: 1. from your op.gg it looks like you have a duo or more in at about half of your recent games. Maybe your rise to plat is correlated with this. 2. I have the plat 1 banner from season 5 when plat actually meant you were a plat level, since you had to get to it solo. I also got plat 1 in June. Good thing they show divisions now, otherwise you might've thought I was "technically a gold 1" back then. 3. this season's rank is essentially meaningless since nobody knows whether who was boosted by a premade or not. I can guarantee I wasn't because I have almost zero duo queue games in my op.gg record, but despite this, I am ranked with the same people who are in a premade.
yeah i duo for most of my ranked games with a friend who is now plat IV, we ranked up together from silver 1 and gold V, I have no idea how this could even be a big deal because it's not like he could boost me if we're playing the exact same games. Took us like 200 matches anyways. What actually? you said my duo meant i was boosted and then in the next sentence said you had to get the rank solo, where last season and all the seasons before it you could duo. Me and my friend did something no different from any other season. You cant be boosted by premades like this. Unless they have someone substantially better on a smurf account there is no such thing as premade boosting. If youre quing in a trio que, you VS a trio, if youre playing a 4 man you VS a 4 man of the same rank. the 4 +1 is the only scenario where dynamicq even has an impact, because naturally both the +1s are at a disadvantage but thats the ONLY time it makes an impact which is extremely rare (impossible if you just duo with someone)
: Try plat 5 where you pray that your team has plat banners and not silver banners, because season 5 banners actually matter... And then, you see the enemy team of full same club names, while your team has 2 silver banners, 2 gold banners and you as the sole plat banner, with the silver banner guys talking about drinking during the pregame chat. You sink in despair.
I was silver last season and i got to plat 5 in like a month of ranked? Last seasons banners dont really matter, it's definitely the current season rank that matters a lot more. Getting to plat 5 at the very end of a season is a much lower plat than plat 5 at the beginning of a season like right now. The lower ranked players shift up in ranks throughout the season and it just becomes easier to climb because youre facing people who would be in silver while youre technically in gold 1.
Tsugaga (NA)
: Unlock All Champions In ARAM
I admit its lame, but this thread has been here a million times and it looks pretty bleak tbh
: How does Nidalee always get what she wants?
Im pretty sure its because of her sopping wet pu-rrsonality
: No, but for real, how do I counter PLAY LeBlanc?
if you REALLY want to do something sparkly to outplay her all in you can flash behind her as she casts her first W onto you (making sure to actually dodge the W) and she'll waste her R cast on the ground, potentially also missing chain due to being confused. Itemwise just rush {{item:3001}} and you should be OK as long as you dont get in range of her combo too many times. as an AD champ rush {{item:3155}} and just play to farm.
: Promos should exist but they are FLAWED. For example, I should have lost all 10 promos; I am new to ranked. But since people carried on my team I went 4-6, and got into Silver, where people are too good. I got reported for feeding god-knows how many times. MMR NEEDS to be based on K/D/A. It is bullshit that you can get carried. And since you get a shield from losing it takes FOREVER to drop.
the problem is that if they based MMR solely off KDA then for example if you went 1/5 as orianna and landed a 5 man ulty at 40 minutes that wins your team the game by itself, you would probably lose points or get nearly none or whatever your system would do. The thing is that if youre good enough you WILL rise in ranks, it's just that it takes probably 40-50 matches to get to your actual skill. someone in high elo or pros somewhere once said something along the lines of "15% of games you get carried, 15% of games your team loses for you, the other 70% is all you".
: This community...
he was playing quite a lot better after he started streaming. Honestly his toxicity levels probably went from 20/10 to like... 9/10. Still very toxic, just not incredulously toxic like before. Unless someone trolls him or does something he doesn't like.
