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: We Did It, Boards!!
The 66% winrate makes this even better.
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: Rule 34 m8
Notice how Rek'Sai r34 (lolhentai is better btw) makes her a humanoid.
Aeteru (NA)
: Well i mean..lissandra is kinda sexualized.....i swear to god the newest skin is a lady gaga skin. and loooads of people find her sexy af.
{{champion:21}} being sexualized is a part of her lore. The other two are unnecessarily sexualized though.
: That moment when the kill score is 20-20 and your yi's score is 19/0/1. ...then he afks
> 19/0/1 {{champion:11}}: Fkin ks noob. i afk *a summoner has disconnected*
: I think the main problem in something like balance, especially when it comes to dealing with, say, your hard counter (look at Zed, Talon, Fizz, all those wonderful assassins) is that it IS possible to beat them, but you have to be just about PERFECT in doing it. Sometimes its the fact that, at a certain skill level, the required mechanics to beat certain champions simply may not exist yet. Stuff like the mage update will help since the AD assassins in particular got a powerful buff a la {{item:3147}} while AP items were somewhat nerfed some time ago and since have simply suffered from not being touched in a long time. Simply put what they try to do is HARD, and sometimes it's not even their decision. Sometimes orders come down from on high and all you can do is make the best of it. Still, it'd be nice to see adjustments a little more often...and maybe see them pay a wee bit more attention to the PBE when it comes to new champs in terms of "holy jebus that's so powerful" or "that hit me like a wet noodle". Sometimes I feel their internal play testing is...disconnected from the reality.
Sadly, PBE isn't to make balance but to find bugs in the changes they make and get a little feedback on the changes. Just look at Skarner back in the juggernaut rework; the feedback from the PBE community was that Skarner was too weak compared to the other juggernauts, so they created a monster that required the first hotfix in over a year. And the PBE community apologized, because they're the ones that made Skarner the nightmare that he was by giving the feedback Riot requested. Riot never checks the balance on PBE. They only nerf or buff their changes if there's a huge outrage on the PBE about a change. Other than that, they get their bug reports then they send it right to live and say, "Oh.. this was op.. we should've tested that.. OH WELL!" But in regards to dealing with a hard counter, it really does have to do with your skill level. Most of the QQ threads about champions being op are posted by Silver and Gold players, who don't have the knowledge of someone Plat+ who can take a champion's exploitable weaknesses and win the lane even after being countered.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Only Star Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sTtcG2hz,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-04-18T16:41:16.708+0000) > > Every champion has a hard counter. Just learn the game and how to play against each champion. If by 'hard counter' you mean 'champion in which the matchup is so bad you cannot do anything until lane phase ends' there are very few of those. Some matchups can seem like counters because of a very high skill level on the side of your enemy. The only thing I can think of as true counters are Galio vs. Syndra and Master Yi vs. Rammus / Draven vs. Rammus.
By hard counter I mean a weakness in a champion's kit that can be exploited. Zed has long cooldowns and his skillshots are fairly avoidable; dodge the skillshots then move in to trade whilst his abilities are on cooldown. Master Yi is farm-oriented and squishy; counter jungle him to set him behind in gold and slow down his devourer, then group early so he'll be too far behind to do anything in a teamfight, and cc him when he tries to do anything. So on so forth. Ekko is the only champion in the game that doesn't have an exploitable weakness right now, but he's permabanned anyway. Just find a champion's weakness and exploit it. More can be found here:
: Thing is, I'm not just looking for a win for the sake of winning. That would be why I don't play ranked. Sure, you can outskill a bad matchup, but most of the time for mages, the counterstrategy to their counterpick is to just sit under tower and ward so your other lanes know when the assassin roams. It comes down to literally "I am going to do nothing productive at all for half the game just so I don't feed my lane partner." Where's the fun in that?
