Elfezen (NA)
: My assists dont count in the stats of Twisted Fate - Bilgewater Event mission!!!
I didn't receive my assists totals from a summoners rift game either. Perhaps like another person said, it's because I haven't reached the ARAM gold, maybe we could have some clarification if this is the case.
: New Chroma Packs bloom
I love my new Bard Chroma! He is my favorite champ and I like my base Bard skin. These are so cool and well done they make an amazing champ pop even more. Thank you Riot.
: /ALL Chat | Phreaky Art ft. Gweedo
What a great episode! I love that Phreak and Gweedo managed to appear on the same episode so much fun. I do enjoy Mel's presence on the show, but wouldn't mind some more rotating hosts!
: Ekko Support
What's aggravating is I went into Normals teambuilder to give this very thing a whirl, while not impacting anybody's ranked games. I spent about 15-20 minutes in que only to have every ADC jump in for about five seconds and then immediately bounce once they realized he was support. UGH! He has a good amount of Damage, as well as slows and stuns... isn't that what you want ADC? Slows and Stuns?
: We need a ''PLACE THE WARD THAT YOU GET IT FOR FREE'' ping. We need a ''NEVER GO FULL RETARD'' ping. We need a ''PLEASE DON'T DIVE AND 1V5 WITH THE ENEMY TEAM'' ping. But most importantly we need a ''USE YOUR BRAIN'' ping.
Love the don't 1v5 ping idea.
: Well, ill try to offer up a mixed dude opinion. Racism predominantly exists because we force it to exist. And oddly enough, the racism our culture so much fears has changed it. (Not to say there's not some seriously racist people out there too.) However, in my short 23 years on this planet earth I've seen a lot more people of African descent acting blatantly racist to white people (clearly barring movies and whatever) Ever try being a lower class white male? (not the silver spoon suburbia ones) They get passed up for jobs so companies can "promote diversity" (business management guy here) Don't get to go to college as easily because its racist *and* sexist to give white males anything. They essentially have a permanent gag order on everything they say, since everything they say is twisted into something racist or sexist. Now this isn't saying there's not still privileged white people too, but for the ones that weren't gifted with money and stuff at birth, life actually gets pretty hard for them.
You're fooling yourself.... No seriously. I guarantee you that you are wrong.
: The downvotes to "how about another black champ" are telling and chilling at the same time. Racism is OP.
It is indeed... It's insanity on these boards.
: I can see that you're using a blanket generalization of white to try and further a point, when each character has a distinct background and historic influence to their character. Fiora isn't just white, she's a snooty French fencer. Braum feels like a giant Russian folk hero. Caitlyn is a British investigator and police officer. Xin Zhao and Yasuo aren't even white. They herald from Asian folklore and the like. Of course we can have more "black" champions, which is just another blanket term. But we'll get them when a designer's creativity sees a design fit for one. Simply because they don't make one now doesn't mean that they're just flat out ignoring the individual group. Edit: And another thing, we don't vote the op because he's demanding something unreasonable. I'd rather have a cast of 1 unique "black" character with good design then 4-5 with mehish design and character just for the sake of representation.
Believe me I get that the "white" characters come from a diverse background, with different bits borrowed from different cultures. However some of these characters, are just white for the sake of being white. So why can't we have some characters be of different ethnicity for the sake of it? I'm not trying to white wash over the value of differences, I want more! What i don't get is if the thread was, "Game needs more Void Champions" this discussion wouldn't be anywhere near the length that it's reached. Which means that the idea of having a more inclusive cast of Human characters is important. To me it's even more important now, than when I woke up this morning. I didn't realize that so much of the community I spend so much time in is in such a bubble that the mention of diversity of Human characters (annoying i have to keep using the word Human) gets their collective panties in a bunch. Like why downvote, or come up with bullshit like "well look at all the yordles"? Yeah well look at **ALL** the fucking yordles. Why try to fight a battle that ends up either exposing your racism, or your ignorance? Why is it so wrong for someone to think "Hey wouldn't it be cool if we had another black character in the game?" Why is it wrong for them to share it on a message board? And to all the "Yeah but it should be about the *Character* not skin color" noise, uh fucking duh. Like it wasn't like the original poster was like, hey just give us generic black guy #241 (whatever that would be anyway). Of course he wants him to be fleshed out, cool, and with neat abilities and an original look. *smacks head on keyboard*
Krigjer (NA)
: I'm getting tired of seeing damn near every game have its forums overrun by people insisting that EVERYTHING needs representation. IN A FANTASY SETTING. Yet I never see praise for when a game actually includes a certain element. That said, I don't think champions should be created for the purposes of cosplay. I don't care about cosplay, or what race/gender/whatever a champion is. I want to enjoy their KIT, because GAMEPLAY matters to me more than feeling represented in a video game.