: The worst thing about ADCs is how they are never irrelevant, and demand attention no matter what.
how does this get upvotes this was probably the dumbest thing ive ever read on here so if the enemy instakills your adc with FED squishy killers, you lose the fight because you couldnt kill their squishy and thats a problem like what is the logic exactly, they kill your adc with a 10/0 talon who could sneeze on them and instantly annihilate them.... and your team loses not because you let talon oneshot your squishy and didnt peel him, but because you didnt dive ezreal hard enough. thats some bronze logic right there i swear this anti adc circle jerk drives me crazy
: Raise the true damage on Ignite.
does this game have something about 420 i dont know about? i play {{champion:67}} a lot and it bothers me when i have 390 movespeed, and when im moving towards an enemy champion my movespeed goes up to 419 :<
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Wait..... > {{item:3156}} AD champions **FINALLY** have an option vs AP burst champs, even if its a bit too good right now still good to have SOMETHING. What?What do you mean by finally?Hexdrinker/Maw was in the game long before Preseason.AD champs already had it as an option against AP burst.All Riot did to it was buffed it & focused it in as an Assassin item during preseason.
Well I'm taking about ADCs specifically. The old item gave more AD and 40 MR but no other stats that were actually beneficial to a marksman, which definitely made it a bruiser item. The new one gives 25% attack speed and 10% lifesteal when low in addition to armor pen for squishies, which is SO good on an ad carry that it's hard to pass up considering the defensive stats. Adcs were better off building banshees veil instead for just way more raw defensive stats
: {{champion:21}} ultimate before the rework did more damage early game and late game it did more damage earlier (due to the lower channel time). Miss Fortune's ultimate before the rework was still able to hit well over a thousand damage. I'd consider the rework for her a total failure though. While she is the "wombo combo ADC", that's literally all she can do. She had her base stats absolutely gutted, 1/3 of her E base damage, her passive nerfed, and her W nerfed multiple times (though mostly her W was nerfed in the PBE stages to be fair.). If Miss Fortune can't set up for her ultimate, she's just weighing down her team as many other ADCs could easily replace her.
Don't forget that with IE her ulty can crit for 180% damage per wave, in addition to the ER being added so her ulty isn't on a two minute cooldown lategame. What exactly do you mean about her passive being nerfed? Love tap is completely ridiculous in short trades, previously her passive was just glorified mobility boots... Now you can also get half the MS back when you activate W, and her Q was buffed like no tomorrow.
: More like: it does if you **aren't** playing at a decent elo
100%. Garen literally has to just rush spirit visage and play safe, then post 6 he can coordinate with his jungler and teemo can go 0/10. It's so easy to do
: > [{quoted}](name=SlaktarTasken,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vgQLMGO8,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-03-31T20:19:55.382+0000) > > I wouldn't even go as far as to call it a lovetap. ...really? 100 range being cut off a champion's only gapcloser is huge. Combine that with much weaker laning damage on Q and and noticeably lower passive range and she's being hit from a ton of directions. You really think that won't even nudge her performance?
They buffed the range previously, it's still close to or about the same as the range pre rework
Nuparu (NA)
: which is still bullshit if he's pulled during the anim it should stop the cast
See that totally makes sense in the case of vayne and Lucian because their dashes start instantly and travel quickly, ezreals dash has an entire half second before it actually moves him, meaning your skillshot still does damage but just doesn't pull him. In the case of thresh he's still fucked because thresh can pull himself onto ezreal and flay and ezreal has nothing left to do, in the case of Morgana he's still bound just a few hundred units away and you'll have plenty of time to reach him. The only champion his blink is any good against if it's not perfectly predicted a full second in advance is blitzcrank.
Nuparu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FKYjG5GW,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2016-03-31T20:05:20.206+0000) > > Yes. That's called _dodging_. No, we're talking the cc *landing* then he gets to hop away *anyways*.
this is becase his blink has ~.5 second cast point, if the hook lands in that very short time then he will continue going. It's not really a big deal because he still gets CCed if its an ashe arrow etc and hes only like 300ish units away? takes about a second to walk that far
: Did the ADC update work?