> most of the time for mages, the counterstrategy to their counterpick is to just sit under tower and ward so your other lanes know when the assassin roams. It comes down to literally "I am going to do nothing productive at all for half the game just so I don't feed my lane partner." This is the most untrue thing I've ever heard. Zed is a bad matchup for Ahri, but if you're confident enough in your ability to play your champion, you'll be able to beat the enemy no matter who they play. That's why whenever I get into a game, I don't look at any pick as a counter; instead I think to myself, "How can I win this lane?" I watch their movements, how they use their abilities, where they go when so precisely while they're farming that it gives me a general idea on how they're going to play the lane and how they're going to try to fight me. As well, confidence is a **HUGE** part of midlane; if you're not confident, you're **going** to lose. There's no question. The midlane game comes down to a mental state where if you hesitate even the slightest, you won't win. You **NEED** to be confident to play midlane. And so I use that confidence and analysis to beat the enemy. Let's say I'm playing Aurelion Sol into Zed. First, I'm going to walk into lane and not show any signs of hesitation or weakness. I'm going to farm just as I normally would, and I'm going to move up to him to harass him for the Thunderlord's proc up until level two. At level two, I'll continue to farm, but now I'm going to play the observation game. I'll throw a few Qs out to generally see how he's going to react to it; which direction does he move most? Let's say he moves below the star all three times. Great, now next time I know to throw the star slightly downwards, so then he'll be walking into it. Next, I'll watch how he harasses. Which way does he generally throw his skillshots? Is he throwing his shadows beside me or linear to me? Does he throw his Q above me, below me, or directly to me? Let's say he throws his shadow above me and throws the shuriken behind me. With these two observations, I now have everything I need to win the lane. At level 4, I go for the all-in trade (not an all-in, but an all-in trade). I throw my star below him so the stun hits, then I constantly move downwards, so I'm getting out of range of his shadow, and diagonally towards him, so I'm not getting hit by his shuriken. Then, once his abilities are on cooldown, he'll move back to tower since he's losing trade, which allows me to pressure him more and get more trades off. I keep chasing him until he's under his tower, letting my stars hit him, then I back off. Now that I've won the trade this way, he'll either change his playstyle based on mine, or he'll continue playing off of habit, and most of the time solo-queue players are playing mindlessly, just doing what they do by habit, which makes it easier to continue to win the lane. However, if they are also observing my playstyle, then I just observe theirs again and repeat the process. There is **always** counterplay, you just have to be smart and confident enough to find it. No lane is unwinnable.
: ***
I have over 60 games on him, Mastery 5 with over 40k mastery, and he's my 4th most played champion. Therefore, he is one of my mains. And he's only been out for a little less than one month.
: > [{quoted}](name=Only Star Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sTtcG2hz,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-18T11:39:58.871+0000) > > Skill > Counter Well, yeah, this is League of Legends, not DOTA. Champions don't really have 'hard counters' in this game; even if you're playing Veigar against Zed your ult still has a 1.0 ratio, even if you're losing badly against Teemo as Wukong your all-ins will still work on him and you will still have teamfight presence.
Every champion has a hard counter. Just learn the game and how to play against each champion.
: It's funny that you say you are an Aurelion Sol main because around christmas I was told but some uppity-up diamond player that *Ahem* "You can't main bard because he's a new champion"
Well he's my fourth most played champion and I have over 60 games on him so I do consider him a main.
: As first pick,
Imo, if you're good enough counters don't matter. I'm an {{champion:136}} main and I constantly beat {{champion:105}}, {{champion:238}}, and {{champion:103}}, which are a few of {{champion:136}}'s hardest counters. It's merely about picking a champ, or a set of champs, to main, then learning how to play against every champion as that champ. Skill > Counter
: I don't get it. In any case, I am a simple man. I see Nami, I upvote.
I had you on my team not too long ago. I may've been Roll in Grass then though.
Divient (NA)
: Dynamic Queue System is Broken and People are Abusing it
Thing is, they lose less LP for losing against you, and you win less LP for winning against them. Vice versa; you lose more LP for losing against them, and they win more LP for winning against you. Fair trade imo. It's only one game anyway.
: Let's say you have the ability to delete 5 champions of your choice....
