: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
((Just as a heads-up, sometime soon I might have to put this on hold as I have exams coming up. Sorry.)) **_Zaun_** Nicholas nodded his head towards Nemo, waiting for the distraction to occur. As soon as the explosion occured he dashed into the room, making a break for the stage. There was panic in the auction hall, people running to get out with several injured people left behind reeling on the floor. A chunk of the pillar was gone, but Nicholas paid it no heed. As he closed the distance, Nicholas grabbed the small device that the auctioneer was selling off and studied it carefully. The auctioneer himself, who was hit with a stray piece of shrapnel from the pillar, coughed up blood on the stage before looking up at the scientist. His eyes widened. "N-Nic... Nichola..." He did not have time to finish as Nicholas unceremoniously flung the chip at his face. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He said, then nodded at Nemo. "Let's go." He started running away from the auction hall. Assuming Nemo followed him, the man would sprint out onto the hall and then pull out a strange tube from his bag. Upon blowing it, a loud noise akin to a bird whistle emanated throughout the building. "Now everyone else will know to converge on the Wissenschaftwagen." Nicholas stored the whistle and produced a slender gun from his trouser belt. "You're probably wondering why I left that thing in there, but we'll get to it later. For now we're getting back to my Wagen and leaving this place."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Nicholas frowned as Nemo seemed to half-signal him, half-not. He tried to get a better view of what was going on at the stage, but the door was too far. In the end he decided to just wave his hand forward a couple of times, telling Nemo to go ahead with the distraction anyway. He would disappeared behind the door after that for a bit, before reemerging ever so slightly. He stood there poised, waiting for Nemo to make the next move. Meanwhile, the auction master started taking bets from the enthusiastic audience. The bidding quickly rose through two, three, four and was approaching five million. The man leading the auction was spurring the bidders on, waving the little chip around teasingly. Noone seemed to pay much attention to what Nemo was doing. Meanwhile, Nicholas was watching intensely through the small gap that he could use without revealing himself.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** After a fierce round of bidding, the first item went to a gentleman shadowed by a huge brute hilariously ill-fitted into a tight suit. The device was handed straight to the latter, who looked down at it before nodding his head. A bunch of more items came and went. These included a bright red orb, a massive set of keys said to be able to open any lock in the city and a mechanical flower that exerted a petrifying gas when activated. "Now, my friends. This one is for those of you with a knack for robotics." A small, chip-like device was brought on a silver tray. The man carefully held it up for everyone to see. "Now this might not look like much, but in fact this beauty here is a marvel of engineering. It is an... Enhancement module, of sorts. In essence this little thing wired up to almost any robot will grant it mastery over a wide array of fighting styles and weapons. Of course, the weapons will need to be supplied by you. However, this chip contains all of the coding and hardware necessary to operate several battle limbs. So, shall we start with a million for this one?" **_Luduvika von Königsburg_** Sheldon smiled lightly as they moved away from Stanley and Jennifer Point's house. "I'm glad you can appreciate him. Not many people do. Not many people do..." He sighed, his breath coming out as a while cloud amongst the almost pitch-black landscape. They were slowly moving up, crossing across empty streets smothered by silence. "You know, sometimes I wish I could be like Revan." Sheldon said, hands in his pockets as he walked along. "You know, have people remember my name forever and everything. But, it's pretty futile isn't it? It's not really possible. Eventually we'll forget Revan. Eventually we'll forget everything. Hell, eventually we'll all stop existing. Besides, what's good having my name be konwn after I die? I'll be dead then, without a care in the world." Eventually they came onto the highest-elevated district in the city - the Heintzel District. "Here we are." Sheldon gestured around. "Now the guy THIS place was named after, he was a real piece of work." In the distance, Luduvika would see a large radio tower looming above all of the other buildings. "He had a brilliant mind, but also a hellish temper. Apparently he once broke a bottle of wine over someone's head because of a disagreement." Sheldon pointed towards the radio tower. "That's where we're headed. Technically you're not supposed to go up during daytime hours, but w'ell just say we're from Stanley. Not like they'll bother checking it up, and if they do then hopefully Robo-legs will cover for us. Worse comes to worst I'll just throw myself off the damn thing and end it all. Not like I haven't considered it before."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** ((Sorry for posts being a bit shit, had a lot of my head recently. Are you still enjoying this/willing to carry on?)) Nicholas nodded his head, moving out with her towards the now empty hall. "Good. Very good. Remember, just give me the signal when you're about to cause chaos. Click your fingers. Just like we agreed. Right?" He pointed her towards the other end of the hall, where the double doors stood slightly ajar. The one thing that would immediately strike Nemo as she entered the hall was the stage. It was towards the other end of the room and currently had a single man standing on it. He had brown hair and eyes, similar to Nicholas'. He was wearing a black suit with a red tie, and held a cane in one hand. He was pacing up and down the stage, talking to the audience. "...But alas, as much as I would _love_ to spend more time conversing with such a distunguished audience..." He smirked, earning a small round of applause from everyone present. "...I do believe that you are here for one thing. Let the bidding commence!" He yelled out loud, the audience responding with a far bigger round of clapping. Around the area, Nemo would see waiterse on the ready with drinks and small snacks on their trays. The man with the cane looked to the side, gesturing over with his hand as an attendant carried in a strange and gun-like object. The man hung up his cane on his arm and took the device in both his hands. "Ah, wonderful! Would you not agree? This marvel here is a device capable of firing plasma rays which can cut through almost anything with ease!" He pointed the gun downwards, pressing down on the trigger as a flash of purple light shot from the device. It cut straight through the wood almost instantly. "The perfect tool for any of your personal bodyguards, I am certain." The man finished off. "We'll start the bidding with... Two hundred thousand!"
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Nicholas was about to start talking, but was suddenly slammed against a wall. He grabbed Nemo's hand in two of his, the cigarette falling from his mouth and rolling onto the floor. A faint trail of smoke wafted up into the air as the man spoke with his feet dangling above the ground. When finally released, Nicholas cleared his throat and brushed himself off. "Yes, er... Fantastic display of strength right there, wonderful. I wish you could have demonstrated that on one of the toilets as opposed to myself but I'm sure your intentions were in the right place nonetheless. In any case, yes that's essentially it. You can do an explosion or kill the auctioneer or whatever the hell you wish. Just make sure there is panic." He shook his head in response to Nemo's question. "You do not have time." He walked over to the bathroom door and looked out. "It's going to start soon. They're already all gathered in there, and I have no way of telling when the thing I'm after is going to be put up. You need to enter that room and you need to do it right now."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
As Nemo wandered around she would gather nothing more than sideways glances from the surrounding scientists and party members. Nicholas and Jerrod were still talking, and their coversation seemed to get more and more heated. Nicholas shook his head, tapping his foot nervously. He looked clearly agitated. Finally, the man big goodbyes to his friend and caught up with Nemo. "Alright, listen here." He said, grabbing Nemo by the arm. "We need to talk. But in private." He looked around, then suddenly dragged Nemo over to the men's bathroom. Opening the door, the man shoved Nemo inside and locked the door behind them. Luckily, there was noone else inside. "There has been a change of plans." He said, holding his cigarette between two fingers. "Due to... Certain circumstances, I will now be unable to do what I needed to over here. So I'm going to need to have you perform a... Distraction of sorts." He looked around, making sure there was still noone interrupting them. "In a short while, everyone back there is going to be going through a side door into a very large hall. There, a man will be giving talks whilst presenting various artefacts of hextect craft and such. One of those is going to be..." He shook his hands around, trying to find the right words. "A small board of sorts. With lots of different bits and pieces sticking out of it. I'm going to be waiting back in the room we just came out of, next to the door. I'll be peeking in. When you see that chip being presented, I want you to signal me. Just look over here and click your fingers." He cleared his throat. "Then... I need you to make some noise. I don't care much for what you do, but something to cause panic and chaos. I'll slide in, do what I need to and then we'll gather up everyone and leave. We'll need them to barrel out way past security and get the hell out of here. Do you understand?"
: You don't get it. Sion wasn't a 'whole new champ.' Sion was the original outset that was outlined in everything but VO; the terrifying, soldier-cleaving zombie. They just lined his personality up to the edgy backstory. That's all. Galio was a perfectly stoic and taciturn character. But, now, he's some sort of GTL douchebag with an overbearing ego and an inflated sense of self. I won't get all psych on you, but nobody wanted this out of Galio. Honestly, everything included, it's like Galio's being turned into a Zac skin.
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Fuzzi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KR1Ect7B,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-03-07T11:24:13.108+0000) > > You don't get it. Sion wasn't a 'whole new champ.' Sion was the original outset that was outlined in everything but VO; the terrifying, soldier-cleaving zombie. They just lined his personality up to the edgy backstory. That's all. > > Galio was a perfectly stoic and taciturn character. But, now, he's some sort of GTL douchebag with an overbearing ego and an inflated sense of self. I won't get all psych on you, but nobody wanted this out of Galio. > > Honestly, everything included, it's like Galio's being turned into a Zac skin. Basically this. With Sion, Riot at least tried to keep his core thematic the same - a terrifying undead juggernaut. With Galio it's like they threw his entire personality into the trash and made a brand new champion who is quite frankly more annoying than anything.