what i liked about it {{champion:236}} is actually viable now, even if i have to see him EVERY GAME its good hes not just awful anymore {{champion:51}} traps arent total garbage now, even if her ulty is still trash shes much better {{champion:42}} deals a lot more magic damage than before and forces tanks to build MR. his W is currently broken with the package but im sure that will be balanced out eventually {{champion:15}} her ulty is much better utlity, and lategame spellshields at 6 second cooldown is pretty awesome. {{champion:21}} her ulty is awesome and actually deals damage now when going AD {{champion:133}} quinn can be helpful to other lanes if your jungler cant be exerting pressure and your other lanes are losing, even if she lacks a lot of tank killing power {{champion:104}} graves is literally an assassin now. {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3072}} gives him good damage WITHOUT THE SHITTY RNG OF OTHER ADCS! (but also gives him a bit TOO much damage once hes level 16) {{champion:67}} this champion cant 1v1 most adcs with literally just bork anymore even if theyre almost an item up, thank god {{champion:29}} runanns and youmuus changes benefitted him so much, hes DEADLY now {{item:3156}} AD champions FINALLY have an option vs AP burst champs, even if its a bit too good right now still good to have SOMETHING. what i hated about it {{champion:429}} no niche besides strong early game. nerfed into the ground and only good in skilled hands {{champion:22}} swifties make her slow worthless still. {{champion:110}} itemization changes did nothing for his actual problems {{champion:222}} still a good champion but no reason to actually pick her over anyone else {{champion:81}} itemization changes do nothing for him, people still use the ancient bluebuild from thousands of years ago and hes just picked as kitey with horrendous damage lategame. W is still worthless on ad ezreal {{champion:18}} no niche. jinx pushes towers just as good as her but has aoe and cc, really just an inferior pick to jinx {{champion:96}} increased mana cost on ulty = ap kogmaw is dead forever, youll run oom with 3 ults and an E. The new AD kogmaw as well is exclusively early game focused and actually falls off around lategame, this is NOT what kogmaw is supposed to be, even if his midgame is stupid strong. {{item:3053}} only potential item vs AD assassins and its a bit too good right now. Id really like an item that helped vs ad assassins while not just giving some small base AD and raw health points, as this synergizes too well with Maws shield and resistances and makes it really difficult for ap bursters to even function if both items are bought.
: Why did Nid get the OPPOSITE of the Lee Sin treatment?
nidalee winrate on most experienced players in high elo - 59% lee sin winrate on most experienced players in high elo - 51% nid needs to get gutted man shes broken lol
: Graves needs beat with a Nerf Bat
he exchanges his ridiculous damage to squishies for completely pathetic tank busting power graves top (52% winrate) is probably the version of graves that might have more tank killing power due to sometimes getting black cleaver or dominiks, but all the actually good adc graves players do the legendary {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3072}} , and his resistances dont do shit for that unless youre in a LONG fight lasting almost 20+ seconds, so burst champs just fuck you up.
: which is why their bigger issue is being used in mid lane as much as on ADCs heck, if you have both Maw and Steraks, you lose 125 damage total, but if sterak's is activated, you regain any damage lost from both items ADC doing 400 damage per hit instead of 500 is still doing fairly well and most ADC have a steroid to augment their damage further or if they're Miss Fortune, only need a little after proper positioning
The problem with this argument is that maw and steraks only are useful when they proc. meaning steraks is useless against sustained poke, and will only give you the 50% damage for the .2 seconds the shield is active while the enemy completely bursts it off you in an instant. Realize that gage does not give resistances and does not actually reduce the amount of damage you take, only expand your health pool. Steraks + maw will only benefit you greatly against an AP burst champion, an AP poke champion won't pop the shield on gage and an AD burst won't care about it much due to their armor pen making the bonus hp worth so much less. If you have 2200 hp and a champion can do the 1800 damage necessary to you to pop the steraks gage in a short time span the extra 600 hp probably won't even be enough to keep you in the fight
: 500-600 is the norm for carries with over 1000 being extreme cases without attack speed build, such as on Tristana or another hypercarry with very large attack speed boosts. If you are instead on another ADC, such as Miss Fortune, you only need a stable amount of damage to cover your incredible teamfight damage. Kogmaw only needs on hit items to "effectively" carry now, Sivir tends to go attack speed because of her poor scaling but she has a spell shield, potentially 2. Graves is already tanky. Jhin varies with so many stat modifications. Kindred relies on on-hits. Ashe LIVES on sustained fights with a good steroid to both damage and attack speed. Ezreal rarely auto attacks when he can cast his abilities. if you look at it, the vast majority of arries can live with or without damage-specifc items
Oh no, jhin is a GOD with that build because attack speed isn't as relevant in his case. Kogmaw is trash tier now , what made him strong previously was the onhit buff that gave him an insane early game and midgame (and he fell off EXTREMELY HARD lategame) after the nerfs he is quite weaker than any other adc lategame. Ezreal too, his core build of Botrk IBG Muramana falls off very hard and puts his lategame winrate at nearly 40%, Sivir builds full carry as shown by her high lategame winrate, kindred currently has a hilarious 40% lategame winrate. The only carries who can effectively sacrifice 3 damage items for those 3 defensive items are jhin and graves. Anyone else sacrifices a gigantic chunk of damage for it. those items largely benefit those two champions over anyone else
Astôlfo (NA)
: Which is why they almost never die while still melting people anyways. Yeah, okay.