Overrun? Looks through the posts on the forum... *shakes head*
: At some point, I feel yoi're being stupid on purpose. There are literally 1-ofs in this game of anything you can think of. There's only 1 dragon champion. Is Riot racist to dragons? There's only 1 bear (2 if you count tibbers). Is Riot racist to bears? Maybe Zilean, but eh. There's only 1 starchild. Is Riot racist to starchilldren?
You surely see the difference yes? You surely can see the overwhelming white cast of HUMAN characters right? And I don't think he was saying Riot is racists, I think he was just wondering if there could maybe be more than one black champ.
: French and Russian are white. How are you only counting 1 asian? I do understand that people don't like to hear uncomfortable truths when they are trying to get their leisure on. But if "how bout more black champs" causes a race war..... I don't even-
RIGHT! Like the mere thought of you saying "Hey how about another black champ?" Is to much... I mean seriously Occam what's wrong with you? ((shakes head)) How dare you! Your upsetting these good peoples sensibilities. If you replaced the words "Black Champ" with the words "Zac Skin" everyone would have rallied behind you. It's bonkers to think about.
Tulare (NA)
: I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate this articulate and adult perspective. This is the kind of sentiment I want from people in my gaming community! (I plan to send you a friend request in game.)
Sounds good! Always looking for kind people to be friends with in league! I'll be on the look out for the invite the next time I'm on.
: Thanks, man. I was getting depressed. For some reason I thought I might get some black player to rally around me. Boy did I shoot the moon.
Believe me, this whole thing is mortifying to me... The vast majority of people responding just don't get what you were driving at. It's scary actually, because my dumb ass keeps thinking that we are getting better as a country. But we aren't. This is an age of enlightenment but instead of opening hearts and minds it's bolstering white privilege rhetoric. The people writing the worst of it, have definitely not tried to think what it must be like for almost all the fictional super heroes to be white guys. What that might do to a young black kid. They don't think what a screwed up world it is where a **KID** could get gunned down in the park by a cop for playing with a toy gun. Then that little kid gets painted to be a devil for it. The world is a web, things are interconnected and if you don't think these things are interlinked... then you are mistaken. Trying to create a positive world for all people. I can't understand what it is to be black in America, but i try. And from the little bit I do understand, I wouldn't have the strength.
: everytime someone puts a spotlight on any "racial" aspect of anything it perpetuates the problem. Which goes back to my original comment....you are still not a snowflake. You are represented quite accurately by the humans in the game. nothing else is required. And besides, african or black arent races in league of legends...so if thats your angle then none of us are represented so we should all bitch and moan. Lucian isnt even black...he's demacian.
That is laughable, it does not "perpetuate" the problem. It shines a spotlight on the inherit bigotry in the community. Perpetuate means more or less "to continue", how would pointing out the lack of diversity perpetuate the lack of diversity? And the second bit about demacian... :( Come on, I can tell you are smarter and probably better than that. That was weak... super weak.
: sure i can understand that. But where my understanding stops, is when we start arguing over how fictitious fantasy characters don't match your fantasy of what fantasy should look like and somehow that leads to a failure to represent certain people and because of that somebody needs to fix it because its "wrong" and at an implied moral level.
I don't understand how "wishing" for a more diverse cast of HUMAN characters upsets you? What are you losing out on by someone looking for more representation in a game they enjoy? Why is one board post looking at racially disparity "flaming or trolling"?
5M1K3 (NA)
: LOL made me do it
Very nice! Looking to add Kog'Maw to my tattoo collection at some point.
: >It is a fantasy setting, not a historical one yeah...so why does it have to in anyway represent real life? If there are few "black people" in fantasy land...how is that representative of anything? >And saying that monsters and shit are representations is fucking callous, insensitive, and more to the point dumb. Where have you been the last 50 years? How can you see what monstrous things mankind is capable of and say that a monster is not a representation of man? Have you ever seen a little boy have a bomb strapped to his chest and told to go blow himself up for daddy? Tell me again how monsters dont represent mankind.
I understand the literary use of "monsters", they are allegories for the flaws of humanity or our fears. They are not a representation of inclusiveness. There is difference here I suspect you can understand.
: OK. the reason why you were downvoted is because nobody like the people who pay attention to race in games. at all. At this rate we are getting a forum race war... what fun. Also you forgot that there is only 1 Asian, Russian, and French champion each. Maybe they are offended. There is actually a place where you can get this out, its called tumblr. Please spare us who hate the race is all that matters people and go there.
No one said it was all that matters... *sighs* It is a valid point. That's like saying someone who thinks "FIZZ OP!" and makes a post about it is saying that's all that matters. It's a piece, a slice of the pie.
