still in poor standing after your **last** punishment. If you don't improve your behavior, the next punishments will likely be a suspension of your account. Eventually, your account will be permanently suspended.
So basically I'm being punished for doing nothing? Because the fact "I don't matter because I'm just toxic" That mentality is garbage and you should know that. I haven't been toxic AT ALL since my last punishment, And 1 report means I get another restriction for 0 reasoning? Your basically saying "We don't care that your doing better were just going to punish you for 1 report no matter what you do." With that mentality just go ban the entire playerbase, Cause your that's not fair to anyone who actually tries to reform. The end story is I just got 10 game restriction because I got placed with a premade, ANd they didn't like me. That's basically what you just said, Because I went against people who just didn't like me, even tho THEY WERE SO MUCH WORSE, and THEY WERE DOING BAD THINGS, I get punished. So please tell me how I am supposed to "Reform" If you guys don't even let me Reform. Because a premade 5 can just get me in trouble. It's irritating that I get in trouble for something as basic as telling akali to roam, and to pay attention to map. Yet others get away with being beyond verbally abusive in games on streams and NOTHING HAPPENS. Thanks for telling me "reforming is BS as long as someone reports you, Your just trash and your opinions don't matter." Edit: BTw reporting them does nothing because It's only people who have done bad in the past who get punished apparently or people who are reported by a premade for no reason. Thanks for the 0 help and thanks for making me feel even more toxic than before.
rujitra (NA)
: Flaming does not have to be directed at someone. You continually "called out" your teammates - it doesn't matter who this is directed at, it's harassment and flaming.
I literally called out my teammates? I'ma jungle main I get called out every game no matter WHAT HAPPENS. Even if I carry the game, This "Chat restriction" was uncalled for due to the very fact that A. If that's calling out you guys need to go and chat restrict 99% of the community right now. and B. If telling akali she needs to roam and pay attention in lane is "calling out" Then idk what the hell I get every game. This is NOT toxicity, This IS NOT verbal abuse, This is literally them flaming me, Them verbally abusing me, And me basically just trying to play that game. So Idk where you get that I WAS THE ONE being verbally abusive.
: ***
I've tried doing that But It takes away from the fun of the game, I was trying to win that game but when you have 2 lanes basically Inting and not roaming it makes it difficult. I'm not gonna just sit there and lose a game because some Jackwad want's to be a dick.
rujitra (NA)
: You were not banned because of a "premade 4". You were punished because you flamed, harassed, and verbally abused teammates. It does not matter if they started it or "were worse". You do not get to break the rules, period.
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zzJyQJKg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-06T04:29:33.660+0000) > > You were not banned because of a "premade 4". You were punished because you flamed, harassed, and verbally abused teammates. It does not matter if they started it or "were worse". You do not get to break the rules, period. How was I flaming them? I literally didn't do ANYTHING that is considered "Flaming" In that I was literally talking mainly to the enemy team. And if I CAN'T talk like that why does 90% of the community do it and NOT get chat restriction for 1 game? That is FAR from verbally abusive, Only part I can see that would come CLOSE to considered "abusive" is the fact that I said There you go akali happy? After she spammed pings me to go into baron pit and try to outsmite the 1 level higher hecarim with a full team
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: Growling in NA Main menu on client
Hopefully someone will lol it's so weird sounding
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: Welcome to UNoRTHoDoX Gaming :*
Seems legit, Don't know much about it yet will update when i have a fuller aspect of the server but so far seems like fun {{champion:126}} ^^ Edit As Promised I have returned to continue my post! This server is legit Amazing. Great people, Awesome Event's, I am a Mod now in the server and the Owner is the most amazing person please COME JOIN! We are always looking for more peoples and have fun and enjoy your time! We have Event's Daily! and easily find groups.
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: Live/Play debut and Q&A
{{champion:64}} I cannot see this... It saddens me, #shouldaboughta{{item:2043}}
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: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Purrs,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=XROEnspA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-01T05:12:01.736+0000) > > You seem like a nice person. Feel free to send me a friend request. I enjoy fun and relaxed games with people. My current username is Enemy Queen. I tend to change my username from time to time, but I always let my friends know. c8 Hey sorry i didn't ever see your message till now i feel hella bad added Purrs if thats your user lol hope to talk to you soon!
: Both Morderkaiser's E and Q are classified as point blank area of effect auto attack modifiers which will still deal damage to vlad even in his untargetable form as the spells are both aoe and auto attacks.
> [{quoted}](name=SoeBomb,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=eYMr3E8c,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-16T01:14:19.140+0000) > > Both Morderkaiser's E and Q are classified as point blank area of effect auto attack modifiers which will still deal damage to vlad even in his untargetable form as the spells are both aoe and auto attacks. this shouldn't matter in this form the only thing that should be able to target him is nothing unless it was fired BEFORE he pooled (Ex. Panth spear/Turret shot)
This has been happening for almost 3 months i figured someone would eventually post about it but Rito has done nothing about it
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: Lissandra Deay of the Dead Sin
great job again rift you keep on bringing these out ima have to give you all my money =P
: Evelynn Golden SKin Concept
id pay tons of money for this skin like legit


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