: Broken friend groups
god riot what the fuck is this. i hope they fix this, it's really infuriating, at least i fixed it by doing the whole uncheck something and relog thing suggested here.
: Weekly Quests
yeah i also got this, is this some weird intentional thing?
: Ban system
while i agree that riot doesn't do jack shit about trolling and feeding intentionally and making games unfun by afking/giving up at like 4 minutes (hi korea server, please don't ban me for "Account sharing") and im sure it would cut down on some of the toxicity offenses. you still need to ban people for being dicks. but yeah i feel for you and riot does need to do *something*
: Rise of the Elements Pass
>higher quality >more emotes i'd rather get icons than emotes but i guess i'm in a minority.
Bread Pit (EUW)
: Can you guys add an HP Tear Upgrade?
only if i can get an AD catalyst item
Rockman (NA)
: Whats the word for when a yordle dates a human
do you think skin head would have a different connotation in that universe and be acceptable?
: If Senna is next, please don't treat her like Kassadin/Kai'Sa.
: Please Bring Back Old Aatrox
i do miss old aatrox, i miss when the passive gave free attack speed, i don't even really care if they remove the revive. But i don't hate the current aatrox, i mean he seems to be a pain to balance but i don't have him right now. What i want is old quinn back, where is my birb
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Slythion (NA)
: Dark Mode
i've only been seeing screenshots since i haven't let the installer run yet, i keep closing it every time it pops, but from the screenshots man it's just white and i don't want that.
Ulanopo (NA)
: Riot Cactopus makes an official statement about HKA and announcers
Riot is owned by tencent. i believe precisely none of this because of that fact.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 30
"Shrooms no longer detonate on Scuttlecrabs who aren't in combat. Makes keeping shrooms in the river much more practical." I don't know how many yes's i can give you without getting banned for spam but holy shit this is amazing, does this/will this apply to other traps down the line? (nid and jhin come to mind for example)
: Costum rune pages getting deleted every few days
this has been happening to me for months now. it just randomly resets everything in my client. please riot fix this it's so annoying, and i know friends have had this issues too.
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Le Tam (NA)
: You took away Irelia's shield breaking and now you want anti-class shield breaking back. Nice...
i wonder who will get aatrox's revive.
Naalith (NA)
: PSA: don't buy Little Legends when TFT releases, this pricing model is scummy even by Riot standards
good thing it's only cosmetic and therefore i don't really care. ¯\\__(ツ)__/¯
Rioter Comments
: Bug deletes runes, clears skins, and changes settings
i've had this happen every few days for a couple patches now. gettin real tired of this shit.
Nazarith (NA)
: All my rune pages got deleted..again
this has been happening to me in the last few patches. it's extremely annoying.
: Please Hot-Fix Yuumi!
counter point: don't hotfix buff anything days after release. this has happened a lot and has ended up making the champions broken once people learn them
: Rune pages being reset every time I log into the client
: Client Issues- Certain Settings Reset to Default, Losing Runes
This has happened to me at least 3 times in the last couple patches.
Jobriq (NA)
: Rune pages reset?
I've also had this happen a couple times recently
: Runes Resetting
I too am having this issue. it happened back at the last patch and then today just now even though i already updated and played on the current patch without any issues.
nelogis (EUW)
: Game affecting Warwick bugs that would be really cool if they finally got fixed
can you confirm if the ww standing still bug still happens in the last few patches? I know there was a bug a short while ago that caused champions to stand still and not auto as well as a couple other instances besides that causing them to stand still. i'm wondering if this was also fixed then.
: the client is re-downloading the game
i've had the client closed mid patch before and it's had to redownload everything. Unfortunately i think you might be fucked and just have to sit through it, that's what i did. I'd suggest leaving it up while you sleep if it's going to take a long time.