: > [{quoted}](name=Robot Crab Mohel,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=TeXyERLl,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-04-21T14:41:12.764+0000) > > Occams Raiser I couldn't agree more! The gaming world is so myopic, and it shouldn't be. Even though I'm awfully white, I would like to see a more diverse cast of characters. Lucian shouldn't be the only black person in this game. How about a black lady character? As a gaming, and in a broader scope nerd cultural we need to start celebrating the diversity of the fan base. I'm always shocked that a group of outsiders, who may have known isolation and some form of discrimination (please don't think i'm trying to claim nerd discrimination compares in the slightest with what the Black community goes through in this country) are not more inclusive and open. > > For you to be openly meet with so much ugliness at the mere suggestion that the cast of characters in this FANTASY SETTING be more diverse so as to represent and give that fantasy trip to more than just white kids, saddens me. > > We should be champions of equality, and kindness. We should be joining together to combat the ugliness of racism and sexism. There are so many fans of this game, of video games, comics, and any other "nerdy" endeavor because they allow us an escape from the bullshit that is this world with it's hatred because we look different. For the most part when you que up in league you have no idea who's on the other end. Just think about that. You trust a complete stranger with your leisure time, to help you, to watch your back, and you don't know much about them outside of their summoner name, their icon, what role they pick and the champ they select. That should be a powerful tool for helping to eliminate the negativity in our community. I have a daughter who already loves nerdy things at four, I hope this community accepts her when she's old enough to be a part of it. I don't want her to be considered less than because of her gender. Grow up you little racists! Do some self exploration, and try to put yourself in someone else's shoes for a change. > > This upsets the shit out of me... I want to scream. Pls go to tumblr. now. there is no place for the Social Justice Warriors in video games. More black characters will not eliminate racism just like a black president didnt. Its not riots fault that you are upset, its yours.
Why can't there be work from all sides towards social justice? What are you afraid of by having an inclusive cast of characters in a video game? Why can't Riot work towards diversifying it's fantasy setting? Every little bit helps to combat racism. I didn't say Riot was the reason there are racists. It's stupid people, passing down awful ideas to their children, and keeping them under informed. No it's not Riots responsibility to "end racism", nor is it the election of President Obama. It's striving to be loving and kind to all people. I'm upset because I wish the community around the medium I love wasn't so god damn hate filled. There is a place for Social Justice in all aspects of life, to beat down the doors of bullshit oppression, and suppression of voices. It is my fault i'm upset, because I'm sad that this the world I live in. I will gladly take the responsibility for that "upset", but that doesn't mean I have to be quiet.
: why are so insecure that you need representations of yourself across every medium?
Well i i'm not insecure and I'm as white as they come, so I have a million fucking choices to represent my "power fantasies" what I'm saying is that you should try to think about what it feels like to be so isolated. And saying that monsters and shit are representations is fucking callous, insensitive, and more to the point dumb. It is a fantasy setting, not a historical one, and one that obviously pulls from all spectrums of life. Yeah, having one black dude is lame. At no point did Occam claim anybody was a better race or any of that nonsense. And acting like he's the racist because he's wondering why a group of people don't have representation in game is gross. He isn't flaming, or trolling he is asking a legitimate question.
: I'm not sure if you are trolling or not. Your comment almost seems satirical. I half way expect you to break into a Tyler Durden quote down at the end. When did striving for equality become striving for superiority? Naaaaaa... you are trolling. Good one, dude. You got me.
: now you are the one being too sensitive. since when do fat people not have a say in anything? or any specific grouping of people? Racism is a two edged sword. It has two edges that cut, two sides of the same coin, and neither one of them is "the light" side. Hatred: Hitler...wanted them all dead Then there is the other side...it starts with a tiny belief that your group of people is somehow special, or more special. then it turns into: Hitler....yeah him again. He thought there was a master race or group of people that was more important than the rest of the world. You clearly think black people are more important, more special, and better than every other person...in this case it is "inappropriate" to put an overweight population on the same level of importance as black people. moral of the story: **You are not a snowflake. You are not more specialer than the rest of us. You do NOT deserve any special attention or consideration more so than anyone else. You are a humanoid life form with a brain, organs, and red blood cells. You are born, you eat, and then you die. Thats it. So stop making arguments based on how special you think you are and how more deserving than any other people who have better tans than the rest of world are.....color is irrelevant**
You completely missed the fucking mark. Not once did he say that shit. If your a white male, you have thousands of representations of yourself across the medium and every other fucking medium. Asking to be included shouldn't be met with scorn!
: I made the suggestion for more Black Champs. 21 down votes in 6 hours.
