: If Light is so fast, how come Lux spells have travel time?
I'd be more interested to know how she misses skillshots that have wave functions.
: The reason some people hate the tank meta.
I want to add some things and also try and consolidate a few other things that have been said so far. First off, one of the things that has always been important and is even MORE important now, is building a proper team comp. (This means understanding what the meta is, and how to break it. Think about it like this, don't break YOUR teams meta, break the ENEMY TEAMS meta. Do you know how to punish a Zed mid comp?) It's not quite counterpicking, which you cannot reliably depend on at lower ELO, but rather knowing what the enemy team does, and how to deal with it. Frankly, I have always viewed this as reading the enemy team composition. You have to be able to look at their team and know what they do. I learned how to read team comps from ARAM. It's a great mode to learn how to do this, because the comps largely determine which team will win, and IF you can shut down what the enemy team does, you are well on your way to winning. The point is, this is done in team select. Going hand in hand with that is understanding your own comp. I have been playing a lot of GP lately, and I have learned that if I am first pick, I'd better go mid or AP jungle in solo Q. The reason being, GP is AD. I pick first. Then I get a Zed/Yas mid with a Vi jungle, and now the support Annie is the only AP on the team. GG. Tanks win when they only have to itemize against a single damage type. It's almost equivalent to the ADC getting 2-3 additional item slots and having all their items cost half as much. They are spiked up sooner and have extra room to itemize to bully. This whole concept ties into the OP concept that people do not know how to team fight. If the enemy team has two tanks, say a Galio and a Rammus, and you have an AP Carry and an AD Carry, does it make a lot of sense for the AP Carry to focus Galio while the AD Carry focuses Rammus? It seems like common sense, but what you see actually play out in the game proves otherwise. Also, before the "tank meta", you could get away with the whole "don't focus the tank" mentality a lot more. But tanks were just as effective then as they are now, and if the enemy team would blatantly ignore your tanks, you could just peel for days and ball them up in team fights. It has NEVER been a good idea to "ignore" the tanks. As it is, as it HAS BEEN, tanks need to be properly peeled, counter-peeled, CCed in team fights. Letting them do what they want to do is stupid. It's time we take the blinders off, and YES, FOCUS THE GODDAMN TANK. If the enemy teams playbook is centered around their tank, it JUST MIGHT be a good idea to slaughter him/her PDQ. Without the playmaker, initiates or counterinitiates, often times the enemy team is useless without their frontline player. But again, this depends on the comp, and you have to know when it applies. Focusing Leona AFTER she hits your whole team with an AoE stun is kinda pointless. Second, there is itemization. This is another one that people just do not know how to do, and it shows from team select. Reference what I said above about going all AD. It isn't enough to balance the team AP and AD, you actually have to itemize correctly and understand what the comps mean. Case in point, I played a game today where I got stuck as the ADC against a Rammus/Malphite/WW team. I knew from team select I wasn't going to be carrying the game. Do you think my team actually understood that? No, they still played as if I was the biggest damage source and they also hovered around me trying to KS, instead of actually counterinitiating and punishing the enemy team for focusing the ADC. I rushed an early GA just to be able to soak longer in fights, and it made no difference. Third. Scaling Armor/MR is your friend. USE IT. My favorite Sejuani build right now is Cinderhulk/Abyssal/Sorc Boots/Liandry's. I run full Mpen runes, 21/9/0. I win more than I lose with that setup. Here is why. 15 Mpen from runes, 15 liandry's, 15 sorcs, 20 abyssal. 65 MR shred total. If you have no MR scaling, and build no MR, I do true damage to you. I don't care if you are a carry or a tank. I don't care what your kit does. It is not possible to have enough default MR to deal with that. So even though Sejuani actually has VERY poor scaling, I am cheating the system. I am not improving her ratios to gain throughput, I am destroying the mitigating number YOU are bringing to the table. The answer? BUILD MAGIC RESIST DINGUS! It takes ONE MR item early, and no merc treads does not count, to COMPLETELY counter her output for the rest of the game, and her spikes will mean nothing. Early banshees make Sej cry. My point here is, the less Armor/MR you are bringing to the table, the easier you are making it for the tank to build damage. Think of it this way. By NOT taking Armor runes/masteries, you are giving EVERY player a FREE Infinity Edge. By NOT taking Magic Resist runes/masteries, you are giving EVERY player a FREE Rabadons. Think about that for a second. Does that REALLY seem like a good idea? So in short, fix your damn runes/masteries, figure out itemization, learn how to read a team comp and unfuck yourselves during team fights. THAT Is why you are losing. NOT because Tanks are OP.
Pyro (EUNE)
: "Strategic Diversity" items like Ohmwrecker are still just as useless as expected
Ohmwrecker isn't nearly as bad as you make it out to be. It's a decent pick on any tank that wants armor/health/CDR. I'll agree that point runner and raptor cloak are bad though. Banner is actually a pick that lines up with Ohmwrecker as well, they compliment each other nicely. Food for thought, drop randuins for ohmwrecker and banshees for banner. You get less defensive stats but get a global aura, pushing power, the ability to drop tower aggro and pick up 20% more CDR. Basically, if you are already well ahead as a tank, which is possible in this meta, you can pick up bully stats instead of defensive stats that you probably do not need. Concerning Essence Reaver, they just need to remove the BF sword component, drop it to a pickaxe instead, adjust the AD accordingly and lower the price. Essence Reaver is amazing in the laning phase. The problem is that by the time you can get it, laning is pretty much over. With all the manaless champs going right now, I don't really see a problem with this item being rushed as a first buy to equalize. It isn't meant for AD carries, so nerf the overall AD and cost, and I think you'll see it used a lot more. It's basically broken on GP.
: Been playing just under a year, I used Clairvoyance the other day with Nocturne. I use Clairvoyance a lot in the jungle, no one else ever does. Ever. To the point where a Nidalee said this: "wait why can we see them?" I've actually liked Clairvoyance in the jungle since I was pre-30 and still like to use it. Reasons withstanding for another time, I actually feel awkward saying that because of how heavily the meta is enforced, and how shameful the very notion of "creativity" (which is synonymous with being a newbie/scrub) is. Part of the game is seriously not listening to people when you find something that works for you and your team. If something works consistently, there is no other proof needed as to why you do something original. Or anti-meta. Whichever term you prefer. EDIT: A quote I like: “I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.” - Dudley Field Malone
CV is actually amazing for the jungler in low tier games where nobody knows how to ward. And I don't mean that the team isn't warding. Warding has gotten to the point where it's something you just do. So you drop your little ward somewhere pointless and move on, "See, I warded." At low levels, people just can't seem to clue in to how important vision is AND where you need it. This is why CV is amazing on the jungler (assuming you are not flash dependent). Scan blue. You will learn something, every time. Either: A) They are neglecting their blue/are behind on clears. B) They are not neglecting their blue buff/are ahead on clears. C) They are on blue buff RIGHT NOW.] Every single one of those is VERY useful information. You can predict invades, you can follow where the enemy jungler should be, and if they aren't, you can bet there's a gank or a counterjungle brewing. You can check dragons and barons if wards are down. You can check bushes or prevent a blind push. Even if you don't tag any enemies, now you know where they are NOT. At low levels it is EXTREMELY valuable. The reason it falls off is that at higher levels, people can actually ward effectively. I especially like using it to scout out first buys, you can see exactly who is bringing what to lane. As the jungler, if you can spot a bad first buy, you have a good lead on a lane to go get FB in.
