Kotex (NA)
: Graves CAN have a cigar but...
The update on this skin made me the saddest out of all of them. I really wish they'd revert it or do a new one altogether.
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DtMayo (NA)
: ARAM Only Accounts Suggestion
I think it would be better to make it so _everyone_ has access to all champions, and to make up for that, they'll have access to more rerolls - even if it's just 1 guaranteed reroll per game if they splurged their rerolls in a previous game.
Palaven (NA)
: Concerns Over Ancient Coin Passive Change
Unfortunately I think they're looking on how to make support things more "flashy" (to make it more "appealing" I guess) rather than looking at what support players want _and_ why people don't like playing support.
Zirichel (NA)
: Permaban
Make a support ticket. If Riot suspects an account has been compromised, they ban it indefinitely.
: Riot can we please get a Morgana visual update?
Her kit really doesn't need any adjustment; she's in a very good, balanced spot right now. She's a pretty safe pick. She could use a visual update on her base models, though. Morgana is one of my mains but I found it pretty weird she got her Lunar Wraith skin (and then Bewitched), when it seems they're built on her "renewed" version of her old model... When honestly they should have probably taken the base of her Ghost Bride/Blackthorn skins and applied it through all of her skins and brought all of her models up to par before giving her new skins.
: Could Kayle and Morgana possibly get a duo splashart
Some kind of duo splash art for Unmasked Kayle and Exiled Morgana would be interesting - it wouldn't be happy-go-lucky, probably confrontational in same way, but yeah.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rosenwyn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vyRx9zuH,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-04-19T21:15:11.313+0000) > > Yasuo actually popped up again on Taliyah's release - if you read her story, you'll see a little bit more of Yasuo, in case you missed that. :) oh I read it i read the hell out of it lol
LOL well, that's good! XD I think more Ionian stuff might come up soon, though; Xayah and Rakan are both Ionian and seem to be adding a lot to the lore (with implications of Zed being involved, if the short movie clip is any indication), and Ionia was involved quite a bit with Taliyah's background _and_ with the Warwick rework, I imagine Riot will be revamping Soraka's lore soon enough as well. So with all of that, I really wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more Ionia-related content coming up soon.
Bultz (NA)
: @Riot, Do you plan on pushing lore further than it is?
Yasuo actually popped up again on Taliyah's release - if you read her story, you'll see a little bit more of Yasuo, in case you missed that. :)
: I don't think this Items are boring, I just want more options
I think there will be more soon, it's just hard to pull out all of the changes at once - otherwise we might have more of a "ice queen's claim/frostfang" situation where it was so good that midlaners, toplaners, etc. would buy it (and occasionally, it's still on the "cusp" of being meta again), since utility can be hard to balance. Even champions that might usually opt for coin would take spellthiefs since it was so effective. But in regards to Soraka herself (since she's who I play the most) I don't think her build path has changed too much even with redemption/locket. Granted, I only started to really play in Season 5 but I think back then it was still pretty much talisman/locket/mikaels on her, anyways. Lulu and Karma I think are the only enchanter supports I can think of whose builds have potentially changed quite a bit, since I recall seeing more AP-heavy Lulu and Karma supports on the rift in seasons past...? There is probably "something" that could be done, but I really can't think of what specifically. I guess some kind of Athenes or Zekes changes might be decent, though.
: I like the changes for Midseason, but why are there no changes to Redemption?
I actually love locket and redemption :x I love being able to help keep my team safe and have stuff to soak up tons of damage for them. It only feels 'bad' if your team as a whole is really behind or something and the items might not get that much use out of them or something. I know right now some supports are taking it when they don't get the whole benefit of it the same way other supports might (eg it's probably a lot stronger on say, Soraka than Leona) but I think when the tank items roll out there might be more wiggle room for them or something, since I feel like there will be more support changes incoming. But for the meantime, I feel the heal really nice - especially on champs that don't have one in their kit (Karma, Leona, Lulu technically). I don't felt pressured to buy it on supports like Zyra, so I don't really feel too pressured to take it on champs that don't like the stats.