Rioter Comments
: If they do what they did with the Graves guy you're going to lose that name but get the champ and skin for free.
i think they also let you change your name for free too
: Yuumi Abilities
hello abathur, i've been waiting for you to come to league
: I'm actually crying thinking about old league.
: We Are Number One, but it's played by Orianna
how many attempts does it take you to do this and not fuck up. oh wait i read the description of it. i expected it to take a bit longer tbh gj
: Pretty sure Riot's whiteknighting literally just made things worse for female gamers
also from what i heard they were no stranger to doing multi support comps which gives someone even more of a reason to ban several supports.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
2 major concerns. First: you say "Consequently, he won’t get AS for free when leveling up" i assume that's specific to the stealth since you mentioned it specifically but i want to double check you aren't taking away his normal AS scaling, as one of the champions on the higher end of base attack speed it would feel really fucking bad to do that. Second: The passive does not mention the ap ratio that the poison currently has, is that being removed? I'm not sure if it will be strictly necessary if you have other poisons on the target but it's not insignificant. Other thoughts Part of me wishes the increased damage to shrooms based on level up was given as increased amount of tick time. The slow wouldn't even need to be increased. This would encourage liandries as an option to build into shrooms specifically. liandries is good on teemo because of the shrooms but increased tick time but reduced overall damage would let liandries fill the gap so they could still be dangerous but only if you built specifically towards it, that said most teemo's build liandries every game so it wouldn't change much and the point of that change would be null and void. A while ago when items changed and i was playing him more i was messing with some builds, still was not a fan of standard shroom build at the time, i was doing a kinda assassiny build for fun, lowering the base damage and the ratio on q will kinda ruin that probably but i don't think that's a bad thing. I haven't played teemo as much as i used to but i've been swapping between on hit and shroom based builds. I'm thinking on hit might be stronger at least later if not in lane, shroom might be weaker though with less damage in the shrooms, they are harder to kill sure but most of the time if someone hits a shroom they just wait and back in place, if i'm losing damage with no real gain i will just get less kills. holding more at once is nice but if you were efficiently using them before it's not a buff.
Trestles (NA)
: This isn't even a new idea, it's amazing to me that Riot doesn't have a system like this. Imagine if you had to buy clothes without trying them on...skins are basically the same thing for your champion.
well you do have to buy stuff before trying it if you purchase from an online vendor. but most if not all of them have some sort of return policy
Rioter Comments
Jo0o (NA)
: Five Critical Improvements to Riot's Behavioral System (from somebody who has never been punished)
i generally agree with these. a couple of points though. I think number 2 and number 4 overlap. If people are offered a chance to reform by warnings before getting their chat restriction then i think it's fair to drop their honor level some. I've never had this happen to myself so someone should tell me, do you drop all the way to 0 at that? i think dropping all the way to 0 might be a bit much. On the other hand if you don't drop honor level on that first punishment tier then that is the warning (which is essentially how riot treats it now, the behavior team has said that the chat restrictions are the warnings towards bans) if the chat restrictions are warnings, then the first one shouldn't take away honor to 0. The other thing, if point number 2 became a thing, maybe just remove the 10 game chat ban in favor of either just the 1 or 2 25 game bans, or even say a 15 game ban. As far as number 1 i mostly agree, i think even if it was a change that was made as a strictly visual change that would be good, meaning it wouldn't be any faster or easier to go from 1 to 2 as 0 to 2 but it would feel better than going from 0 to 1 and realize you still need more to be honorable.
: The anti hack crasher crashed me twice but nothing has changed
yeah i had this happen to me in my last game. kinda sucks being pretty strong but teetering on the edge of losing and then just getting crashed out twice. All i have is discord, various system processes and a couple programs that help manage computer performance running. i don't see what could possibly be pinging it since it's been *several* patches with no issues prior to this
: From the AkaliMains subreddit
now i miss old quinn again. but yeah i know full well that akali is at a very low win rate but i keep banning her anyway because she just isn't fun to play against with that shroud.