Graves makes sense, as he melts people and gets resistances from his E. On anyone else they are 100% armor free 2000 hp targets with 50 armor who can be easily oneshot from any ad source
: The thing is you can fit all of them in a full build. You can go Infinity Edge into (insert Zeal Item of choice here) then Mercurial, and grab Maw and or Sterak's to round out your build still do hyper scaling damage while having impressive survive-ability for a damage dealer with no pure defensive item. The only drawback would be low DPS against very high armor targets in which case you would have to drop one of Maw/Steraks for a last whisper, but in most games this is not necessary. Sure you can get a tanky AP build with Abyssal,Rylai's, Zhonyas, ROA, LIandry's, but this will cause you to lack mana regen and CDR (and deathcap passive). In addition the Abyssal/Rylais/Roa/Liandry's all individually provide small amounts of survivablity which usually isn't enough to save you from an assassin while Maw/Sterak's can (though if you built all 4 you'd be tanky). Zhonya's active is powerful enough to save you, but you can't take action during it while the adc can continue to DPS during the Maw/Sterak's shields.
Yeah no, statikk + ie is not enough to be a carry in any scenario. Lategame with that adc build you will have pathetic damage, probably critting for about 500-600 damage with pitiful attack speed and life steal, wheras a full built normal adc will be critting for about 1000-1100 damage attack nearly twice as often and be much easier to kill.
Astôlfo (NA)
: ADC mains: "how come i have to be squishy if i want to deal insane damage, that's not fair! these items are perfectly fine, i don't deserve to die ever!"
Adc champions gain lategame strength by multiplicative damage through crit and attack speed, infinity edge the zeal items essence reaver etc. if you build these 3 items your damage WILL fall off lategame, which is a pretty significant tradeoff.
Mech0p (NA)
: I fkin hate that.... Mid game ill get ulted by a zed or someone and after my 30+ sec death timer I run straight back to mid where zed is at lik 300 health get dove by him and ulted again... Fk ults plz nerf so that you cant use on the same champ within 3 minutes lol... I'm bronze trash so I'm garbage at cd timers just an fyi
Zeds ulty timer is 120/100/80 seconds. You should have at least a minute before its back up even with the death timers being "long" as people complain about
: Eh, I also usually use that pair, but get mid probably every 6th game or so depending on how many people I queue with. When I'm by myself I get it more often, but when I play with others it's less since almost everyone I play with is a mid secondary player so we all have to fight for it.
I checked my op.gg and I've gotten mid exactly 16 times in 154 matches. I do actually frequently duo que but my friend typically does jungle/top so I don't really think that has much of an impact... Just that when I played blind pick I used to get mid so much more for that sweet malzahar freelo...
: i really hope they read this comment and realise that the players prefer a dedicated SoloQ over DynamicQ. Keep the new Champ Select, just disable the invite feature off the queue, that could be done within minutes without having to adjust anything else in the code. As a nice side effect it would lower queue times, since everyone would be solo, so there wont be a need to match preferred 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5.