: so what if they dodge? if they have to play 5-10 games to get back the dodge, it seems fair that they could have something like the aram reroll system although zmuecat said you cant use them in promos I disagree, I think the dodges SHOULD ONLY be allowed in promos (via the reroll system) and only promo games count tword earning that dodge (IE youd have to play 2/3 sets of promos win or lose to earn a promo dodge) as for regular games the vote option is nice but make it 3/5 (for ranked games, because of the possibility of troll duo Q's that sometimes occur)
Promo matches are dumb and just need to be removed. They serve no purpose other than an artificial gate that keeps people a tier below their skill level. If matchmaking isn't broken, and MMR is not a broken system, then matchmaking serves no purpose but to inject a higher likelihood of being stuck in any given tier. I don't believe win/loss is the only metric that should determine placement, but assuming that is the standard, artificial gating of promotional series just screws the whole system. The game is healthy when equal skill is against equal skill. You should be winning half of your matches and losing the other half. If you are consistently winning or losing above or below 50% by a wide margin, the system is broken.
: As always, the same arguments are applied here: People can and probably will abuse this feature; as a result, more people dodge. You have a nonmeta pick on your team? Enemy team composition better than yours? You're last pick and don't want to go support? No problem, you get a free dodge. I'd rather lose a small amount of LP than have many more games where people dodge.
Holy crap, did you just auto respond? An ARAM style dodge mechanic would not NECESSARILY create more dodges. You are looking at it wrong. Right now, if you don't like your odds going into a match you have two options: A) Dodge yourself, incurring an LP penalty, which is rather minor and does not affect MMR, BUT you incur a timer penalty that is exponential. B) Troll your team and try to force a dodge. I elect for option B most of the time. It is very possible to be so inflammatory and "toxic" that you can pretty much guarantee a dodge. The reason I bring this up is because you seem to be under the impression that dodges do not happen. They do. What is missing is a mechanic to actually regulate a LEGITIMATE dodge, making the whole "dodge" experience a negative one. There needs to be a polite, simple, efficient way to avoid playing with people who have already created a negative bias in team select. If your pick is so bad that people want to dodge instead of play with you, that is generally called trolling. I don't really care how legitimate you feel it is. I am not playing so you can get your feels. I am playing so I can try to win. It is incredibly sad how few games come down to a legitimately close victory because both teams played at their skill level. Most of them come down to which team got trolled hardest. That team loses. I don't enjoy winning because my opponents got trolled. It does nothing to improve my game at all, and wastes my time just as much as the other team. The bottom line is, dodges DO happen, there are mechanics in place to force them without taking a personal loss and there is little to be gained by forcing players to accept a game they are already not enjoying. A legitimate dodge mechanic is long overdue.
: Do not match us immediately with the players we have reported.
Riot needs to fix their piss poor matchmaking. MMR is a poor standard.
Zaruna (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ronnie Law,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZFQEIzZ7,comment-id=0009000200000000,timestamp=2015-04-24T18:54:05.772+0000) > > Actually, when that company operates under the purview of of the US Government, and where applicable nationally, yes, they must in fact abide by the constitution and the bill of rights. (Internationally, it's a different story) > > It is not enough to have a ToS that is defacto accepted that violates rights. It is in fact unconstitutional to present or accept an agreement that is in violation of civil liberties. You CANNOT give up your rights, at best you can choose not to exercise them. A corporation cannot "make" you give them away, even if you are an agreeing party. > > That being said, free speech is an incredibly misunderstood concept. > > This is where the first part of your statement actually holds weight. > > You can say whatever you want. > You can burn the flag. > And in response I can tell you to get the fuck out of my store. > And in response you can boycott my establishment. > And on and on. > > You have to be careful of civil liberties therein though. > I think you would have a hard time convincing the law that you are in the right by supporting one bigot, but not supporting all bigots. > But if you refuse to do business with all bigots, there you go. > > In league and with the internet in general, the line between public and private domain becomes extremely blurred. > > This is all well over the level this conversation needs to be had at though. > > GG EZ is a personal opinion, and people are well within their rights to express that. > > It is not derogatory or necessarily inflammatory. > > If you cannot accept someones personal opinion, then I suggest you change your world view. > > No one is obligated to like you, be nice to you, or even respect the individual you represent. That's the country we live in, and that is their right. If you are so sensitive you cannot handle that in an online game where people are anonymous and their opinions are worth exactly shit, then you are going to have problems in life. Man fuck off, lol. Usually people that say GG ez are people that got carried hard but got bullied in lane, or else they wouldn't bring in that attitude towards the end when victory is close. You won't get problems in life because you find it annoying that a little brat felt the need to rub in that you somehow lost. Noone in life will come up at you and be that childish, it's the internet. In the end it's negative attitude, and therefor against the rules. Freedom of speech doesn't mean shit.
What are you so angry about?
dalphy08 (NA)
: If chat restricting/and or banning a player improves their performance, therefore ur a psycho!
Gavran (NA)
: Freedom of speech is not freedom to make other people put up with the shit coming out of your mouth. Coincidentally, it also has zero power in an online environment owned and policed by a private corporation.
Actually, when that company operates under the purview of of the US Government, and where applicable nationally, yes, they must in fact abide by the constitution and the bill of rights. (Internationally, it's a different story) It is not enough to have a ToS that is defacto accepted that violates rights. It is in fact unconstitutional to present or accept an agreement that is in violation of civil liberties. You CANNOT give up your rights, at best you can choose not to exercise them. A corporation cannot "make" you give them away, even if you are an agreeing party. That being said, free speech is an incredibly misunderstood concept. This is where the first part of your statement actually holds weight. You can say whatever you want. You can burn the flag. And in response I can tell you to get the fuck out of my store. And in response you can boycott my establishment. And on and on. You have to be careful of civil liberties therein though. I think you would have a hard time convincing the law that you are in the right by supporting one bigot, but not supporting all bigots. But if you refuse to do business with all bigots, there you go. In league and with the internet in general, the line between public and private domain becomes extremely blurred. This is all well over the level this conversation needs to be had at though. GG EZ is a personal opinion, and people are well within their rights to express that. It is not derogatory or necessarily inflammatory. If you cannot accept someones personal opinion, then I suggest you change your world view. No one is obligated to like you, be nice to you, or even respect the individual you represent. That's the country we live in, and that is their right. If you are so sensitive you cannot handle that in an online game where people are anonymous and their opinions are worth exactly shit, then you are going to have problems in life.