Occams Raiser I couldn't agree more! The gaming world is so myopic, and it shouldn't be. Even though I'm awfully white, I would like to see a more diverse cast of characters. Lucian shouldn't be the only black person in this game. How about a black lady character? As a gaming, and in a broader scope nerd cultural we need to start celebrating the diversity of the fan base. I'm always shocked that a group of outsiders, who may have known isolation and some form of discrimination (please don't think i'm trying to claim nerd discrimination compares in the slightest with what the Black community goes through in this country) are not more inclusive and open. For you to be openly meet with so much ugliness at the mere suggestion that the cast of characters in this FANTASY SETTING be more diverse so as to represent and give that fantasy trip to more than just white kids, saddens me. We should be champions of equality, and kindness. We should be joining together to combat the ugliness of racism and sexism. There are so many fans of this game, of video games, comics, and any other "nerdy" endeavor because they allow us an escape from the bullshit that is this world with it's hatred because we look different. For the most part when you que up in league you have no idea who's on the other end. Just think about that. You trust a complete stranger with your leisure time, to help you, to watch your back, and you don't know much about them outside of their summoner name, their icon, what role they pick and the champ they select. That should be a powerful tool for helping to eliminate the negativity in our community. I have a daughter who already loves nerdy things at four, I hope this community accepts her when she's old enough to be a part of it. I don't want her to be considered less than because of her gender. Grow up you little racists! Do some self exploration, and try to put yourself in someone else's shoes for a change. This upsets the shit out of me... I want to scream.
Phiascoe (NA)
: Riot Needs to Make An App for League
More to the point I think I want an App that syncs with my actual league of legends profile. Something that would allow me to set up my Rune pages, Masteries, and Item Sets. That's the main thing, but digging a little deeper being able to shop the store and make purchases of skins, champs, or whatever would be nice as well. There are times where I'm away from my computer, have my phone and think man it would be great if i could set some stuff up for league so i can just get right to the meat when i get a chance to play again. I'm sure you could add in some other stuff like chat, timers, some champion info, and news stories. Having it sync up with the boards would be a plus as well. Please Riot! I would even pay for it! Like maybe the free one lets you look at everything, but $1 lets you sync it up with your account. Saw a figure that 27 million people play league... that's a lot... Lets say a tenth of those people bought the app that's 2.7m monies minus development/upkeep cost.
: Help a blitz?
here's how I look at it if you were in a slugfest with the other team and you happen to get the kill, so be it. If you are intentionally taking kills not so good. KS sometimes means kill secured. If you're not sure if they are going to escape or not punch they faces! Remember if you are killing their ADC you will automatically have your ADC at a gold advantage. Oh and try going AP blitz crank... So much fun.
: Bard's Cosmic Binding bug
I've noticed the same exact thing! I thought i was just maybe doing it poorly. It's true though, if the minions are shoulder to shoulder it just hits both of them, you have to almost go to one side or the other of the minion to try to sneak it back to the enemy champ. It does take some of the bards threat potential away especially in the laning phase.
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Amachy (NA)
monissa (NA)
: stuns and healing, yeah, great. but what can he do that, say, sona can't? she has a better heal + shield, an ult that actually stuns when you want it to, poke and and some mobility. I do realize he has mobility because of his e, but it's not like you're outrunning them. you need to outjuke them. his passive is my biggest problem. you are taking yourself away from lane to collect these things that increase your damage by a measly amount when they should be giving him defensive boosts. you are losing exp and gold to get these things. and the experience you get from them does not at all compensate for the lost exp you could have gotten in lane. I mean, yeah, you could make him work with a team that is on teamspeak or something. but why play him instead of someone who can directly support?
Bards ult is way different than Sona's stun, range, area of effect and what it can stun are much more. ANd it's not a stun, it's effectively an Area of Effect {{item:3157}} . Using magical journey for flat mobility i think isn't that effective. It's an engage/disengage tool that can help divide up the enemy team in the right circumstances or allow your team to survive an otherwise messy engage. He's heals aren't like Sona's heals I agree but I can drop off shrines at Mid-lane, top lane, in the jungle, where ever i might be at the time and this extra health might just be the thing that saves someone or saves a tower or whatever. Plus he has a basic stun that can do some serious work. I agree collecting the chimes to the detriment of the lane is a terrible idea because they aren't going to give you that much exp or dmg. Pick them up when you are moving around for other reasons. He is tricky, but I don't think he is so far off base as to be unplayable. He does different stuff than Sona, just like Nami does different stuff, or Braum. I think he needs more time out there until we can make a strong call. But he is so much fun to play!
