: i believe 430500ip is around the total cost of every champion, so assuming you earn 500ip every day it would take almost two and a half years to get every champion. This isn't including runes, or any breaks. I think the 4800ip champions are a bit of a pain but are within reach of the average player, However it takes two weeks of nonstop grind just to get one champion (better hope you don't get autofilled into adc when your champion pool consists of darius and only darius). Please either lower a couple of the more costly champions or reward players for doing well in games with more ip riot.
I know this post is four months old, but I figured I'd throw some more detail on those numbers. I own ~20 champs, most/all from the lower price points, and have two full rune pages (with a lot of overlap). I need 489,450 IP to get the rest of the roster. If you win a game at 25 minutes (the lower limit, according to the wiki) you get 76 IP. Let's assume 3 minutes between games for queue + pick + load. Shorter games give higher rewards on average, so that 76 in 28 is the highest rate possible. 489,450 / 76 = 6440.1315. At 28 minutes total per game, you get 2.1428 games per hour. That is 3005.4748 hours committed to fill the roster, from already owning a significant portion of it and without considering any additional runes I may need to pick up. Roster completion is a thing some people look forward to-- I've been playing HotS for a while (~1300 games, mostly bot matches lasting less than 10 minutes each) and am getting close to it there. Sure, they've got about half as many characters to buy, but getting them all takes about 220 hours of play spread over a couple years. Half the roster size (64?), _one tenth of the time_. What the hell is Riot doing?
Stexe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Indevious,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=ubLZMonX,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2015-12-02T21:32:42.487+0000) > > ...but shes a yordle...so her ears are supposed to be big Most Yordles do not have large ears -- or at least not THAT big. Kennen, Teemo, Corki, Heimerdinger, Veigar, and most Lulu skins all have small to medium size ears.
Well, it's worth noting that yordles seem to take sexual dimorphism to an extreme, appearing almost to be two separate species-- and all but one of the champions you named is male.
: That would be nice. But considering we are still not allowed to see "damage shielded" I very much doubt it will ever happen.
Shields used (consumed, rather than expired) don't get added into your healing? Sad.
: I still don't know what Thornmail is supposed to counter. Is it lifesteal? Because lifesteal actually counters Thornmail. Is it DPS? Because most people just build tank shredding items anyways. Is it burst? Because you won't get off enough damage per proc to make them feel the error of their ways. I just don't get it.
I feel like it's *supposed* to counter lifesteal. Maybe if the damage was reduced but it applied a short (0.25-ish) Grievous Wounds to anyone who procs it, before lifesteal triggers?
: > [{quoted}](name=Steelflame,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aThklztA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-12-15T09:02:12.900+0000) > > As an Illaoi main http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/NA/36118758?champion=420 http://i.imgur.com/t9m2NJj.png
Can we all just appreciate that Illaoi's internal ID is apparently 420? Like, Kindred is 203. Ekko is 245. How did they manage to jump to 420?
TendajiX (NA)
: I think you should play who you want as long as you fit the comp. It doesn't matter if you play yorick if he fits the comp. If you just throw off your team's synergy because you can't play champs with more than 1 playstyle there is an issue on your side. Nobody will give a fuck if you play Nami but if they need someone who can go in you have to have more than 1 support you can play well. I feel like i'm gonna get painted a bad guy so i should clarify I don't tell people who to play, i tell them what to play. I won't ask you to play Leona, i'll ask you to play a tank or engager of your choice. You can play who you want as long as it isn't an excuse to only know 1 thing. Edit: This isn't directed at you btw, the poster, this is a psa of sorts.
As someone coming from HotS who hasn't played draft in either game but hears about it a lot on that side, this sounds pretty accurate. The HotS gold standard in draft douchery is the instalock Nova-- a stealthy burst assassin who's pretty much worthless unless she has a strong frontline to keep people tied up and the enemy has at *least* two super-squishy heroes. (Or the Vikings, but nobody really plays them outside of Master.) It's pretty much the equivalent of the now-cliche "mid or feed" player, but with the added benefit of "we need an assassin because we only have one so I'm playing Nova" because nobody understands roles yet. It's all about the team comp, whatever game you're playing. People need to acknowledge this more often.
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: Lol really? Hahaha.
