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: Suddenly Kayle's E has infinite range.
: Interesting but some abiltys are just to hard to make work.
To a degree I agree. Some abilities would have to be change a bit. A example being Singed's Poison trail would be less of a trail and more of an massive AOE covering the entire map. Might be hard but not too hard to make work.
: Imagine 5v5 All kassadin with this.
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: Hello, resident Yi main. Have been a Yi main for approximately 3 years. "Crit focused" Okay, so the first thing here is that I have to disagree with this. The primary build at the moment (and almost all the time) is attack speed, and you're focused around delivering many swift strikes rather than bursting down a target really quickly. Additionally, you're effectively planning to gut out Yi's many build paths, which are, in my opinion, something nice about him. He has a crit build, a bruiser build, a tank build, a flat AD build, and an on-hit build, and there's many builds which are somewhere in-between, and generally they are all viable. My gripe with your Q is that it slows down Master Yi, even though he's supposed to be this wicked fast "you can't see me" swordsman. You're also effectively gutting the thematic space surrounding Alpha Strike. I see this often-- turning Alpha strike into a dash-- an I honestly hate it. Secondly-- if the speed of the dash is approximately the same as Kai'Sa's R, is there REALLY a skill requirement? It's still effectively instant, and can no longer be used to dodge abilities like the current Alpha Strike does (which is how you differentiate a good Yi from a bad Yi). Thirdly, this ability just blows Yi's mobility out of proportion, and gives him one of his weaknesses: a reliable escape. "In short this ability to Yi's current Q but actually takes skill." Apologies, but this is just flat-out wrong. Assuming you're untargetable during the dash, which, might I remind you, is going to be a fraction of a second of untargetability due to the speed at which you travel, you're making it only a gap closer with incidental ability to dodge abilities, whereas the current Alpha Strike actually encourages people to use it to dodge abilities, such as the crowd control that utterly destroys him, and, again, separates a good Yi from a bad Yi. You're also doing the same thing to Meditate. Thematically speaking, when you meditate, you SIT STILL. I'm also not sure why the shield exists. I'm not sure if you know this, but Meditate is commonly used as a way to soak up damage. Yi's entire kit is built around the concept of mitigating damage and punishing enemies for not being careful with their spells. Turning the damage mitigation into an out-of-combat heal, followed by a shield and increased out-of-combat movement speed, does further to push his mobility to ludicrous amounts and gut the thematic idea behind a meditation ability, as well as push him away from the idea of mitigating damage. A little-known fact is that Meditate can also be used as an auto attack reset, which is, again, one of the ways you separate a good Yi from a bad Yi. I often find myself using it as both a mini-spell-shield to block something important (Veigar R) and cancel an auto attack at once with good timing. This change would, again, lower his skill requirements, which is the opposite goal. "Master Yi's movements becomes dashes for a duration or until he uses up all his dashes." I... don't see the point in this. This will just make him even more infuriating to deal with, since now he's, again, running around everywhere and harder to keep track of. You're also making it easier for him to dodge abilities, which is, again, the opposite goal here: we want to make it harder for him to do so. This would also just feel clunky to play, since when you try and stick on a target without using a charge, you HAVE to use a charge, instead of just hitting R again to use a dash. You're also pushing his thematic into a weird place. Forcing him to stop between strikes is just weird. I understand Meditate may seem weird, but it seamlessly flows into his kit as it is now due to the prior-mentioned mechanics, as well as being "okay hold on a minute before I go ham again," rather than "START stop START stop START stop START stop."
Firstly, thank you. This is the kind of feedback I was hoping to get. I had an idea I thought could be interesting but having A) not played Yi for a decent amount of time recently and B) being new to concepts in general, I figured I should get the opinion of people more experienced in both regards before spending time turning this into a concept. I do believe Yi should have more mechanical decision making beyond the current two abilities given his role in the game however I see what I suggested isn't the way to go about it. Thank you for putting in the time for make that lengthy comment, I want to get better that creating concepts and feedback like this helps with that.
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: I get that cc is this dudes strength, but having a passive that fears for just about as long as a morgana root that can be proced by any of his abilities is kinda ridiculous. This passive alone can single-handedly win any teamfight. Other than that, this idea is actually really solid. I say you tone down his cc tho, he already has a taunt on his w and a semi taunt on his ulti, and his passive is still crazy.
Thank you for the feedback. Given what's required to proc the fear I agree the duration of it ( orginally being 1.5/1.75/2/2.25) was too long.