It wouldn't lower que times it would split the player base and literally make dynamic que into ranked 5v5 or 2+3v2+3. No other combinations of teams could exist if they implemented this solo que system. They basically created something that can't survive without solo players, and would essentially become team ranked
: Translation - "Because most people would prefer solo queue." I really don't understand why it's such an issue. I mean, this is the most played game ever _in the world!_ There are so many people ready to play at all times that it should not be an issue to have a few different playlists without making wait times ridiculous. Plenty of games with much smaller communities have a ton of playlists and matchmaking that's much quicker.
Because if they made solo que nobody would single que into dynamic Que. meaning no 4+1 teams could exist, and all dynamic que could be is 5v5 or 2+3 v 2+3. The current system allows for more variety like 1+1+3 teams or 2+2+1 teams and if they added solo matchmaking for dynamic que would be so much longer
: Found a way to not get support 20 games in a row
Out of 160 games queing for mid/adc I've gotten mid about 13 or 14 times total. It basically has the same problem as queing for support and something else where you'll always get it
: A Message to My Fellow ADC Mains and to My Dearest Supports
gold 2 ezreal/twitch main, and i dont type anything except gj whenever something good happens. i rage all the time IRL but i dont say anything, and since i play adc i guess ive never witnessed this support hate? in fact, when i play often the support is being toxic and i just dont reply to anything they say.
: > [{quoted}](name=Robbit Mang,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jNEQX3qr,comment-id=001a,timestamp=2016-03-23T07:30:59.885+0000) > > It's veigar and she's an AD champion. Obviously a champion along the lines of veigar who's supposed to be good at bursting AP carries due to his enemy ap to damage scaling will struggle vs ad champions. Honestly as a veigar player I can say 1200 ap on veigar isn't even difficult to get. If you're actually using your brain and csing properly in a long game you can get 1500-1600 AP I've had 1500 AP before and a graves survived my full combo. This is why I stopped running thunderlords; it doesn't give Veigar enough penetration. I just go full offensive and take Deathfire touch. You get more Magic pen and bounty hunter increases your overall damage rather than just giving you a thunderbolt every now and then. I also get Archangles now. By ~33 minutes, if I'm at least even with the enemy mid, I'd have about ~1100 AP with an item to go still. With all of the penetration Veigar has from the offensive tree, (mostly the one mastery that gives 7% pen) you can EASILY burst through 3000 points of damage. Even if Kalista has a Mercurial Scimitar, late game with this build I can easily reach 1400 AP. There's absolutely no way she's surviving it even with an aegis passive near her. 1400 AP plus the obscene magic pen, I feel like it'd be more than enough damage. Though, I've been on a hiatus in ranked recently and league in general. We assumed Veigar caught a KALISTA and under any normal circumstance in diamond elo there's absolutely no way that will happen lol.
yeah youre right. graves only survives because of his ridiculous armor/mr stacking on his E. if youre autoing over and over you can get 120 armor and MR for free, get a maw and youre suddenly a tank. like legit, graves with DD and PD + bloodthirster can solo baron, albeit VERY slowly. if you ask me, maw and steraks by themselves arent broken, its just graves and all the shit they gave him in the preseason. corki is pretty obnoxious too, but i hate people roping all adcs and their items into the "broken preseason changes" pool corki/quinn/graves are in atm
Arabed (NA)
: 60% chance either lucian or ezreal will be in your game
sated tank carry junglers were too strong last patch, so naturally the adcs with mobility and some range become popular. hopefully the nerfs to Yi and titanic hydra and shyvana will bring some other ad carries to light.
: Because Yas and Kat are weak. huehuehuehuehue
Low elo players not being able to deal with them does not mean they are strong. Katarina is quite difficult to play into a competent team and so is yasuo. They both function in team fights in capitalizing on the enemy making mistakes or a team fight happening perfectly for your team, and both have HORRENDOUS counter pick Matchups (for yas he's got riven Darius pantheon, Kat has blitz and brand)
: Maw of Mathmortius
It's veigar and she's an AD champion. Obviously a champion along the lines of veigar who's supposed to be good at bursting AP carries due to his enemy ap to damage scaling will struggle vs ad champions. Honestly as a veigar player I can say 1200 ap on veigar isn't even difficult to get. If you're actually using your brain and csing properly in a long game you can get 1500-1600 AP
Keti (NA)
: If I can climb through diamond on kindred top, you can climb on whatever you want. Quit making excuses, it ensures you will never improve.