: A Day in Demacia (Open RP)
Alicia nodded her head, rising from her chair and pushing it back in. "Very well, lady Elena. It will be my greatest honour. If I might also add, I think it will serve as a good boost of morale for the Sentinels to see you." She politely opened the door for both Elena and Rose, allowing them to step through first before following and closing the door to Elena's quarters behind her. "If you'll allow me to be honest for a moment, Lady Elena... These are troubling times. There has not been this much suffering in the world in a very long time. The looming shadows of war, Shurima's resurrection, the Shadow Isles growing as a threat with every day. There is fear and uncertainty in abundance, and I think it's starting to take a toll on my men. They are supposed to stay stalwart and strong for others in need, but who will stay stalwart and strong for them? There is less laughter in the mess halls, more sunken faces..." Alicia broke off her talking trance, clearing her throat. "My sincerest apologies, lady Elena. I went off on a tangent. In any case, I do think it will be nice for some of the common soldiers of our order to see you. It is not often that one gets to see the Lady herself in person." The paladin forced herself to smile weakly as they carried on walking.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Anna blinked as Nemo started whispering in her ear. She stood still for a moment, then jumped up and clapped her hands. "Sure! I'm gonna go and find where they are! They might even have cake! I've never seen cake before! I bet cake tastes GREAT! Hahahaha!" She then suddenly bolted off, pushing aside a couple of the guests and causing disgrunted gasps as she ran. Nicholas watched her go, smiling faintly. "What a peculiar girl. Nevertheless, let us go. I wish to introduce you to somebody." Nicholas waved inbetween posh guests and eccentric scientists. There were more slave-owners abound, as well as dangerous devices. They passed by a man cutting a table in half using some sort of blue ray being shot out of a pistol-like device. However, Nicholas did not seem to be interested in any of that. The crowd started to thin out as they walked on, and Nemo would be able to notice that some of the party guests were giving them strange stares as they walked on. The two finally came across another door. It was made of mahogany, and ornate carvings decorated the frame. Nicholas pushed it and stepped through, beckoning for Nemo to follow. Now, if the things that were happening in the previous room were atrocities then it was nothing compared to what was going on in here. Almost immediately Nemo would be able to hear an ear-piercing scream coming from deeper down the new room. It looked similar to the last one but with a lower-hanigng ceiling and fewer tables. There weren't as many people too, but the air was filled with a repulsive stench of blood and rot. To the right of them a man was tied to one of the tables, thrashing around as another man was poking his belly in various places with a scalpel. "Lovely, isn't it?" Nicholas commented, starting to walk forward. "You'll be surprised to hear this isn't the worst of it. But we won't be going into THAT part of the party. Hopefully." He directed her through the various men and women, sliding past with little heed being paid to him. They finally stopped in front of a man perched above a small box. He had short-cropped, brown hair and was wearing a green shirt with grey trousers. Compared to everyone else, he seemed pretty normal. "Hello Jerrod." Nicholas spoke up. The man turned around, revealing two devices that looked like mini telescopes in his eye sockets. They moved in and out as the man smiled. "Welcome, Nicholas. I did not think to find you here." He almost-whispered in a silk-soft voice. Nicholas shrugged his shoulders. "Business matters. Are you still working on that matter of yours?" He questioned. Jerrod patted the box lightly. Now that he wasn't leaning over it, Nemo would see that the box was in fact a little cage of sorts. A strange, black mass was moving about inside. "Of course. It still does not have the capacity to eat through metal-based objects but I have improved the formula to make it able to consume wooden material." He replied. "Wonderful! I feel delighted for you, I really do. Now, I have some things I need to discuss with you. Could I leave my friend here to observe your creation? I assure you she will not do anything destructive." "Oh, feel free. Don't forget, these things are liquid-based. I have another three vials. Go ahead and do as you wish with that one." Jerrod said as Nicholas led him away to the side. "You are most kind, my friend. Nemo, feel free to... Mess around with that thing, as you will. I think you will find it most intriguing." He winked at Nemo before leaving her alone with the cage.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** "A shame indeed. I don't really have much of a use for radios, you see. Being a hermit with a robot for a friend will do that to a man. But I would advise you to get into groups. Although..." He raised an eyebrow at Little Charlie. "Whoever's going with the big man should probably pass him off as an experiment. I suppose." He shrugged his shoulders and carried on walking. He nodded his head at Nemo. "You, my friend... You are coming with me." He smiled, leading them towards the tunnel that everyone else was going down. As they walked on, their noses would be invaded by a myriad of weird and exotic smells. Some of the fragrances brought to mind meat and other foods. Others came from some of the guests going along with them, thick perfumes snuffing out the air. Iven coughed into his fist, face scrunched up in disgust. "I've smelled literal shit in the underbelly of Zaun, but this is something else..." He muttered, before being lightly elbowed by Roman in the rib. Meanwhile, the tunnel finally opened up into a grand hall with large banquet tables set out at regular intervals. On top of them were sandwiches, drinks, cocktails and other foods. Around them, poshly-dressed people were chatting amongst each other and showing off strange apparitions or devices. More morbid images were abound too. One of the ladies talking to two other gentlemen held the leash of a collar around the neck of a scrawny Zaunite girl with a mop of dirty black hair and dressed in rags. Another man was demonstrating a device that looked like a cube with several sharp implements and knives sticking out of it. He was just calling over a servant when Nicholas clapped his hands. "Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Brochsman Family Annual Cultural Gathering." He spread his arms wide. "By all means, enjoy yourselves as guests of Gavin Brochsman's infinite generosity. Just don't try to provoke and fights if you would be so kind." "Well, I spy with my little eye a table full o'drinks and I always fancied trying a little bit of that fancy-ass Piltie wine. See ya." Iven said, giving a mock salute to the party before splitting off. Roman sighed, running off behind him. For this occasion he for once decided to wear a plain white shirt. Anna ran up to Nemo, trapping her arm in between her own two and hugging it tightly. "Hey, hey. Do you think they have cookies? I just LOVE cookies! Olivia bakes _really_ good cookies! I wish she was here..." Robin looked up at Little Charlie, smirking. "I guess I'm going with you, big guy. Come on, I want to take a snoop around." She winked at Nemo before disappearing further down the hall with Charlie. Nicholas gave Nemo a smile, before turning around. "Come with me, Nemo. There was something in particular I wished to show you. It's something I think you will be interested in, and with any luck it will be right in this room." **_Luduvika von Königsburg_** "Oh, yes. That sounds like a wonderful deal. The best deal I have heard in a very long time, in fact." Sheldon huffed as he carried on walking. He slouched somewhat, hands kept firmly in his pockets as he let Luduvika across streets and in between buildings, up staircases and through little parks. They were guadually ascending, and the houses they were walking past were also becoming... Grander, somewhat. They were bigger, more well-kept and generally sturdier-looking. The moon illuminated their path, supported by regular street-lamps as their footsteps echoed silently in the night. "The Heintzel District? Of course. I know a little bit about that." Sheldon carried on talking. "It was named after Revan Heintzel. He was a bioenginner. How should I explain this to you... Remember Stanley back there? Charming fellow. The design and manufacture of his legs was certainly aided heavily by a team of bioengineers. Revan was a legend back in his time, really. Back in his time, people were still afraid of hextect implants and such. They were fearing that it would end up with someone like Viktor. And I suppose they were right. But Revan was different." Sheldon's tone was taking on an entirelly different sound. For the first time since Luduvika met him, he sounded... Cheerful. Passionate, even. "He wanted to show everyone that if we approach it with thought, this technology could save people. So he did. Spine disk implants, prosthetic arms, modern pedometers. If it involves biology and electronics, you can most likely trace it back to Rvan Heintzel. They found it fitting to name a place after him when he was born. They even have a statue and everything. It's on the way, I'll show you."
