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Seeko94 (EUNE)
: You can ping the skills stop making the game easier . Like allready boosted silvers are in diamond some how after the MMR reset . Making the game even more easier means that it will become even worse .
As far as I'm aware, I can't ping the enemy's mana. Anyway, isn't the point of UI to provide game information a quickly and efficiently as possible?
: "I think it would be a nice clarity improvement to have a single tick mark (like health bar) on the mana bar" He wants lines.
Yeah, just a single line. It'd be for the in-world UI, not the HUD. The idea is to be able to glance at an enemy and know if they have enough mana to be dangerous in a trade.
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: I am about tired of Yi now
I used to feel the same untill I started playing a lot of support. Now I just lock in Leona and wait for the sweet Yi tears
: > [{quoted}](name=DemainaNyx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GB0GVPlk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-08T00:06:29.302+0000) > > This SOOOO much. I'm a support. I can only save you from the Vlad, Darius, Draven, and Soraka so much before you need to do something to help kill them while I distract/disrupt. Why not just dodge the Darius Q though.
These are league players we are talking about.
: This SOOOO much. I'm a support. I can only save you from the Vlad, Darius, Draven, and Soraka so much before you need to do something to help kill them while I distract/disrupt.
But if they die, still your fualt, kappa.
: SHHH the more attention we give this item the less likely they are to build it.
Tuffnar (NA)
: Honestly, if you're team is THAT bad at itemizing (mostly bronze-low gold) you might as well just take it, yeah its a handy cap but it's cheap and if no one else on your team is going to get it you could win your team the game with it (stopping darius or trundle or vlad or cait ect from healing half their hp can EASILY win a game winning team fight) the 850 gold is worth it.
Am low gold, people know fuck-all outside of their cookie-cutter build, can confirm
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: Matchmaking (constructive discussion)
I would argue that that the issues we see in matchmaking are the consequences of the things Riot has done to try and please us, the player base. * Role selection makes it so the system can't just grab the closest mmrs because it is highly unlikely the the optimum players by mmr also want the roles to make 2 teams. * Like it or not, most of the playerbase would really dislike long que times, so this is why we have autofill. * The LP system is designed as a reward system, and it does it's job well as such. It feels much better to rank up from silver to gold than it is to watch 1290 tick up to 1310. However, the discrepencies between rank and mmr make matchmaking feel bad, that is why Riot hides this without a 3rd party site. * The demotion protection you get forces separation of mmr and lp. Lose when you are at 0 lp or something like 5 lp? Mmr considers you "demoted" but the lp system will protect you from this if situations are correct. This is epecially bad in division Vs. -Side note: promotion series exist to help counteract this effect.
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Sherogarth (EUNE)
: @Riot. With all those mana and item changes I think you forgot about someone.
Let us not forget that another core item on Galio, {{item:3065}} , is getting its MR nerfed. (Less AP from here too!)
EIýzium (EUW)
: Can we have a boards function to hide the category "memes and games"?
Just install the FEK pluggin. It allows for exactly this functionality
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Dynamic Que - Variance is a btch
Your variance argument is logically solid, although I'm not ready to accept your role contention due to item and meta changes. Would be really interesting if Riot released some statistics and see if they support your argument
Aniela (NA)
: I was mostly trying to see how one can implement things like range increase mechanics for spells not unlike that of RFC. The others aren't on my mind at this moment, but as I said - you've done a far more expansive job in producing possible ideas and paths for AP itemization.
Interesting idea. Once again, thanks for stopping by my thread here. <3
Aniela (NA)
: I like a lot of the ideas. As far as numbers go, I'm probably not the best person to comment on them but the concepts are pretty good. I've actually been thinking along the same lines as to potential AP itemization but I think you'd done a much better job when it comes to ideas and functionality within the confines to spell mechanics compared to myself.
Hey, thank you. It's always fun to theory craft, isn't it? Out of curiosity, what were some of the ideas that you had?
: You can't make Magic pen items like void staff to % Bonus Magic Pen like they did with last whisper. Simply because base MR is far lesser than armor and some roles don't even have scaling base MR. Stop trying to make AP itemization the same as AD for the sake of progress, they are vastly different.