Yeeaaaaah... it's a pretty common "stereotypical pirate" word. On top of which, there actually *is* some amount of worldbuilding in HotS. (One of the things you originally complained about, y'know, a couple weeks ago.) It's not much, at least not yet, but there's some stuff focused on the announcers. For instance, the Raven Lord (Cursed Hollow) and the Gravekeeper (Haunted Mines) are in a power struggle for control over Raven Court, the region containing those two battlefields. There... isn't very *much* lore, admittedly, but it's there. The problem is that the heroes (and therefore, their backstories) all come from other universes. Saying that HotS has no lore is like saying that Super Smash Bros. has no lore.
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: I was talking about blackheart, the announcer in the pirate-themed map (I didn't mean to say every announcer does that). This one likes to call others "ladlovers" a synonym for gay. The wikia does not have the lines, but I remember a few: > Show these ladlovers what we're made of! Fire you ladlovers! There should be more I can't recall right now.
...pffftaahahahahahha _Landlubbers_! Sorry for replying to this so late, but thanks for the laugh.
: Don't do that. Ranked is a nono until you've done 4k pushups and memorized every champions' abilities' tooltips as well as the fonts colors and width of the abilities in Teemos
But Teemo's getting resized in the next patch!
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: HoTS is very nice gameplay-wise, but when it comes to characters, stories and a world they feel cheap. There is no world at all, and characters were only created to attract larger audiences, with announcers calling someone gay in every sentence they make. That alone makes me support LoL over HoTS.
> [{quoted}](name=computo2000,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kEgEsar7,comment-id=00030000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2015-11-23T13:54:56.660+0000) > >with announcers calling someone gay in every sentence they make. ...what? Could you cite a line that does this, please?
: It's casting the ability on a spot or target outside its range, then flashing into range. The ability then goes off instantly.
Wait, do summoner spells work on a different thread or something? I would expect that casting Flash would be the same (in terms of input control) as issuing a move command.
: > [{quoted}](name=High5,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3UqI3V36,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-02T05:37:38.207+0000) > > Software development. He'll likely be re-enabled in the next patch. Other champs have been disabled for far longer due to bugs. Where was the rage then? Champions being disabled for long periods of time due to bugs is understandable. People would rather wait a bit then play with/against a bugged champion, with the bug either hindering them or giving them an unfair advantage. And being disabled due to a bug means that the bug was pretty damn serious, perhaps even gamebreakingly so. Having a reworked Champion who has been out for about a week and then disabling him for almost as long due to "Lore" rather than bugs is bullshit.
It IS due to a bug, actually. My understanding was that the initial removal was for lore, but he stayed down for bug reasons; teammates can attack his kegs without doing any damage, so if you have, say, a Draven, he can stack passive infinitely with no significant effort.
Shosuko (NA)
: The fact that a new player went on a win streak in a pvp game actually concerns me. If he really is new and had no clue what he's doing, but can still win, there is definitely a game balance issue.
Not really; it's more that the game is based a lot more on positioning and timing than mechanics. If you can manage to be in the right place at the right time, that's pretty much what it takes. Also, three-stack certainly helps, particularly if they had voice comms. Also, probably not a balance issue if he was on Raynor, who is 50% at gold MMR, though his rates improve in higher leagues. (And worsen in lower ones!) If he was maining Jaina or something I might be able to agree (hard to argue with a 101% pick rate in Master-level ranked) but Raynor? Naaah, his stack just worked well.
: General consensus seems to be that they're using BMB as a testing ground for these new item ideas without the community shitting themselves over the items being available in the standard game. I would not be surprised to see some of these items make it to the main game later. {{item:3742}} is an amazing item to have.
The items NEED to stay. I need my BoTs! {{item:1336}}
: I miss season 4 so much 8/23/14 forever backdoor day
GodFlail (EUW)
: i think that some champs are OP personal opinion moment: {{champion:92}} is so much OP if get a little feeded {{champion:55}} i think there's not so much to say {{champion:67}} same as above {{champion:24}} same as above {{champion:223}} yeah you're right he's OP but there's many way to kill him xD
Can't speak for most of them, but Kat's only issue is that people don't know how to react, IMO. She snowballs hard, but if you can get under your tower just as she arrives (Wards, people. Watch your minimap.) then she WILL fail the gank; she has much less opportunity to dive early than most major gankers.