: When I first saw your thread title I thought it said Swain Lake.
Oh no. I don't think I'll be unable to see that in my head now. XD
: I have done my calculations, and determined that the next legendary skin will be...
I think Shen would make an interesting toplaner for the Cosmic skins; I'm sure it'd be really pretty. I wonder if the Cosmic, Dark Star, and Star Guardian skins are all in the same alternative universe, though.
: Zyra is seen as a supp now at the time of the project ekko ekko was seen as a tank its the perfect example. Ziggs bot lane is more akin to lulu solo lane in that theyre rarely played like that.
Zyra was intended as a mid/support, from my understanding - it's just weeks after she got released people realized she was a better support and from there on out she's been driven more into the support role; the mage update further placed her there. Ekko was meant to be a squishy AP assassin and Riot hated tank Ekko and had to repetitively nerf him. Lulu was meant to be a support but could successfully be played mid and top, and Riot didn't really like that either - so she was nerfed and buffed as a _support_ first and foremost, and not as a sololaner. Zyra found a new primary role and Riot reinforced it. Ekko and Lulu found success with other roles and Riot nerfed it. It's not quite the same.
: Meta trumps design or is zyra and mahlz only mid lane mages
As a Zyra main: Zyra can still _go_ mid, but she hasn't been a meta midlaner for quite some time (like, years). Out of all of the champions to go for, she's probably one of the worst for a "meta trumps design" as a midlaner in the vein of Ekko being able to be a tank despite intended design. Lulu being able to be a sololaner despite being intended to be a support would probably be a better comparison.
Starraka (NA)
: Inconsistencies with Soraka
Well, as for her color - Soraka is blue. Her model is blue, as is her previous splash arts and models. The splash art only appears purple because of the lighting since it's a very warm I think it could be better updated for her classic splash, though. She actually is purple in her Banana skin though, so that one is fine as-is though.
: Can someone explain matchmaking?
Someone's rank isn't the same as their MMR. Ultimately the MMR is what's important - the rank is just the "status symbol"; MMR determines who you play with an against. It's possible that they had a higher mmr but rank decay, so they could have achieved a certain rank but their actual rank status dropped because they haven't played rank in x period of time. That, or they could have been duoing with someone; just because their possible duo didn't show up as a recent frequent partner (or they didn't admit to it) doesn't mean they were part of a duo. Otherwise this isn't usually an issue in plat but sometimes the system just picks whoever is closest in rank/role and goes with it too, which can be annoying. But that's usually an issue above plat... but I imagine it could be possibly in part related to it or something. It's hard to say.
: I love making them, but I would at least need to be paid to break even on materials for my friends. I just can't afford to do them all as gifts p-p. To many birthday buddies play LoL.
Hence "not making a profit." That doesn't mean you can't cover materials and whatnot. :)
: I commissioned a Black Rose group portrait to feed my hunger for more Noxus content
It came out really nice! You should totally see about getting it printed off as a poster, though. That'd be so neat!