Pæan (NA)
: I think we have a different idea about camping. I'm talking about ganking and killing the enemy laner whenever he appears. not so much about sitting there and pushing down towers all game. if we kill the enemy top laner with a big wave pushing in, he will need to TP to lane or he will lose a lot of xp And fall even more behind. Thing is, I'm gold 2 at the moment so having that type of communication in soloQ would be no less than a miracle for either team. I would also love to have my riven be 3-0 in lane and be able to stomp basically anyone from there on. Sorry if my initial post seemed a little lacking.
Top lanes are bad at reading their waves and reacting to ganks, I'll give you that much. IF you kill the laner it can easily be worth it, but that is a big IF. That being said, smite/tele is dumb because the jungle items are not gold efficient if you aren't jungling (usually). It's also pointless if you aren't going to port bot for dragon plays. I get alot of games where people seem to be confused as to WHY they are taking TP top. It can be an interesting pick, but it actually hurts your laning and is only useful in the meta sense.
Pæan (NA)
: If you can accomplish all that pre-level 4 I'd be very impressed.
I'm confused. If we are talking pre-level 4, aren't you just a duo top lane? You can't clear camps/ward dragon/assist bot AND camp top in the first ~8 minutes of the game. I don't really know what your definition of camping here is. Generally, looking for a dragon at 8-10 minutes, a top lane teleport in on dragon while you assault turret top means everyone is either level 6 or close to. If that is the case, then the trades I described are pretty much exactly what SHOULD happen. Best option would be for your top to TP and contest dragon and hold turrets, but even then, you are trying to contest dragon smiteless and you will probably lose an all in fight AND it will cost you a turret. IF the "camping" jungler keeps split pushing, this will be answered by a bigger push bot or mid. 2 for 2 on towers with a team fight lost and a dragon conceded. Granted, you won't see this in every game, not everyone watches the map. But at high level play this is pretty much the picture to be expected. Something could go wonky and you get a flip, but probably not. As a general rule when I am jungling, my top laner is on his own until a dragon play has already been made. Blue buff junglers are advantaged on the blue side, red buff junglers advantaged on the red side, because both clear paths lead to spikes on the dragon half of the map. So take notes top lane, if you want ganks, you need to TP and take dragon when the play is called.
: And we took 2 towers while you were busying trying to kill my bot and take dragon. Sincerely, the enemy top and pissed off enemy jungler.
2v0 Wins Top. 5v3 wins Bot and Mid. You are now behind 2 towers 1-3 kills and a dragon. Next?
: And I'm saying that this is the biggest sample size I can possibly point to using my own stats. I'd have a winning record if I combined my win rates against all my counters too, and that would be dozens of matches. Plus, like I said, I rarely see counters work in bronze in any situation. I can't count the number of times I've thought we had smooth sailing in one lane because there was no way A loses to B and ended up wrong. Conversely, I can't really think of any successful counters I've seen.
You are failing to understand the factors in the games you are playing. First, teemo just got a nifty new skin. This will attract A LOT of players that cannot utilize him mechanically. They are not playing him because they are good with him. They want to see their shiny new skin. Second, even without a skin, teemo is a gimmick champ, and that draws people that are looking for a specific gimmick. What you are not understanding is that in your sample size, you have probably run up against few, if any, skilled teemo players. You are using this data to allow the BAD teemo players to represent the GOOD teemo players. Keep thinking that if you want, you are in for a rude awakening. That being said, if you are specifically talking about playing against Bronze level players, and making a case for Darius being good at that level of play, uhm, DUH. Just about any champ can spank bronzies if you are mechanically good at them. Darius has a low skill floor, that just means it is easier to figure him out and win at a bronze level. What you need to be concerned about is his skill ceiling.
: "Counter-picks" in Bronze are my favorite
Your entire post is asinine. Counterpicks are 2 stage. Lane and Team fight. The metrics supporting counterpicks are not lying. First, your argument lends alot of support to the idea that Darius just needs to be nerfed into the ground. Second, you are assuming that skill level does not matter. Mechanically you are better, because you know the champion you are playing. However, it is extremely evident that you don't understand how to play the game. A LOT of top lanes make the same mistake. It does not matter if you "win" or "lose" lane, it matters if you win or lose the game. I had a game recently where I was doing wretched with teemo. Intentional feeding type KDA. 17+ deaths. We won, and we won because I baited the enemy team at every turn. Defend turret or chase teemo? Lets chase teemo. Seriously, any time I showed up, they would drop what they were doing, let my team run rampant across the map, and focus me until I was dead. Which often took a LONG time, merry jaunts through both jungles and back and forth through river so they could "outflank" me. Yeah, I died. I lost lane hard. I fed and had only 3 kills at the end of the game. And I won. The point here is that while individual skill level is important, it isn't nearly everything. I can run Gangplank Vs. Pantheon too, that doesn't mean that because I will generally win against my counterpick that it is a bad pick. What you are going to learn is that eventually your Darius is gonna get handled, and you are gonna have to start all over with a new champ. And since you don't understand fundamental game concepts, and only have mechanical skill in a specific champ, you are back to Wood 5 level play.
Pæan (NA)
: PSA to all smite/teleport toplaners. sincerely enemy jungler
PSA to all junglers camping my lane because I have smite/teleport. I teleported bot and got your dragon while you were camping. Sincerely, Smite/Teleport Top
I think this is appropriate considering all the madness Fizz induces.
: Honeycrisps are my favorite, you? And it is my mistake on GP's E, you are correct that he does not lose his passive bonuses.
If it makes you feel better, I would agree that it would need a remove of the cast channel IF he did indeed lose the passive. The reason being, most abilities do nothing when they are on CD. GPs E is an exception to this. It is always doing something for you. Because of that, you are always "using" it. The actual use is just a "turbo" version. Because of this, it doesn't compare directly to most abilities, and it doesn't JUST boost move speed. It also boosts AD, and is an aura that affects team mates. If it were a Wuju Style type ability, I could see a case for removing the channel. As is, the ability is diverse enough to require a gate that limits the usage, and the channel works pretty well. As I said before, if you remove that, the ability gains a little too much, and the compensation SHOULD come from elsewhere. It seems like a small change, but really, it isn't. It makes gangplank very slippery and removes almost all the risk from using the ability. And that in and of itself is not all that bad. But GP is already a statball champ, who's main advantage is that he makes use of nearly every stat and does well when he just flat out has MORE stats than whoever he is fighting. His E steroids him into even more statball, and either that needs to come at some sort of cost, or the end effect itself needs to be reduced. The problem with that, is that then you hurt his major advantage, his stats. Thus, the champion himself really just becomes homogenized and I don't think that is really healthy. Also, as an aside, I would like to point out that it is contradictory to use an ability called Raise Morale to run away from a fight.
: I'm not going to contribute to this flame war; I will, however, defend my math capabilities. When you learn multivariable calculus and differential equations, come explain to me how you can evaluate a triple integral or solve a 4th degree differential equation.
The same way you evaluate a double integral or a 2nd degree differential. Do you like apples?