Keep in mind I'm an {{champion:136}} main. {{champion:157}}: Dash-Dash-Dash-Dash, are you trying to land your hard-to-land skillshots? Too bad! Dash-Dash-Dash! Are you trying to run away? Too bad, I'll just dash through all these minions! Are you trying to stay out of melee range? Too bad! I'll just dash to you and use my superior base mobility and crowd control to stay close to you! {{champion:105}}: Wow, you used E then Q?! Must've been so difficult to one shot the ADC with your Q and E away. {{champion:84}}: She's just flat out broken. Stealth, massive damage, tankiness, and triple gapcloser does not belong in the same kit. {{champion:245}}: YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF CANCER. {{champion:64}}: Why did Riot think adding you was a good idea?
: oh ik but the picture is obviously photoshopped thats what makes it funny to me how bad it looks
It's not photoshopped ._. This was screenshotted straight from the League client. The damage is that high because of a Yorick bug, as they said.
Pailidin (NA)
: That feeling when you will never be the main Nami memer...
You'll always have a place in our meme history textbook. You know, that one sentence in Chapter 24 that nobody ever reads because the semester ends before you even get to that chapter. But at least you secured a place.
: Better watch out when to summon me, you really don't want to beseech me to appear when I'm having a bad day. It involves a lot of curses, a few broken bones and souls rent asunder.
I have successfully summoned Laughing Fish and Malicious Metal. All that's left is Deep Terror Nami!
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheUntitledKing,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=gyL0MTsI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-16T09:37:43.826+0000) > > Well that's off-putting.
{{summoner:14}} S A V A G E {{summoner:14}}
: > [{quoted}](name=OffPudding,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=gyL0MTsI,comment-id=0007000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-16T20:43:43.950+0000) > > (we played like 10 poro games in a row..) umm no we played THREE. It's okay though, we're no longer friends. Anyone know where I can find an OffPudding replacement?
I'll be the replacement \owo/
: Oh that's weird. I just right clicked straight to "open image in new tab" and I couldn't read it at all.
Go to the actual imgur page and it's very readable.
: >Why do I only show Bronze, Silver, and Gold? Because most of the people that post these boycott threads are Bronze, Silver, or Gold. lol. That's funny. Anyway, making these "shut up please" posts does nothing but encourage Riot to keep doing what they're doing. That's great if you agree with Dynamic Queue, but if not you're actively going against your own opinion by calling for no response. If there's no major response from the community, Riot's never going to make solo queue.
Thing is, the people that support dynamic queue probably outnumber the people that support solo queue, but the people who support dynamic queue don't post "Good job, Riot!" threads while the people who support solo queue post, "Fuck you, Riot!" posts. I, myself, support dynamic queue, and I play by myself more often than not anyway.
: Careful, once you summon me we are bonded for life.
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: I think you just listed the same things most other people would have.
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: Just because something is hard doesn't mean it should be changed though .-.
Dark Souls 3 - Hard, but doesn't need to be changed.
: ***
Go onto Gameplay and Balance threads, find every QQ thread. Search the player, look at their elo. I did this for a week and never found anyone above Gold 4.
: Also you say > [{quoted}](name=Only Star Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tT003qK7,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-16T02:12:20.018+0000) > P.S. I must say Riot you need to balance out Maw of Malmortius and Zhonya's. Massively different gold efficiency. Many people who are below gold 1 are also writing about this topic. How do they not have the right then? Are you saying they are completely clueless on whats going on in this meta? Or clueless about topics gold 1+ talk about?
I'm saying if you're going to make a QQ thread, make sure it has statistical and mathematical evidence rather than just, "I lost game against this so it's op not my lack of skill or game knowledge, gg Rito noob balance team nerf this or I quit playing."
Jbels (NA)
: Sky called, he wants his really fucking bad joke back
: you do know people have smurf accounts all over the place right? most people don't bother posting on their real account
: Can I actually see this "_Research_" of yours?