My intention with the pen line was not to just change it for "the sake of progress". I see an underlying problem with the total %pen system in that it is still effective against squishy targets. This allows for it to be a general purpose buy for general damage amplification in addition to being a counter buy to resistances to make your damage still relevant. As you mentioned, mr is generally less plentiful, so having a system that, unlike on live, cannot effect the small bases seams logical. This also further cements flat pen as the better option against squishy target. (Right now, the 35% total pen on void staff penetrates 10.5 mr on a target with the baselne 30 mr, which makes it almost as effective on squishy targets as flat pen.) The other thing I wanted to address was the lack in item diversity. Part of the problem was, as mentioned earlier, how general-purpose Void Staff is currently on live, but it also stands alone in a common niche. Currently if the enemy team is too tanky for you to be effective, you get a Void Staff. There's very little further consideration. However, having two similar items with the same purpose but different enough to avoid "stat checking" gives the player some choice on how to one-up his/her opponent. Also, Void Staff on live is a stat-stick (it even is a stick), and even passives effects create more fun gameplay than stat-checking. However, I could be trying to solve the aforementioned problems in a less then perfect way, and if you have have any suggestions, please say so.
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Auryiel (NA)
: I mean... Hextech Gunblade Morg XD
By no means for tryharding, just a fun gimmick due to it's sheer stupidity. XD
: 14/0/14 leaves you with 2 mastery points left? are you sure you're silver and not pre-level 30?
Woops, that's a typo there, sorry. I meant 15/0/15. I edited the original post.
: Something about the utility being less focused strictly on combat stats does make it feel as though you're leaving something on the table whenever you go deep into it as anything but a support (there are probably some other exceptions as well). For Vampirism specifically, it does feel odd that its best synergies are with high offense builds, but heavy offense masteries block you from getting the full benefit of this mastery. It is, however, possible that 3% Lifesteal/Spellvamp would just be broken in any position that let you get it with offense masteries. I wouldn't go so far as to say we should be reworking the mastery into something else entirely, because I honestly don't know if it is regularly used to success. How many of you guys and gals find themselves taking Vampirism and feeling good about it? On which champions? And does your final mastery split usually send you to at least 21 points in Utility? Or just far enough to get these?
As a mid-main and a high silver noob, I personally like going 15/0/15. The combined sustain between vampirism and meditation make it much easier to win lane by pure attrition, and I have not really felt a loss of damage from not going 21 into the offensive tree. --- As a side note, it is fun to go Morgana mid with spellvamp runes, and vampirism so you walk into lane with 19% spell vamp (add Hextech Gunblade in to have 49% speelvamp by level 13 ;p)
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago, Here We Come
Being in Colorado. I see this and think "K"
: Idea for small revamping of the IP system. (Fair for Riot too)
I just wanted to do some math that would make the original post too long. I will be doing these calculations at one game a day, and each game at 20 minutes on Summoners' Rift. (Numbers derived from the LoL Wiki.) **Perfect Circumstances Acquiring Bonuses** *First-Win-of-the-Day + IP Boost* >1st hundred games: (394 x 100 x 0.00) = 0 Bonus IP >2nd hundred games: (394 x 100 x 0.05) = 1970 Bonus IP >3rd hundred games (394 x 100 x 0.10) = 3940 Bonus IP > >By the time the 15% maximum is reached, a player would have accumulated 5910 additional IP. > >To then earn enough to unlock a 6300IP champion with just Bonus IP: (6300 - 5910)/(394 x 0.15) = 6.60 games > >In other words, it would take 307 days, of one win a day with an IP boost to unlock an additional 6300 champion with just Bonus IP. (102 hours and 20 minutes of game time) **Perfect Circumstances With Full Bonuses** >To then earn enough to unlock a 6300IP champion with just Bonus IP: 6300/(394 x 0.15) = 106.60 games > >In other words, it would take 107 days, of one win a day with an IP boost to unlock an additional 6300 champion with just Bonus IP. (35 hours and 40 minutes of game time) This is after the other 102 hours of game time, keep in mind. **Worst Circumstances Acquiring Bonuses** *All Losses* >1st hundred games: (51 x 100 x 0.00) = 0 Bonus IP >2nd hundred games: (51 x 100 x 0.05) = 255 Bonus IP >3rd hundred games (51 x 100 x 0.10) = 510 Bonus IP > >By the time the 15% maximum is reached, a player would have accumulated 765 additional IP. > >To then earn enough to unlock a 6300IP champion with just Bonus IP: (6300 - 765)/(51 x 0.15) = 723.53 games > >In other words, it would take 1024 days (2.8 years!), of one 20 minute loss a day to unlock an additional 6300 champion with just Bonus IP. (14 days, 5 hours, and 20 minutes of game time) **Worst Circumstances With Full Bonuses** >To then earn enough to unlock a 6300IP champion with just Bonus IP: 6300/(51 x 0.15) = 823.53 games > >In other words, it would take 824 days (2.3 years!), of oneloss a day to unlock an additional 6300 champion with just Bonus IP. (11 days, 10 hours and 40 minutes of game time) This is after the other 341 hours of game time, keep in mind.
