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: It really doesn't matter what border you have, just your rank and actual skill. But yes it's a bug that appeared in 9.1 and from I've seen it's using flex borders for normal games even if your solo q rank is higher.
Thanks, I know it doesn't effect your rank but, my friends are makin fun of me lol.
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: Gold Promos error
I think that stops in gold or plat i forget which.
: League won't open on Mac
So pretty much you need to duplicate it. If it is just sitting on your desktop right click the non bouncing one and look for duplicate. It will take some time like 5 mins. But it makes it so you don't have to reinstall the whole game and wait like 20 mins.
: Did Lux actually int or did she simply feed? Because there is a difference.
Like she ran down the lane to throw a q out and stood still till death.
: This is why threatening to report ~~should be~~ [is] punishable. People use it to try to get under your skin and harass you. That said, asking somebody about how they got to the point they're at when they have a negative score is not necessary or helpful. Don't waste your time asking or arguing about the past, it cannot be changed, and reminding them is very likely to push them to despair or over the edge to flame or troll. Asking why someone went 1/17 is not the same thing as trying. You obviously were not reported for trying. So please don't make false claims like that.
I tried constantly throughout the game to give helpful tips.
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: happened to my friend too
The league gods blessed me with this.
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: The pre and post game chat is recorded and reviewed too. Doesn't hurt to place in the report box which chat it was in and what. If you want more sound fo mind, you can submit a support ticket with the images attached. They will not be able to tell you if a player is punished via support though and you will get a generic response.
Can you link me where to do this, ty!
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: Flash on D - this is just how I started so it will never change I use locked and have lock/unlock screen on space to unlock it at times I need to see more. Pinky on shift, ring finger on Q, middle finger for both W and E, and index finger for R - This is just a habit I picked up from playing Diablo. Shift is force stand still which you have to use a lot when playing ARPG games. I still use Shift quite often for attack move in LoL.
I have attack move on A. I always have my pinky on q and tab.
: Every second millions of minions are being slaughtered for their hard earned money by cruel and thoughtless champions but for pennies a day you could give 1 minion a pardon. Give a penny, save a life. Pass it forward
unless its bronze :/ They don't know how to cs
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: > [{quoted}](name=RobtheFrog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0o6kRVOT,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-04-14T00:18:30.319+0000) > > I didn't dodge the game, I dodged the champ select. That's the Same thing. Just play the game your supposed to be the difference between victory and defeat in your promos your going to get worse players than you. You have to carry if not you don't deserve the win and you might be hard stuck
You are saying if I don't carry every game that there is a troll I shouldn't go higher in the ladder?
: Dodge = loss. Dodging games is a shitty thing to do. Play the game
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Albërt (NA)
: Lower the Clash Honor Level
I got banned 2 months ago. I play every day for like 2-3 games. I get an honor every game. From here, I am still honor lvl 0, checkpoint 1. I think they need to make it easier to climb back up for honor.
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: My advice is to be nice** BUT NOT TOO NICE** (dont be clingy and weird) to one on your team, and get them to carry you, i did that when i was in silver.
> [{quoted}](name=Dommy Thick ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ok6v5atP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-12T22:21:06.038+0000) > > My advice is to be nice** BUT NOT TOO NICE** (dont be clingy and weird) to one on your team, and get them to carry you, i did that when i was in silver. nah They were on the other team. I never get smurfs on my team cause unlucky. Only on other teams.
: Is this 14-days ban really that worth it??
I just think the KYS part is the reason why. Fortunately it is only a 14 day ban. This will drill into your head "I will not speak unless I need to" for league.
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: No, false reports are thrown out. If you did nothing wrong, you will never get a punishment. Hell, you can even do a little bit wrong here n there and you should still be fine. Sometimes I crack and insult someone's play or just react in a very passive aggressive way in chat to a play, but I've never received a punishment. If I did that all the time, I would expect to be punished and shown 3 very mild chat logs, but I would know it's the frequency of the mild toxicity, not the severity of it.