I just went down the top posts of Gameplay and Balance for a week looking through most of the QQ threads then searching the elo of the player and how many games they've been in that elo. You can easily do the research for youself.
: I completely agree with this. As a top lane main, I play carries ({{champion:41}} and{{champion:114}}) and tanks ({{champion:98}} and{{champion:78}}). Although it is nice to play the champ you want to play (In my case, a carry), sometimes, in champ select, I'll see what my team needs. Does my team need hard lockdown? Pick {{champion:78}} . What if I want to get my lanes ahead, but still be sufficiently tanky? Pick {{champion:98}}. If I can play a carry though, {{champion:41}} is my preferred choice as I have more experience in him and is much more safe compared to {{champion:114}}. Although if I go against someone like a {{champion:122}} or {{champion:75}} , I pick {{champion:420}} , as she wins post 6.
I love seeing variety owo I'm kind of an all-rounder. Even though my main role is mid, whenever I get the urge to play something else I usually go top or jungle. Top mains: {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:203}} Jungle mains: {{champion:203}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:136}} Mid mains: {{champion:136}} {{champion:6}} Always fun and they all have a different playstyle/build in each role!
: You're right at most terms about the majority of QQers being all below gold 4... But what about those guys who are above that rank, and says the same things? Oho, then it instantly becomes a "proven fact". Yes, they are *the* exceptions, but it's more coming from the high elos complaining then the lower division players bandwagoning that opinion.
Hardly anybody above that rank say the same thing, and the ones that do have a thorough detailed post about why it's op, including statistics like the winrate, banrate, pickrate, as well as mathematical equations that show how much damage "x" champion or "z" item deals compared to other champions or items in its position. The ones who QQ below Gold 1 just say, "I lost a game against this and it was so one-sided. Unfair, Rito nerf."
: You're right, balance would be a lot easier and there would be a lot less complaining if the bulk of the playerbase performed at a platinum+ skill level. which point a platinum+ skill level would become the new "bad"... You do understand that? Right? "bad play" is defined in relation to the performance in the top ~15% of the playerbase. That relationship doesn't change regardless of how high the 'skill floor' is. To put it in a different context: If 100 people run a race (assuming other influences are controlled) we determine the first 15 people to finish are the best mile runners in the group. They are the fastest, or they have the most endurance, or they have the best combination of applicable traits- whatever. We don't conclude "Oh man- only 15 people here are good runners. Everyone else here is slow as fuck omg" At least you're 'good' at league though (btw, by the same measure, anyone above you could say you're shit also), because you aren't very good at basic logic and your attitude (superiority complex?) is pretty egregious. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Shine on, superstar.
I'm not saying Silvers and Golds don't have a place in the game, I'm saying they have no right to judge balance. I also never said I was good. I'm only Plat, I still have a lot to improve on. I just said nobody under Gold 1 should be making balance posts. They don't understand balance and don't have even a decent amount of game knowledge or what makes a champion "op" or "meta".
: i just want you to know, i've said the exact same things when i was a lowly unranked ->silver 4. and when i climb to plat this season and i say exactly the same things (zed is stupid OP and has an oppressive laning phase and is only directly counter picked. RoA and Zhonyas are a wasted effort, its better to build your regular build so you can put out whatever it is your champion does) ((as an example). (currently gold 3 with plat 5 MMR, so it'll just take more games, not actual improvement.) i'll still be ridiculed. do you know why? because the majority of the player base are assassin mains, and the majority of the voters here are actually grade kids, namely the "xbox live generation" and what do young teens do? rant... whine... and complain. its just not in them to be nice. (not yet anyways)
Umm... no... it's because you're wrong and **bad**. Zed is not OP and his laning phase is not oppressive. I've won a handful of lanes as Aurelion vs Zed. He has counterplay, learn it. RoA and Zhonya's are not wasted effort. Zhonya's is more than an amazing pick, stronger than any AP item in the game just because of its active. That's the only reason its price is so high, but since Riot gave Maw of Malmortius such a strong passive and kept it as gold efficient as it is, they either need to lower the cost of Zhonya's or increase the cost of Maw. RoA is only supposed to be built on certain champions, like Annie, Malzahar, and Aurelion. Let me tell you, it is such an amazing item. You never run out of mana so you don't have to buy MP5 items, it gives you such a great amount of health, while still allowing you to deal good damage. With just RoA, I have 1.6k mana, 2.2k hp, while still dealing ~170 damage per star as Aurelion.