monissa (NA)
: playing bard
While I agree he is not a normal support, I think people are being a bit harsh. He is definitely a tricky champion, who is going to take practice to get proficient with. I however think people are writing him off to quickly. The shrines can do some serious work, especially in laning phase, make sure that you are putting them under your tower and just give your ADC a quick Idea about how they work. Make sure you are putting out as many as you can, this will give your ADC serious sustain. Not to mention you can cast the heal directly onto champions, which is not as efficient but I've saved lives. I always take this ability first! Intuitively you would think to take the stun first but I think that's a big mistake because bard himself is a bit squishy and the range on the stun is short. The stun, is great if it lands. Short range and the fact that sometimes it seems to hit minions who are side by side, as opposed to going through the first minion and into the enemy champ behind him. I find that it's way more effective lining shots up against walls/structures. When you do land them, they can turn fights around big time! Especially if you have two champs who are chasing you in a line, a quick turn and throw and you can save yourself and hopefully your teammates. Don't underestimate this move, but also don't think you are throwing out Morgana's dark bindings. Bard's E is the trickiest of the skills so far for me. I've used it at least once in laning phase to go through the wall into the tri-bush when enemy was on red side to secure a kill. I've also taken that same journey hoping to repeat my success and was met with an enemy jungler who stabbed my face in. I've taken the journey many times to escape death to great effect as long as I'm not panicking. I've had people chase me through the portal (remember enemies move slower through the portal than you or your teammates) and once they pop out the other side i'm waiting on the other end with stun into the wall. I've thrown just as many shitty portals into the nothingness of uselessness. It's a tool, and once more people understand it (like Thresh's lantern) it's value will increase. **TIP!** Don't click on the entrance to the portal to go into the portal, right click on the tunnel itself! Bard's ult is so bonkers versatile! About to get into a team fight? Try to isolate 2-3 of the enemy team with it and have the rest of your crew go in and mop up the remaining members, while you keep blasting heals. Oh no your adc was split pushing bottom and now are being chased by a chunk of the enemy team? Don't worry Magical journey to get a bit closer, then time that ult to freeze the pursuers, because the range on this ability is crazy! Enemy team is getting dragon? We are to far away to contest or steal... let me just pause that real quick ahhh there we go and dragon is ours. I have had all of these things happen in game and it felt great! This is just a taste, you sometimes have to get creative or think differently about how to use it. Also to be fair I've had some really underwhelming Ult tosses that I'm sure left my team scratching their heads. It's a skill shot, try to be skillful with it. Meeps and chimes... The allure of the chimes is real, do not be a burden on your team to get these chimes. Do not travel to the other side of the map to pick two or three chimes, it is a bad idea. Do travel back to lane through the jungle to pick chimes after recalling. Do pick up that chime that is close by to get that mana back to then cast the health shrines. Do not attack minions when there are enemy champs around and blow your meep load on them, unless you're alone under a tower. Try to hit the enemy champs with them. They do splash damage, fun. This is where bard falls down hard... he does not do much DMG, but I'm sure that can be mitigated with the right build. With the chimes just grab them when it's prudent when you would be moving to a spot anyway, like to ward or to help out mid, or if the enemy support is out of lane anyway (the caveat being if the enemy support is Bard, in that case stay in lane and harass the adc). The big thing is to think of them more in terms of getting back mana and getting a speed boost to get to where you are going. The Meeps+DMG should be thought of as an after thought. The two things I would think about building early on this guy, is Mana Regen (he's greedy at the start of the game) and Cool down. The faster you can get those shrines down, the faster you can throw more stuns and the faster you can throw more ults will make him seem more valuable to your team. You're not there to do DMG, you're there to support. After that... well I'm not to sure, but building a decent amount of AP seems to work, but attack damage is an interesting thought. Hope this helps, and just give the big goofy bastard a chance, you might be surprised.
Zmuecat (NA)
: I've tried this, and it's just a boring lane. Boring like Riot seems to try to avoid. And it's the only thing close to success I've had. Even if I do get a good initiate post 6, Kal can just pull Blitz away/to the fight and mess me up.