: A Day in Demacia (Open RP)
"Mhmm. I see. As always, your word is my command milady." Alicia seemed somewhat dissapointed by this. It did seem like she really wanted to ride with Prince Jarvan's vanguard. If Elena was angered by necromancers and their defilement of the dead then Alicia was even more so. She nervously tapped her gauntlet-covered fingers on the table between her and the Pope as they talked. "Yes, milady Elena. I will assign any man and woman in the Sentinels not currently on active duty to squadrons and send them out to bolster the city guard. I think it will serve as good practice of proper conduct and the like for the recruits. May be that this will work out good for everyone. We can only hope and pray." Alicia slowly stood, clearing her throat. "I do not believe I have any other duties, milady Elena. However, in the light of your orders I will be taking a trip into the city to meet with Captain Merrywood. I will want to inform him of the fact that our paladins are going to be bolstering his troops. He will be glad to hear it, I think. If you wish, you can accompany me."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Luduvika von Königsburg_** Stanley weakly waved his hand at Luduvika as he was marched out. Jenny did not grace the Edellian with an answer. Sheldon silently followed her, quickly putting on his shoes and walking outside. He scratched the back of his head and turned to leave before Luduvika surprised him again. "Wait... You what?" He turned around, sighing. "But you said that you just need directions towards that girl, and I gave them to you! Ahhh, why oh why does this happen to me?" He looked up, arms stretched out to either side. "Whatever inexistent deity resides up there, do we really bloody have to? I'm not looking for a fight, I'm really not. I just want to be left alone to ponder on what a wonderfully meaningless world you've created. Or would have, if you existed at all... Oh, is that it? Is it the whole "you don't really exist" thing? That's just a bunch of jokes, you know? I mean, you made my entire like into a joke so it's only fair right? Just a bit of banter between friends?" He stared up for a long while, his expression slowly turning more sour. Finally, he ran a hand across his face. "You might be able to get a radio signal higher up. The highest public access area in Piltover is the Heintzel District. I'll... *sigh* Come on, I'll take you there." He said in an utterly defeated tone, strolling off away from Stanley and Jenny's home." **_Zaun_** Nicholas raised an eyebrow when Nemo revealed her additional eyes and started morphing in front of him. Robin, who was still sitting on the floor, saw this and rubbed her eyes a bit. "Wait, did you just... Whoa." She said, tilting her head left and right. "How did you make that clothing just appear? Is this some kind of magic?" "Advanced camouflage, I'd say. Although illusion is its' own form of magic, is it not?" Nicholas shot Nemo another grin, twirling his cigarette in one hand as the Wissenschaftwagen slowly came to life. On Nemo's command everyone else was piling into the vehicle now, Iven hopping onto one of the work tables with Anna trailing behind and yawning. Roman followed soon, looking paler than ever. Little Charlie got up, obediently following everybody as Nicholas started driving towards the mansion. "It was to the left of the mansion, I remember. Three point four five metres to be precise. Fortunately, I had a chance to measure it." Nicholas' cryptic speech was leaving everybody else pretty confused. Iven turned to Nemo, looking over her new attire. "Dapper suit." He commented, as a shake suddenly emanated throughout the entire car. Looking outside, Nemo and company would see that the floor in front of them was sinking down into a ramp. Nicholas drove his vehicle down to what essentially looked like a parking lot. He drove up to one of the walls and stopped the Wissenschaftwagen. A man with a neatly-cropped moustache wearing a suit was approaching them. "Power down, H.A.N.S. All of you stay in here." Nick said as the side door of the Wissenchaftwagen opened. He walked outside and started chatting to the butler. The conversation was pretty short and uninteresting, after which the butler just walked away. "So what now, boss?" Robin asked once Nicholas walked back inside. "Now we wait. You have a couple of hours before the party actually starts. The lovely gentlemen upstairs know of your presence, so don't worry about that. I would just recommend that you... Leave the _heftier_ weapons at home." He glanced over at Robin's rifle. She huffed, setting it aside in favour of a handgun with a small scope on top of it that she had strapped around her belt. During the two hours that Nemo spent preparing, more vehicles would start piling into the same area that the group was in. Everything from practical cars to extravagant showcases of wealth and privilege came through the ramp, the people driving them every bit as diverse as their vehicles. They were all chatting amongst each other, some carrying suitcases and boxes and other sorts of contraptions. Nicholas had swung a side bag around his shoulder, and was currently fiddling around with a small pistol. "Looks like it is time to go." He hid the pistol in his trousersand covered it with his shirt. The man pulled out another cigarette and lit it. "And remember, everybody. This is a party, so enjoy yourselves." He smiled as his hand raised the cigarette to his lips. He started walking out of the Wissenschaftwagen and towards the crowd of people who were now all headed east of the group.
: A Day in Demacia (Open RP)
Alicia shrugged her shoulders. "Mel was a diligent student and hard worker. It would be a shame to lose one such as her." The paladin kept an air of pragmatism around her. Of course she cared about her subordinates a great deal but as the rose through the ranks of the Sentinels of Mer and eventually came to be the Grandmaster she learned to deal with and accept the sometimes rather routine death of her comrades. She has seen way more good men and women come and go than anyone should be forced to. But alas, that was one of the many burdens of this job. "But, of course, I do pray that she is fine. I'm sure it's nothing." She pulled her chair in a little, frowning at Elena. "You really think King Jarvan would go as far as to request our aid? I mean, it has practically never happened. By Mer's grace, now that I think on it - Prince Jarvan asking for our help is equivalent to a citizen draft. What worrying times these are..." She pondered a bit on this before Elena's words called her back. "Necromancers?" She asked, face scrunching up in disgust. The woman placed one hand on the hilt of her longsword. "Lady Elena, do you wish me to enlist myself as a volunteer with the Demacian army? I can go personally destroy these vile desecrators if you wish." It was evident that the woman viewed necromancy about as much love as Elena did.
: A Day in Demacia (Open RP)
"Oh, you are far too kind Miss Rose. In truth, this is simply the duty that the gracious Mer has decided to bestow upon me and I try to fulfill it to the best of my ability. Even then, I do not always succeed..." She looked to the side, sighing lightly. "Nevertheless, I do try my best." She turned around to Elena, tilting her head whilst she tried to piece together what scraps of information she was fed from the conversations between Elena and Rose. "Lady Elena, am I understanding correctly? Is this girl going to be the next High Priestess?" She gasped lightly, her eyes gleaming with wonder. She lifted a bit off her seat before Elena brought her back down to earth. She cleared her throat, sitting up and pulling her chair in. "I mean... Of course, Lady Elena. Let us proceed." She rest one hand on her chin as Elena continued talking. "Well, I will need at least some of our paladins back home to help with the preparations for the ceremony. It is, after all, quite a large occasion. At some point I am going to have to prepare my official speech. However, I will see whether we have any idle men and send them on temporary duty in the city guard if necessary. They could use a little bolstering. From what I hear King Jarvan is pulling soldiers from whereever he can find them. Gwendolyn overheard some guardsmen in the town square talking about it a couple of days ago." Gwendolyn was an orphan girl that lost her home to a Noxian reaver assault. Alicia rescued and delivered her back to the clergy, where she was raised as one of their own. She grew into a strapping young girl with enough potential that Alicia eventually decided to take her on as a squire. Although Mer had not yet bestowed her powers upon the girl, she still trained hard with the blade and lance. Alicia tapped her fingers on the wooden table. "Of course, Lady Elena. I will make my awy to the ravenkeep at the earliest convenience and send word to Sir Godfryd. Now that you mention it, I don't think anyone has heard from Mel in a long while..." She frowned. "I wonder why that is."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Little Charlie tilted his head up, giving Nemo a blank stare. He obediently stretched his hands out as the vial dropped into his palms. He looked curiously at the liquid inside. "You say this make Charlie better fight?" He frowned. "Okay. Charlie drink thing when Charlie fight." He held it in his hand as he sat on the floor. Iven, who was stretching out next to the Wissenchaftwagen, looked up at Nemo and smirked. "A big dumb bastard, ain't he?" The man looked far more sober now. "But not everybody in this world gotta be smart. Sometimes you can get by just fine with a thick skull and big muscles." Charlie did not seem to even register this, as he sat there facing the manor. Nemo's stripping would produce some weird glances from both the durnken gunslinger and Roman. Anna, who was now trying to incite conversation with Little Charlie, did not seem to care about it at all. Robin looked up from her sitting position and scowled. "You sure you should be doing that in front of everyone?" She asked. The girl looked somewhat disturbed by what she was seeing. Nicholas gave Nemo's body a cursory glance. "An interesting body build, to be certain. You are not exactly human, are you?" He scratched his chin. "And no, that is not what I said. We are already _here_, as you could probably infer from the mansion that I had just talked about. The reason _why_ we are here, however, is not for another couple of hours or so. Although I think we should be able to proceed soon..." He looked out of the front window of the Wissenschaftwagen. "Aha!" He smirked, turning his head to Nemo. "Take a look at that house. Do you see that gargoyle in the middle? It wasn't there before. This is a sign that we're ready to go. Get everyone in." He took the wheel of his vehicle. "H.A.N.S! Power up the Wissenchaftwagen. We are ready to move."
: A Day in Demacia (Open RP)
Alicia bowed respectfully in front of Elena before sitting down. "I did not mean to offend, Lady Elena. I am fully aware that you are more powerful than any of us, but you are still but one person and-" She sighed, shaking her head. "Apologies. I will not pursue the matter further." The paladin watched the conversation between Elena and her new student, remaining politely quiet whilst Elena and Rose talked. She only piped in when Elena claimed that she was responsible for naming herself the Grandmaster of the Sentinels of Mer. "Lady Elena, if I may. I was not the one to change the title of my station to Grandmaster. That was Sir Orpheus the Mighty. I did change the name of our order to the Sentinels of Mer, but that was because during his time Sir Orpheus insisted on naming us the Venerable Warriors of the Great Mer, Defenders of the Light of the Day and Stalward Guardians Against Evil. It... Was a mouthful to say. Lady Clarine before Sir Orpheus was the one who was named the Tower. If I recall correctly it was the name given to her by her fellow warriors after they repelled a Shadow Isles incursion with 50 men strong." She turned to Rose. "Tales have it that she stood against a thousand spirits herself and weathered them all. But I wouldn't know much about that, see. This way way before my time. Lady Elena could probably tell you. She's personally seen the rise and fall of at least four of us and will probably double that too." When addressing Rose during their small talk, Alicia waved off the girl's words. "Oh please, you flatter me too much. I am not that special, really I am not. I just oversee the functioning of the Sentinels of Mer. Our divine Lady Above in her infinite grace has seen to bestow upon me some of her power so that I may better serve my function, but apart from that I'm just a normal person."