: Do yourself a favor and [read GP's wiki page.](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Gangplank) In case you don't I will sum it up for you. "ACTIVE: Gangplank fires into the air, disabling his passive boost but inspiring himself to gain additional attack damage and movement speed for 7 seconds, with allied champions within range receiving half that amount." In other words, *he loses his passive bonuses when he uses his E.* Once again. There is a downside for using E. He loses his passive bonuses.
You are an idiot. His passive is "lost" only while the active is active. When the effect ends, it picks back up. Therefor, it is never actually "lost". I know you won't understand simple math but that's ok, I can still make you look like a jackass. Passively, GPs move speed is +X. Actively, GPs move speed is +X +Y. On cooldown, GPs move speed is still +X. He never loses +X, EVER. Whether the ability is on cooldown it is always AT LEAST +X. This is what I meant when I said that it is written weird. Thus, the way it should read is that PASSIVELY GP gains X move speed. On use, he ADDITIONALLY gains Y. This would clear up the confusion for retards like you that cannot understand math.
: Ambient gold should be distributed more fairly
I think the problem is that the gold income items don't scale in any meaningful way. Off the top of my head, perhaps the income items should scale in resale value the longer you have them. That way, once you are out of laning or whatever, you can cash it in and get a real item. IDK. I do know that the give to the poor and take from the rich is a really bad idea. Gold is a reflection of performance, and high performance should not be penalized while poor performance is rewarded. Supports are still janky in this respect, and it is not a new problem. I wish they would fix it, but I'll be damned if I know how. I dunno what right looks like, but I am pretty sure it isn't gold redistribution.
: > If there were no cast time, then there would be no choice to using the ability. I disagree. When the active is used, GP has a time frame of 8-13 seconds (depending on CDR) in which E's passive bonuses are disabled. The choice is then whether or not the pros outweigh the cons in the present scenario. Increasing the reliability of E allows GP to make decisions that aren't based on whether or not a mechanical hindrance will negatively impact the outcome. > GP is mana hungry as it is. This is an easy fix . Both {{item:3004}} and {{item:3508}} have great synergy on GP in addition to eliminating his mana problems. >His W is the same way, often times you REALLY want to heal, but you cannot afford the cast time. Most of the time, W should be used either while you are cc'd or safe from champions. When you are not near a champion, there is no repercussion for casting W. When you are cc'd, the cast time is irrelevant because you are shortening the time that you are disabled, which is a net gain of mobility.
What you are describing is how Taric's shatter used to work. It doesn't work that way anymore. GP's E does not, has not, and never did work that way. You get the passive bonus no matter what, even if the ability is on CD. The way it is worded is confusing. But you will always get the passive stats at a minimum, whether the ability is on CD, of CD or active in any way. If it is active, you gain an additional boost on top of the passive boost. I suggest you actually take some time and play GP. The limitation of his E is not hard to work around, and I stand by my assertion that it is fine the way it is. It gates the up/down time based on player choice on how to optimize. If it were not gated by a cast speed, there would be no real down side to using it. Another way of looking at it is that the way the ability works now, it is generally used in preparation for an action. Running away, initiating, taking a turret, whatever. You use E and THEN go do something with it. Without a cast time, it just statballs any fight you get into without any negative action. You would just use it whenever is most advantageous, even if this is simply reactionary. The way it is now, it is not a reactionary ability. The reason I don't like the statball way you are proposing is that inevitably, for the sake of balance, it would be compensated for elsewhere in his kit, perhaps similar to how blitzcranks move speed steroid was recently adjusted. It doesn't really suit the health of the champion.
: Gangplank Needs One Minor QOL buff
I actually think it is more balanced right now. I play ALOT of GP, he is probably my favorite champ. However, his E is an extremely powerful ability. The passive component and its value should not be discounted. Often times when I am being chased I cannot hit my E or I have to REALLY think about it, because of the cast time. If there were no cast time, then there would be no choice to using the ability. The offset would be to remove the cast time but to also up the mana cost. And fuck that. GP is mana hungry as it is. His W is the same way, often times you REALLY want to heal, but you cannot afford the cast time. This means you have to have more awareness and be concerned with exactly how far away certain champs are. Personally, I see no reason to make GP any more slippery than he already is. The passive move speed boost in conjunction with a boot enchant makes him hard to catch out of position. His E is best reserved for engages or to reposition your team.
: > [{quoted}](name=ToiletteOfDoom ,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=1x4Xhrol,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-04-20T16:09:19.792+0000) > > I was thinking more like an actual tutorial on how to CS properly...but thanks anyway uncle lau, ill do my best on my own. Oh. XD I didn't know you legitimately wanted to know. I practice in custom games. No bots, no runes or masteries, and play the champion I want to practice with until I can cs close to perfectly every time for the first 10 minutes of the game. Then you add runes and masteries, and it gets a ton easier. Then OFF TO PVP I GO.
I agree with everything here EXCEPT the no runes and masteries. Specifically for attack speed. Whatever AS you are putting in your runes/masteries, practice like that. You can drop the AD and everything else, but if your AS is different you will learn your attack animation wrong. This can really fuck you in a transition if you haven't practiced it.
: Good job arguing against the words that you put in his mouth, you really showed him.
I didn't put words in his mouth, I extended his argument to its logical conclusion. There are only two reason that you would WANT a carry to be "more relevant". Either A: You play carries and you want to feel like you are more important than your teammates. Or B: You DON'T play carries and want to "get carried", without being responsible for making major contributions to your team. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and assumed A. In hindsight after reading his other posts and looking up his record, I probably should not have made that assumption. However you want to look at it, those are the conclusions to the argument of "Carries should be more relevant". If you want to view that as putting words in his mouth, so be it.
Ironhold (EUNE)
: The sej players that build bruiser win because the situation allows them to win. If everyone played whatever they like(with proper knowledge and understanding of the game) there wouldn't a place for bruiser sej to win. Instead everyone conforms into sertain aspects that give in to a situation that allows for the birth of bruiser sej and thus her place in the meta which leads into her being a strong pick that turns into a game winner. I guess people get too butthurt to understand that in order to pick what you like you need _**actual**_ understanding of this game to be able to brake through the conformist picks and all the boring staples that have come and went.
Certain and break. Beyond that, I agree with you. That's pretty much what I was trying to point out. People bitching about a tank meta don't know what they are talking about, for exactly the reasons you describe. I don't think breaking the meta is a bad thing. But before you can actually break the meta and play past it, you have to understand what it actually is. So instead of saying dumb shit like "Tank meta OP", why don't they take a look at WHY they are losing to "Tanks". Right now, what you will find, is that you are losing to bruisers because you aren't counterbuilding or counterpicking. Either that or your core runes/masteries/items are bad to begin with. "Tank Meta" is not a valid reason to explain why you are losing games. Poor play, poor choices, poor mechanics and poor understanding can. So quit bitching, figure out WHY what is beating you is beating you, and shut it down. The "Meta" already makes this easy because you can reasonably assume how the enemy team is going to play.