I haven't played much {{champion:429}} , I have played support for {{champion:429}} , but more to the point I've been the {{champion:53}} in this situation. This can be a really tiresome fight. If you want to win this expect to work. Both of these champs move around alot! Kalista with her passive thingy and any blitz worth his salt realizes the value of making the other side nervous by cruising around. So you need to also move around a lot. Standing still is a death sentence. Most of the time blitz is going to be tanky, if it's me i go AP, but many blitz will be hard to kill, but not so damage intensive. So with this in mind, don't panic about being hit by blitzcrank, and I don't mean being hit by the grab or knock up i just mean his general attacks. A few things to do against blitz, if he hits his speed up and runs towards you, do some zagging and remember his grab comes from his right arm, so go the other way, cut hard if you have to. Secondly once he shoots his grab, count to ten, do it out loud so you do it right. This is a shorter time than his cool down, but this is the amount of time for you to make any plays your going to make and then start thinking safety. Use the minion waves, weave in and out of them try to keep a minimum of two to three little guys between you and the crank. Early on if the blitz is spamming his abilities he will have no mana, that grab is 100 m, the punch up is another 25, and the speed up i believe is 75, for the normal combo you're looking at 200 m. Use that big time, pay attention to his mana bar. If he's below half, he probably has one more grab+punch in him. IF YOU GET GRABBED, try not to panic, if he has the mana he's going to punch you into the air, still don't panic, Kalista will be going for your throat. If you have any kind of disengage ability use it on Kalista, **NOT** on Blitz. And start running. Don't stand there and try to fight back, just get out of there. Hope that your team mate is taking this time to pound away on Kalista. She will get greedy and tunnel vision on the "easy" kill. She's annoying but not invincible. Try to get those pokes in on her when his grab is down, out of lane, or low mana. Try to seperate the two. Grab more health potions than you normally would, she can sling down the DMG. Try to keep the waves close to your turret. And for Cthulhu's sake ward the bushes. Her ult is dumb, and yes will save blitz crank, but unless it's a regular Blitz/Kalista combo, the blitz will probably screw up the throw even though it's a skillshot. That move is so disorienting. It's not everything but this should help... maybe?
Borigrad (NA)
: Mandrake Ward design by Xypherous
I actually like the idea of this ward a lot! If it's executed properly it shouldn't be game breaking and can add extra elements to the game. I'm all for things providing different strategies. The balance should come in how it works, how long it lasts, and cost. I imagine something like this going off if a champ (or champs) come with in a certain radius of it, it pings the map and makes a specific noise and then it's gone. So you don't get the lasting vision of a sight ward, but you get that potentially life saving ping. As far as cost, if it's a one and done, 50g but it has maybe the same time limit as a stealth ward.
Sylare (NA)
: RIP My Summoner Name, it was nice knowing you
Gave me a nice chuckle... *salutes while taps play*
: Competitive Ruling: Cloud9 Tempest
So what does this mean for the spring split? Does team confound inherit their record? Is this going into effect this weekend?
Jacccey (NA)
: i guess this is why we have to buy skins for female champions
I really don't have a problem with the splash art in this game. I love the amount of motion depicted in the images, considering how much of this game is about action and movement. Sometimes the hyper-sexualazation can be a bit much, but I more or less just joke about it. Sex sells. And this is a fantasy game. I think there is a fair amount of charm in to these images, and beauty. The coloring is fantastic and evocative. Change, people just can't handle it.
Vanjie (NA)
: Possible Data Corruption?
just got the same Message... *sighs*.... Long two days just wanted to play league. :(
: Before you hit "No" consider the following...rant
The longer a game goes, the more even the playing field can become in terms of levels and items. Stalling out until your team can make real map impact is a strategy when you're on the losing side. These are the hardest games to win, but god damn if they aren't the most gratifying! As a side note... I was on team who surrendered (we were on the losing side of the equation) like one minute after we just won a team fight. I was the only one who voted no. That was one of the most aggravating instances I've ever had on league.
: Looking to better myself as a player.
I think everyone has touched on most of your point pretty well, but I just wanted to add to the camera unlock. Force yourself to play with it unlocked. You will see yourself making way better plays once you get used to it. The amount of information you will have on hand is going to be huge! You don't need to "see" your champ a lot of the time, you just need to know where you are. You get way more out of being able to extend your vision to see the enemy champs, especially in laning phase. It helps if you have wards placed so that you can get a handle on the minimap. Try a game or two of bots, ( i know, I know) just to get a feel for having it unlocked and trying to make plays and getting used to the space bar centering when you need it. Then take it in normal for a few games. It's disorienting at first, it took me forever to finally break the habit, but I'm so glad I did I'm a better player for it. (Not that i'm a great player mind you... ;)
Felo (NA)
: XP/IP Boosts
XP boosts are a trap avoid. I disagree with the IP boosts though, I've purchased them, but only with the intent of fleshing out my rune pages a little faster. IF you're talking about buying champs with IP, and using RP to get more IP then no don't do that. But seeing as you can't get runes with RP, this would be the only case.
: What support do you like the most?