: I would like Riot or someone to clarify what on-hits work and don't work. For example, Shyvana's auto-attack interactions with her abilities all proc off Sated. But Ekko's passive and W passive don't.
Ekko's passive is classified as a spell effect rather than an on-hit effect. Strange, but there you go. I see no reason his W wouldn't work, though.
Norscout (NA)
: Dawngate did this, and I think Dota does to. No idea why league doesn't.
Dota does indeed have announcer packs; Rucks (Bastion) is my personal favorite.
OJ191 (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FeatMyEces,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tpYAfclV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-25T06:45:57.858+0000) > > The game originally had loading indicators but Riot didn't want people with slower computers being made fun of so they removed it. > > No, I'm not joking or lying don't need to have player load indicators, just have a game load indicator across the middle showing overall/average progress for everyone, and it should only hit 100% the instant the game is about to finish loading and change to the game screen, unlike the original player load indicators whereby everyone could be at 100% for anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds before it would actually load in.
Also, it needs to be animated. Even when the bar's not moving, there needs to be something to show that the client is responsive.
Raptamei (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Voluug13,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oUQ0sx4P,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-24T22:27:58.587+0000) > > The ''new players are too dumb for this'' its so fricking patronizing. "New players" are playing Heroes of the Storm instead of League because Heroes has an actual tutorial, no idiotic rune grind, no deluge of smurfs and no reports for intentional feeding to throw at a newbie with 5 games under his belt.
I mean, Heroes doesn't have a *rune* grind, but getting *heroes* is more of a grind than in League. It works out to about the same total play time per hero (on average; more at the low end, less at the high end) but it feels much worse because of the daily system. I'd say that League's system is better (minus runes) because playing past your daily doesn't feel like you're earning nothing.
: A group of friends I play located across the states and Canada. These are the average Pings we play at. The states and provinces are listed from west to east. (This now includes those who have listed their pings below) (U) Washington: 28, 29 (C) British Columbia: 22 (U) California: 40, 54 (U) Utah: 50, 82.5 (U) Texas: 130 (M) Cozumel: 140 (U) Alabama: 110 (U) Georgia: 107.5 (U) Ohio: 130 (C) Ontario: 80, 100 (U) New York: 78, 74, 85, 95 (C) Newfoundland: 110 Now ISP providers are different for each of us and obviously being in a city or the country will effect ping as well but there does certainly seem to be a drastic difference between West Coast and East Coast. If you leave pings below I'll add them to the list (If a range is given I'll average it).
Jeddy017 (NA)
: > Maybe cause it is Stashu and boards have a weird hate for you now...) I think that has something to do with [his last set of posts](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/MW8qR21j-stashu-cassiopeia-still-isnt-where-she-needs-to-be?comment=000b) being about how he would continue work on {{champion:69}}.Then he goes & disappear for 7 months.Now he's back & working on another champion without saying a word about Cass.This would obviously rub Cass players who were dissatisfied with her rework the wrong way.
In case you haven't seen, it wasn't (entirely) his choice: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ATz3FhUE-reminder-to-riot-stashu-that-you-still-havent-kept-your-word-4-now-youre-back-so-please-answer?comment=0002
: The "ult bubble" is a welcome addition, but other than that everything about this new hud is just awful and awkward. It's color just doesn't go with the rest of the game. I wish there was an option to just go back to the old hud. That one just felt better.
Agreed. Best option would be old HUD with ult timers on the right side of portraits.
darkdill (NA)
: Try {{champion:89}} . She absolutely demolishes Soraka because by the time Soraka gets out Equinox, you'll probably already have used everything, so silencing you will be pointless. That and Soraka can't peel you off her teammate, or get away from you if she's your target.
Sure she can-- she just has to drop Equinox later, where she or her teammate is going to run through. Sometimes it's better for the root than for the silence.
Trídent (NA)
: Yeah, really irritating. You spam ping them to fall back and spam ping that kat is missing.... but they still stay in lane. Double kill... next time... same thing happens... "WTF MID WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO KAT" "OMG MID WHY DID YOU FEED KAT" ....
As a support main, this is my greatest pain right now. It doesn't matter that I pinged missing mid, danger in river. It doesn't matter that I set up an Equinox to delay her three seconds. It doesn't matter that she's standing *right there* in a root. The carry will almost always sit in lane and keep farming. Fortunately I've never been blamed for this, but my partner has no excuse for dying in that situation.