: ...I don't think we're on the same page in the comparison I was trying to make. In chess, everyone has the exact same options no matter what. You obviously get to make your own moves, but you always start with the same pieces as the opponent in the same place every game. In *my* comparison, if Chess was like League, you'd get to start with the pieces you want; all Queens, half Rooks half Pawns, and so on.
And yet, even chess has a metagame. Perhaps you need to look up the term metagame. The terms of the engagement are not dictated by the players, but instead by the rules (terrain if you will). There are always optimal ways and suboptimal ways to play in various environments, rulesets and situations. The meta is an attempt to cleanly and concisely create a standard playstyle that you can drop 5 random strangers into and still have everyone aware of what they are responsible for. So long are there winning conditions and ways to leverage mechanics into winning positions, there will always be a meta. The good news is that the meta will always be cyclic, and that the "new" meta will always beat the old. This is the concept of the unconventional vs. the conventional.
: When was I talking about KDA ever lol. The role of a tank should be to soak damage and protect the carrieswith their CC and hitboxes. The role of a tank as of now is to soak damage, protect the carries with their CC and hitboxes, and push out tons of damage of their own. That's what I'm complaining about.
No, what you are complaining about is not being the center of attention. I don't care what carry you played, are playing or will play. Your TEAM sets you up to win. You didn't do it by yourself. You are just the dude with the ball. That doesn't mean you are the only one on the team worth a damn. It doesn't even mean you are more important than any other player on the field. You need your teammates to do their jobs. They need you to do your job. You aren't more or less "relevant" than anyone. You are just the dude who's kill counter is going up. But the kill counter doesn't win the game. Taking towers/dragon/baron/inhibs/fountain wins the game. I don't care that you don't feel like the center of attention in "the new meta". I DO care that MAYBE you might clue in that YOU NEVER WERE.
: My logic isn't retarded. Tanks should be soaking damage, not dealing it.
Your logic is retarded. Apparently you haven't noticed as a carry that your team sets you up for kills. That's their job. You take the kills. That's your job. Then your team pushes an objective. To think that a carry is more relevant than another player is definitely retarded. If you are still stuck on KDA, please go back to Call of Duty. We don't need that mentality here.
Visigoth (NA)
: I don't want a certain meta
I wish people would stop commenting on the meta when they don't even understand what it is. You don't win the game by doing what you want. You win by doing what is necessary to win the game. The last superbowl is a great example. Let's NOT give the ball to our beastmode running back who gets a yard NO MATTER WHAT, even though we need exactly 1 yard to win the championship game. Let's just do what we want. Some dipshit tricky play that does not and will not work. And lose the superbowl. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. It does not matter if the win wasn't flashy or creative. It does not matter if the loss WAS flashy and creative. IF you want to break the meta or do something different, FIRST you need to understand what the meta is, how it works, and WHY it works. You aren't being new by trying and failing with some "brand new idea that has never been done before". You are repeating the same failure someone else already figured out DOES NOT WORK. If you ACTUALLY understood the meta, you can take any team comp and "break" it with your champ selection and win. But you DAMN well better know what rules you are breaking, what weaknesses you are introducing to your team, what strengths, and HOW TO COMPENSATE FOR THAT. I'll give you a clue. If you think that "the new meta" is a tank meta, you are clueless. Tank junglers got a slight buff. The reality is, a few select champions got massive buffs because while they are tanks, they can be built as bruisers, NOT TANKS, and dominate. This is not a tank meta. It is a bruiser meta that is punishing assassins that can't squish the jungler. Ask yourself, why do you think it is a tank meta? Is it because people say that? Or play that? The sej players that are building her tank are losing. The sej players that are building bruiser are winning. How is that a tank meta, and given that insight, how are your comments even relevant to what ACTUALLY is the meta?
DoFr (NA)
: i really do like Liandry's Torment but i honestly don't feel it's worth it
I think everyone is forgetting about the health. Especially when you synergize with Rylai's. Liandrys is pretty much perfect for anyone that is AP and also tends to take damage. This can be significant for assassins. With the magic pen, squishies blow up, but a tank would be a problem without the health and the passive burn damage. This makes it preferable to void in many ways. Not on every champ, and certainly not on a ranged mage, but any AP that does burst damage at short range, certainly.
: Enchantment: Magus needs the Cinderhulk treatment.
Magus needs 0 buffs or nerfs. It is incredibly efficient as it is. Morellonomicon is almost the exact same item, with the exact same price. The difference is that Morello gives you minor mana regen and a niche passive. Magus gives you the Jungler passive and empowered smites. When considered against each other, I find Magus to be the more powerful of the two items by far.
: Well it Diana is a Mage assassin? Or assassin mage?
Neither, She is an AP Bruiser, at least when played from the jungle. Mid she can fit the assassin bill fine, but from the jungle, you don't really need a second AP Carry, and she doesn't excel at it anyways. The equivalent tag would just be Fighter. If you are jungling her, the best way to use her is to screen and peel for your carries, assassinating assassins who attempt to engage them. She can get picks, and occasionally assassinate a target here and there, but really she is a duelist in this regard. That's why you want to protect your carry. You protect your carry while your carry protects you. In order to do this, you need to be mobile, be able to peel, and be able to soak a decent amount of damage, while having a good damage output yourself. She does this perfectly when you jungle her and itemize her to make optimal use of her shield.