>diamond player gives their insight on how you can climb with whatever you want >people in threads say it was just luck wow. really wow. these boards are fucking terrible
: till i see a master + player play with the weaker champs and carry. I will say you are guessing and not right. Their has to be a reason why the teir 3 champs are not played and support mains almost always duo. You will not find a single high tier streamer talking about team play out side of premades. I quote Iwilldominate saying "as a jungler you should take every kill, cause it is up to you to carry not your team", he said this after giving some laners some kills and losing the game. The highest teir players are teaching selfish game play for a reason. This reason is a problem with the game.
hikashikun plays teemo jungle and hes master. voyboy plays katarina and yasuo. theres plenty of high elos who play weak champs.
: Why I'm starting to hate being a Support main
Yeah the last paragraph basically sums it up. If you pick sona karma zyra or Nami you will get dumpstered by ganks (maybe not so much Nami, but the others definitely). All those supports have low base HP and pretty unreliable CC in exchange for boatloads of damage, and I really don't feel like they fit in to being good supports for keeping your adc and yourself alive unless you have a tank jungler helping you both. It's a lot of a safer pick to play thresh nautilus blitzcrank alistar Leona Janna soraka as they are all useful in ganks/peeling and are able to keep themselves or others alive. Plus those supports are always useful even if behind in money and exp, just my advice to you
: Dynamic Queue is truly unfair
Well of course. Nothing tilted me more than getting completely ROLLED in my series out of gold 3 when I realized I only lost 5 total LP because I was only playing VS full premades... I mean, I know I didn't lose much points but losing an entire series solely due to a premade isn't very fair
: Looking at your own flaws doesn't make other's go away
My advice to you is just to look at the game as an experience to improve and chalk it up to "it happens, I'll play even better next game and win". Just the nature of the community unfortunately
: When Malphite uses his ground slam, frozen heart, and randuins omen...
The whole reason yi is strong right now is because of sated devourer making his double strike proc every 3 autos and his Wuju style true damage applying twice every other hit along with guinsoos+devourer damage themselves, then going full tank and being difficult to kill. Playing yi top is actually allowing yi to have a weakness (squishiness) and not utilizing his strengths in Jg
: and fiora, and graves, and darius, and garen, and J4 and quinn is a skill match up but slightly favors quinn because she can still farm from range if she starts losing. Basically at this point he can only really beat Jax and Riven in lane every other matchup just wrecks him.
All of those are skill match ups IMO. a good wu can play to scale and win the game through superior team fighting as none of those Matchups are insanely awful for him, albeit slightly difficult.
: I Find Yasuo early game too oppresive
annoying- yes, oppressive- no. only a handful of champions lack the tools to punish him for shoving the wave using his E, and even so you can just get your jungler to help you. He has no escapes and his E will naturally nuke the creepwaves.
Canidae (NA)
: What about the Plat one? And how often do U play either account? Nothing about the game warrants a 3-Tier difference between accounts if U play both of them the same way.
^ this. Im a high gold level player and i have never had trouble crushing bronze/silver level players on smurf accounts even in most counterpick matchups. The difference in skill is WAY too great to warrant that high of a rank difference
Raoul (EUW)
: Seriously, how do we not have a freaking lose forgiven if someone ragequits in the first 5 minutes?