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: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: Hello, I thought I would take a look at LiNet, the Storm of Ionia! **_Lore_ ** Not much to say in regards to the lore, as you mention you are going to be making a full story later (possibly, at least). However, something about the short lore given is that it does not particularly stand-out. By this, I mean, what does LiNet have over other people in Ionia in terms of personality? Is he narcissistic? Chivalrous? Just some things to look at to help the reader get a better understanding of them. Additionally, what about the knights? How do they act, what are their ideals, etc.? This would help flesh out LiNet's character more, and it can help establish a major factor -- what does LiNet do to make himself a champion in League of Legends? Right now, I feel as if the study of ancient runes doesn't really put enough in terms of what really happened to give LiNet a spot to be defined as a champion. **_Kit_** **Passive** I can't say that I'm particularly a fan of this passive. By this, I mean the fact how the passive will constantly flux how much armor/mr he has. Rather than using a unique resource, I feel as if it would be better to have some other standard. At least, not use the amount of the resource he consumes with other effects that would constantly flux the amount. Additionally, having autoattacks cost something is not really recommended. While there are cases of autoattacks using ammo, those autoattacks have some defining features about them to make them cost ammo. Right now, it doesn't feel like there is a clearly defined reason for the autoattacks costing. **Q** Having this based off of an autoattack feels kind of boring. It doesn't really seem to give the player must real interaction with the ability, which is kind of simple in what it does but still nice (I don't really focus on numbers or play AD, so I can't give you an accurate measurement for the damage). Something that might seem refreshing is perhaps change it into a double slash that does the effect in a small AoE? That's an idea off the top of my head, but the point is that just buffing the next autoattack doesn't really feel like it involves the player much in it. **W** This ability is just a passive buff in itself. I can't particularly say that I am a fan of passive buffs for abilities, since they don't really involve much of the player in their usage and the like. Right now, what this ability provides is bonus movement speed based on charge used? If so, in a fight would there be ever a time where this buff wouldn't be active? It doesn't involve the player much in decision making or anything like that. I would recommend developing out an ability further for this, and try to give some more player-involvement in this ability. **E** Not much to say about this ability, 'tis a blink that does damage and grounds the last enemy to be damaged by it (I presume here that it means the champion closest to the ending point of the blink?). The major thing about this ability is to consider what it says about the playstyle for the champion with the other abilities, and does it fit the playstyle aimed for? (More on this later). **R** Okay Pikachu down B.... jokes aside, this ability is a powerful ability that costs LiNet nothing more than a cooldown in the end. It has large playmaking potential, but it doesn't really feel like the cost is equivalent to the payout of this ability. Stun is a heavy kind of CC, but perhaps grounding instead (maybe with a slow attached onto that)? That way, the ability having no cost could better match the factor of the ability having no cost (and even giving LiNet power). Additionally, it would also keep the playmaking potential of the ult. It having a 100% AP feels a bit more on the random side, but it doesn't really give or take anything away from the kit. **Overall** I kind of like the thematic of a lightning knight, but I feel as if the kit needs more focus outside of the passive. What would it be like playing LiNet? What would it be like playing against? For myself, I thought a cool direction to go in would be the furthering of the grounding CC in the kit. Perhaps make it one of his key aspects, where he is the kind of fighter that focuses on locking his target down if he is able to outplay them with his abilities, or something along those lines. That's just my idea off the top of my head though. That's all in terms of what I thought of LiNet the Storm of Ionia. I wish you the best of luck in furthering LiNet and other Champion Concept creations! **P.S.** This review is sponsored by being an outreach for the [April CCOS!]( It is an extremely helpful competition where you get detailed feedback (in both terms of lore and kit) for Champion Concepts! I would definitely recommend it if you are interested in making concepts and the like!
Thank you for all the feedback. I agree with most of what you said and took it into account when redesigning the kit. Hopefully I can get a story for him developed by tonight or tomorrow morning. Please do give feedback on the new kit as that would be very appreciated.
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SuperHornio (EUNE)
: Give a free skin when you reach mastery lvl 7
Rather than giving a random skin (which would cost Riot a lot of money) you receive a exclusive chroma for that champion's base skin. Maybe allow the player to choose the color changes themselves resulting in a custom chroma.
: Hate to burst your bubble, but gold isn't any better. *In a Gold Ranked Game Lobby* Player 1 - Mid please in promos! Player 2 - Going urgot jungle Player 3 - I'm going to afk if you go urgot jungle Player 2 - Naw man, I saw it on a pro stream, it's tight. Player 4 - Jungle or feed Player 5 - Mid.
Then why is bronze better? *In a Bronze Ranked Game Lobby* Player 1 - jg pref Player 2 - mid pref Player 3 - can i mid? Player 2 - sure i'll support Player 4 - top Player 5 - yay i got adc
: Omg im on front page, what should i say?
Virdeon (EUW)
: Does this also entale ambient noise, like chirping birds and the sound of wind, etc.? It would be a really nice addition to the game I think in your motto of *"...making it feel more alive..."*.
Trust me on this. The Sound is so different between the 4 ecosystems i can tell where i am just by sound (at least for me)
: I second this motion
I Third-nd?... THIS MOTION
: This is a discussion I started in the pbe and thought it would apply here. I want other peoples opinion on this idea. What if the whole map heard a dragon rawr when it spawned and whatever sound baron makes when he spawns. i feel that this sound, just like the fear of nocturne or Sion's ultimate, will show the significance of these objectives and make people more inclined to fight over them as well as add some intensity to the game itself.
The Panda King agrees with this
: We've done a lot of testing on this, and most low spec computers should run faster on the update to Summoner's Rift. Every computer is different, so, while this can't actually be guaranteed, we feel comfortable saying most people will have better frame rate performance now.
Personally, when i was playing on the new sr map on PBE, there was a little bit of FPS lag at first but later on (same patch) i stopped having FPS lag
I think {{champion:120}} can agree with that
: Preseason 2015: Increasing Strategic Diversity
First {{champion:121}} takes {{champion:107}} 's {{item:2050}} so then {{champion:107}} does this to {{champion:121}} . {{item:3455}} {{item:3106}} {{champion:107}}
then a new champion that can move terrain comes out and the new map is ruined {{item:3151}}
DrDem0n (NA)
: I hope there aren't too many jungle changes
example of a change: lvl 6 at 4 minutes
: actually less power early game and more power mid to late game in the jg
lvl 6 at 4 minutes into the game on {{champion:11}} is not less power
: I don't want to play "cc the Kat" I don't want to play "dodge the nid spear" I don't want to play "run from the lucian" I want to play lol, champs that require the opponents to totally alter their game around them are what we call "broken"
this is what you do: Break The Meta
Lvl Down (NA)
: I wonder what league would be like if they took out flash?
{{summoner:4}} would be replaced with {{summoner:6}}
: Patch 4.18 notes
{{champion:122}} Kills people by dunking?! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN

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