Tricki (NA)
: 9-1 in promos. Get put in Bronze V
The "problem", or rather the issue (because it is not a problem), is that you were essentially already placed BEFORE your placement matches. Here is a rough sketch of how it works. Your MMR, which is a hidden value, goes up and down based on who you play. When you play, the game attempts to place you with individuals with an equivalent MMR. It may very well be that normals are much more relaxed on game composition, whereas ranked is very strict. Anyways, the game attempts to create a pool of 10 players of roughly equivalent MMR. But this system is not perfect, sometimes a team will have a combined MMR that is higher than the opposing team. Either way, it is irrelevant, because MMR is essentially a "bet" on the odds that you will win or lose playing against a spectrum of lower, equal or higher MMR players. MMR, NOT LP, determines "what level you are on". When you begin your placement matches, the system takes your current MMR, and PLACES you against opponents that are at that MMR. You may move up or down from that point, but the gains and losses are largely irrelevant, because you are playing people that have the same MMR as you. You CANNOT jump to gold by playing bronze players, and if your MMR is bronze, well, there you go. Your MMR probably can and does shift during placements, but not by large margins. It would probably be better if, during placements, the system actually scaled you faster based on wins or losses. Win a game in bronze, go up to silver, win there? Go to gold. Lost there? Go back to silver. Over 10 games, dial you back in to where you need to be. There are many problems with doing it this way though. First, it would inject a relative unknown element into different competitive levels of play. That is VERY bad, as while it would be testing your skills, it would also be skewing live games composed of people with established MMR's. Finally, here is why victories and losses during placements don't really matter. If you win against teams that are lower than your MMR, well obviously you don't go up much. If you lose against teams that are higher MMR, again, you don't go down much. In order for placement matches to really shake up where you are and where you are going, it MUST place you outside what it feels is your "comfort zone". Thus, if you take a plat player, plug them into a bronze placement series, guess what? They will still probably place bronze. The LP system is not broken, beyond the asinine requirement of promotional matches, which serve no actual purpose. What MAY be broken is the MMR system. I DO know there are plenty of ways to completely tank your MMR. And the lower your MMR going into a placement series, the harder it is going to be to dig yourself out. At very low levels, you are playing with people that have no clue how the game works. They are essentially playing a different game with different rules than you. That is why they are at the bottom levels. They are also fundamentally retarded(literal meaning, not derogatory) from improving, for whatever reason. This could be intellectual capacity, interest and intensity of competing, psychological inability to recognize personal responsibility or an inability to conform to team standards. Again, this is why they are at the bottom levels. This is ELO hell, a place where you are constantly playing in the Special Olympics. While this may seem mean, I don't intend it to be. Generally, your team is handicapped on fully realizing the game mechanics. Unlike the Special Olympics, MMR doesn't let everyone be a winner and everyone does not get a gold star at the end. MMR treats a brand new player the exact same way as a Pro player. So think about that for a second, because the implication is really screwed up. The MMR system does not recognize individual effort, the only metric that matters is a win or a loss. If you played well, but your team did horrible, MMR will rank you at the same level as the rest of your team. This would work well if occasionally you were carried by high MMR teams, to offset the times when you lose because of a low MMR team. But it does not work that way. Starting at about silver 4 and up, people generally care about winning, and at least have some fundamental grasp on how to do it. BELOW that though, you are playing with a community of players that is LARGELY inept at playing the game. Some of this is lack of experience, some of it is due to an inability to learn or a low motivation to compete. I would very much argue that placing ANYONE in the lowest tier of the system will greatly inhibit their ability to reach their actual potential, because they MUST exhibit far superior skills to make up for the ineptitude of their team. A win in bronze should mean ALOT more than a win in any other division, but I suspect this is not the case. Anyways, I have wandered far off topic. The point is, unless you actually play AND BEAT a diamond level team, you don't even get a chance to compare your skill level with that MMR. And placements won't test you there. Placements will test you at the MMR it assigns you AT THE BEGINNING of the series. From there, the series is a drop in the bucket, 10 games up or down on the MMR scale. And it is pretty much impossible for your MMR to dramatically change in 10 games. It is designed NOT to do that.
: Enchantment: Magus needs the Cinderhulk treatment.
I play an absolute ton of Diana jungle. So I feel confident in saying that Magus is an outstanding item. Magus> Athene's> Sorc Boots is an amazing build path on her and solves her mana issues. 40% CDR and you can give away your blue buff. Dangerous Game synergies w/ Athene's as well. Mana management is part of the champ, and if you do it correctly, you won't have issues.
Sooko (EUW)
: The most ridiculous reason you've been called a tryhard?
Tryhard is a meaningless insult. The reality is, generally, anyone accusing someone of being a "Tryhard" is just angry because they are being shut down by simple and obvious mechanics. THEY are trying REALLY HARD to leverage some dumbass mechanic (Kat ult) into a clear advantage. And through something simple, you counter them. Generally it doesn't even require much thought OR effort, so by definition IS NOT "Tryhard". So in summary, most people who throw around the insult of "Tryhard" are not only "Tryhards" themselves, but also mouthbreathers that can't understand logical mechanics. It's just bitterness about losing even though the pressed all the buttons.
Macilento (EUW)
: The Current State of Support Players
* Support Gold deficit is intentional AND balanced. Supports are defined by big game changing abilities. These abilities tend to have little to no relevant scaling, because the EFFECT is what is important, not a number. This is why some supports do well mid, because with a proper income, they have their power moves AND good numbers backing them up. The support role is not meant to be where you slot your second ADC. * Supports are not underleveled most of the game. If you as a support are underleveled, I suggest you stop wandering around. You get XP from everything your ADC does, so long as you are in range. This is why you level at EXACTLY the same time as your carry (typically). If you find yourself underleveled, there are many ways to pick it back up, personally I like running TP for this reason. Going B while your carry is still in lane doing things loses you XP. As does dying for your Carry. Getting back into it keeps you leveled up, and generally, levels are where your power spikes are at as a support. Manage your XP sources better. * Support Itemization is fine. If there IS a support itemization problem, it is the fact that supports are pigeonholed into buying 3 dedicated items BEFORE flexing their bankroll on anything specialized. Support Item, Sightstone, Boots. There are many games where I NEVER get to itemize beyond those 3, so IF there is a problem with itemization, that's where the problem is at. * There are plenty of champs that are viable as supports that may not seem so at first blush. At the end of the day, the supports job is to ensure the ADC can farm. Wards and setting up plays and counterplays are all centered around that objective. So if a champion can project that influence into a lane, regardless of HOW they do it, they can support. Sometimes this requires specific counterpicks, sometimes it requires a different set of plays or tactics than is "normal". But just because it isn't always easy to do, or doesn't work in every scenario or matchup, doesn't mean there aren't a TON of champs that can off-support. Remember, Mundo goes where he pleases. If anything, I would like to see a Support Champ that somehow utilizes AD in any meaningful way. Then Zeke's might have a more defined position.
: > [{quoted}](name=Narcissit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tWEude4i,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2015-04-16T15:44:29.420+0000) > > I agree with you however Karma an Lulu are authentic supports in fact lulu counters popular supports like Thresh, Leona, Braum, Nami, so she is a good pick if the person playing her knows what they're doing. I wouldn't recommend Lulu on a new support player. Karma as well with her mantra shield and stuns, she also provide good harass. Also if you pair Karma and Lulu with {{item:3504}} that unique passive is great on a fed ADC. An authentic support would know this an would do very well. I wouldn't buy {{item:3504}} on any champion besides Sona. I suppose you could make a case for Karma but all in all the item is pretty lackluster.
Ori and Janna. Especially Janna actually.
