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: Can we get personalized post backgrounds for display?
How about it just uses your background that you set on the client for your profile? I think that would be a much simpler alternative and much easier to code. People want things done in a {{summoner:4}} and done perfectly. Also keep in mind this is a cosmetic suggestion and is ultimately pointless for the game. So keep hope but don't expect anything.
Modi (NA)
: PBE is down for maintenance right now ( Same happened to me. As for posting in the PBE boards, you need to log into those separately from your live credentials. This means one of two things: log out of your account THEN log into the PBE boards or open an incognito window then log into the PBE boards. Riot's SSO (single sign on) is pretty bad, when it comes to the boards & other tools, but it isn't their fault It is likely a problem with the SSO solution they are using.
My credentials are the same so it makes 0 difference.
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yorkissb (NA)
: Infinity Edge doesn't work on yasuo's gloves this time?
I think it's because {{item:1051}} is a unique passive for it and thus does not gain a bonus to the crit. Also, you should always have your {{item:3086}} item ({{item:3094}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3087}} ) first at the very least it being a {{item:3086}} itself (still not a very good idea, but don't take my word for it, I am not a {{champion:157}} main) The new {{item:3031}} is not a good first item for {{champion:157}} anymore. It is almost always better to rush a {{item:3087}} or {{item:3046}} but never {{item:3031}}
: Your Shop not loading
I am also having the very same problem. This is much more disappointing because I want to buy RP but cannot remember the what, 6-8(...?) skins on there? I know one of them was Arclight {{champion:67}} (the one I really wanted which is also much better than my currently owned SKT1 {{champion:67}} ). I hope this gets fixed in a {{summoner:4}}
: Lux STILL unplayable
Well you can Q-E-R. Her ult is also really wide so if you aim dead center, that won't matter.
: Cant buy certain items in shop
Like what? What items? Is your inventory full?
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