Stacona (NA)
: Soraka Discussion
The reason Soraka became _super goddamn annoying_ is because her ult could remove Grievous Wounds. Before that update, a lot of people thought Soraka was more or less "low tier" anyways. Why give it back to her as passive? The tradeoff that it isn't a global ult? No. That's not going to help "fix" playing against Soraka. Balance-wise Soraka is overall fine, it's just enemies don't like to build Grievous Wounds against her. I've went into plenty of games where the enemy midlaner was the only one with GW (morellos and possibly ignite), but the adc didn't get executioner's calling and the support didn't go for ignite (which, depending on team comp, could be more valuable than exhaust). Once the enemy builds some Grievous Wounds, typically Soraka's healing is neutered and a lot more manageable and easier to deal with. This is an issue I've seen people also ignore when they're fighting something like Swain and Vladimir, as well. And you'd also be nerfing nearly half the range on her Q. 550 units is the average adc AA range; her Q is currently 800 range right now. That would hurt her laning tremendously, along with her peel. Her E is 925 and you're also suggesting to make it a short-range aoe. The issue is that Soraka is a ranged, squishy champion; she's not tanky. The R doing 500 damage + 100% AP is also massive... even ignoring the AP bonus, there isn't really a reason a healing support should be dealing 500+ damage in a single ability, especially as an AOE knock back. Soraka should also often be with her time, but if she can't use it next to allied champions close to her, her ult would far less powerful than an ult should be in a teamfight. You're rework idea is suggesting on gutting Soraka's laning but making her teamfighting (potentially) broken. Right now Soraka is just flavored by the meta for her current build path; I'm pretty sure when heavy-engage tank supports come back into the meta (Leona, Blitzcrank) Soraka will be easier to deal with. Some of the kit sounds interesting but I think it'd be a lot more suited (after being tweaked) for a different champion altogether. Soraka is suppose to be League's quintessential "white mage" first and foremost - she's suppose to be a backline healer, not someone who is short-ranged and more likely to be in the throws of battle. I think parts of the kit might be interesting for some kind of tankier, shorter-range clerical character (maybe some kind of celestial that could be related to Soraka, since she's bound to get a lore update sometime) but the changes would be changing Soraka's identity too much and potentially either totally dumpstering her or making changes that could be easier abused after a time to make her by far more obnoxious. Honestly in regards to Soraka I think champions that can lightly negate some of her power would be better. There were PBE changes in plan for Morgana to deal grievous wounds on her W, which I think would be a fairer way of creating some counterplay instead of changing particularly everything about a champion.
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: I really want everyone to have a Poro Head
Generally I believe Riot's stance on fanmade goods is that as long as you're not making a profit or mass-producing them, you'd be fine. :)
: Is there a way to have your aa range shown like rfc?
I know if you press A, a circle will come around you showing your AA range. I'm not sure if there is a way to keep that permanently on, though.
: If we are being Honest Karma would be better than Ahri or MF to marry
http://busubusu.deviantart.com/art/Single-Celestial-Female-Seeks-Blacksmith-330162366 Soraka though <3 {{champion:16}}
: Anyway to change Lux in game voice back to her old one?
Pretty sure she has the same voice actress? I'm really sad how so much got changed, though. I wish her new quotes where just additions onto her old ones. rip Sailor Moon and Dragonball quotes :c
: No, not that fanart again... So much pain... ToT Also my platonic love has this dress lol https://www.facebook.com/threnodyinvelvet/ Convenient
Yeah.... Poor Ori. Atleast in one of them, she's a robot, I guess? XD And it's such a pretty dress! <3 What a small world, though!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Rosenwyn,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=uzNkc4io,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2017-04-09T21:04:01.939+0000) > > Soraka doesn&#x27;t remove GW with her ultimate anymore. That was removed quite a bit ago; her ult has increased healing on people that are low (&quot;increased by 50% on targets below 40% of their maximum health&quot;), but the Grievous Wounds 40% healing reduction still takes place. I couldn't recall them removing that, but it appears they did. I still remember it doing both.
> [{quoted}](name=DotEleven,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=uzNkc4io,comment-id=00020001000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-09T21:22:44.584+0000) > > I couldn&#x27;t recall them removing that, but it appears they did. I still remember it doing both. It was changed/removed on patch 5.24 (for time-perspective, this is when Snow Day Bard/Syndra/Gnar came out). On 4.17 (when her mini-rework went live) she could remove grievous wounds, so you're probably remembering the time between the two patches then. c:
Dasdi96 (NA)
: I discovered the freelo known as refillable potion.
Now if only there was a jar of biscuits :(
: > [{quoted}](name=PPPPPPPPPPPP270,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=uzNkc4io,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-04-09T19:29:48.766+0000) > > They changed that a while ago where if you get inflicted with grievous wounds all your healing is reduced instead of yourself. > It used to be for a few months where Soraka was straight up unaffected by grievous wounds and removed it with her ultimate. She still does remove it with her ultimate. That's why executioner's calling in particular is necessary against her since it can be immediately reapplied. But yeah, they also tried for awhile where grievous wounds only reduced self healing, but they quickly did away with that since it made healers (Soraka in particular) absolutely impossible to beat.
