: Post ITT and I'll tell you what I think about you based on your rank and main
: I dodged a game
_proceeds to lewd the kitty_
: A message to riot: please change Zac back
zac and maokai are two of the really big like, there was literally no reason to even do a balance change on these chamions let alone a rework because they were the pinnacle of their class, while maokai is still maokai (admittedly i do miss the old ult and saplings) zac is just like, why. his old ult was way better imo, and a lot more fun to use (because you could ult then zhonyas) also i still miss old quinn
: Can we please stop buffing zed and other assassins by proxy?
i fucked around with a zed game today. kinda lose lane because against an irelia and i suck at zed. eventually just roam with duskblade and eventually storm blade thing. legitimately one shotting the enemy vayne and she can't do anything. this is fair and balanced.
Meddler (NA)
: Probably something on PBE today. We were looking at making plants briefly untargetable on spawn so that they didn't get immediately one shot by melee Zyra had rooted. Got some feedback from Zyra players that that removed their ability to spawn plants to stop skillshots however. Still looking at other approaches there. In the meantime we're testing increasing her root duration slightly at all levels (1.0-2.0, from 0.75-1.75).
see i really want mid lane zyra to be good but root duration will buff support more than mid
Rioter Comments
: isnt {{champion:17}} an assassin
> [{quoted}](name=undesirable team,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kT12kLyE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-26T01:32:09.333+0000) > > isnt {{champion:17}} an assassin no he's a juggernaut. also i would desire a nice furry loli bait female yordle
Xcion (NA)
: know what makes OFA so fucking boring?
hmm. didn't see sona or zed at all. don't think i saw veigar. played yasuo once, saw brand once, saw lux once. i played a fair deal of the game mode, not like a ton but a fair amount.
: Tips for Jhin?
pay attention to where minions are and how your q will bounce. if you get the right set up you can hit an unsuspecting enemy with a big q that killed all the previous targets, then with the recentish changes you can root the and either trade further or just have that poke. 4th shot isn't for starting fights as others have mentioned but since it always is a crit (and therefore you always get your movespeed on crit) it can be good poke, just be careful you don't take too much trade damage or get picked. Also get a feel for how much it does. There are many times an enemy is just a bit too low health and i've flash q 4th shot for a quick kill. something sneaky said during the pocket picks video when he talked about jhin about 4th shot. When you go to poke or trade with it, or try to kill a low health target. the common thought is to q then auto because 4th shot has missing health damage and that's how you maximize damage, but the thing is if someone reacts fast you might only get one of the 2 hits and since the 4th shot will do more damage overall it's more important to get that hit first instead of the q, and the q i think might have a slightly higher range anyway so it would be easier to still hit it if someone tries to run.
Juhachi (NA)
: Why did riot apologize about making Kai'sa? "overly sexualized"
well. first of all, sex sells. and second of all we have a girl who grows up in a place without clothing, gets a void creature to act as a body suit and molds itself to fit her body, like a skin tight suit, in order to be as efficient and effective as possible. i mean like ok maybe people are happy about her proportions but like it doesn't seem that unrealistic that if that's what her genes are then that's what she's gonna look like.
Briethe (NA)
: Can we go back to honoring people in the post-game lobby?
yeah that would be nice. i mostly dislike the time limit on honors. sometimes i play with someone i really enjoyed or carried and was cool and i'm like, i want to honor this person, but then i say get a ping in discord and i go to check it while post game lobby loads and i don't get back to the client in time.
: Should Teemo's Blinding Dart inflict Nearsight instead of Blind?
look i've played a lot of teemo. i love playing teemo. I want to keep the blind. Yes it's usually less useful but that nearsighted shit from quinn is one of the most infuriating mechanics in the game sometimes. The nearsighted would probably be stronger which means i as the teemo would do better than with the blind but i hate the mechanic so much that i don't want it on any more champions even if i'm the one playing with it.
Dezyrable (EUW)
: Around 85% of Zyra players play her support and this has been the case since S3, a lot of champions have shifted role from their release (Gragas, Nidalee, Kha'Zix, Quinn, Graves, Corki etc.), I'll be happy for you if Riot manages to change Zyra in a way that solves her issues midlane and doesn't affect her support role but expecting them to make Zyra a midlane-only champion because a minority of Zyra players complain about he current state doesn't make a lot of sense. Also please don't come back at me saying that Zyra was supposed to be a midlaner and so on, people have been playing her support for years and that's her role even in pro play.
part of the reason people play her support is because she doesn't function well in the mid lane anymore. if teemo for example suddenly got nerfed out of top lane and became a better mid laner i would play him mid not because i enjoy playing him mid over top, because in reality i don't care that much either way, but because i like the champion and want to play him and he functions better as a mid laner in that example. i'd even play him jungle or support or adc if that's how it went. That doesn't mean that he shouldn't ever be viable in top again just because no one would be playing him top anymore.
