: Dont mind me.
the sylveon gif looks so weird when i open it and it shows the transparency blocks as the background.
: If you could sleep with any male champ, who would it be???
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Thilmer (EUW)
: Confessions: skins you want for fanservice reasons.
: is dyrus having fun with league anymore?
like a week ago he said on stream he wasn't playing league until the season actually started.
Wanfear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mirrormoth,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IkATM3ds,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-01-15T16:37:49.617+0000) > > Calm down. She has a 53% winrate not 100%. 53% sounds pretty high for a hypercarry in a meta where lategame is rare.
I remember the lcs casters making jokes about kogmaw hitting his late game powerspike after 1 item. I feel like the same logic is applying here
: I just single-handedly cost my team a game in champ select.
i mean if you banned her your adc probably would have just trolled you.
Bârd (NA)
: Zoe counters
fizz isn't untargetable long enough to negate the sleep. if he gets hit by the bubble he will get hit by the q. vlad might be long enough, the other two listed definitely aren't. You have to dodge the bubble if you want to dodge the damage, it's that simple. The morgana interaction pisses me off. I wouldn't mind if I could still get hit for the true damage if i shielded after the bubble, fizz ult for example will still deal damage if i shield after it hits someone, but it won't knock the target up if i do that, so why do i go to sleep from zoe. These spells basically act the same way, but are treated completely differently.
: Its too snowbally Damage is too high Games are too short ADCs Duskblade/assassins Defense is too low Mobility creep and the Greatest mistake Riot made before the new runesystem: LEATHALITY!!! You have no clue how leathality ruined the game. It actually single handed removed one of the best strategic parts of the game. Think about it, a lot of the lategame and early game aspects of the game disappeared right after leathality was added to the game. A lot of early game champions stopped falling off lategame, and almost all lategame champions started carrying early.
my issue with lethality is they keep trying to buff it back up for some reason. It was released in a broken state and that's *kinda ok* it's hard to get a real feel for how it affects the game from pbe data. They nerfed it, kinda hard tbh, but it was in a reasonable state and it sat there for a while, then they basically buffed it back to release levels for no reason and duskblade got changed. I'd like to go back to a pre-lethality world, it was a nicer time as a whole. I also kinda liked ghostblade a little more for the attack speed from the active it used to have.
: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
I don't feel like I have any impact on the game. I like to play top but that doesn't have an impact on the game, i can feed and it won't matter, I can win lane and it won't matter, if it's not because of the bot lane inting it's because the enemy jungler shows up, drops rift herald, and i lose 2 towers. When i play jungle I don't feel like I can actually gank anything most of the time. When i play support I feel like i'm in a 1v2 lane, when I play adc I feel like i'm in a 1v2 lane. If i'm not then usually theres some assassin that makes me or the adc irrelevant and useless. Sometimes when i'm mid I feel like I have power over the game, but I've been playing so much brand lately and I can literally int in lane and stomp teamfights later with him.
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Fearless (NA)
: It was very satisfying, but it has a ton of overlap with other defensive options, most clearly locket. We're not saying we won't look to offer some defensive options in the future, but if and when we do, we'll be giving power that has a bit more uniqueness or interaction to it. FOTM right now is one of the larger contributions to shield stacking problems, and has some of the least interesting build impacts and gameplay.
it's more interesting and skill based gameplay than locket, and in basically every situation has a smaller shield than locket, is bought less than locket, since it's melee focused, not melee specific, but ranged supports like karma and nami don't get relic shield. Ok it has a 30 second lower cd, but locket is far worse for the shield stacking problems than face.
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Yes, we'll be testing it out as part of the upcoming AP item pass. Not guaranteed it will be a part of that, but if not we will try to bring it back somewhere else. We'll also be looking for a way to bring back Talisman/Reverie. We will be monitoring tank supports to see if they need a way to defend an indivudual ally in addition to Knight's Vow.
shurelya's reverie is a name i haven't heard in a long time.
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
I swear to fucking god talisman better be coming back in a support item that i can buy and feel good about buying early. That active is my favorite of all the support actives we have and it can be a very powerful tool at times.