: Would this also work for RP in the same manner Or the more you buy the more you slowly get not just a flat "bonus "
I don't think it should interact with RP at all because that is one of the largest (if not, the largest) source of Riot's income. What I'm proposing is to be to the benefit of both parties: neutral/positive members of the community get rewarded with a tiny bit more IP, and Riot gains customer loyalty and a minor fix towards the long standing problems of toxicity and failures within the IP system.
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Sherogarth (EUNE)
: FUN TIME! Remove 1 champion :D
{{champion:157}} I think his kit is impossible to balance. He is and always be OP or UP.
darkdill (NA)
: @Riot Balance Team: Change the Mana Font passive to increase base mana regen based on missing mana
: Can we PLEASE do something about MR itemization?
I'm a mage main, so here are my 2 cents on the issue at hand. The major overarching difference between AP and AD is that AP is generally tied to burst damage and CD-based poke, but AD is generally tied to sustained damage. This mean that when an AP champion unloads their burst onto you and you are resistant to it, there is very little that the AP champion can do after that, but AD champions in a similar situation (even AD casters), can continue to AA to make up for the damage lost because the bonus AD also strengthens their AAs. In other words, the damage lost to armor can be made up by fighting a little longer, but damage lost to MR lacks any real way to make up for it. Remember, mage AAs suck... it actually takes focus to last hit minions unlike a lot of our AD brethren. Also please remember that most champions take MR glyphs, so in the majority of cases, 15 mPen is not half of the champion's MR. In regards to itemization, the mPen itemization actually sucks imo. * While {{item:3136}} is nice, the item it builds into, {{item:3151}}, is very niche an produces less damage for most champions in most cases than other items. * {{item:3001}} is incredibly niche as well. Let me tell you, the *last* place that most AP champions want to find themselves is in the middle of a fight, but this is the only place that this item's passive works because most AP champions out-range the aura. * You are right about {{item:3020}} being a strong one-size-fits all item, but it comes at the price of being one of the most expensive boots. On top of this, most AP champions are more focused on their offense than their defense, so the other boots look and feel lackluster to them. {{item:3158}} is not a tempting boot eacher because of the oversaturation of CDR currently. * The only one I'll give you is {{item:3135}}. It is a bit too general purpose at atm, and too cheap for being too general purpose. However, the AD equivalent, {{item:3035}} shares the same problem.
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: No, these are definitely all nerfs. You made Exhaust even stronger (yeah, real sure the assassins are going to LOVE only dealing 55% of their normal damage), made quite literally the most useless summoner spell I have ever seen (Yeah, 100% DECAYING movespeed over 1.5 seconds that cancels if you actually do anything except run AND that requires killing someone to even get the effect of is so good! It's not like slows are extremely common or that we have a true damage summoner spell that isn't completely useless), made Barrier go up to a 680 health shield if someone actually gets to you, and then removed a lot of Deathfire Grasp's entire purpose (unless you already hit them with hard CC or are literally on their face you have a low chance of hittings it's even weaker active. Since most hard cc's ALSO are part of your damage combo, this means you lose out on damage to make sure you try to get more damage). So no, this isn't bringing assassins into a healthier place, it's nerfing them.
There is no intention of these being nerfs. I do not want them to be buffs or nerfs. I really didn't buff Exhaust. The 5% is compensation for REMOVING the Armor and MR shred. The damage reduction is currently 40% on live, and 5% is literally only 2% more than what you get from the Havoc mastery. That's a mere 5 less damage per 100 damage done. It would take 2000 damage for that 5% to shave off 100 damage. As I made mention, I had a feeling that I under-tuned the new Summoner Spell. What do you think would need to be done to make it an inviting choice without making it OP? I intend for this to be a niche Summoner compared to ignite. In the meantime, I buffed the Movement Speed buff duration and the Armor and MR penetration values. I must ask is you even read my explanation for the Barrier changes. The shield never goes up to 680 effective HP at one, the caster must take 10% of their maximum HP before the second iteration of the shield. Also, getting the second shield is up to the enemy. If someone gets the second iteration of the sheild, it means that the enemy tried to burst him/her through the barrier when the attacker could have hesitated a mere 1.5 seconds (a second shorter than the duration on live) and not have to worry about the second shield. I did not remove the entire purpose of Deathfire Grasp. It's purpose is to make a deadly burst combo even deadlier. A skillshot does not need hard CC to be landed, and if that is the only way you can personally land them, then that isn't my problem. The active is actually supposed to be just as powerful as the one on live, damage wise. The amplification is still 20% and the scaling base damage is supposed to do very similar damage to squishies on live while not inadvertently making this burst item into a tank buster item as well. (Ran some calculations, buffed the AP ratio)
: None of these changes are good. No one would take that summoner spell as long as exhaust and ignite exist. Exhaust is not purely defensive as limiting someone's damage in an engagement can be just as strong as setting them on fire. That barrier change is insane. Mages do have the option to not buy dfg if a change like this went through. Making it a skill shot that is that weak is putting it out of the game. Most dfg'd targets are squishies. If you want assassins to be healthier they need to have more difficult mechanics while still being worth it to master.