> [{quoted}](name=DotEleven,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=uzNkc4io,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2017-04-09T19:33:39.808+0000) > > She still does remove it with her ultimate. That&#x27;s why executioner&#x27;s calling in particular is necessary against her since it can be immediately reapplied. > > But yeah, they also tried for awhile where grievous wounds only reduced self healing, but they quickly did away with that since it made healers (Soraka in particular) absolutely impossible to beat. Soraka doesn't remove GW with her ultimate anymore. That was removed quite a bit ago; her ult has increased healing on people that are low ("increased by 50% on targets below 40% of their maximum health"), but the Grievous Wounds 40% healing reduction still takes place.
: The linked thread is the result of what happens when you try to add counter play
As annoying as being downvoted is, you also have to understand that people upvote/downvote if they agree or disagree rather than if it contributes to discussion or not, unfortunately.
: Morgana Quality of Life
Overall I'd say Morgana is in a balanced and fine spot overall. Her playrate doesn't need to be high; Morgana is a safe pick but right now the meta is orientated more towards either high AP supports (Zyra, Brand, Velkoz, Malzahar) that can be difficult for Morgana or utility supports (Karma, Lulu, Nami) that can be difficult match ups as well. I imagine as certain supports like Nautilus, Alistar, Braum come back in popularity, Morgana will too. She has roughly a 7.50% playrate which I don't think is bad; if they buff her kit now she'll likely need to be nerfed later since her kit is very fragile - it can become unbalanced very, very easily. If anything I'm sad that Morgana didn't have the W buff go through that gave it grievous wounds to champions below 35% health (which I think would have been like Varus' E, where it's as long as they're on the tormented soil). I think it would have given her just a little bit of an advantage against heal supports since she struggles pretty hard against them. I think her current passive is fine and it's nice to give her some sustain, though; as the game goes on her passive's benefits can become more and more obvious. It's not obnoxious like Vladimir/Swain levels of sustain but IMO more comparable to Ahri.
: Is it just me or is lux's W weaker when building support?
Lux, on a whole, scales very well with AP - that's why typically Morgana is preferred as a support, since Morgana's base stats are already nice so she isn't quite as reliant on AP in comparison to Lux. Lux's base stats aren't really all that great, but her AP ratios on most of her skills are much better than the after-mentioned Morgana. This is Lux's shield stats: SHIELD STRENGTH: 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (+ 20% AP)* In comparison, here is Lulu's shield stats: SHIELD STRENGTH: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 60% AP) And here is Karma's (non-empowered) shield: SHIELD: 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 (+ 50% AP) Janna: SHIELD STRENGTH: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 70% AP) Lulu/Karma/Janna on average are going to have less ap in their builds, so they're able to scale with more AP to make up for it. Lux, however, has weaker base shield stats, it's potentially team-encompassing but otherwise not reliable (being a skillshot whereas Lulu/Karma/Janna are point and clicks), and there is a delay before she gets the 'full' benefit (eg the shield-boomerang effect). While the 20% AP scaling looks lame Lux is going to have a lot more AP than Lulu/Karma/Janna so she still ultimately gets more out of it... But if Lux doesn't have AP, the shielding boosts on items like Mikaels, Ardent, etc. only work so well for her. **tl;dr** Lux is first and foremost a burst mage and is likely to build a lot of AP. She has weak base scalings with her shield in order to balance her kit, so an AP Lux is going to get more out of AP than a Utility Lux will get out of shield boosts. *This is the initial cast. When it comes back, this is doubled to a total of TOTAL SHIELD STRENGTH: 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 / 220 (+ 40% AP) As for more tl;dr math I know someone on the /r/karmamains figured out the math for Karma specifically (so take this as a grain of salt) had it so 40 ap = the same benefit as a single shield-enhancing item. I'm not good at math, to be quite blunt, but I imagine the AP ratio = shield boon is going to be a lot less beneficial for Lux, since Lux has a weaker shield to begin with. It's not that she _can't_ go for a utility build but she simply gets less out of the items.