: "You have three chances to see Loot Teemo or you can't get the token."
correct me if i'm wrong but i think it's 6 chances since i had a loot veigar game and it counted.
: Patch 8.22 notes
hey i like the graves skin a lot. just needs to look a bit dirtier and dustier in game. looks really clean and after looking at the splash art that doesn't seem right. but i love it otherwise.
: Karma Gameplay Change Preview
i see it being mentioned some, but what about mid lane karma? I mean tbh i don't think these changes are really going to do much to her, just kind of help her in support role. Infact front loading more of her mantra q damage, while i think it takes away from some of the "skill" and more importantly risk, of running in, using w, then sticking to an enemy potentially taking some minion agro, so that when you use the mantra q it hits right before they get rooted then they are forced to take the 2nd hit, while it takes away from that since the damage gets front loaded more making that second amount less important/impactful it would make her a safer and probably more effective pick mid overall. And the heal scaling with AP is also good for mid lane karma since she will get bigger heals to stay in lane longer than a support karma would. But given that we've been promised a champions mid lane viability will remain in tact _cough_zyra_cough_ and they haven't and there's been absolutely no follow up on that, I want to make sure that you guys are actually going to keep said viability in tact.
: Post ITT and I'll tell you what I think about you based on your rank and main
: I dodged a game
_proceeds to lewd the kitty_
: A message to riot: please change Zac back
zac and maokai are two of the really big like, there was literally no reason to even do a balance change on these chamions let alone a rework because they were the pinnacle of their class, while maokai is still maokai (admittedly i do miss the old ult and saplings) zac is just like, why. his old ult was way better imo, and a lot more fun to use (because you could ult then zhonyas) also i still miss old quinn
: Can we please stop buffing zed and other assassins by proxy?
i fucked around with a zed game today. kinda lose lane because against an irelia and i suck at zed. eventually just roam with duskblade and eventually storm blade thing. legitimately one shotting the enemy vayne and she can't do anything. this is fair and balanced.
Meddler (NA)
: Probably something on PBE today. We were looking at making plants briefly untargetable on spawn so that they didn't get immediately one shot by melee Zyra had rooted. Got some feedback from Zyra players that that removed their ability to spawn plants to stop skillshots however. Still looking at other approaches there. In the meantime we're testing increasing her root duration slightly at all levels (1.0-2.0, from 0.75-1.75).
see i really want mid lane zyra to be good but root duration will buff support more than mid
Rioter Comments
: isnt {{champion:17}} an assassin
> [{quoted}](name=undesirable team,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kT12kLyE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-26T01:32:09.333+0000) > > isnt {{champion:17}} an assassin no he's a juggernaut. also i would desire a nice furry loli bait female yordle
Xcion (NA)
: know what makes OFA so fucking boring?
hmm. didn't see sona or zed at all. don't think i saw veigar. played yasuo once, saw brand once, saw lux once. i played a fair deal of the game mode, not like a ton but a fair amount.
: Tips for Jhin?
pay attention to where minions are and how your q will bounce. if you get the right set up you can hit an unsuspecting enemy with a big q that killed all the previous targets, then with the recentish changes you can root the and either trade further or just have that poke. 4th shot isn't for starting fights as others have mentioned but since it always is a crit (and therefore you always get your movespeed on crit) it can be good poke, just be careful you don't take too much trade damage or get picked. Also get a feel for how much it does. There are many times an enemy is just a bit too low health and i've flash q 4th shot for a quick kill. something sneaky said during the pocket picks video when he talked about jhin about 4th shot. When you go to poke or trade with it, or try to kill a low health target. the common thought is to q then auto because 4th shot has missing health damage and that's how you maximize damage, but the thing is if someone reacts fast you might only get one of the 2 hits and since the 4th shot will do more damage overall it's more important to get that hit first instead of the q, and the q i think might have a slightly higher range anyway so it would be easier to still hit it if someone tries to run.
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