As I had made note, I had a feeling that I probably under-tuned the new Summoner Spell. What would you suggest to improve it? In the mean time, I buffed the duration of the Movement Speed buff and the Armor and MR penatration values. I can see what you mean by Exhaust being used to engage, but in practice, I really only see it taken as a defensive measure. I wanted to reinforce Exhaust's identity. The Armor and MR reduction on it is actually relatively new, and people don't treat it any different now than before. Everyone has the option to buy or not to buy any item. I turned the active into a skillshot to introduce more mechanical complexity. If you will take note, the damage amplification is exactly the same as on live. The scaling base damage is supposed to do similar levels of damage as the % Max HP currently does to squishies without the side effect of having this burst item a tank-buster item as well. I probably went a bit shy on the AP scaling; I'll increase that to 25%. I am aware that a lot of the problems with assassins come from their kits, but most League player will throw a fit if their favorite champion gets even the slightest touch that isn't a direct buff. As such, I am trying to make minor tweaks elsewhere.
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: How are you supposed to learn a mid champion?
The easiest way to guarantee a position or at least increase your chances of getting it is to que up with some friends if you can. Internet friends work too if you tell them about your situation before queing. As a side note, I find it strange that normal draft has an absurdly long que for you. It only has a slightly higher que time then blind for me. Maybe it's just a more common que at high-silver MMR, but I don't know.
: Also, a lot of your champions are listed extremely incorrectly (I'm pretty sure Lucian uses his E quite a lot... and that Ahri has 3 charges of her ult, not 1).
> Also, a lot of your champions are listed extremely incorrectly (I'm pretty sure Lucian uses his E quite a lot... and that Ahri has 3 charges of her ult, not 1). The idea was to generally categorize champions and provide an example of what what I was thinking. I wanted more to ask about the general ide, but it appears that my example is providing too much confusion.
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: Minions should agro off of spells, just like auto attacks.
It would make mid lane a nightmare for the typical hyper-squishy mage that generally calls it home.
: The old burn did more damage total than the new aftershock thing, and hit like a truck, it was part of what was imbalanced in his old kit other than his hex core. Old Viktor was the king of burst, and unless they have improved it even more, then I doubt he has as much from the E (chunking someone for 750 damage and then burning them for an additional 225 with bonus rylai's+liandry's % health damage was HUGE). Viktor's overall burst is probably better with the Q auto buff, but it seems like it would be more satisfying to watch your target burn to death rather than see them dodge a puny firecracker.
The old burn was for 30% increased damage, but the new explosion is for 40% increase damage. The new laser does more damage if used properly. The liandry's/rylai's was indeed strong and one of my favorite builds, but I would dare say that the new laser still does more damage to everyone except health-stacking tanks. New Viktor's AP is extremely high due to the new hexcore, and there is the fact that in the vast majority of situations he gets another AP item over Liandry's measly 50AP.
: lol I dunno, maybe because it's an AoE that's mobile independent of his champion? (it's his ult right? the cloud thing? I honestly can't say the last time I saw a Viktor in game)
The silence was only applied at the initial cast. I could not silence anyone not under the initial cast. I main him, btw. :D
: Cho and Garen also aren't purple, which might help In all seriousness though, I think also that it has to do with silences on assassins; Soraka got her silence removed for the reasons you stated, but she arguably got a more powerful spell in return (AoE silence + root). Assassins generally have high burst, which is hard enough to respond to without being silenced in the first place. Also, I think Talon needs some more compensatory buffs, a 0.1 second 99% slow is just odd; why not just give him a root and be done with it? The mistake with LB was that they took her silence without giving her anything in return, and now they have to go back and buff her again because she's too weak.
Viktor says "hello." A mere half second silence on his non-targeted ult with smaller AoE than Blitz's? Better remove it.
Marthian (NA)
: They are killing silences that have no counterplay. Talon, Kassadin, Soraka, and Leblanc's Silence had one problem in common: They were all targeted silences and had no counterplay whatsoever. Soraka's reworked E is weird, but you can walk out of it to end the silence.
Viktor says "hello." A mere half second silence on his non-targeted ult with smaller AoE than Blitz's? Better remove it.
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