: First of...there had been a very constructive discussion about most of the issues some time back already: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/hbEj1jWi-can-we-finally-phase-crits-rngesus-out-of-the-game >Critical chance proposes a degree of possible threat that people do respond to. An ahead Marksman will be more reluctant to engage on a >Marksman that's behind and has a bit of crit because of the chance of a crit still sits in the realms of possibility. This allows a behind Marksman to >still project some control whereas if all damage was flattened this would be less true. So someone isn´t able to press an advantage he got from superior skill because he´s afraid of RNG? I don´t agree that this is a good thing, especially in a game that wants to be a competitive (e-)sport. Turrets and Map-control already offer enough options to play defensive once fallen behind, coming back into a game/lane shouldn´t be achieved by luck but by outplaying the opponent either on a makro or mikro level. >There is an interaction with critical strike that I will call "crit fishing". Crit fishing is where someone will poke the enemy and then hard engage if they >see a critical strike. If they don't, they back off (with the enemy sustaining back up a bit). Even though what's being tried is luck (ish, thanks to >pseudo-rng it will actually be guaranteed eventually), there's a skill and a mini-game wrapped around it on capitalizing on the event. This entire mini >game doesn't occur with a flattened damage situation. I have to disagree again...if you get rid of crit-fishing you still will see short or long trades, but those depend on playing around ability cooldowns and abusing misspositioning or wavecontrol perfectly instead of just pushing ones luck. Botlane interaction shouldnßt be focused on RNG, it should focus around the actual gameplay. >Thanks to pseudo-RNG, when there is a decent amount of crit (but not max) on a character in a full team fight where Marksman get to hang around >for awhile then the fight will have a mix of crits and noncrits. In mid to late game, given the high damage outputs that Marksman have, this can be >pretty defining. The marksman will crit someone into being into burst range, the question is "who and can it be acted on?" This is an element of >unpredictability and interaction with other classes of characters (burst mages) that is very similar to point #1, but stretched even further and with a >proper response window for teams to react and decide if and how they hold their engagement or disengage. This flowing and shifting long fight >dynamic would be lost with the flattened version. So you are ok with the fact that the class with the highest sustained dps also has similar burst to a class that specializes in burst? I don´t see where that proper window would be if your support gets blown up by 3AAs from an ADC featuring 40%Crit at random within 1,4seconds. Again...i don´t see why playing around Ability-CDs and Positioning (+wavecontrol on the makro level) should be insufficient. All that Crit-RNG will acconplish is that eventually the team that manages to have both sidelanes push in their favour during the standoff and get´s a perfect initiation off still can get punished for being the better team because the opponent ADC randomly blows up their frontline while their own struggles with a streak of non-crits. >One of the hardest ones to capture: the feeling of crit. When a crit occurs, for a lot of people it's fun. The number is larger, there's an awesome >fiery icon next to the damage, the damage number moves differently, your champion does different things (animation and sometimes sound), and >the enemy health bar takes a heavier chunk. Each of these aspects feed off of each other. There are an ensemble of elements executing this >feeling and the shift itself between adagio to allegro is what matters. Having just one or the other can be quite boring for many. Have you ever received a lucky Crit in a fight you have been supposed to win? I think you are way to onesided here....the feeling of Crit is still a very onesided joy for the one dealing the Crit whereas it´s just frustrating for the receiving party nontheless. Very similar to dodge actually (I mean...being invulnerable as Jax felt great, no doubt there). + you can shift the crit-animations over to sheen proccs, thus enabling the feeling for aps and tanks aswell (especially Maokai...that guy has such a badass headbutt and you can´t ever see it outside of bravery matches)...and for ADCs you can code the dmg such that the higher the numbers get they change size and colour. Meaning if you´d stack %-dmg-amplification and hit a Squishy you´d still get shiny numbers in the end...
I disagree with pretty much your entire thesis. A summary of what I feel is the position Reinboom established and the position you are taking. Reinboom: Crit is good because it allows a less developed player to still be relevant. You: I out CSed my opponent 5 minutes ago, my winning should be a forgone conclusion. I have a GP build that I play for Sn'G's where I specifically build exactly 50% crit. Crit fishing is a part of my strategy and a tactical linchpin of the build. Removing crit or flattening it would remove the dynamic of the build. My threat projection would NOT be the same. It guts the build really. Finally, a competitive sport always needs a way built in for a team to come in from behind. Remove crit or flatten it, and bot lane is decided by who gets their BF sword first, and there are alot of top laners and junglers who's threat projection and capabilities are hobbled. Uncertainty is critical to a compelling match. The last superbowl is case in point. (BTW, that was the most epic throw I have EVER seen. If you ever feel bad about a mistake that throws the game in league, just remember, at least it wasn't as bad as THAT.) Where I will say there might be room for improvement is in crit prevention through itemization/runes/masteries/special champ kit components. As it stands, there is no real counter to crit SPECIFICALLY.
: Increase the CDR on Essence Reaver to 20% to make it actually appealing for caster-based ADCs
Actually the issue is that the BF sword is too damned expensive to allow it to be a first buy. Best solution, lower the AD by about 30, have it build from a pickaxe and not BF sword and reduce the overall cost. It's not a bad item, but it's really only good when you are actually having mana issues.
Kazaashi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Knucklefist,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8GMVM05U,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2015-04-15T17:50:04.106+0000) > > Your proof of this? People always throw that statistic out there but I never see any charts graphs or cold hard numbers. I've had afks 4 or 5 games in a row before. I've never won because of afks 4 or 5 games in a row before. Furthermore you lose more points because of an afk than you gain because of an afk, so even with the wins factored in they still force everyone further down than they ever bring them back up. Also, I've played plenty of games where I probably should have gotten a loss prevented and didn't, yet they shut down ranked queues shortly after my game ended where people got dced and couldn't reconnect. Its a fucked up process when you lose the same amount of points in a game that was 4 vs 5 the majority of the game as you do an even match. I wont even get into how many promo games I've had that were 4 vs 5. Riots statistics they throw out to placate people about how you are just as likely to win because of an afk as lose are bullshit. Its a random occurrence that happens ALL the time, but there is no even distribution I assure you. 10 people in each game. 5 out of 10 slots on the enemy team and 4 out of 10 slots on your team (You take up one slot). This gives you a 51% chance that the enemy team will have an undesirable vs 49% chance that your team will have one. Over 100 games with 1 DC/AFK in it and everything happens according to statistics, you will win 51% of those games and lose 49%. That is a winning record and you will climb. Since things generally don't work out like that, it is more of a 50/50 split. I think about Ranked this way and it has helped me tremendously: 40% of your games are going to be lost due to DC/AFK/Feeder/Troll/etc on your team. 40% of your games are going to be won due to a DC/AFK/Feeder/Troll/etc on the enemy team. Only about 20% of the games you play in Ranked will you be able to have any meaningful impact in. It is those games that you have to identify and make sure your contribution is positive and leads your team to a win.
Your math is complete trash and your statistics is worse. Assuming 1 troll in a game and it isn't you, 44.4% chance your team has a troll, 55.5% chance the enemy team has the troll. This actually seems incredibly favorable, but it isn't the whole story. Without knowing the rate of trolled games this is still rather meaningless statistic. It also depends on what you define as a troll. Is a troll someone who actively feeds? Is a troll someone who passively feeds? Is a troll someone who is playing CoD FFA instead of working with the team to push objectives? Is a troll someone who plays champs they've never played? Is a troll someone who has bad runes and masteries, poor itemization, and no understanding of the mechanics of the champions in the game? Is a troll someone who can only play one position? Is a troll someone who is unable to play ALL positions? Is a troll someone who does not understand the meta, or the strategy of the game? Is a troll someone playing ranked "just for fun"? Somewhere in there, you can zero in on what a troll actually is. The line between an unskilled player and a troll becomes blurred. There is also the fact that the above statistics do not account for more than one troll. What if each team gets a troll? What if the troll stops trolling and starts to participate? What if a team gets two trolls? Moving back to the topic, if we simply define the "troll" as an afker or leaver, that clarifies the data. At my current rank, I get a leaver about every 5 games. Fully 1/5th of the games I play will essentially be a waste of time. This means that over 500 games I will have 100 leavers, of that, 55.5 will be victories, 44.4 will be losses. 255.5 victories 244.4 losses. Over 500 games, the "statistics" will favor me with just a shade over 11 victories. If league of legends were a full time job, it would take you over 6 weeks to see this divergence. If you play two games a day, it would take just over 8 months. 8 months of a leaver every 5 games. And that's assuming the law of large numbers doesn't fuck you.