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: and despite no proof of this, you're complaining and people are upvoting. Also, why does anyone care about the one game a guy does a troll build?
go look at probuilds for leblanc, saintvicious was doing this, shiphtur has a game with it. admittedly they got buried some but the games are there. Voyboy was playing it on stream for a bit, idk if he still is because i don't watch streams much but it should still be in the vods, whole streams were titled "ad leblanc top"
: So, in 10 days season 8 will start, let's judge the keystones
dark harvest seems pretty toned down to me compared to feral flare/devourer. I actually think that if dark harvest had better support for dps, like an attack speed bonus for going precision secondary, or something like that, it would scale faster in bot lane and be desirable on certain adc picks.
: We do smaller surveys too! Single champion surveys are actually quite common, especially if it's someone we just reworked or something similar. We actually run a LOT of surveys on a variety of topics (because as you say all players come to the client), but we spread them out between a lot of players. As an individual player you're unlikely to get a ton of survey questions in a row, more like one every once in a while.
one every year has been my experience. I know you guys do surveys, but i seriously have only ever gotten a handful of questions in the many years now that i've played league. I don't want to be flooded by questions, no one wants that, but i feel like you could be doing a better job of it.
: [0.2] Boards Enhancement Kit - November 26
christmas is over so i should change my avatar. https://i.imgur.com/5x33ypa.gif please and thank you <3
: Just tried to pass kindness test
: [Black Skeletons](http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/undead/skeleton-medium/skeleton-black/) are better then [White ones](http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/undead/skeleton-medium/) Ching Chang [Chow Chow](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chow_Chow) Hitler may have done some terrible things, but you've got to give him credit for killing Hitler.
[White dragons](http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Blue-Eyes_White_Dragon) are better than [Black dragons](http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Red-Eyes_B._Dragon)
: So Fizz is a yordle?
it's ok because that also means he's vastayan apparently. seriously is like everything that isn't human/void/ascended just referred to as a vastayan? It feels like a huge catch all category, makes me think that there is a sort of racial inequality in their world in that humans are superior race and everything else is just vastayan. I don't mind this, it almost makes sense, but for the sake of lore there should be at least some kind of scientific fact to what the characters are somewhere at least.
: Can Evelynn charm not mute the whole game for no reason?
hey just remember, if you play eve you have to deal with game audio being muffled basically the entire time you are in stealth. talk about an infuriating mechanic.
Saïx (OCE)
: No-Idea-How-Popular Opinion; Ezreal should be retuned to be a Mage
you can have a physical damage mage. Varus and jhin are pretty good examples of that. But i see your point. I'd be curious to see what would happen if people say, removed his passive and replaced it with something a bit more fitting for an explorer/spelunker, like gold gen, vision, idk, and then give his w an ad scaling while tuning the rest of his scalings and see what happens. In my mind he's able to build both ad and ap and be the same mage he is now. But this could get convoluted very quickly and i don't want a minigame passive. At the very least taking a little power out of auto attacks by not having the attack speed steroid could be good for him.
: AP Shaco: A Year in Review
i do think adaptive ability damage for 2 shiv fits shaco very thematically as well. Ideally this is something that happens in other cases, but on shaco it just makes sense. He's an evil jester, he should be able to fuck with you, change his damage type to suit the situation.
: I'm Having a Hard Time Finding a Good Jungle Keystone & Rune Set
amumu can probably use aftershock pretty well. Jax is definitely a PTA user, yi can do it, cowsep was messing around with glacial augment, seemed really useful for early ganks/invades, and helps a bit later sticking to people.
Morrider (NA)
: A Clear and Calm Opinion on This ARURF.
i just want to play jhin. just give me jhin and i'll be happy. he's not even op in this game mode, just give him to me.
ChuShoe (NA)
: 1. are you talking about at the start? because typically, teemo's adaptive shield for camille is physical damage at the start too. I think the base ad is just higher than what you scale into. If not than that's mega weird 2. Any damage will reveal teemo shortly, you just can't use targeted abilities/attacks on him when he's invis. Also, leblanc grants true sight. 3. Nid's cougar form will do her ap damage but not all of it. Similar to how teemo's ap from his E will go through counterstrike 4. Hecarims charge is a displacement as well, not all damage will be negated similar to nid's cougar Q 5. Gromp's AA do some magic damage as well, similar to nid's Q and teemo's E on abilities like counterstrike. Same with ez's Q.
riot made a blanket change to blind/dodge/block affects that they were to block the auto *and* the associated on hit effects. if these are going through the blind then it's a bug. I'm fine with the hecarim still having a knockback but the other stuff shouldn't be happening.
iPav (NA)
: Teemo bugs/patch 7.24b
here i thought gromp just did guaranteed damage to whatever it attacked. This has been a long standing bug then.