: A Day in Demacia (Open RP)
Alicia blinked a couple of times, freezing as Elena explained the purpose of the summon. Her face took on a heavy, red blush as she cleared her throat and sheathed her blade. "W-Well... It seemed urgent, a-and it's better to be safe than sorry Lady Elena! You are Mer's chosen vassal, and your safety is of upmost concern to me. On that note, I do have a suggestion I'd like to discuss. I know you put great trust in your wards and I do too, but if you would let me I'd like to form an honor guard for you. With your leave I will draft a half-dozen of my finest warriors to dedicate themselves to defending you with their lives. For someone of your importance, I feel this is a necessary precaution." She sat down in the chair opposite Rose, nodding her head. "Yes, right. I, er... In my hurry to come to your aid, I kind of forgot the report that I had written up. But I remember most of it! Sir Roland has brought news from the field. Our men have visited the grassland villages and are continuing to protect them from the bandit menace that I have reported to you last month. Sir Godfryd's company is still providing escort to our Ionian relief expedition. By now they should be sailing for the island. I am expecting word from them as soon as they reach the shore. I have also granted Lady Magdalene two weeks' worth of relief from her duties so that she may visit her ailing mother. The entire order's prayers are with her. Preparations for ascension ceremony for our ready trainees are also starting to go underway although that is still a while away. I will deliver the more detailed report to you as soon as I can." Alicia turned around, blinking. "New student?" She stood up, bowing politely in front of Rose. "Anyone worthy enough to be taken under the wing of Lady Elena has my respect, lady Rose. I am Alicia Lightshield, 354th Grandmaster of the Sentinels of Mer. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance."
: A Day in Demacia (Open RP)
**_Outskirts of Demacia_** "Oh gracious Mer, please let her be safe. Oh I beg of thee- Agh! My apologies!" A white horse with a brilliant blonde mane gallopped past incoming merchants and travellers, spurred on my a young woman clad in silver armor. Rays of sunlight gave the woman's wear a brilliant glow as people scattered aside from her fervent charge. Strands of hair stuck to the woman's flustered face as she pulled up by the gates of the city, leaping off her horse and dashing towards the stablemaster. "Er... I'unno how long I'm staying for. Here, take this." She shoved five gold coins into the man's hand, handed him the reins to her horse and ran off. Despite the armor weighing her down, [Alicia Lightshield](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xRKAs_JS236fUOuBjKly0zmJdR1DnuQKynVMG1F9_hU/edit?usp=sharing) maintained a steady jog towards the Bethrim Temple. The letter that Elena sent her was still tucked away in her satchet. The Pope had said that she wanted to see her soon. This could only mean trouble. Elena wouldn't call for her to come soon if it wasn't trouble, right? A number of scenarios ran through Alicia's mind. Maybe there was some kind of brawl that the city guard was having trouble putting out? Perhaps news from one of their pilgrimages? The roads were getting more dangerous these days. Or perhaps someone in the temple was assassinated? Alicia was certain it was an assassination. Surely at least one person out there would be dissatisfied enough with the Bethrim order to lash out like that. Right? The woman ran into the temple, skating right past confused clerics and worshippers. She jogged to Elena's quarterse, bursting through whilst drawing her sword. "Lady Elena! Have no fear, I am here to defend you!" She shouted, pointing her sword wildly around the woman's chambers.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** "Yes, awfully convenient. I'm glad we agree." Nicholas smiled, twirling his cigarette between two fingers. "Oh, about that remark I made? Do not worry yourself. I bet someone like yourself has _far_ more important things on their mind anyway." The man had one hand on the steering wheel of the Wissenschaftwagen. "Look here... I'm not really sure what kind of things you're thinking about me right now and I'm not going to bother trying to guess because I don't attempt to delve into the minds of beings with inferior intellgence out of principlt, BUT." He raise his cigarette into the air. "I can assure you that I am an honest man. You help me get what I want, I help you get what you want. Simple, no?" He then returned to smoking his cigarette. On top of the roof of the vehicle, Nemo would stop Little Charlie still trailing alongside them. He was staring straight forward, seemingly mindless of the dirt underneath his bare feet. He did not seem to tire out either, matching his speed to that of the Wissenschaftwagen. Augustus' potion, when tried by Nemo, would give off a faint taste of something akin to sewage water. Zaunite sewage water. Apart from that, the potion did not seem to have any discernible effects on the individual cells that Nemo passed it through. When the vehicle came to a stop, Iven stepped outside and stretched out his limbs. Anna followed him, taking a deep breath of the outside air. Robin, who was sitting on the floor and messing with her rifle, carried on doing that. Roman shakily staggered out of the vehicle. A while after this, Nemo would hear vomiting sounds coming from outside. "Strategy? Oh, it's quite simple really." Nicholas grinned, pointing towards the mansion. "All of us go inside and enjoy ourselves during this wondrous occasion. If everything goes according to plan I'll slip out for five minutes, do what I have to and then we shall be off before anyone is the wiser! About the stealth approach, however..." He took a huff from his cigarette. "There might be... Complications with what I want to do. If that's the case, I will require you to take care of a couple of nuisances or perhaps break into a door or two. Without being noticed, of course. We wouldn't want to disrupt such a spectacular party, would we?" **_Luduvika von Königsburg_** Stanley scratched the back of his head, looking up at the ceiling of the kitchen. He became lost in thought for a short while. "Let me think... I'd give them about forty in number when we met them. Most of them looked like your average Zaunite druggie carrying around a bent pipe for a weapon. There were a couple of tough ones, though. The... Thing I mentioned. It was freakily fast, and accurate too." He rubbed his chest. "Felt like a strong one, too. I took two stabs from the bastard. That wasn't fun." "Which is why you should be in your bed right now!" A voice called out from outside the room. Stanley shook his head and carried on. "They looked like a mob more than anything. Their leader was a skinny guy with a blue mohawk that shouted a whole lot. Made himself a fool in front of everyone trying to interrogate me. Wouldn't worry too much about him. That other one though, the thing... Managed to track down Beckett and Taylor from miles away. And the shit it threatened to do to them?" He visibly shivered. "Not much gets to me nowadays, but that was something else." "Sounds wonderful." Sheldon commented in a flat tone. "So apart from us, a ragtag group of Zaunites with a psychopathic mutant superwarrior is also after the girl? Why, that sounds lovely." He sighed, turning to Luduvika. "Are you sure you want to-" He was suddenly cut off by the woman's continued questions towards Stanley. "Terrain?" The police detective rest a finger on his chin. "Mostly dust fields when you're out of town. For all of Piltover's attempts to protect the environment, Zaunite seems to double its' efforts in fucking it up. Ironspike Pass is probably at least a week's worth of marching. Maybe less if it's just you two, but I would bring extra provisions or whatever just to be sur-" In this moment the man suddenly bent down, coughing horribly. He gripped the counter edge tightly as blood spurted out of his mouth, covering his fist and staining the floor. Sheldon raised an eyebrow. Jenny burst into the kitchen with a stern look, grabbing Stanley by the arm. "That's enough! I'm marching YOU straight to bed." Stanley did not protest as he was dragged away by his sister. Jenny cast an angered look towards Sheldon and Luduvika before leaving the kitchen with Inspector Point in tow. Sheldon looked down at the blood pooled on the kitchen floor. "Well, that's certainly a way to finish a conversation. Judging from that woman's look, I think our visit here is over." He stood up, casting a sideways glance at Luduvika. "Well, I suppose this is goodbye now? I think I helped you as best I could, and believe me when I say it took a significant sacrifice on my part. I think I'll be heading home now. Boxed noodles with a pinch of nihilism sounds like a dream right about now."