Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
I'm just relieved Taliyah wasn't part of this lol.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Imagine wolf turning into a horse for lamb for the homeguard animation.
That would be pretty cool, didn't think about that possibility.
: Well Riot did say that they want to make High Noon weird, so its possible. I wouldn't make it a legendary, though. I feel like there's enough of a separation between their 2 themes for it to work without it being a legendary.
I agree, it could still work as an epic tier skin. It would still be cool without being legendary, but I just want more voice lines for them haha. I think Kindred skins should be focused on opposing themes. In Kindred's two skins, they both have the same theme and look. I feel like their skins should be opposites, like the angel and devil theme that's in High Noon now. Feel like it would open more themes for their skins.
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: Victorious Skin???
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SIayton (NA)
: Aurelion Sol rework feedback for devs since they asked for it on twitter.
I mean this is basically what happened to Taliyah and they just decided to make her a jungler instead of fix her mid lane. RIP Asol too I guess.
: Star Guardian Little Legends are coming
Fuwa is depressed because Taliyah didn’t get to be his Star Guardian this year.
duje (EUNE)
: Aurelion sol rework is so bad
Welcome to the Taliyah club! The difference is that Asol will probably end up sort of okay while Taliyah is dead and buried.
Terozu (NA)
: Welp, fuck Star Guardian lore.
Lol Zoe looks like Void Illaoi's sparkly daughter.
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WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: New Star Guardian Skins Star Guardian Zoe, Xayah, Rakan and Neeko
I can’t believe that they _still_ haven’t given Taliyah one of these...
Adayics (NA)
: PROJECT: Jinx, Is it too late
Honestly, I'm kind of glad people don't like this Jinx skin. She got forced into another skin line and for once it actually has as little effort put into it as other champions' skins. Not like Jinx mains have to worry, they'll get Battle Academia, Pool Party, or something else next year.
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: For the love of Nagakabouros, give Udyr an animation update.
I feel like that's part of a plan some Rioters have. The crappy animations are going to make people who would buy it, not buy it. Now they can go "Oh, we made a really good skin for Udyr, who hadn't had a skin in a long time, but no one bought it. It's loud and clear that the community doesn't want skins for these champions, so from now on we will only focus on our popular champions. Remember, it's your fault that old champions won't get anymore skins :)"
: [GAMEPLAY] Talon has a lot of bugs that need to be addressed
He's not a popular champ so I doubt he'll get any of these bugs fixed.
Kimimi (EUNE)
: Who do you think are getting this year's Star Guardian skins?
I’m not sure about most of them but I’d bet good money that {{champion:163}} WON’T be part of it. They somehow missed her the last two times, and there’s plenty of other girls they could replace her with. I am convinced {{champion:518}} will be in it though.
: What noob mistakes did you make starting out?
I used to never buy potions or boots. I figured "hey potions are wasted money since they only have one use, I just won't get damaged too much." And boots never seemed important for some reason.
im small (EUW)
: Star Guardian 2019 predictions!
I really want Taliyah{{champion:163}} to be in the skin line but I’m not getting my hopes up. They put Miss Fortune and Syndra in it before her. Taliyah is literally a magical girl in the League lore, except she has rock powers instead of sparkles. But they put in a pirate bounty hunter in her thirties and a woman who spent most of her life having a dark power trip as Star Guardians before her! So even though Taliyah is literally perfect for the line, I don’t expect her to be picked. I’d put money on any other female champion, or even Gragas, getting the skin over her.
: I was disappointed as soon as I saw Taliyah wasn't in the line up. Here's to hoping she'll be in Star Guardian this year. And yeah, I kinda agree. Ezreal and Lux for Battle Academia turned me off first, but now it's Yasuo, Kai'Sa and Caitlyn for Arcade. And they do fit the Arcade theme pretty well, but at the same time they're all popular and safe picks. So I can't help but feel slightly frustrated.
I'm kinda glad Taliyah isn't in this skin line. They'd probably make her some ugly slob gamer if she ended up in it since they really seem to dislike Taliyah.
: {{champion:163}} still waiting...
I don’t think she’s ever going to get a skin sadly. Riot really doesn’t like her. It’s a miracle they even made the world’s skin for her.
Kimimi (EUNE)
: Where's a new Taliyah skin tho?
Riot seems to hate Taliyah honestly. They'll probably give her a throwaway skin worse than Ivern's. Get ready for "Sand Taliyah" where they just make her base skin a slightly lighter color.
: So, another Academia skinline...but still none for Taliyah?
At this point I think Taliyah is going to end up with a low effort skin later on. It'll be elderwood and they'll just add some vines on her rocks and change her outfit to green...
: Professor Graves did it for me. It could have gone to {{champion:164}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:10}} and fit the theme. {{champion:163}} could have replaced Lux, easily. {{champion:91}} Could take Ezreal's spot as the "anime stereotype" {{champion:126}} deserved a skin and is a total Chad Yuumi is fine but I find it strange she's a teacher when she's established to have a master, and what I assume is her own teacher.
Thank you for bringing up Taliyah{{champion:163}} ! I don't understand how they haven't given Taliyah any new skins besides the Samsung skin (Which honestly should've been Malzahar anyways). Apparently that skin counts for Taliyah but Ezreal's Samsung skin doesn't. Also agreed on Jayce lol
Eeszsa (NA)
: Coven Taliyah Skin Concept by Eeszsa & Nebura
Wow, you guys went all out, this looks epic and really good! It's too bad Taliyah probably won't get a new skin for a while, because this would be a pretty great option. Plus there's easy potential for their chromas lol.
: Fan Fiction Theater Vol. 1
Please keep doing this, its hilarious. Thank you Riv, Zirene, bananas, and all involved for blessing us with this.
: Santa Baron Snowdown Sing-A-Long!
Lol I like how Tristana is the only champion Baron has a picture with. XD
: New Weekly Comic - Crystal Quest
YES, ANOTHER COMIC!!! I'm so glad this has become a regular thing, these are always a pleasure. It's great to see all of the artistic styles of LoL's art community, it's a special kind of adorable.
Elfezen (NA)
: This skin looks like Futaba Sakura
Which is funny considering that they are voiced by the same actress.
: Your Shop is closing soon!
Even though I only got one skin out of the bunch this time, it was Festival Queen Anivia so I would totally call this a successful My Shop for me. {{sticker:garen-swing}} Now if only Kindred had a skin I liked a lot, then I could be offered that instead of the other two. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Buy Championship Ashe and raise money for charity
This is actually a genius idea! Hopefully they'll keep doing this for future events because this could be super helpful for so many people. GG Riot!{{sticker:sg-kiko}}


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