Prozzak (NA)
: Unfortunately people who are not good at the game (or at least not good in enough areas of the game) vastly outnumber the amount of people who are so those people will be heard more in the forums. You can pretty much tell how the forums are full of sheep by how the topics change about who is op as soon as something gets played in LCS or gets popular due to a reddit video when it was considered absolute trash and people wanted buffs for the champ a week before.
Lucian top was picked in LCS and won, must be op meta pick/ban nerf now :^) But in all seriousness, I know what you mean by "people who are not goot at the game vastly outnumber the amount of people who are" because when I was in Silver I was in the top 58% but as soon as I reached Platinum it said I was in the top 7%, and I found that pretty laughable. Even Plat players are pretty bad, and they're in the top 7%? I can't wait to see what percentage I'm in when I reach Diamond..
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: {{champion:202}} *uses R* {{champion:81}} "NO!!!" *flashes first shot* *E's second shot* *Barriers 3rd shot* *zhonya's final shot* {{champion:53}} "fires rocket grab* 5th age{{champion:44}} "USE MY BODY AS YOUR SHIELD" *coughs* *awkward silence* {{champion:27}} "my shield's still bigger" {{champion:201}} "this is true, but braum's is biggest" {{champion:53}} "SWITCH!!!" *tags out* {{champion:103}} {{champion:55}} & {{champion:99}} *blush* {{champion:64}} "taric tricked blitz into grabbing his junk again?" {{champion:5}} "yup" {{champion:64}} *sigh* {{champion:5}} "reminds me of the time he got you to..." {{champion:64}} "SHUT IT!" {{champion:136}} "humans... such vile creatures" {{champion:31}} "hideous"
Had a straight face until Aurelion's comment, in which I smiled. Then I saw Cho'gath's reply and laughed. +1
: play normal blind pick then, if you are doing draft norm or ranked you will most likely be playing the meta.
It's just these five champions. I don't mind the meta, these ones are just overplayed because they're overpowered...
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Banuvan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rendarkan,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Vwy17cEE,comment-id=0008000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-03T12:16:28.255+0000) > > Ah the pinnacle of the WoW Era. By far the best expansion. Shit went downhill after **WotLK**. > > Fun fact: Arthas's first kill with Frostmourne was his father. FTFY
> Ah the pinnacle of the WoW Era. By far the best expansion. Shit went downhill during **WoD**. Fun fact: Arthas's first kill with Frostmourne was his father. FTFY
: I don't recall getting a request from you (at least not more than once). I decline most requests because I prefer to play solo.
Oh. Well I shall send another and hopefully you accept it this time owo
Dicerson (NA)
: It WAS noticed by riot. They put it up in one of the Allchat videos.
No wonder it wasn't noticed. Nobody pays attention to All-Chat!
: Probably not going to happen. HOWEVER, I will say, I like the idea of toxic players who reform getting their old accounts back. My guess is it would be extremely rare, since most toxic players never learn and only get worse and worse. But, if a player made a new account, got to level 30 and then played regularly for a full year without ever being punished even one time I think getting their old account back as a reward for reforming would be a nice "welcome back to the community" gift. The problem I see is that how do you define "regularly"? How do you tell the difference between the reformed player and the douche bag who makes a new account and plays it one time a week and is stupidly over the top nice in that one game, while trolling his heart out on his OTHER new account where he is every bit as toxic as he ever was? I like the idea of 'account redemption' for players who really do reform and work extremely hard over a long period of time to become good community members, but I see too many problems with actually implementing that system for it to become a reality.
Make it to where they have to have at least 1,000 games played**,** **and** not have a single punishment in a year.
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