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Sarah grinned, waving her hand back at Nemo. "You take good care too! Me and Augustus want to see all of you back alive, you hear me?" She called out, gathering a couple of glances from the Zaunites around her. As Nicholas' vehicle rode away with Little Charlie trailing beside them, the rest of the Zaunite party soldiered on. Back inside the Wissenschaftwagen, Nicholas raised an eyebrow at Nemo and smirked. "Oh, follow you? Whatever gave you that impression?" He inhaled from his cigarette, puffs of smoke filling the wagon. As if detecting this, several shafts along the upper portion of the walls of the vehicle opened up to let the smoke escape. "I merely... Heard a thing or two about your little expedition, that's all. I happened to be in town... Well, both towns for the matter. Piltover police can be so _careless_ something, you know?" He chuckled a little. "In any case, what awaits us now is a whole lot of driving around and waiting. The convention that I mentioned happens in around two days but we'll probably get there faster. We will park the Wissenschaftwagen right on the outskirts of the mansion, come in as guests, let me sort out my business and then flee. Simple, really." "If everythin' turns out as it should." Iven popped up, somewhat more sober now. "An' those things rarely do." "We are in agreement here. Which is why I hired you wonderful peopl- Wait, no don't touch that!" He ran over to Anna who was picking up one of the pieces of electronics he had scattered around. She gave a small "Oh" as Nicholas snatched the electronic, which looked like a small board with several components in it, and threw it back on top of the table. "I would advise caution when picking up or touching anything in here. An undefined number of those things will probably cause temporary or permament harm. I would tell you exactly which ones but my mind is better put to more urgent tasks." He then sat behind the wheel of the Wissenschaftwagen, pressing down the pedal and forcing the vehicle into motion. The next day or so went by rather uneventfully. Little Charlie seemed okay enough with keeping up the pace of the Wissenschaftwagen, although Nicholas wasn't going particularly fast anyway. They would camp inside the vehicle for the night, making beds whereever they could in the large although still cramped space. After a day and a half in total has passed, a large building would pop into sight. They left the snow-covered hills of the Ironspike Pass way behind and were now traversing through a mix of barren dirt and patches of weeds here and there. The mansion itself was situated seemigly right in the middle of nowhere. It had an ornate, ancient appearance unlike anything one would see in Piltover. Stone gargoyles adorned the tops of the walls of the mansion and large spikes spiralled upwards from the roofs towards the skies. "Don't let the appearance fool you." Nicholas commented. "They made it specifically to look like a deserted mansion of sorts. Most of this complex is underground. You'll see soon enough." He kicked back, resting his feet on the wheel of the Wissenschaftwagen. Another cigarette was in between his fingers. "H.A.N.S, power off." He called out. The little robot buggy started scuffling about, extending a small probe that pressed buttons on the display in front of Nick. Eventually, the vehicle powered down. "We have around, six hours or so more. Make sure to get yourselves in order before we move out. After all, I did hire you for a reason."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Derek shrugged his shoulders. "I guess that sounds good enough. Just, er... Watch yerself out there, okay? N'try to come back in one piece. We still need ya afterwards." Back at the, well, back of the Zaunite group - Iven was starting to rouse. He looked around groggily, before his eyes shot wide open and he threw up towards the side. Roman sighed heavily, reaching into his suitcase and pulling out a vial of clear liquid. He tossed it to the drunk man on the floor. "We got selected for a special mission?" Anna asked, tilting her head as Nemo explained. Roman listened closely, whilst Iven downed the vial that Roman gave him and tried to not colour the ground in front of him again. "An e-e-espionage and p-protection mission, hmm? I-I would be happy t-t-to offer my a-assistance, as l-little as that m-m-may be. I-Iven will come along t-too, right?" He looked down at the man, who waved his arm in the air. "Yeah, yeah... Jush... Gimme a minute..." He groaned loudly, clutching his head. Augustus started digging around in his cloak. "Unfortunately I believe I will have to pass on this undertaking. But fear not, for I will still provide assistance!" He plopped a weird, green mixture in a stoppered vial into Nemo's hands. "This is one of my most refined creations, you will find. The recipient will enjoy a much greater resistance to pain than usual, letting them fight on past wounds that would make a normal man fall unconscious!" He grinned, patting down his cloak. Rejoining the front of the Zaunite group, Nemo would be greeted by a hulking behemoth of a man with a square jaw and harge, burly arms. He was at least seven feet tall, and could only be described as thick. She would have probably noticed him around with Derek or walking on his own during the group's trekking. He had a large belly, two tree trunks as legs and hands the sizes of boulders. The only clothing he wore was a torn piece of leather around his thighs. There were scars and burns covering his entire chest and back. "Nemo, meet Lil' Charlie." Derek grinned widely. "Before you say it, yeah the name's a joke. He'll provide all the muscle power ya need." He nodded his head at Nicholas. "Here's ya team. You get them back t'me in one piece, ya hear?" "One more!" A voice called out from behind. The girl with the rifle that Nemo had saved beforehand had shoved her way past everyone, standing next to Nemo. "I want to go too!" She exclaimed. Derek stared at her. "Hey, hey, hey! Who the hell are you?!" He yelled, pointing his finger at her. "Robin. Nemo saved my life. I want to join her." She stated flatly. "I can shoot pretty accurately. I'll be useful." Derek blinked, then sighed. "Well... Whatever. Not like I give a shit." He called out to the rest of the group. "A'ight, breaktime's over for the rest of you bastards! Let's carry on moving!" In the meantime, Nicholas bowed politely in front of the assembled group. "Pleased to meet all of your acquaintances. Ny name is Nicholas Kristoff Streisemann. I am certain working with you will be a pleasure." He grinned, gesturing towards his peculiar vehicle. "Please, step inside. Er... Except for the big one. Sorry, my friend, but you will have to walk outside. I am afraid your bulk won't quite fit in here." Little Charlie did not seem to care about that, as he obediently waited outside of the vehicle. The interior of Nicholas' large vehicle looked more like a mobile laboratory than anything. A quarter or so of the circular vehicle interior was taken up by a large window above a steering wheel and a myriad of control buttons. There was an old, tattered driver's chair in front of all of this. The rest of the vehicle wall was lined with a single, curving bench. Electronics and papers were scattered all around, and the shards of a broken vial lay underneath one area. In the very middle was a large, metal rod sitting on top of a wide metal base. It seemed like the base could rise upward on pistons. "Make yourselves comfortable, if you please." Nicholas said. "The Wissenschaftwagen is lke a substitute home for me, so there should be enough room."
: Why does every instance of homosexuality in media/art have to be political?
The 'alt-right' and the 'SJWs' are just two sides of the same coin. Get mad over stupid bullshit and call anyone who disagrees with them names. The only difference is which side of the political spectrum they're on.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Derek crossed his arms across his chest, frowning. "Eh, I'unno. I guess you're right, let's just carry on." He called out to Nicholas. "Oi! Mr. Smartass over there! It's no deal, man! Let us pass!" Nicholas smirked, taking a huff from his cigarette. "You're a tough customer, huh? Okay. How about I... Sweeten the deal, let's call it?" He threw the nub of his cigarette onto the ground, snuffing it with his foot. He then immediately pulled out another one from his shirt pocket and pulled out a lighter. "The girl you're looking for... Her name's Hope. Well, name is probably an ubiquitous term here but it'll do. A girl with wondrous powers, seemingly deying reality itself. Isn't that so?" Having lit the cigarette, he hid his lighter and took a huff. Derek waved him off. "Is that all yer got? Look here, we ain't got time for this crap. Everyone, move out!" Derek called out, as the Zaunite column began to move. However, Nicholas put his hand up. "Oh, no no no!" He said. "Not at all! What if I told you... That there were others like her?" Everyone froze. Derek's jaw dropped open. Sarah gasped. Nicholas chuckled lightly before continuing. "Aye. A strange family of wondrous beings, scouring the Earth. Some with a purpose, others running completely... Blind. I've talked to one of them, even. I know where he's headed next." He smirked. "I could tell you. But first, you help me out. A good offer, is it not?" Derek turned round, whispering to Nemo. "Whaddya think about'im? I'd wanna say he's full'o crap, but I know when a guy's lyin' to me and he don't seem like lyin'. And anyway, even if we give'im four or five guys the rest of us can carry on and we'll catch up later." Derek frowned, looking up at Nicholas. "A'ight, guy! We'll take yer up on it. I'll give ya Nemo and her lot. Iven, Roman, and the crazy bitch in the suit. I'll throw in Lil' Charlie, too." He gave Nemo a look that said "no arguing" and turned his head back. He started yelling. "YO! CHARLIE! COME OUT HERE, YER LAZY SHIT! WE GOT A NEED FOR YOUR FAT ASS!"
: I don't think Camille is OP (maybe a little strong)
I've had some experience laning against Camille and the most frustrating thing is how ridiculously large her W and E radii are. This might be just me being bad but I feel like unless you have mobility there is no way you're going to dodge either which is absolutely retarded considering how much those abilities do.