Nayzumi (NA)
: Can't even be bothered playing this years Urf mode, I can see why people are bitching.
bullshit you haven't seen a tank. i'm seeing warwick volibear and olaf running at people with righteous and destroying everything.
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: Died to most: Yasuo, Killed most: Yasuo
mine was also yasuo and yasuo.
: Some things have no real purpose
{{champion:20}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} yeti won't win games, but yeti gonna fuck ur shit up
: Why is the CDR on Nashor's Tooth and Morello unique but not Black Cleaver or Trinity Force?
it isn't hard to hit 40% cdr as an ap champion. Even if all the cdr giving items had it as a unique passive that wouldn't change anything since you can buy 2 different items with it and it will still stack as long as the unique passive isn'tnamed. The only thing it does is stop people from buying multiple cleavers with transcendence which isn't really that good anyway.
Vei (NA)
: Well, I just built a new computer
i feel you. if i get a nice computer i will probably download warframe day 1 and play on maximum graphics. ~~that and i need to keep up the logins for whatever the next reward is~~
: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
https://i.imgur.com/J21JfkN.jpg[/img] laughing fish please you must be careful in this world.
: Except now she can't put 3 points into W for the laning phase against cancer lanes, plus her laning phase is worse. She doesn't buy CDR outside of Nashors early game, so she is still forced into Transcendence to reach 30. Plus, she builds Essence Reaver 4th item now getting max CDR + 40 AP (or 60 AP if Ionian).
if she still goes lucidity she doesn't need transcendence for 30% cdr since nashors is 20. or she goes transcendence and gets different boots if she wants.
Weedbro (NA)
: Grasp reverted, BC reverted, scorch nerfed by 10 damage starting, nerfs: kayle, mf, leona
yeah the AD per level nerf is gonna suck for kayle, but i think the cooldown change is actually a bigger buff than it looks. at max level you only need 30% cdr to have 100% uptime now instead of 40%. so she can take celerity now, or get sorcs/zerks instead of cdr boots.
Cucoo5 (NA)
: [I took ancient coin all the time because I couldn't last hit](https://imgur.com/a/mJxu9)
hey i used to rush runaans on teemo every game when i was new. That was way back before runaans had crit on it though so coin didn't exist.
: I built warmogs first on Twitch. I'd ult minion waves as Twitch. I thought a shaco was hacking for having 2 versions of himself. I thought Aatrox was a viable champion. I built the old corrupting potion on Aatrox, even though he was manaless, because I thought it was worth it.
i remember another new player i played with back when i started who would get 4 thornmails and then 2 of the same mr item that i can't remember what it was, as his only items on Jax. Seemed decent enough back then.
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
look i'm telling you 6 stinger attack speed cho'gath is legit.