: I'm a support main. And I'll run with just about anything. Except Kalista. . . . F Kalista.
Ehhhhhh? I'm okay with a Kalista if I'm someone tanky like Leona or Taric. Not a big fan of it when I'm playing Soraka, but even then it's doable; ults are just not a good idea most of the time.
Syvenon (NA)
: Classic trolling mistake, trying to pack too much offense into one post. Gave away your strategy dude.
: >support mains Pretty sure those only exist along the shores of the fountain of youth. . . . And there's no internet down there last I checked.
Wait, I'm near the fountain of youth? Mind providing a map? (Raka a best.)
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bleediss,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=x9TzK9lV,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-07-18T23:42:15.161+0000) > > being a good ADC takes skill so support should know their ADC isn't just right clicking to kill things How dis you set that as your profile pic?
I believe that icon is purchasable for 250 RP during Sugar Rush events.
: I run Shen (Ult everywhere) and Quinn (Assassinate enemy mid every 160 seconds) top. . . . I don't really understand the "island" thing. XD
I've been out of the game for quite a while now, but I last played a couple months after the dragon changes. At that point, "top lane is an island" was a thing because the first 20 minutes or so revolved around the dragon pit, and top was just too far to reliably get down there for fights.
: DuoQ should simply be removed from ranked. Ranked is meant to show individual skill, not coordination. That's why there's 5's. Also, I think Riot is planning on releasing Team Builder Ranked, which could alleviate some of the champ-select stress.
Hey, at least it's not Heroes of the Storm. They let you have four-man teams in ranked-- it used to be five, but they started matching all 5-man premades with organized teams instead.
: Not as much as winning or losing. If you win, you're practically guarantee'd at least around 1000 points.
Only actually played one game since mastery came out, was 870 for a 30-minute A-rank win.
: Why use the 50/100 HP metric? It can't kill someone if they only have 2 hp. I don't even know if it rounds up. I doubt anyone could get up to 2500 ability power though to find out.
It is not possible. I might be missing something, but what I've worked out is a maximum AP for Eve of 1307.76285. Formula: 480 (Deathcaps) + 180 (Mejai's) + 60 (Seraph) + 60.93 (Seraph passive) + 40 (Elixir of Sorcery) + 16 (Mental Force) + 6 (Arcane Mastery) + 1.8*18 (Marks+Seals) + 3.06*9 (Glyphs) + 7.74*3 (Quints) + 40 (Hand of Baron) * 1.3 (Deathcap passive) * 1.05 (Archmage) All runes are Scaling Ability Power and values are taken at level 18. Feel free to check my math, but note that this will kill a target with up to 26 hit points, assuming that the ult itself has a minimum damage of 1. (25 true damage from Sorcery buff.)
: How do you know it's not like February 29?
...because leap years don't work that way?
: I'd say you can only donate up to 200 RP unless you have purchased RP from the store and it unlocks the feature for you.
I'd say it would be better not to let you donate at ALL unless you've made an actual purchase. Even then, that bonus RP should be ineligible.
: wants no CDs on summoners - everything was heavily reduced on URF (80% CDR across the board, including summoners) wherein you're essentially spamming spells the entire game due to 0 costs. What I get out of this training mode is that you build whatever you want whenever you want and are already level 18 in every game. While that's a good thought - very few times do people need help about the late-game more than the transition from early to midgame
It's not really about actually *playing* this mode, though. I could see it being useful for jungle champs, to test clear paths and builds against jungle mobs. Heroes of the Storm actually has something very similar, and I think that might be where OP got the idea from. It puts you in a one-lane map with a fort (tower) and a single opponent. You can level up/down at will to mess with different builds and see your ranges and damage output as you go. This mode is used for testing heroes before you buy them. I'd actually like to see something similar implemented in League, but it's not really as big of a priority here since champs are so much cheaper than heroes.
19 19 19 (NA)
: One day Riot will run out of ideas for a support champion
Can work just fine, if executed properly. I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but Dota has it in the form of Treant Protector, who, unless something has changed, is a fairly high-tier pick but not considered excessively strong-- despite his tower-heal being kind of obscene. Not sure how well it would go in League, though, since most tower losses (Even early-mid) come from a single coordinated push, and since Riot tends to avoid long CDs.