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Luduvika von Königsburg_** Sheldon gave Luduvika a funny look as she defended her attire. "What, this pass for military wear back where you come from? Heh, I'd like to see you folks in battle some time. I guess making the enemy laugh so hard they forget to shoot you is a valid if unconventional tactic." The man waved off Luduvika's offer of her coat to keep him warm. "Nah, I'll be fine. I don't really mind the cold. Even if I did, I could just go grab my coat or something. You see, that's why cold is better than hot. When you're cold you can at least put more layers on yourself. When it's too hot, there's only so far you can go before facing a very awkward talk with the Sheriff." At the house, the woman named Jenny tentatively shook Luduvika's hand. "W-Welcome, I guess. Please, take a seat over in the kitchen. It's the first door on the left. I'm going to _talk to my brother_." She cast a sideward glance at Stanley. Sheldon sighed, taking off his shoes and strolling towards the room in question. The house's kitchen was a small but cozy room with a dining table set out in the middle and one of the walls lined with cooking appliances and kitchen essentials. Sheldon took a seat at one of the two chairs at the table. In the meantime, there seemed to be an argument going on back in the doorway. "...Stanley, I don't care what he wants! You should be RESTING!" "Look, Jenny. There's no harm in just talking to him. It's not like I'm going to get worse from overexerting my ja- Augh!" "See?! You're in no position to be moving around! Get back to bed!" "That... That was nothing! Look, I'm going to go see what he wants and who that weird woman is. Then I'm going straight back to bed. Okay?" "Mgrrrr... Stubborn old mule! Fine, but I want to see you in your bed STRAIGHT afterwards. You hear me?" "Yeah, yeah, I hear you Dr. Point." Soon after that, the half-cyborg stepped into the kitchen. He shot a grin at Sheldon, leaning against one of the counters in the kitchen. "So, Professor Weems decided to leave his abode for once? I don't think I've seen you leave that shack of yours in years." Sheldon sighed with exasperation. "Yes, yes, I know. To be quite honest I'd much rather keep it that way but..." He cast a glance at Luduvika. "...Let's call it circumstance. Anyway, moving on from the japes about my antisocial nature I would like you to meet my companion here. Her name is... Well, actually I have no clue. But that's not important." Stanley yawned lightly, looking over to Luduvika. "Chief Inspector Stanley Point, pleased to meet you. You know... You don't look like a local. You come from the underbelly? Or one of the other city states?" He tilted his head. "By underbelly he means Zaun." Sheldon cut in. "And if she was, we'd most likely tell by the stench. Anyway, I'm here for some serious business that I'd like to get sorted out relatively quickly so I can get back to my mundane life of watching cartoons and pondering on the meaninglessness of life. So, let me get to it." He flipped around, thrusting his thumb at Luvudika. "This one here is apparently on the lookout for some weird girl with powers. I figured it's the same one that got away from Brightspark's research group. I know you guys over at the police have been sent to investigate, isn't that right? I was wondering if you knew anything more than us." Stanley sighed heavily, shaking his head. "I know what you're talking about, and I'm afraid I can't help much. We interrogated Seann Brightspark and his team, but we didn't get anything more than what's public knowledge. Girl with freaky powers escapes from lab after turning it all upside down. We do suspect that she's made it out of the vicinity of the city by now so there's no real telling where she could be." The detective frowned, suddenly planting one of his metal feet on the table Sheldon was sitting at. The scientist raised an eyebrow. "Didn't those used to be, er... More covered?" "Aye." Stanley nodded his head. "But we ran into some Zaunites nearby when we were doing extra checks. One of them... Was a tough bastard. Not entirely human, too. Whatever it was, with it those scumbags took out my entire squad save for Beckett and Taylor. She also ripped out my legs. I got these new ones, but they still haven't quite finished'em. I can walk about and all, but all the machinery's exposed. Not really safe, is it?" Sheldon frowned. "These Zaunites... Do you have any idea where they are now?" Stanley shrugged. "They managed to get me talking about what we did suspect of the girl's location. I think they're going for the Ironspike Pass. Then they're going to start searching around the main continent, I assume. What of it? Chasing those guys would be suicide. You're running straight to your deaths." "We're all running straight to our deaths, just at different paces." Sheldon retorted, turning to Luduvika. "Ultimately the choice is yours. Those Zaunites seem like our best bet for tracing down that girl of yours, even if following them to the Pass seems like an early grave." _**Zaun**_ Derek turned to Nemo, gritting his teeth as she refused to do what he said and started talking him down instead. "Listen here, I don't need any of yer lecturin'! Ya hear me?!" He then paced around, breathing heavily. However, he seemed to be gradually calming down. Derek stroked his mohawk a couple of times, taking slow and calm breaths. "Okay, okay Derek... You calm down now. Alright? Yeah, you're calm down. It's cool, it's cool." He nodded at Nemo. "That, er... Sounds good. Yeah, sounds good." He turned to the stranger. "Okay then man, you're lucky my friend here calmed me down or I woulda popped one in yer skull. Come on 'en, spit it out!" The man clasped his hands together, staking a step forward. "Wonderful! Some rational thinking at last! It's a shame that took a whole nine minutes and fifty seven seconds but nevertheless! Good on you!" He smiled, clearing his throat. "Well, before I begin I think it is prudent to introduce myself seeing as we'll be working together for the time being. My name is Nicholas Kristoff Streisemann, pleased to make your acquiantance." He bowed. The little buggy robot that was circling around his feet all the while drove forward, its' front camera tilting upward. "Oh and this here is my ever-faithful companion, the Helpful And Loyal Sidekick. Or H.A.N.S. for short. Quite ingenious little nickname, if I may say so myself. But enough of that, let us get down to business!" Nicholas raised a finger in the air, walking left and right whilst occasionally taking huffs from his cigarette. "So, here's the deal. Given your intelligence you're probably not aware that one of Piltover's olders families hosts a secret convention every year where the greatest minds of the city get together to show off their inventions in a completely uncontrolled environment. Away from the prying eyes of the Sheriff and those annoying little buggers we call "Humans with morals", you see. Because of the nature of this event, it happens quite a distance away from the city itself. In fact, there is a remote mansion some two days' march away from here. It belongs to the Piltover family in question, built specifically for the purpose of this fine get together." Nicholas stopped to clear his throat. "Now you see, I've been meaning to infiltrate this convention. I've caught word that there is an _incredibly_ fascinating little invention that will be put on show amongst some of the more exotic goods. A hyper battery of sorts. A little crystal capable of powering an entire city. Of course, such a marvel cannot go to waste in the hands of some pompous bastard, can it? I have fabricated all of the necessary identification and such to get in, but due to the.... Delicate nature of this quest, I am going to need some backup. Muscle power, as you would call it. I also require somebody that is capable of stealthily eliminating a guard or two if the need arises." He stopped, nodding towards Nemo and Derek. "This is where you come in, my honourable if not particularly smart companions! I require exactly four of your finest fighters to accompany me to this event. You will attend the event with me. If everything goes to plan we shall get in, make off with the crystal and it's all to the good. If anything bad happens... Well, your job is to cause as much of a ruckus as possible so that we may escape with our lives. Make no mistake, however. The security there will be of the highest level. If we do get into a full-scale fight, our objective becomes to get the hell out as soon as possible." "So!" He stretches his arms out. "Who is willing to accompany me on this noble undertaking?"
: I seem to remember some idiot on tumbler going so off their rocker that being gay was discriminating against women.
> [{quoted}](name=Saminus Maximus,realm=EUW,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=P03jUE7Z,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2016-12-30T22:35:37.432+0000) > > I seem to remember some idiot on tumbler going so off their rocker that being gay was discriminating against women. I mean yeah, it's tumblr. You expect that shit on there, just as you would expect people calling each other %%%gots on 4chan.
: New Uncle Ryze Splash is Offensive
: Today is Archduke Izana's birthday!
The problem with unit balance in Revelations is that for some reason even though you get twice as many units you still only get about 12 or so per map, and because there's literally no reason to use anyone over a royal that essentially leaves you with only 3 or so actual choices for other units.
Cynicatt (NA)
: why don't we just do away with all appreciation days and history months so that the various things people are or identify as or whatever the fuck don't ever feel left out.
> [{quoted}](name=Cynicatt,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=nWalOhEj,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-12-30T08:23:50.021+0000) > > why don't we just do away with all appreciation days and history months so that the various things people are or identify as or whatever the fuck don't ever feel left out. So much this. Why the fuck do we need to differentiate between white and black history, male and female appreciation?
: Is it racist if you have racial preferences you want or do not want in your partner(s)?
Fuck no. Who your friend sleeps with/dates is his business only, and noone else has the right to butt in and tell him that he's whatever-ist because of it.
: I'm uninstalling League
Rockman (NA)
: give it a lick
> [{quoted}](name=Rockman,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=BeP9aqgH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-27T05:24:18.452+0000) > > give it a lick it tastes just like raisins
ZaDahaka11 (EUNE)
: is it normal Yasuo beats Garen/Darius 1v1? arn't they suppose to be monster juggernauts?
It depends. Yasuo has enough mobility to dodge all of Darius' shit, dump a load of damage on him and then dash back out to safety. Rinse repeat. In a straight-up fight Darius and Garen dick him over hard though.
: How does one deal with Kayle?
Her early game sucks balls. There is no way a Kayle should be outtrading you if you get the jump on her. Her heal is almost nothing unless she maxes it (hint - she shouldn't) and it's devastating to her mana. She doesn't even have that great of a first back because you have to choose to either buy Stinger and have even worse heals + Q damage or buy Fiendish Codex and put up with sluggish and awkward autoattacks.
: Darius needs a nerf
> [{quoted}](name=toirimoto,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0OWFEBcq,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-26T06:07:21.892+0000) > > Don't need to explain. http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/300/390/e77.png
Not xPeke (EUW)
: I agree, tanks need to be more tanky. However if that is made possible, which it should, they should have their damage output reduced.