: We should lose less LP in case of AFK'rs on our team
Just wondering what you would get for a 4v5 win on this. At least where I am currently playing, we win even down a player every 6-7 games of leavers. Granted that's still over a large spread, but it's uncommon, it isn't unheard of.
: Wizard of Oz Skin Bundle
Love the concept. Gonna throw in some alternates that I think might be better. A Naut skin would be a far better Tin Man IMO, the whole no heart thing works with his vibe. His anchor could be reskinned to an axe as well. Second, I think TF makes a better Oz. He has a hat already, fits the wizardly bill in appearance, but, most importantly, his is a con artist. I just think he is a better fit. Lissandra might make a better Elphaba as well. And if for whatever reason you wanted a viable team comp, Draven could stand in for Tin Man too.
: Zeke's is actually a severely underrated item right now. Basically *any* gam where your team has either 2 auto attack centric champs or you have a fed ADC, it is a valuable pick up as support or jungler. It is surprisingly strong in a full team fight, often making your team deceptively durable. It's issue isn't that it is a crap item, it's issue is that it is impossible to tell that it *isn't* a crap item. It is extremely powerful, but at the same time, very hard to notice, sort of like how Aegis and FH are, except those are often pickups for when there is a single champion that it has a very large impact against (i.e. Vayne losing 15% AS is a big deal and immediately noticeable, but you mid lane gaining a bunch of AD and lifesteal isn't).
If you have two AA champs you are probably AD heavy. There are comps where this isn't the case, but they are few and far between. Zeke's is like a bad version of Triforce. Too many stats that don't work together.
darkdill (NA)
: Zeke's Herald: Is this item being looked at? Or is it another "pile of crap" item?
The problem with Zeke's is that there are no AD based supports. The stat allocation is poor for pretty much everyone. GP and Janna are probably the best choices and it's still pretty janky. CDR and Lifesteal don't really mix well, as an AD Caster doesn't use lifesteal and an AA based champ doesn't use the CDR. The AD is poor and the health is a stand in stat to fill in the gold cost of the item. Honestly it would probably be best to drop the health and just make it a gold income item. It also needs an on use effect, as it stands it's purely for outstatting your enemy. Then there's the problem of the stats being subpar to alternate items. This is an ADC 7th slot item meant for the support to carry around.
: No I'm saying that he's incorrectly labeled because items that work on adcs don't work well on urgot. Bloodthirster is actually a good example since it was referenced. His q is spell damage and he doesn't gain the lifesteal like ezreal does (ezreal's q applies on hit effects). Additionally he gains very little benefit from attack speed as his abilities scale off cooldown and his range is too low to properly trade without backup mana. He certainly can bully with well placed noxious charges (e) and follow up acid hunters (q), but being a lane bully does not make him an attack damage carry. Everything about urgots kit however, makes him more of a fighter/tank. Given his passive reduces damage, his ultimate gives him armor/resist and his w is a self shield. I mean sure you can build him as an attack damage carry, but it is a suboptimal role for him, especially when compared to real adcs that have much better stat scaling like sivir, ashe, caitlyn .. Also, not that it should matter, but I have owned urgot since season 2. I know how to use the fat bastard.
Except the fact that he clearly scales from AD AND is ranged. That makes him an AD carry. If you want to get really specific, any ranged champ can essentially ADC and be on par with what are generally considered "ADCs". ADC has much less to do with kit than it does with itemization. The biggest factors are range and steroids. Urgot doesn't really have any steroids, BUT, he has two COUNTER steroids. His passive damage reduction and his shield. I'm not exactly certain how his W interacts with his attack animation, but he can also augment his autos with a healthy amount of additional physical damage. In the end, what makes Urgot a bad ADC is that his kit has no steroids, he has limited range and he has no mobility. But whatever you are doing to lane bully top lane, you can take any traditional ADC and do the same thing.
: People are way too transfixed on the "key to victory is give them bad champions and we will win" instead of, i dunno, giving them a team comp that doesn't do anything for one another, does low damage, can't siege, can't lane well, etc. Already got games with the standard tanks and supports for them, tanks and supports for us, and then the team with the %damage wins by default. The LoL community is NOT smart enough to handle this mode
Pretty much this. I have come to realize that people tend to play 3-4 champs max, and they don't even understand basic itemization. They buy the same items every game and have no clue what a power spike is or how to read a team comp. This set of champions does this. This set of champions does not do that. Therefore, avoid this and make that happen. Way to complex for the average league player.
: Right, because I no longer support my original statement. Are you actually reading what I'm typing, or are you just guessing? Specificity arguments are somewhat fine, but not when you're arguing about definitions, which are easily looked up by anyone who's not lazy. I think we're done here.
I didn't question THE definition. I questioned YOUR definition. As soon as I did you switched gears and called me lazy instead of continuing the discussion. This implies that not only were you wrong in what you said, but that you were AWARE of your mistake, and instead of simply stating, "Yeah, that was probably not phrased properly" OR "I meant to say...", you instead went to personal credibility attacks on someone who disagrees with you. Brilliant. I should expect as much from someone who has a flawed conceptualization of Intellect.
: Lack of specificity, or am I just unwilling to support laziness? You want definitions look them up, not everything is going to be hand fed on your request.
: Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends Players
I just can't let it go. Drop in the bucket but here goes. While there are TONS of things parents should be held accountable for, but aren't in our society, this is hardly one of them. The problem is with Riot and their matchmaking system. I play league for fun. Matches that are not competitive are not fun. Leaves and AFKs RUIN matches. So basically, what little Johnny and his Daddy have said in this, albeit hypothetical, situation is - "Fuck you, my life and the way I live it is more important than you having fun." That IS bad parenting. Your children are SOCIALIZING. You are teaching them that it is OK to tell people to fuck off so that you can go do something else. Here's the problem. Why is it even affecting me at all? Little Johnny doesn't want to ruin my game. Little Johnny's Father isn't trying to ruin my game. That isn't the INTENT. But it IS the EFFECT. The problem is that the Matchmaking system has no way to account for "Shit Happens, I GTG". RIOT is the one imposing "League is more important than RL". I could give a shit less if this had no effect on my MMR, BUT IT DOES. I could give a shit less if I weren't invested for the next 10-15 minutes MINIMUM, BUT I AM. I could even give a shit less if I could just bail on the game and do something else without consequence, BUT I CANNOT. Johnny and his Dad aren't the problem. The way the system works now, you are going to have bad games, and when I say bad games, I don't mean you do poorly or you lose or that your team isn't proficient enough to win. In this context, I mean bad game as in, someone is going to leave and waste 20-40 minutes of your time. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. That is a HUGE problem, and it has nothing to do with a parenting problem.
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