: Learn more: April Foods Event
621000 milliseconds. 621k 621 e621 riot is furries confirmed. ~~join us~~
: Meowzahar skin concept
i need this in my life
: SPEAKING OF QOLS Can Taliyah q on worked ground when she has enough mana for it but not when she isn't on worked ground? Currently if she has no mana and gets enough for the half cost of a single q she can't cast it until she gets enough mana for the full q despite being on worked ground.
if they started doing that there is a ton of other champions they would have to change to work that way. it's a refund not a reduction
: It's not the same passive?
it's the old morello passive. I think it's be nice to have a legend stat that works with ap's but i don't think percision secondary is necessarily bad because you can take presence and one of the bottom ones.
: Firewall
i get a popup every time i have a new program/game that wants to connect to the internet. it's just like hey do you want to allow this on public networks or not basically. Tbh i just ignore the popup but it is annoying that it's happening every patch. I suspect they changed some code here and there with the voice chat and open parties and stuff and that's why.
: Something Overlooked in the Guinsoo Changes
except from what i've heard it's still being calculated as bonus in game and the either it's bugged or the patch notes are wrong.
: Hi Captain Tea! I'm so happy you love her... This splash was done by the very talented Jana Schirmer, you can check our her art on ArtStation here: https://www.artstation.com/janaschirmer She's one of my favorite artists, and this is one of my favorite Irelias :D
my favorite part of the work is how it looks like an old photograph, admittedly with more color, but the edges and stuff make it looks neat
: 4 if you agree
i'd upvote. but i can't.
Reav3 (NA)
: Should be sometime in late April
i heard the login music for irelia and it sounds amazing. please pass on my love for it to the people who made it they did a wonderful job.
Raw (NA)
: Riot, I made you a honey turkey sandwich.
Sparkle (NA)
: I hear ya. We're going to be doing a pass on all the rune stats (sorry, this has to be Soon TM one b/c I don't have an exact date) to go through and see what's working and what's not. So adding, removing, changing the in game stats and end of game stats. Ravenous has by far been the most requested for stat expansion.
I would really appreciate that greatly. i like seeing stats.
: We're looking into some stuff that could make early game jungling involve a bit more risk taking than what's currently in the game. Not sure of what the output will be, but we're talking things like: * Early clear speeds * Healthiness of first clears * Sources of sustain in the jungle generally Since any of these things would likely be nerfs to the jungle position overall, we may also need to do some offset buffs to later in the game. Hopefully should have some more info soon.
If i may offer my thoughts on this. It'd be nice to see some of the meta junglers get nerfs to their early games so they aren't ganking constantly, but I have a few problems with that. First of all the camps quite simply won't respawn fast enough to support junglers if they are pushed to farm more than gank for whatever reason. But it's a difficult balance to strike on this one. Also if you nerf the early clears by making the early jungle stronger it will strangle anyone who isn't clearing well, _especially_ non-meta junglers. As it stands i can't really play anything off meta for fear of getting invaded and killed at my second buff. I don't like the current state of the jungle, how it affects things etc, but it doesn't really seem like it's an easy thing to fix. You decrease camp spawns and quick clearing meta junglers get stronger as well as stuff like shyvana. If you make the jungle harder it strangles the variety.
: We had done the one nerf to DH on Aram back in...December I believe, and recall that it changed it reasonably. Does it still feel completely over bearing to you guys? See below for a graph that shows some of the relative performance of keystones from back in mid January when I pulled the data as followup, not entirely sure what it looks like now, but suspect it's similar. The red bars indicate number of plays with the keystone, and the winrate% is well...winrate. Tons of nuance here though since it's not broken out by champs that might abuse it more (Ezreal, J4, Ekko as you mention). https://i.imgur.com/hdx7ii1.png
i took it on fiora in an aram game and managed to do over 10k damage from the rune alone. i'm not sure if it's *really super busted* but it could maybe be slightly out of line.
: QSS is a good counter, yes. It also cost a lot of gold, the skarner tax.
it's almost a win in and of itself to set the enemy team back by 1300 gold per person, especially in the early game when they desperately need powerspikes.
Vaermina (NA)
: The current ult may not makes sense, but neither does Quinn turning into Valor and having Quinn magically pop of nowhere when the ult ends doesn't make much sense either.
it never was magic to me. I always just looked at it as a tag out. she tagged out for valor, valor now goes around does stuff, when she tags back in she shoots down around them.
: Scaling Crowd Control
i don't think this is a buy and large solution to every cc in the game. But it does make sense in more cases than it's currently used.
excodar (NA)
: Why Does Getting More Essence of Blue or Red Kayn Lock Me Out of A Powerspike For 4 Minutes?
i don't think you should be able to fill the blue bar and turn red, but i do however think the lockout should be half the time it is, or *if* you can fill the other bar *before* the lockout would expire then you can just go to the other form. That's kind of how i originally expected it to be.