> [{quoted}](name=Not Xpeke,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=g2a0KNhE,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2016-12-26T15:18:45.100+0000) > > I agree, tanks need to be more tanky. > > However if that is made possible, which it should, they should have their damage output reduced. Reduced from what? Have you ever played a tank? Past early-game tanks do piss for damage to anyone that's not an ADC or a squishy mage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rossendale,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=GhPnelj9,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-12-24T20:17:09.174+0000) > > The issue I'm seeing in America at the moment is that professors are getting away with shoving in their political opinions into lectures instead of doing them god damn job. I don't care if you're a liberal, conservative, left-wing, right-wing or whatever the fuck, you're being paid to deliver your course content in an objective way, not to spout your personal agenda. one class in one college is racist OH NO ALL THE PROFESSORS ARE BRAINWASHING OUR YOUTH WITH THEIR LIBERALISM LORD HELP US ALL come back with that "issue" once you have some actual statistics to back it up
> [{quoted}](name=vfactor95,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=GhPnelj9,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-12-24T21:12:06.155+0000) > > one class in one college is racist > > OH NO ALL THE PROFESSORS ARE BRAINWASHING OUR YOUTH WITH THEIR LIBERALISM LORD HELP US ALL > > come back with that "issue" once you have some actual statistics to back it up >OH NO ALL THE PROFESSORS ARE BRAINWASHING OUR YOUTH WITH THEIR LIBERALISM LORD HELP US ALL I never said that so stop bullshitting. I just said that professors should be focusing on delivering their subject instead of delivering their agenda, and universities should not have biases when it comes to this sort of thing. http://www.collegeconfidential.com/admit/liberally-biased-professors/ 5 second google search. I'd like to mention that I didn't even search by "liberal" or "conservative" and I still got liberally biased professor sources first. I would bring up Jordan Peterson and Toronto but that isn't America. Bonus Round: http://www.cwu.edu/~manwellerm/academic%20bias.pdf (Click the little icon for pdf)
: Now Imagine if a college created a course called "The Problem With Blackness"
The issue I'm seeing in America at the moment is that professors are getting away with shoving in their political opinions into lectures instead of doing them god damn job. I don't care if you're a liberal, conservative, left-wing, right-wing or whatever the fuck, you're being paid to deliver your course content in an objective way, not to spout your personal agenda.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** "What, the ones that survived? Apart from Iven, the only found one other of the five missing ones. He crashed right on the outskirts of town. Had a pretty badly injured leg, but that was all. The squad disbanded after that. They all went their own ways." He shrugged, smiling at Nemo as she turned to leave. "Oh, I'd disagree. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you're the most important one here out of all of us." He told her as she left. Back at the front of the group, where all of the commotion was, Sarah surveyed the situation. "Oh, er... When I left, Derek was waving that gun sword thing around." She muttered, taking a stand beside the shapeshifter. Derek turned to Nemo, his face flushed red and furious, and pointed at the man resting beside his vehicle. "Nemo! Just the person I needed t'see! We're just walkin' along, mindin' our own business and then this guy comes outta nowhere and starts sayin' that we gotta do shit for him! I ain't fallin' for that crap! Nemo, go get'im!" He yelled. The man sighed, raising his hand. "I never demanded you do anything for m-" However, he was cut off by Derek loudly shouting. "SHUT THE HELL UP, ASSHAT!" Derek stomped the ground with his foot, breathing heavily. The man cleared his throat and spoke again. "As I was saying..." He resumed among the backdrop of Derek's swearing and shouting. "...I can perfectly remember what I said. I said it precisely five minutes and twenty-two seconds ago, and I merely proposed that your group and I strike a deal wherein you aid me in this little task and in exchange I give you a little bit more information about your quest. Well, at least that's what I was _going_ to propose if not for the loud-mouthed troglodyte who immediately started yelling over me." "YOU SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH RIGHT NOW, YOU TRICKSY BASTARD!" Derek screamed at him. "HOW TH'HELL DO YA KNOW ABOUT OUR MISSION ANYWAY?!" "Well... You were kind of talking about it whilst walking along. Very loudly, at that." The man sighed again, looking towards Nemo. "You're looking for a girl with incomprehensible powers that has escaped from a Piltover research facility, is that not so? I happen to know quite a bit about. All of that, and more, I would be willing to share with you. If you agree to help me out, that is."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Zaun_** Roman sighed heavily, squatting down on the ground. "It would be a better question to ask when I don't have to deal with this. Although, I can't really blame Iven... I don't think I told you about how he was part of the military, did I?" He put his suitcase down and flipped it open, rummaging through the contents. "Iven was originally from up above. Piltover, you know. He was never good with money even before he started drinking, so he mostly got by through freelance bodyguarding jobs and the like. He would also go to underground fighting arenas on the outskirts dividing Zaun from Piltover and take part in brawls for money. Kinda made a name for himself, even up above. So then the Pilties offered him a chance to actually make something of himself." He said, pulling out a vial of green liquid. He pulled out the cork and slowly poured some of the contents onto his hand, then rubbing it into his chest. "He got drafted into one of the Piltover fighter squadrons. You know, those fancy places they ride around. Turns out he was pretty darn good. Got a comfortable position in one of the high-ranking squadrons or whatnot. I don't really know the details, to be quite honest. But what I do know is that Iven's squdron got drafted into a trial run for soma kind of new fighter type. Blindingly fast, but with minimal sacrifices to firepower and maneuverability. It was gonna revolutionize aerial combat, apparently." When the last of the liquid was smeared onto Roman's body, the man sighed with content and put the vial back into his suitcase. "Of course, that didn't end up going so well. The damn things' engines ended up combusing in mid-air. Don't ask me why, I thought they do things the porper way up there with testing n'all. In either case out of the 12 in Iven's squadron two died, and five more went MIA. Including him. Poor guy landed right in the underbelly of Zaun." Roman looked down at the inebriated man. "He found out about the fate of his squadron soon enough. Fell into a depression, started looking to alcohol for the solution. Now, he's here. Getting him to go on this expedition was the least I could do. I thought... I thought maybe he could find that spark of life that made him love flying in the first place." Roman smiled lightly, looking over to the Zaunites. "But I shouldn't keep you up, Nemo. You're a pretty important person for this expedition. Go on, I'll take care of your things. And Iven." He would watch them go as Sarah led Nemo towards the front of the Zaunite mob. As they drew near, the shouting got increasingly louder. It also seemed to all stem from one source. As they barrelled past towards the front, Nemo and Sarah would see that this source was none other than their leader Derek. "Who d'ya think y'even are, ya fancy-pants smartass?! Huh? HUH?!" He yelled, waving his arms in the air. In front of him, some 200 metres away, was a strange contraption that looked like a round vehicle. It seemed to be haphazardly put together from random scrap and had bits sticking in and out of it. There was a large window at the front, and against the side leaned a man with a mop of brown hair and a small stubble. He was wearing jeans and a white office top, with a side bag slung across his shouder. He was holding a cigarette between two fingers in his right hand. He lazily cast his gaze over to Nemo, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, hey. Someone new come to have a chat? Gods me merciful, tell me that unlike this buffoon here you possess at least a modicum of capability to form rational thoughts?"
: @Riot: You Created the Game You Wanted and I No Longer Care
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
((It's okay, I honestly don't mind.)) **_Zaun_** "Sure thing!" Sarah started slipping past everyone on her way to the front of the mob. Surprisingly, she was able to slide in between the Zaunites and expertly navigate towards the shouting. Meanwhile, the argument seemed to intensify even more as additional voices joined the chorus of screaming and yelling. Iven groaned heavily. "Whazz all... T-Th'yellin' aboout?" The man complained. "Ish givin m... Me a... Headashhe..." He swung his arm upward to drink from his bottle again, but ended up losing balance and falling down in the snow. The snow was dyed a dark red as alcohol spilled over it. Suddenly, Iven started snoring. Roman gave a sigh and rubbed his hand across his face. Anna walked up to Iven, poking his head with her boot. "Is he dead?" She questioned. Augustus raised an eyebrow. "With how much alcohol he consumed, I wouldn't be surprised if he wa- Oh, look! It seems out friend is back!" He pointed towards the mob of people. Sarah emerged from it, panting heavily and with her hair scattered all over the place. "Okay... This looks serious." She got out in between heavy breaths. "There's some... Some guy... With this really weird vehicle. He... He's kind of blocking the way. Well, he can't really BLOCK the way but Derek apparently doesn't like him being there and they're arguing over something. It sounds like they're about to come to blows." She took a deep breath, staring at Nemo. "Oh, and one last thing. I... I'm not sure why, but I got the feeling that this guy knows what we're after. I'm not sure, it's just... This kind of cockiness about it. As if he knew something we don't." **_Luduvika von Königsburg_** "Oh sure you are, sure you are..." Sheldon grumbled as he did the laces of his shoes. His blush was slowly receding, but it was still very clearly there. "That's what everyone says. Oh Sheldon, I'm so sorry for accidentally eating your lunch! Sheldon? Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't notice you there! Oh my god, Sheldon, I didn't mean to spill that corrosive acid all over your new labcoat! I'm SO sorry!" He sighed bitterly, standing up and looking over Luduvika. In response to her question, he shrugged. "You look weird, and kind of stupid. But who cares? It's Piltover, everyone looks like that." He opened his apartment door and stepped through. "Come on then, I do need to lock up. It's funny, I care more about people coming in and stealing my television than I do about my own life. Isn't that strange?" After Luduvika walked out, Sheldon would lock the door to his apartment and lead her out of the block. They stepped out into the cold air, their breaths forming little puffs of frost. Sheldon, in his short-sleeved shirt, did not seem to mind at all. He led Luduvika across the streets of the town, going left and right along twisting turns and almost identical blocks of houses. However, the scientist always seemed to know exactly where he was going. They walked towards a large bridge connecting a wide gap between two parts of the city. As Luduvika stepped on, she would notice it was frosted over and slippery. "Careful now." Sheldon called out. "If you fall off, you'll land straight in the middle of Zaun. That's not really a place you want to find yourself in. Unless you fancy catching every single version of leptospirosis known to science and then a couple more." He seemed to be pretty sure on his feet despite walking casually and having his hands in his pockets. The man led Luduvika across the bridge and into what looked like an even more derelict version of town. Luduvika may have noticed that they seemed to steadily go _downwards_, slowly creeping closer to the dark undercity of the proud Piltover. Sheldon led them over to one of the few respectable-looking houses in the area. Respectable by local standards, that was, which meant as much as that it wasn't falling apart. He stepped forward, knocking on the door. When there wasn't an answer, he knocked again. Sheldon persisted with this behaviour until a really angry-looking, disheveled woman of about 18 years of age opened the door. "Who in the world is th- Sheldon?!" She winced, blinking a couple of times. "Out of all people... Why would you come pounding to our door in the middle of the night?" "Long, and not particularly pleasant story. Just like my life, really." Sheldon commented. "I need to see Stanley. Is he in?" "Stanley's asleep. Besides..." The woman coughed lightly, tears welling in her eyes. "He..." Sheldon raised an eyebrow. "What happened?" He asked, without changing tone whatsoever. The girl tried to speak up but nothing came out. At that point, a voice called out from further down the doorway. "Jenny? Who's that?" The girl turned around, gasping. Slowly, a man wearing nothing but boxers and bandages hobbled over to the door. He had a mop of black hair over his face, and from the hip down he was a mess of wires, cogs and half-finished plating. White bandages covered almost his entire torso. "Sheldon?" Despite his sorry state, the man was smirking. "You finally got out of your house? Damn, the world really is coming to an end." "Absolutely hilarious." Sheldon said without a hint of joy. "Could we come in? I have a friend to introduce and stuff to talk about." Stanley shrugged. "Come on in. Not sure why you couldn't have done this earlier, but since I'm awake anyway you might as well." Jenny gasped, giving him a stern glare. "No, Stan! You're suppose to be resting! You're still in no condition to even walk, let alone take in guests!" She said. Stanley waved her off, as Sheldon slipped past and took off his shoes. The red-head mentioned for Luduvika to come in as well.