I did actually get banned for 14 days and this is one of the chat logs that said I had been banned for. I do not think this is worth a ban, but i feel like I should have been warned something could happen. I like league of legends as a game, but some people flame to much, some can't take jokes, and some people joke so much it comes to the point where you are stuck between a premade team that reports you for fun and a hard place.
Chermorg (NA)
: The vast majority of punishments are placed by an automated system, but it does not take into account how many people report. If you did nothing wrong, you will not be banned for it.
On my other post I had showed you Game 2. I had only said things to help the team and not disencourage anyone in anyway. Do you think this game is worth reporting. I did also try to win very hard in this game. Game 2 RobtheFrog: Yo fat ass wit h cards RobtheFrog: come here RobtheFrog: lol] RobtheFrog: what is this game RobtheFrog: got first blood RobtheFrog: all that matters RobtheFrog: but xayah got kil;l RobtheFrog: rewally RobtheFrog: no he wasnt RobtheFrog: .. RobtheFrog: i cant deal with this crap RobtheFrog: im jsut going to stay bot RobtheFrog: if you come im farming RobtheFrog: you dont want to help unless they are at 1 health RobtheFrog: no RobtheFrog: i got the, low RobtheFrog: when did I do that? RobtheFrog: taking kills RobtheFrog: tellin yea only goes in when they are at 1 RobtheFrog: raka plaes stop goiung in so hard RobtheFrog: they are fed with a lot of engage RobtheFrog: you are just as bad RobtheFrog: great RobtheFrog: and you? RobtheFrog: ? RobtheFrog: reallyt RobtheFrog: i died RobtheFrog: when i got stunned RobtheFrog: or rooted RobtheFrog: one of em RobtheFrog: no RobtheFrog: i died in 3.2 seconds RobtheFrog: see what i mean RobtheFrog: report tf RobtheFrog: not grief RobtheFrog: bad game RobtheFrog: look at tf build RobtheFrog: k RobtheFrog: jsut tring to farm RobtheFrog: not everybody has perfect games RobtheFrog: ty RobtheFrog: say no RobtheFrog: can still win RobtheFrog: dude chill RobtheFrog: tyhen leave RobtheFrog: cant report for feeding RobtheFrog: anad how did I gried RobtheFrog: grief RobtheFrog: no RobtheFrog: how is not ffing reportable? RobtheFrog: yea RobtheFrog: so calm down RobtheFrog: feeiding inst RobtheFrog: and griefing i didnt do
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: I hope you know that it will take 1 report to trigger for the review.
I understand but the post is not to get someone else banned.
Jo0o (NA)
: Why do folks keep going with the clickbait "I got banned for somebody saying X to me!" bullshit thread titles? You flamed your teammates. There's no good reason to flame somebody in a game of League. When you come back from your 14-day ban, avoid flaming or get perma'd.
I didn't flame my team, this was the other team I don't even think you read the post.
: U braught up rape nuff said
This was because the tarik on the opposing team said "your mom is in my bed getting raped"
Chermorg (NA)
: It is 100% obvious what he was saying there.
The gay part i didn't think was an insult but artistic was meant as a joke and no harm.
Chermorg (NA)
: Homophobia (using gay as an insult) as well as hate speech (disparaging someone for a mental illness) are utterly unacceptable and should not need a warning. That type of behavior is extremely inappropriate.
I might have said somethings in game 1 but in game 2 I got reported for trying to win. I might have been mad at the start but I never went through of what I said so I think everybody deserves a second chance. Do you think I should have been reported for game 2?
Chermorg (NA)
: Homophobia (using gay as an insult) as well as hate speech (disparaging someone for a mental illness) are utterly unacceptable and should not need a warning. That type of behavior is extremely inappropriate.
: Why did you repeat what taric said? Why cant your just report it for yourself.
I did but I feel as though I got banned because they were queued on the other team and felt like reporting me.
: No, you got banned for saying stuff like >RobtheFrog: are you artistic RobtheFrog: singed is gay
I don't think that is worth a 2 week ban though and you only see 1 side of the story in this chat log.
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