Dota 2's loss forgiven works only if they DC before first blood for ranked que. Wouldn't have helped you in your case. I do 100% encourage a safe-to-leave mechanic for normals and for ranked if they never connect. straight up lost 4 of my 170 ranked games this season to people never connecting which is like 2%? thats pretty decently high imo
Arakadia (NA)
: I understand what you mean, but it sounds a bit like your overexagerating.
oh definitely not. Im an adc main, reached gold 3 so far this season. top 3 adcs are ezreal, caitlyn and lucian. Almost every ADC becomes more useful to the team than lucian at some point. http://champion.gg/champion/Lucian if you want to see some accurate in depth statistics. I typically pick vayne to counter lucian, but thats what you do only when youre confident in your skills vs him as not dodging a Q can mean your life early game. Lucians short range and single target ultimate make him very poor in teamfights if you have a bruiser or assassin as he is helpless against them and quite easy to pick off. He trades off for this with pretty decent bursts of damage if hes getting completely stellar peel, but then other ad carries just do more damage than him. I really only pick him into a match where i know that our lanes will win due to hard counters as thats when hes most useful. Kalista serves similar strengths as well but with better teamfighting (her ultimate is amazing in certain situations) so i much prefer her over lucian.
Arakadia (NA)
: He's not horrible late game from what I know, and he can burst other enemy adc's faster then they can kill him.
up until midgame he typically can. Just that in any teamfight other adcs either do much more damage than him, AOE damage or outrange him. For example, vayne kills him in 3 autos and doesnt care about his dash due to Q + movespeed, Twitch can ulty and 3 shot him from 900 units away, jhin can kill him in two autos, quinn can completely dumpster him with her combo, draven can two shot him when he gets crit items, Miss fortunes ulty makes a much bigger impact in teamfights and wins the game for her team and she has a stronger lane phase, corki outbursts him and does more sustained damage, ez outranges him and can kill him with E Q W after landing two long ranged Q's, sivir can block his Q and negate a ton of damage out of his combo etc etc the only champions who id say struggle with lucian is urgot due to his garbage adc lane phase, varus due to his immobility and tendency to eat an entire long ranged lucian ultimate, and maybe tristana until lategame.
DrNova (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Robbit Mang,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3EEAPXA7,comment-id=000500010001,timestamp=2016-03-20T18:13:47.339+0000) > > yeah but at the same time if they didnt draft against it wukongs kit is impossible to outplay and you get shit on... honestly one of my most hated champs Most the current favored tops are counters to him without having to pick specifically for him.
Poppy and Malphite are probably the only meta champions that counter him at the moment, and malphite is typically banned and poppy is usually played jungle.
: though thats a pure problem of the community, lucians winrate is rather bad, even experienced lucians hardly reach more than 50%, he does less damage than most other adc, gets less assists than most adc and even his kills are below average. Every bit of data indicates that he's one of the worst carries atm, and there's just one thing he does great: Snowballing, his winrate in short games is rather high, but drops massively even after 25min. There objectively is no reason his pickrate should be so high right now, not if your main goal is winning the game. What puzzles me most about that is how popular he is in proplay, and most of the time i see him either beeing on a team that gets an early advantage, often through nidalee, and snowballing to victory, or he simply does nothing at all.
He's popular in pro play as a blind pick. Lucian is very safe, has decent waveclear and is very mobile which is generally what pro players look for in ADCs. If they lack mobility the enemy can draft champions who can kill the adc easily, if they lack waveclear the enemy team can draft a siege comp and win over your weaker waveclear. hes a bit more difficult to draft against than other adcs. Ezreal became a popular pick for all the same reasons as lucian really, just that they nerfed both champs after they became popular and essentially removed ezreals waveclear
: Well, that's less of a weakness lately, I suppose. What with how short games are.
games last around 35 mins on average, his winrate drops below 50% right after 25 minutes, then at 35 minutes (average game length) winrate drops to 47%. he always has a period every game where is weaker than the enemy adc unless theyve just been stomped to a pulp
: Because he's just... Overall the most useful ADC. He's a great generalist, his only real weaknesses are "slightly smaller range".
garbage lategame too. almost anyone creams him past 30 mins.
: Why does it feel like Lucian has 100% pick rate
strong early game, hes probably the best ADC you can have in a winning match due to his snowball. he does have a poor lategame so picking tristana or vayne works wonders vs him past 30 minutes. Pretty sad seeing him die in 3 autos after being 11/3 for so long
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