I run {{champion:25}} Morgana, {{champion:16}} Soraka, and {{champion:53}} Blitz. And since the ladies have had their fair shair of comments I'll just say that Blitz can be potent. You need a strong ADC to really take advantage of Blitzcrank in the early game. I've played games where I've landed amazing grab after amazing grab but the ADC just couldn't capitalize on any of it. Very disheartening. You also have to realize that his Q (the grab) is expensive and has a long cool down. You want to use the threat of a grab way more than actually throwing out the grab. The presence of a front line blitz is at a minimum distracting, and to many scary. I will try hard to distract the enemy ADC from farm, sometimes that just means taking some hits. It's a different play style than Soraka or Morgana. I think they all scale differently and have different value late game, but out of the three mentioned in my post Morgana and Blitz scale better then Soraka. Blitz can change an impending team fight from a 5v5 into 4v5 with a well placed/timed grab. He can also shit the bed, (well atleast when I play him. :D) As a brief aside my brother plays {{champion:201}} Braum and wrecks it! We duo bottom lane and I couldn't ask for a better support. So check out Braum who i would describe as great middle ground play style. Passive when you need it, but who can shift gears to aggressive when the time is right.
: [in-game shop] Game freezes everytime you buy an item
has been happening to me ever since I've played the game. I take it to mean i need a more powerful toaster... maybe one that can do like 2 slices. It is annoying especially in really tense situations, when you need that quick item grab and then get back into the fight.
: Interesting blog, but I'm not sure how effective such surprises will be in influencing neutral players. You get the surprise as long as you weren't negative, which really doesn't incentive becoming a positive player. In the same vein, currently positive players don't have all that much tangible incentive to stay positive rather than just becoming neutral players. How do you believe a system like this will make neutral players gravitate towards becoming positive than the other way around? Thank PB team!
If i'm a positive player (which I like to consider myself), people being Neutral (which I'm not exactly sure what that means in this context, I'm guessing, just little to no communication.) and receiving these rewards is not going to cause me to stop being positive and slide into neutrality... I'm just happy they weren't some type of (insert favorite beginning here)-hole. I would like to think that this stuff will help keep the community more upbeat and happier. I know I invest a lot of my resources into this game, and that others do to. That it is an escape for many or away to take a break from the day to day. And with that their is an expectation that you will have fun and for some that means winning. But for the vast majority of us that play this is not our lively hood and we should take a step back and always try to find the fun no matter what match you find yourself in. Much Love! May your grabs find their marks, and may your flashes let you live.
Raptamei (NA)
: @Kalista players: How to adopt a puppy
This is the best post ever. FUCKING BRILLIANT! Great tip/trick. Kudos... no all of them.
: [GAMEPLAY] Clicking Delays - What mouse are you using?
Razer DeathAdder Model # RZ01-0015 and my keyboard is a Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Model #RZ03-0081 Had to switch over to my old Logitech mouse and it seems okay at the moment... but just okay... hard to go back... :( PLEASE UP VOTE THIS THREAD IF YOU ARE LISTING YOUR MOUSE/KEYBOARD!
: @Riot Can you at least acknowledge the click delay issue?
This has been a constant problem for me since the new patch. I thought I was losing my mind/my brand new keyboard and mouse were suddenly AFK. It's really really frustrating. Any word on a fix? Also it seemed to only start after 5.2, and it's with a variety of champs.
: Kick off the 2015 season with LCS team icons!
When are we going to see the Gravity icon in the store?
: Okay, I can work with that. I'm a support main, so I'll focus on bot lane, but I'm not sure how helpful this advice will be without pictures to point at. General questions to ask yourself in all lanes include: Am I far enough forward to be vulnerable to a gank? Will I need to be able to run without being blocked by minions or terrain, either to engage or disengage? Will I be ready to follow up on my jungler's incoming gank? Am I vulnerable/able to poke/engage? Will my surroundings allow me to dodge or block enemy skill shots? The ADC builds for the mid and late game, so your biggest job in lane is to not die. Your second and third jobs are to farm minions and to deny your opponents gold, experience, and objective control. You should generally stay as far away from the enemy laners as you can and avoid pushing the lane when you don't have vision of the enemy mid or jungler. When playing an aggressive lane, such as any lane with Draven in it, or with a kill support like Leona or Blitzcrank, it's fine to move around to the side of the minion wave, so you have a clear shot at your enemies without minions blocking you from running in or escaping. When laning against an aggressive or poke support such as Blitzcrank or Lulu, be sure to know where they are and be ready to block their abilities with minions or give yourself room to dodge them. Obviously, different kinds of supports should position themselves differently, but they should not generally be far from their ADC in lane. A poke support (Lulu, Sona, agressive Sorakas and Namis) should generally be just outside their poke ranges and be in a position that offers them some safety, either by being able to dodge skillshots (standing in the open area next to the wave and far from their opponents) or by being unseen (standing in an unwarded bush). This way, they can step up to poke their