: Ok! Let's do this! (This is my other specialist subject, that isn't maps.) Not sure how much I'm allowed to say, so what I'll do is call out the lines in your list that are a bit off. * shurima founding (my starting point) * aurelion visits runterra again (he saw the construction of the sundisc in his Story) * Doom of Icathia (since Setaka died on the eve of Icathias Doom and Setaka was ascended) * ~~great void war (guess, but it is a probable reason that the doom of icathia was the reason)~~ * ~~creation of vastaya ("The vastaya’s origins can be traced back to a hidden corner of Ionia where a group of humans fled in escape of the Great Void War.")~~ * _(Think much earlier for these.)_ * fall of shurima (millenia ago) * darkin wars (after fall of shurima confirmed boards) * Morde gets his empire (in his bio its said that he has existed for countless centuries) * Morde falls * ~~the freljordians are enslaved by the Watchers (in lyissandras lore it happened centuries ago)~~ * ~~watchers are defeated (lissandra said it happened Generations ago)~~ * _(Again, think earlier for these. Also while Mordekaiser ruled with his iron fist for a long time, the time between his fall and the founding of Noxus was pretty short!)_ * Noxus founding (confirmed after fall of Morde) * Rune wars (after darkin wars confirmed board) * Demacia founding (confirmed after rune wars in Galios bio) * ~~Ruination of the blessed isles (~100 years ago, confirmed by Yoricks short story)~~ * _(Earlier. While Yorick said he hadn't seen people in a hundred years, that doesn't mean that A) the Ruination was the last time he saw people, or even B) that the story is set recently.)_ * Rise of Shurima I know your pain though - I have a painstakingly assembled 458 entry spreadsheet for this sort of stuff, sortable by region, champ, date, age confidence level, player-facing-ness, etc. Took me weeks. Internally quite handy though - and I think my cheerful color coding makes it slightly more approachable :) This is about the point where folks get annoyed with me and go "Well if you know, why don't you just tell us, gosh darn it, Bioluminescence!" Fair point. Working on it, same as the map. Sorry. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
You know i've wondered, how many vastayan are actually truly vastayan? It seems like it's being used as a catch all term for anything that isn't human/ascended/from the void, which is a fair and diverse chunk of the roster. It makes me wonder if the humans are being ignorant and using it as such, if theres racial inequality between the humans and the non humans, somewhat like history in our world. I just find it strange.
: Wrongfully suspended and punished for Elo Boosting
riot usually isn't wrong, but they can be. Your argument is reasonable, i don't buy the whole, every single game was streamed, thing but the idea of boosting a silver to silver seems stupid, and that in and of itself should flag someone to double check it. I guess i'll just upvote it and hope a rioter responds.
: I mean the whole keybinding part sounds fishy to me. It doesn't make sense that you changed the keybindings in-game unless you're replacing flash with another summoner spell, you won't need to change it at all. If you play with flash on D you would need to only change the summoner spell on F so why did you change flash in the first place? Also, you do realize Riot can check Ip addresses and has bots that record your play style so if it changes in a day or so it red flags it.
if the games were on the old client he hit the "choose both spells" button or whatever it was, hit heal then flash, didn't realize it meant they were in the wrong order before the game started, so he fixed it by changing the keybindings in game.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Bird Jg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=T6weEugg,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-12-09T02:52:37.578+0000) > > I have never shared the account, and no I also didn&#x27;t buy it. I&#x27;ve been the only person to ever play on it. Never? Now... I dont believe that. While you have hundreds of games with flash on D, from time to time, games like these pop up where your summoner spell changes place to F. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2419082291/47834247?tab=overview Thats often sign of account being shared. Even your name was different back then
ehh i don't really 100% believe the whole summoner spell thing. I always keep flash on D because that's what i'm used to, but by the same logic i have some questionable decisions regarding summoner spell placements when i don't have flash at all. If i were to run ghost ignite i'd have ghost on D, but if i were to run teleport ignite i'd probably put teleport on F. Ignite smite, ignite on D, smite on F, snowball/ignite in aram, snowball on D ignite on F. I'm hilariously inconsistent when I don't have flash.
: So Morgana's winrate went from 52% to 60%
i mean i looked at the changes on the pbe and thought they might be a bit strong. But i'll happily play freelo for now, i do like the champion, and the possible drain tank playstyle might be interesting to look into.
: 14 day ban for asking the flaming support who he said Kys to...
looks pretty innocent tbh. I normally reserve judgement until tantrum/someone shows up to smite people, but can't really argue with a screenshot as much as you can with copy pasted (and possibly edited) logs.
: Yeah, I had to do this today too and it was suuuper slow. I'll check around and see if we've got any plans to streamline the process.
even if it's not this event, just streamlining it for future events would be nice. Also if like say you craft a skin or or two from an event then you have enough essence for 2 key shards or a champ orb and you opt for the key shards since you own all the champions or something like that. Then it would be nice to craft both at once.
: Riot has changed in a bad direction
Zed genius (EUNE)
: {{champion:90}} me malz me smart me int me press r me win me climb hehe xd ^ | actual malzahar main quotes
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