: {{champion:30}} vs {{champion:16}} locked in an epic duel for all eternity...
Since Soraka's is instant, Karthus wouldn't be able to do much of anything. His delay is far too long. (She would have to keep spamming it, though.)
: This would make all AD champs far too powerful. Its a cool concept but without some tweaking you would only see adc/bruisers. ADC's would end up with 100% crit, max AS, ridiculous attack damage, and still have room for a couple tanky items.
Could give a multiplier (+15%?) to AP, maybe?
: Until you try to make skins for it.
People have come up with some pretty cool Wisp skins, though they aren't currently ingame. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=87085242 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312624688 Probably my favorite one: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131063500 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=87439900 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=87692345
Fuaztin (NA)
: You guys don't know anything about 'stealth'
If you were going to post a Dota stealth thing, at least post Riki. Oh no, BH can go invisible for a while. It still costs him mana, as opposed to Riki who just has to run away and then he hides. (Riki is Evelynn, but he doesn't appear when close to enemies.)
BigIdea (NA)
: nemesis draft failed because people took the mode too seriously and played only to win and the best way to win was to avoid giving opposing teams any carries. nearly all my games were 5 supports vs 5 supports and they were all really stale.
In my mind, it failed because of the icon requirements. I tried to play a match, got booted for taking too long to pick (I was talking to my teammates, dammit!) and now I feel like Riot's trying to push us away from strategy and teamwork. Players are punished here for trying to cooperate with their allies, and that doesn't sit right with me. :/
Retillin (NA)
: That is one way to look at it. Another is the item is a indirect nerf to low mobility champions without gap closers.
I mean, *any* potential jungle vision will hurt immobile junglers. But more ways to deal with stealth are always beneficial. The lack of itemization against it is pretty much the only reason it's so problematic in League.
: ***
This is my reason for bots too. Free first-win bonus, easy way to check your connection without risking a versus match.
: > [{quoted}](name=Orbv,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QkKEW0bc,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-02-18T21:35:04.663+0000) > > Her old kit RUINED assassins. Her present one makes it so if you get caught in the circle, then you just walk out of it. And any champion can walk out of it without boots from 1 end to the other. Because assassins love to just walk away from the target they just dove on, who is free to still attack them while they are walking away. That doesn't counter them at all. IIRC, Leblanc and Zed can't even take their "free" escapes while in the circle. They really do have to *walk* out. Plus, of course, it can be incredibly disruptive in teamfights.
The thing is, they don't have to walk *away*. They can walk towards you unless you place Equinox about 100 units in front of them, which most people don't think to do. People don't like new-Raka because she takes considerably more thought than old-Raka.
: Snap. o.o I rarely see Challengers on boards. It's like everyone but Challengers. lol
Well, there are only what, a thousand of them in total?
: I just wish that people in League's community could get used to the cyclical balance that *actually still exists* in League. Instead, the new Boards almost encourage complaining about the strong strategy, because it gets a lot more coverage (and more upvotes).
The thing is, some things have stayed strong for far too long. Zed/Lee have been dominant for a fairly long time now-- if the idea of cyclical balance were applied, we would have found a suitable counter by now and they would have fallen off, right? Since most players *still* haven't been able to find something that beats them, it seems more likely by the day that they just don't have counters. I'll gladly recant my statement if you can give an example, of course.
: Hi there! Yup, your edit is correct! It's one icon, and it's earned by playing the game mode and not dodging! As the FAQ states, keep in mind that the icon won’t actually hit your account until up to two weeks after Nemesis Draft closes shop, so don't worry if you're not seeing it right away. :]
So for this not dodging thing... does it count as a dodge if we fail to select a champion in time? Because I just failed to do that as a result of *attempting to strategize with my teammates*. It seems like Riot's decided to punish teamwork with this icon, which feels really counterintuitive.
: Sooooo...I have to place the center on them instead of the edge to slap my keyboard and get a kill? Actual counterplay indeed.
Depending on how large it starts, this could actually be a pretty significant nerf. It could be much harder to catch multiple targets.
jQuery (EUNE)
: Yeah, that's a good idea, a third button for reporting offensive comments. 3 reports - never again can the summoner comment on an honor point.
It definitely shouldn't be permanent. Everybody would lose privileges within a month because people would just report all their honor to mess with commenters.
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