opponents when they are vulnerable, but otherwise stay safe. Engage supports (Blitzcrank, Leona, Thresh) can often zone off their opponents simply by standing near them and looking threatening or menacingly crouching in a bush. If your skillshots are blockable, you will typically want to be forward and to the side of minion waves, or stay centered and occasionally step to the side to try for a clear shot at your target. If your engage ability is not blockable, as with Leona, it is typically sufficient to stand near your ADC at the front of the minion wave, so you are ready to engage when the enemy is vulnerable or counter enemy engages on your ADC. Engage-heavy supports tend to be short-ranged, so be careful to not expose yourself to enemy poke when you can avoid it. Sustain and peel supports tend to stick closer to their ADCs and avoid poke. Most supports are mixtures of these different styles, but the general idea is that you try to position yourself to harass the enemy laners and be ready to protect your own ADC. Top lane is rough these days, since a lot of ranged champions are pushing the old melee champs out. Ultimately, top lane is about trading. If you think you can win trades, you should engage on your opponent as much as you can. Stay near the front of the minion wave so you can start a trade when they try to last-hit (keeping in mind the risk of taking minion aggression). Pantheon and Xin Zhao are pretty good for this, even against ranged champions, since they can deal a lot of damage quickly and prevent or heal enemy damage. If you are being poked hard or losing trades, there isn't a lot you can do but try to play safe, stay out of range, dodge skill shots, and get the last hits you can get. Most importantly, keep your health up and avoid giving kills or losing experience. Try to freeze the minion wave near your tower and ask for ganks, then be close enough to engage when your jungler or mid laner comes to help. Believe it or not, even mid laners are allowed to buy wards! It is generally a good idea to ward one side of the river and stick to that side of the lane. This gives you room to escape ganks from the dark side of the lane and gives you vision enough to avoid ganks from the side on which you have vision. Try to avoid pushing the lane much unless you have vision of the enemy jungler, since you'll be an easy target if they can get between you and your tower. The most important rule of positioning out of lane is to not let yourself get caught alone. If you must go out alone, ward the paths your enemies will take to get to you, or ensure that you know where all of your threatening enemies are and back out when you can no longer guarantee your own safety. Avoid engaging on the enemy team unless your allies are close enough to immediately follow up, and target ping before engaging so they know what you are going to do. Squishy damage dealers should keep more durable allies between them and their opponents. Assassins should stay out of harm's way until a vulnerable target gets out of position or the enemy team is low enough to allow you to burst them down without getting killed. Peelers and healers should stay near their high-priority allies, such as their ADC and APC. Teemo should leave stealth and contribute to the fight. I apologize that a lot of this is vague and probably poorly worded, but that's what happens when I try to write an advice post in under an hour. When in doubt, play safe, stay near your allies, maintain vision, and don't take undue risks. Objectives are more important than kills, long chases usually end poorly, and time is money/experience. I'd be happy to clarify or elaborate on specific points if you think it would be more helpful than this ungainly column of ill-conceived pseudo-advice.
> [{quoted}](name=freeformline,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=dHyAcJoE,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-01-24T07:30:45.476+0000) > Teemo should leave stealth and contribute to the fight. > > All this amazing great advice, and then this line slipped in towards the end gave me a hearty chuckle. Thank you!
Crcata (NA)
: Adventures of Team Duo Top
Well I was enjoying the video until the homophobic bullshit started spilling out. So no thanks, nothing to see here.
Yorukin (NA)
: Yay, new rune pages! ...Now what?
I like to think of the rune pages more in terms of early game edge. Their value will deteriorate more and more the longer the game goes on. Items just do a much better job of giving you bonuses. HOWEVER! They are important, and I feel like you can go one of two ways with them. You can try to make it so that they alleviate some of a champs short comings, or they can be used to boost advantages. Also think about things like Movement speed. In the early game, being able to move faster than your opponent can be huge. Also to reiterate don't jump into ranked, you should play normals. You will learn a huge amount.
: What do you do as a support when you're against a Blitz support?
As an occasional blitz player... just wanted to add something to the conversation. If the ADC is hiding in the minion wave, I will wade in and try to land my E (the knock up punch). I love trying to disrupt the ADC's farm, yeah I'm going to get beat up on, but usually after that knock up the ADC panics and starts running away (and usually out of the minion wave that was acting like a grab shield) that's when the hand comes out. Of course playing Blitz like this means talking with my ADC a lot so we are on the same page. Not all of my engages are me going for the kill, I'm just trying to screw with your farm. I know that a lot of cranks don't play like this, and Yes I would much rather lurk in the bush and grab, but blitz is too much fun to just sit and wait. However if this happens to you, (the blitz running into the wave with knock up) Don't panic and run, land and start wailing on him and hope your support starts doing the same.
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