rujitra (NA)
: Here ya go :)
Who is that fReAkThEzOiD guy? I can't tell if that's satire or not.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Mods sometimes like to delete posts, but that guy was owned by a rioter and deleted his thread, because he was shown to be a lying sack of potatoes. Also, i'm pretty sure reposting that crap will be met with a suspension, as Evangele (i think) said that. Not saying that you posted it with wrong intentions, but i'm saying that you should be careful.
I wonder what Riot Keyru actually said before it was removed, I guess I'm a sucker for people with puppy eyes.
: Riot locked the post because they responded on the other post. Ozu then deleted the GD post.
Well now I feel a little embarassed.. thought I was standing up for a victim. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
rujitra (NA)
: The player deleted his own post because he did not like being exposed as a fraud by a Rioter. Riot did not delete the post.
Oh you can delete your own post? I wasn't aware of that.
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