: i think you are soft in the head friend. i didn't read any other threads when i made this one and i don't care if this thread got any attention or not. the point was to just rant or vent. nothing more, nothing less. also if you are wondering this is the first time i logged into the website for 2 months. so don't try the late reply BS
Why bother replying to me then? Loser. LOLOLOL!
: I guess my husband and I won't be playing league for a couple weeks, or until you guys fix the West coast issue. Riot fixed East coast, but only screwed West Coast in the process, how does that make this a good solution?!. Time for me to find a new game to play, sigh!
What's your ping? I used to play on 90-100 ping and everything felt fine to me. Then I got new internet and a new computer, and my ping lowered to 70-80, although things felt the same (which makes sense if you understand what ping is). Now after the move, my ping is 25-35, and to be honest, even though I've only played 2 games with my new ping, it still feels not that different, which again, makes sense if you understand ping. Remember, having 100 ping is just a 1/10th of a second delay. It shouldn't be too bad.
Herbka (NA)
: I can't play the game with triple my old ping. The muscle memory is just all wrong. Take care. I'm happy for you east coast players though.
Play 12 games and you'll get used to it, like getting used to unlock camera.
: Seriously Riot this is complete bull. I went from 90ms to 170ms in CA. Blizzard figured out how to make two servers in the 1990's- I'm sure you can figure it out. Make it fair for everyone not just 1 coast. Looks like I'll be playing Heroes of the Storm now, bye.
Draknell (NA)
: Meanwhile, I live in Western Canada myself and everyone I know play quite a lot of league..... my ping went from 30-40 before the move to 80-110 after {{item:3151}} rito please
I live in Southern Ontario, and my ping went from 70 to 30.
: Here in Alaska we had 82 ping, now I am at a solid 125 ping. With only 3 isp options, and none of them are covered under ritos list, I am screwed. Now to wait for a possible West coast and East coast dedicated server.
Why do you live in Alaska? There seems to be barely any cities there.
: 30 ping straight to 200
100 ping, straight to 70. And now 70 ping, straight to 30.
xxxTasty (NA)
: Nobody cares about Canada apparently.
What do you mean? I live in Southern Ontario (in the middle of the tail of the whale [people say Ontario looks like a whale]) and I used to get 90-100 ping. Then after getting new internet and a computer, my ping became 70-80. And now after the move, I get 25-35 ping. P.S. 90-100 ping never felt so bad, I'm sure the West Coast will be fine after some games! :D
Rioter Comments
Wolfbook (NA)
: Why are Rune Pages needed to be paid for?
You can get rune pages for IP. I think it's something to have a goal for and keep playing for.
Teeotha (NA)
: plz add HUD skins it would be really cool {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:113}} xD
: Already did. Subscribed to him
Then why you be complaining?!
KarKzz (EUW)
: What are honors ? Can i eat it ?
No, you cannot eat them.
: Out of internet for a week
Rioter Comments
: education 101
Life is good.
: this community though
I think you should watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoZLzfzsqSI :D
: Best Assasin or fighter in Lol
You should buy Irelia. She's very user-friendly and mistake-friendly. She isn't over complicated, but offers good cc and damage, and is very fun to play. She isn't banned often, nor picked often, and is one of the strongest top laners. More importantly, for someone new, she's one of those champions who can still make an impact, even if you go 0-8 in laning phase just because of her kit.
: its PvE.... Player vs Environment. the Bots have programs witht he map itself so they are part of the Environment. Square up.
Get rekt foo! I know I'm right. You cannot defeat me.
: Except this isn't a taxi service. It's a video game.
You fool, it's a comparison, a metaphor.
: kijiji?
Kijiji = Canadian version of eBay.
: Bots are PvE. PvP is Player versus Player. PvE is Player versus Environment/Everyone, either or PvP falls under PvE if its Player versus Everyone/Everything. And don't call me a "kid" when I am clearly not a child. Bots are not, and never WILL be players. They are a program which is put into the game. With that being said, since they are not players, they fall under PvE. If you've ever played Dark Souls and gotten attacked by a Summoned Spirit, would you call that PvP too, because some of them are actually programmed to happen in the game, they aren't actual players.
Bots is PvB. Player vs. Bots. Get rekt foo!
: Should I quit League?
Quit. I quit because I had to focus on school, but then I realized I still had time to play on the weekends for an hour or whatever, so I play every now and then and I'm doing good in school.
woobeee (NA)
: You never know
Or even better, you might have played with someone who is famous. O_O
: i'd love to see a rioter comment here, just to thank him.
Nah. They'd be embarrassed.
Kinjishi (NA)
: ^ This. It seemed a bit low, but at least they gave the player something.
It was only for 3 weeks. If it was longer I'm sure they'd have given more.
: I am curios what the behavior was that triggered the ban. Did you change credit card info? Play from another house? Change emails? What do you think or know that triggered the false positive?
Someone who got mad at him for beating them in ranked and put a fake Kijiji ad of his account and Riot's FBI team spotted it.
Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
{{champion:22}} Ha ha, check this out. That might have been awful, lol.
: what are you trying to avoid being reported for
Committing dirty deeds.
Rioter Comments
: Problems with the client
Interesting situation. Try a self-repair. You can access it through the launcher. Click on the '?' symbol up top to the right hand side. If this doesn't work, send a support-ticket for assistance.
Borkahn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rootworth,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=P7mG6YAK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-29T21:14:47.050+0000) > > Learn to chill out. I won....this is a message to those that lose because of this. Learn to read.
That's not my point. Let people play the way they want.
: you have a sad life dont you
Nope! Things have been going good! :D
: Hey you again Who always trolls on Riot posts You are the reason why Riot doesn't want to be on the forums
I don't troll. I say how I feel.
: What laptop should I get to run League and other games?
: With what? I'm not quite sure what there is to disagree with. Care to explain so I can better grasp the issue you have with this and possibly how I can fix that issue?
I got no time to spend time with you.
: Gay Marriage Support?
Canada has allowed gay marriage for 10 years!
BigBadD (NA)
: tahm kench
Soon, dingus bernard.
: Riot's Free Mystery Champion Request
Kouga (NA)
: The Days of Yore - reminisce with me
: Low Priority
Deal with it.
Borkahn (NA)
: Learn to finish games
Learn to chill out.
i am jin (NA)
: Trynd is just as toxic as vlad
You mean like your mama! LOLOLOLOL!
PotatoReker (EUNE)
: Didn't get pool party icon?
Dremiist (NA)
: When I play at 4 am in the morning - 5 GMT east coast
: Starting to see people buying Runeglaive on non-AP champs
Rune? This is League of Legends, not RuneScape.
: It's another one of those posts.
I'll call you a dingus boy.
: I love League of legends :)
: PSA to all tryhards
Would've up-voted if you knew English. LOLOLOLOL!
: Anyone wanna exchange facebook to get the free champion?
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