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: Playing Katarina and Akali in top lane, results.
OP played against dumbasses. You might have a ranged ability or two but you're still melee, you need to get close to CS and almost any traditional toplaner will outtrade you at lvl 3. Unless they're a tank, but in that case they don't give a shit anyway because they'll just outscale you by lightyears out of the laning phase.
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
**_Luduvika von Königsburg_** Sheldon huffed, curling up tighter as he fixed his gaze on the hextech telly in front of himself. He was planning on politely telling the girl to leave the very next morning so that he could go about his very important business of contemplating the meaninglessness of life and watching more cartoons. However, at that moment the shameless succubus was suddenly onto him again. He yelped loudly, drawing back as the blanket was pulled over him. "H-Hey, hey, hey! What's this about?!" He yelled, his blush visibly deepening. "This is not appropriate in the slightest! Y-You're a guest in my house, get off me this insta-" He froze as the paratrooper started stroking his cheek. His hands were visibly shaking, and his tone took on a heavy stutter. "I s-swear... This is s-some sort of new j-j-jape from the h-heavens, isn't it. S-Sending a s-succubus over to taunt me, sounds t-typical..." He mumbled to himself, trying to turn his attention away from Luduvika. However, his desires seemed to take over as he stole glances at the paratrooper's almost naked form. "I'll h-have you know, I'm quite content with my life of c-cartoons and coffee! M-Maybe not so much being a prey to l-lady Fate, but I guess it had to fall on someone..." He tried slipping from underneath Luduvika but this only made it worse as he started pressing himself into her. Finally, he raised his hands and shouted out. "F-FINE! FINE, I'll help you! Just get off of me, you demonic soulstealer!" He slammed his hand on the chair. "I... I t-think I know where we can do. I have a friend- Well, maybe friend is a bit t-too much to say. I know someone who works in t-the police. He's a detective, I think. Maybe we c-could go ask him. We can go right now. He p-probably won't get mad for us coming in so late. A-And if he does, in 100 years we'll all be dead anyway so what does it matter?" As soon as Luduvika released him, the man would immediately leap from the couch and make a dash for the kitchen. After rinsing off his face in the sink, he would return and start putting on his shoes. "Come on, then. Since you've successfully seduced me into helping you, I might as well s-see what I can do." **_Zaun_** As the Zaunites packed up and marched on, Nemo's little group was just about ready to set out. Due to their delay they would take their spots at the back end of the rag-tag bunch of Zaunites, but they would be able to keep up anyway. Throughout the journey, Iven gave his own account of what transpired. "Apart from that whole thing with crazy girl over- OWW!" Iven yelled as Anna slammed her foot down on top of his. She stuck his tongue out at him and flipped her gaze around. Iven mumbled something before continuing. "As I was sayin', after that whole business with Valkyrie or whoever the hell nothing much really happened. We kinda walked a lot, and that's about it. As the girl mentioned, Captain Peacock wanted to make up lost time so he got us to march through the night. Some of the barbie dolls started whinin', but he shut'em up. If there's one thing I'll give to the strutting blue-head is that he knows how to keep people in line. Sorta." He produced another alcohol bottle and started downing it. He was already shaky on his feet. To the side, Roman gave an audiable sigh. "At least we appear to be leaving the mountains now." He said, looking around. That much was ture. The snow was merely up to their ankles by now, and the area started feeling a slight bit warmer. It was still pretty cold, but some of the Zaunites stopped visibly shivering with every step. As they carried on, the snow would disappear almost completely as the temperatures continued to rise. Iven, who by now was having quite a bit of trouble walking, suddenly smacked into Augustus' back. "Oi! Whazz'e problem?" He blurted out. Augustus turned around, frowning. "It appears we have come to a halt." He said. The blob of Zaunites had stalled temporarily, with people attempting to peer over each other's shoulders and the like. There was loud shouting coming from the front of the Zaunite group. Sarah stepped forward. "Hey, Nemo. Should we go forward and see what's going on? It looks like they might need your help."
: The Search For Lost Hope (Closed RP)
((I have not died, I swear!)) **_Zaun_** Iven was apparently completely oblivious of Nemo's pain, grinning like a madman whilst he reached into his suit and pulled out a bottle of alcohol. "This occasion calls for a drink!" He proclaimed, popping off the cap on the bottle and emptying it in one swig. Roman sighed heavily. "Every occasion calls for a drink with you." He shook his head, although a smile spread across his face. Anna looked up, grinning as her hair was ruffled. "Oh, we did some walking and that was mostly it. That guy who's in charge said that we gotta walk extra-long because of the time we lost in that storm. We had to walk way way into the night." She sighed heavily. "Then that guy with all of the flasks and all told us all about how that other girl stayed behind to save him and Iven and it was so heroic and then... Er, I d-don't know..." Iven groaned heavily. "Oh, I remember. She kinda freezed for a while, then started going off in this kinda pontificatin' tone about fightin' and chivarly and whatnot." Anna scowled at him. "That was Valkyrie, and she's very brave and strong and everything! And then you put her in cuffs! That was not fair!" Iven turned round, snapping back. "Hey! It was fine until ya pulled a bloody spear out of that damn hat of yours!" "So what? Valkyrie doesn't hurt people! Well... She does, but only bad guys!" Anna shouted back, sticking her tongue out at him. Roman gave an exasperated sigh. At that moment, someone else approached the group. "Hey... Er, can I talk to Nemo for a bit?" Derek, in all his mohawk and bare-shirt glory, scratched the back of his head. Iven's eyes narrowed, as he threw away his empty alcohol bottle. "Whaddya want, Derek? Come to poke more fun, huh?" He nodded his head at the man. Derek waved his hands in the air. "No, no! Nothing like that!" He said, surprisingly humble in his tone. "I just... Er.... Well, I wanted to say that it's good to have you back." He turned to Nemo, with a funny wince on his face. "And, er... If you wanna stop by at the front o'the group and er, give advice, or whatnot, I'd appreciate that. And don' worry aobut them others who were laughin' I'll make sure none'o 'em laugh at ya. So, er... Yeah." He gave everyone an awkward glance before jogging away. "We're gonna move out right about now, so get ready!" He called out as he was leaving. Iven blinked a couple of times. "...What?" He stated flatly. Roman raised an eyebrow. "Well... That's certainly a development in attitude." He noted. Sarah smiled lightly. "Hey, maybe he'll be nicer to you now!" She turned to Nemo, giving her a bright grin. Anna got up, shaking her cuffed hands about. "Come on, let's go! We should go up right at the front with them! It'll be fun!" She exclaimed. All around them, the Zaunites were already packed or in the middle of doing so. Slowly, the entire group started moving further down.
: Dont bruisers sound a little top notch top lane then? Just saying if they can tower dive you, take no damage, and deal a lot at the same time, doesnt that sound a little broken?
> [{quoted}](name=MyTeamIsDumbAF,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NaHq1AtE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-11-13T13:48:44.448+0000) > > Dont bruisers sound a little top notch top lane then? Just saying if they can tower dive you, take no damage, and deal a lot at the same time, doesnt that sound a little broken? That's an overstatement. Bruisers are tanky damage dealers, yes, but they won't deal as much damage as a pure damage champion nor will they tank as much as a dedicated tank. They're supposed to be like a middle ground between one extreme ({{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} ) and the other ({{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} ). With the whole towerdiving thing, it really is dependant on the bruiser and the champ they're trying to towerdive. Some champions are better at towerdiving than others, and likewise some champs are more suspectible to BEING towerdived.
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: I only saw negative campaigning this election
Pretty much.The main downfall of the liberals and Clinton's campaign was how out of touch they were with the working class. An undecided voter with a wife and two kids doesn't care about whether Trump said racist things not because he's bigoted, but because he has more pressing worries such as "Will I be able to find a job to provide for my family? Will I have access to afforable healthcare? Will I be able to pay for my daughter's college?". Meanwhile the left-wing Hillary voters resorted to calling everyone who didn't support Hillary racist, sexist homophobes thinking that this will somehoe earn them sympathy. On that note, blaming Trump's victory on white men and third party voters will only make it more likely that Trump gets another four years in the office. Fucking radicals.
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: kled straight nerf ?i dont understand exactly ?
I pretty much spam Kled non-stop, and this is FAR from a nerf. The 1 second delay for remounting was annoying and clunky as hell, I'll gladly take a decrease over some W nerfs.
: Why is every thread criticizing the assassin update immediately downvoted?
It's called people disagreeing with other's opinions, OP. Oh and PBE is for catching out game-breaking bugs, not balance. If you disagree, I'd like to remind you of the Juggernaut rework where PBE said that Skarner felt on the weak side. You know, the same Skarner who needed to be hotfixed within 24 hours of release because he had a winrate of over 60%.
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: Opened social media
> [{quoted}](name=Destaice,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=1k44cfyL,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-09T10:46:07.125+0000) > > Racism against whites > Sexism against males Silly OP, don't you know that you can't be racist against whites or sexist against males? You should probably check your privilege.
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