: How to get the free garen ?
Hi Centralize! The Alistair, Garen, and Tristana skins are all promotional skins for social media! You can read it on this (old) thread (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/QiEQFLv6-this-is-how-to-get-unchained-alistar-riot-girl-tristana-and-dreadknight-garen-for-free-inc-champ), but they're the following: "To get Riot Girl Tristana - Enter the code you get via their facebook page (you have to like their page and then go to a link in their profile) in the code tab under the Store in the LOL client. Go to store -> Scroll down to "Codes" -> Click on the "Codes" tab -> Enter the code for Riot Girl Tristana" "To get Dreadknight Garen - Enter the code from their twitter page (same as the tristana one, you have to follow em and then go to a link in their profile) Go to store -> Scroll down to "Codes" -> Click on the "Codes" tab -> Enter the code" And to get Unchained Alistar, you have to subscribe to Riot's official youtube channel. Go onto their youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2t5bjwHdUX4vM2g8TRDq5g), subscribe, and then submit a ticket under technical issues and let them know you subscribed to get Unchained Alistar. The youtube subscription to get Alistar is, unfortunately, broken - I tried a few times awhile back to get him myself and I had to submit a ticket. A support staff member should be able to get back to you (probably about a two day wait) and help you get your skin. :)
Xayah's voice pitch/age doesn't bother me - I'm 22 and I know people around my age that sound similiar to her, pitch-wise. Even if she is suppose to be younger than 22 unless she's suppose to be like, 14 or something (which I highly doubt), I think she sounds okay. I'd say comparatively League just has a lot more softer-spoken female champions in comparison (eg Ashe, Soraka, Janna, Riven) that kind of just make her voice stand out more, ever so slightly. Xayah's _audio_ sounds a bit off, though... Like, kind of muffled/overly loud? Some of it sounds okay but a lot of it sounds like it was a mediocre microphone or something.
: nope. She did have a "working title" That was probably a typo.
Out of curiosity, do you know what Xayah and Rakan's working titles where, and if so, could you share them? I always like seeing those little tidbits of trivia!
: ARSR complaint threads have got me thinking about how to make a 'random' mode that isn't "boring"...
Certainly better than what we have right now, without a doubt - it sounds interesting, which is by far more than I can say for AURF or ARSR. I think Riot really needs to focus on making the random game mods "actually" random though - as in, _all champions_. Otherwise you have stuff like "ARAM only" accounts that significantly increase their chances for champions that are extremely good on that mode - eg, Lux, Xerath, Ziggs, etc. and not take the same risk to get champions that are significantly _harder_ to play, like Evelynn.
Cynicatt (NA)
: They removed the rating system on Netflix
How else am I suppose to easily find the most cringey, "somehow this got made into a movie" B-horror movies outside of watching Syfy now? :(
: Petition for Riot to begin selling Dino Gnar Onesies
I still need to get the dino gnar plushie... If they came out with a onesie too... t'was nice knowing you, money.
: Skin Idea: Cosmic Blade Kayle
Cosmic Blade Kayle (and maybe a Dark Star Morgana) could be really cool!
SlownD (NA)
: Skin Concept - Dark Star Lissandra
Can you submit an application and become a Riot Games artist? Please? Holy moly this skin is amazing.
Attackid (OCE)
: Dragon Trainer Lulu Cake
So cute! Is Lulu a cake topper or made out of something like marzipan or fondant?
Serinus (NA)
: Apparently, according to Riot Support, this third-party browser extension is the "official"* resolution. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/league-of-legends-match-h/mdgeabipdapmbcpdldplafegigjhpain?hl=en *Not made by Riot.
Just got it and everything is now fixed! Thanks so much! :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Rosenwyn,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=QxubzoMt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-29T22:25:17.285+0000) > > This is pretty cool! I&#x27;m not a Zac player by a long shot of course, but I think this is a really neat skin - especially since skins for Zac are apparently rather difficult. > Not surprised I liked it, though - I absolutely adore Dark Star Orianna (and it&#x27;s one of my favorite concepts for an Ori skin) and Sea Witch Nami. Thanks and yea Zac is tricky since his movements all indicate him beeing stretchy and bouncy, so you can't just give him armor or something like that. I am glad you enjoy my other skin concepts, too.
