: Game client doesn't open after champion select. Locks me out of game.
Oh, sweet! Queue'd up for another just to test it, and this time the client had the decency to give me a critical error bugsplat notification within the millisecond of pressing the "reconnect" button. Why am I playing this game again? When I could be playing all of the other games on my computer that arent filled with bugs and don't make me as angry? Oh, right. Cause I spent too much time and money on League to leave, and I'm expecting issues to be resolved within a decent amount of time from a company that's easily making six figures a month.
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Dealing with this same garbage currently. And no response from Riot or any helpful solutions from other players who have experienced the same thing.
: Cant get into game
I'm getting the same issue currently, and no post that i've searched for has given any form of solution. Riot, help please?? I'm not trying to get flagged as a leaver because the client is being shitty.
: Champion Mastery coming to live soon!
I wish they'd make it so you'd have to have a certain number of champions mastered to be able to play ranked. Maybe not mastered all the way, maybe rank 6 or something. Just gives people time to learn a role and champion, and feel comfortable instead of just jumping into a match. I know people who have smurfs may not like this idea, cause it means they'd have to play extra games in order to start ranking up... But i feel it might benefit the community more.

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