: I use the squiggly key (tilde key). It's out of the way while simultaneously being very easily accessible , and to top it off it's almost never used, so there's no accidental pushing while typing, etc. Imo, I don't believe there's a better PTT button on the entire keyboard. I wouldn't change other keys because generally speaking, I don't have to. It's a key that's really never used.
yeah, i too put it there. Literally nothing ever uses that key so it's a pretty safe bet that it won't interfere with anything.
: Removing Celestial Body is such a fucking unbelievably stupid decision IT HURTS
I really like celestial body, granted i don't use it on many champions but i'm not playing tanky champions that would benefit from the health more than the early damage hurts but it's a nice rune and it has it's uses.
Rioter Comments
: Bots are ruining ARAM
I keep seeing posts about bots in arams. But like i've played a few hundred at least since their inception, sometimes playing several a day if i felt like it, and i've never once seen a bot in aram. Is there something i'm missing?
Terozu (NA)
: Trash talking, actually is fine.
not gonna lie i do actually type "Thanks!" or something like that when someone grabs or throws me into the guy i was trying to kill and i just kill him. The only thing i really do that is potentially reportable/punishable is if i press a single button and kill someone, like syndra ult or veigar ult, especially when i miss half my shit on top of that, and then i just type "outplayed"
: You ever have that feeling when it's 20 minutes into a game
no, usually i've been 3 or 4 manned by their bot lane/jungle or the jungler has come top and dropped rift herald turning the lane i'm winning into 2 free towers i can't stop from falling. Even if none of this shit happens my bot lane will feed 10 kills in 10 minutes and anything i do in lane now doesn't matter. sometimes i wish i could live on an island lane again and not have to worry about my team hemorrhaging kills and map pressure while i slowly gain a lead and win the lane i'm supposed to win, or lose slowly and still be relevant.
: Wards win games.
Reav3 (NA)
: Shes pretty close to tier 1. She will likely end up on that list soon
: Urgot players trying to get honor level 3
: > [{quoted}](name=RottedApples,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QtrgJy9d,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-28T23:21:35.492+0000) > > except for competitive where it contributes to 60 minute low kill games. > > next week we will see the relic shield change and i think that will do a lot to help this, but hey stopwatch is a thing too, there are games where everyone has it. they are changing relic shield again?
the relic shield changes are already on live, it's with the rest of the support itemization changes, but competitive doesn't get stuff til a week after live
: Common Board Posters, Main champions list
it was teemo but i've just been bouncing around a lot. I do stay true to it for ranked though, the few times i play that. I also don't post much at all. just rarely here and there.
: Let's talk about everyone's favorite Demacian to forget - Quinn.
someone mentioned quinn and now i'm sad and miss old quinn.
: When you see a friend playing on a champion they said they hated
: As much as Stopwatch is a cool concept, i wish it would just get removed too. It just breaks the game at this point. They added it to stop snowballs by helping people survive burst once, but adding stopwatch did the complete opposite. The winning team can just sit on their unused stopwatch for when they really need it, while the team that fell behind has probably used theirs already. Stopwatch doesn't promote defensive play, it promotes aggressive play. Edit: Guardian Angel ran into a similar problem once, the winning team would buy it and would just sit on it, and since the defending team couldn't punish them properly, even if they burned a guardian angel, they'd probably get away.
except for competitive where it contributes to 60 minute low kill games. next week we will see the relic shield change and i think that will do a lot to help this, but hey stopwatch is a thing too, there are games where everyone has it.
Sparkle (NA)
: No worries dude, don't think it's an aggro question. :) I believe I actually read your topic as well. First, there have been a few other features 'in line' ahead of it, namely hiding preset pages (which has also had some popular request topics here on Boards) and fixing some major bugs. We only wrapped up those things recently. Secondly, we've been doing some data gathering to determine which of the two directions I mentioned we should go with (is the problem big enough to redo the entire selection or would better animations solve the problem?). Redoing the selection paradigm is actually super risky (changes to 'logic' have the most potential to generate very bad bugs like 'you don't get a rune page' or similar) so it's not something we would undertake lightly and it's worth it to figure out which one to roll with before investing significant time into either one. TL;DR It's not considered a minor problem, but it's been in line behind other 'major' work and we've also been gathering some data to understand which solution to implement
It would be nice if the rune i clicked was the rune that got swapped out instead of the first in first out stuff.
: Dont mind me.
the sylveon gif looks so weird when i open it and it shows the transparency blocks as the background.
: If you could sleep with any male champ, who would it be???
Rioter Comments
Thilmer (EUW)
: Confessions: skins you want for fanservice reasons.
: is dyrus having fun with league anymore?
like a week ago he said on stream he wasn't playing league until the season actually started.
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