I really hope to see plenty of other skin concepts from you in the future! They're all really well done. I noticed you have done a few for Leona - any chance you've considered doing a sort of "ying yang" concept for maybe her and Diana? I feel like poor Leo doesn't really get much attention. I don't play her nearly as much as I used to, but I think I'll always have a soft spot for her. <3
Yess! I need this as a skin line! It'd be fantastic. A daisy Lulu with a bee pix would be cute, too <3
: [Skin idea] Cosmic Zac
This is pretty cool! I'm not a Zac player by a long shot of course, but I think this is a really neat skin - especially since skins for Zac are apparently rather difficult. Not surprised I liked it, though - I absolutely adore Dark Star Orianna (and it's one of my favorite concepts for an Ori skin) and Sea Witch Nami.
: Why Galio's Update is not a success
I really liked Galio's old lore with Poppy. I thought it was really cute, even if there wasn't a lot there, and I think it would have been nice had it been developed and expanded upon. Overall I'm rather unimpressed with the Galio rework's story and the retcons to the other champion's lore; I think Shyvana's was really nice (tragic loss of a parent, a half-breed stuck in the world on her own with no family), etc. so I'm sad to see that go. Her new lore is interesting too but... I think there was a certain element that was lost in some of these retcons and while there might have not been much lore, it makes me sad. It also makes me a bit worried about some other champions like Kayle and Morgana, too. I've always loved the duality of their characters and how you can typecast them as one thing but see other elements to there characters (eg Kayle was 'good' and Morgana as 'evil,' Kayle as tyrannical law and Morgana as chaotic freedom) and I really hope that doesn't end up lost in translation. With the Warwick rework though I'm curious what they're going to do with Soraka, though.
: The picks are not innately bad. The thing that tilts me is when the support doesn't build a sightstone or doesn't use it once they have it.
I went against a support a few days ago who placed 4 wards in a 33 minute game. I'm not sure if I was more tilted seeing it was only 4 wards or that they bought a sightstone and _still_ only warded 4 times.
Mannny (NA)
: @Riot Keep this in mind when making the new champion
As much as I hate dealing with stuff like release Ekko (why was this unleashed upon us) I think sometimes people focus on making _really_ flashy champions. And it makes sense - who wouldn't love to see a champion they helped develop being loved, popular, and also seen in competitive play by the best players the world has to offer? We've been having a lot of %health damage, %damage reduction, and #-hit passives along with in general overloaded kits... so it tends to go poorly as far as balance goes. Oftentimes they become overwhelmingly powerful. I think what... Taliyah was pretty much the only champion on release that wasn't horrendously overpowered? It can be difficult to create champions with completely new kits that aren't anything like what we have already (since there is so many champions released already), but I think there is a balance between quality and quantity that needs to be strived for. I think the general aesthetic for a lot of champions (new and reworked) has been great, though - so there is some positive things in the mix. But I think part of the issue is when a champion is assigned either a _really_ gold efficient passive (eg crit is a very expensive stat and Yasuo gets an extra 50% so basically items, effecting primarily a totally different class altogether, _has to be balanced around one champion_) or basically a "free item" (eg Malzahar passive) tends to create difficult balancing situations. It's unfortunate it can cause such an unhealthy game state, especially for the people who honestly find themselves so drawn to a particular champion (be it aesthetic, general kit, etc) who just want to play them.
Wilbor (EUW)
: What support pick makes u tilt?
I really hate dealing with Sona support and Teemo support. Sona is just... super annoying to deal with (poke, tons of damage, sustain) and I'm not used to laning with Teemo's passive + deathfire (since he's just not something you see as a support or adc often) so shit can hurt like a bitch and unexpectedly so. :( Though instead of Teemo in favor to a more meta support, I really, really dealing hate dealing with Brand too.
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