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: You could similarly argue that the grievances caused by skins like steel legion lux in the past were minor as well, yet those skins were banned from competitive play. If there exists a set of skins that are considered too much of an advantage to be legal in competitive play, I find it perfectly reasonable that there can also exist skins that are a competitive disadvantage. Both are a result of visual changes to skin VFX. When you look at SG Janna's ultimate on its own, yeah it's not a big deal. When you consider how that VFX looks in a noisy team fight, it's problematic. In any case, it's enough of a problem that I refuse to use it in a ranked game. Whether you find it petty/minor or not is your personal opinion, but if Riot acknowledges skins can be competitive advantages, there definitely can exist skins that are competitive disadvantages.
I thought they were only banned because they were too noisy for spectators (and possibly the players) to see what was happening, not because they gave an advantage to the player. Or if they were too different from the original which might confuse spectators. Wasn't Steel legion Garen also banned? I'm pretty sure that skin's particles was much more noticeable than the original and would probably be considered a disadvantage. Anyways, Janna's tornado isn't meant to be hidden. It just happens to be older and thus blends in with the background more. Rather than change the skin's tornado to be less visible, it should be other way around. If buffs are required, then so be it. As for her heal, I wouldn't mind it being a bit more visible but in professional play, how hard is it to say that you're healing? If it was in a middle a busy team fight and for some reason you feel like it's best to stay quiet, they should be able to see that it's there after the knock back. Edit: Forecast Janna should be changed though (but again, the tornado isn't supposed to stay hidden).
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I first saw a lot of jokes regarding the loss of Graves' cigar. Then the number of cigar jokes was everywhere, so I read myself up what the story behind it was. A total BS reason, I discovered. But the cigar jokes were neverending, and so I ventured to fix it so they could shut up about the loss of his cigar. Took me 3 minutes: http://oi65.tinypic.com/wcib5u.jpg _There's even a custom skin, using the old Graves model, pre-cigar loss, for those wanting to take it all the way._
Graves never had a cigar in his model lol.
Roaranor (NA)
: I'd rather them replace thornmail with Infinity Edge, and just give a buff that says you are receiving bonus defenses because it is tutorial mode.
Rioter Comments
: Difference there is that Alpha client actually exists and has full intentions of coming out. Magma Chamber was: A.) A concept art for a 6v6 that never happened or B.) A 1v1 map that was drastically inferior to HA for 1v1s to the point where pros said fuck it.
Aír (NA)
: I still say its okay to ditch your ADC if he is beyond hope and that lane is beyond lost. I mean, what is the worst that is going to happen? Instead of that double kill they get every time they dive you bot lane right after respawning its one kill? While I catch up in the process of supporting another lane that most probs I am snowballing as well?
I've lost games before because the support decides to come the fed mid (my lane) and proceed to play extreemly aggressively and get me and the support both killed. Just because I'm fed and it's a 2v1 doesn't mean we're going to win fights depending on the champions and if we don't fight then the support is pretty much useless mid and is just soaking up exp. This causes the mid laner to fall behind, the adc to become literally useless. At least if the support stays bot then there's a chance you can turn things around with the help of the jungler while they dive you. If the bot lane is able to somehow 2v3 you under the turret then there's no chance of winning and you should stay bot lane anyways and pray that either mid or top is more fed (Did I mention, going to their lane depending on the champion and player may potentially be worse than if you were otherwise not there).
: so glad they didnt ruin the splash, it's her only skin that i actually like, since it's one of the only 3 that isn't too cheery... and it's the only one out of those 3 that i actually like (i hate Imperial and Commando is eh..). props to Riot for keeping the feel of the original splash art while still making it vastly superior! ^_^
How is it any less "cheery" than Steel Legion?
Aír (NA)
: Roaming as sup for extended periods of time or supporting other lanes cannot be a bannable offense
Roaming is not a bannable offense but there's a difference between roaming and flat out ditching your adc to go to another lane (especially if both the other lane and the adc wan you bot lane).
: Riot, if you do update some of these skins, please please please don't utterly destroy good splash arts, replacing them with horrible cartoony crap like Exiled Morgana, or Desert whateverthehellit'scalled Garen. Some, if not most, of your splash art updates have left the people with the skins upset, and disgusted by the changes, and if you do that to a legendary skin, making it look like a soggy pile of dog shit, it's basically a slap in the face to the people that have already spent their money on it, and a huge discouraging factor to anyone considering purchasing them.
Pretty sure those are "placeholders" not "updates"
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: Here is the list of those "legendary" skins, all of them released between 2010 and 2011. CORPORATE {{champion:36}} RED BARON{{champion:42}} GENTLEMAN {{champion:31}} NUNU BOT {{champion:20}} BROLAF {{champion:2}} ANNIE IN WONDERLAND{{champion:1}} MAGNIFICENT{{champion:4}} FIREFIGHTER{{champion:18}} ALIEN INVADER {{champion:74}} LION DANCE {{champion:96}} Ice Toboggan {{champion:42}} ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ none of those skins worth 1820 RP... Those skins must receive an update or a price reduction imo, they CANT compete WITH REAL legendary skins like dragon trainer{{champion:18}} , DUNKMASTER {{champion:122}} or any REAL legendary skins released AFTER 2011.
To be fair, you can buy a few of those on sale.
: Noooooo... My poor Sivir! Is she really doomed to only have 1 skin (splash anyway) that actually looks good (snowstorm) ?
They still plan on updating outdated splashes (like Nid's), just not the models/particles which Sivir doesn't need anyways.
: > [{quoted}](name=RoyaiChaos,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tg1ZkNlE,comment-id=000c00020000,timestamp=2016-06-05T16:19:08.207+0000) > > I don't think checking your email/playing more games makes a huge difference in getting these surveys. Anyways, they definitely exist, I've had a few before. Yeah. So they select a few group of people to do the surveys, which is CLEARLY biased. They send it to people who will most likely agree with Riot's survey. If you want a real non-biased survey, you have to send it to EVERYONE.
Ummm no. They send it to random people. You obviously have no idea how this works.
: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4m7r9o/dynamic_q_megathread/d3v7l50?context=1
: > [{quoted}](name=Brucee Vayne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tg1ZkNlE,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2016-06-04T16:54:24.178+0000) > > https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4m7r9o/dynamic_q_megathread/d3v7l50?context=1 It's funny cause like, I've never had a single one of those surveys and I play a few games a day and i check my email everyday...
I don't think checking your email/playing more games makes a huge difference in getting these surveys. Anyways, they definitely exist, I've had a few before.
: Here is a poll on EU West. Like 75% wants a PURE Solo Que. Rito is ignorant as hell. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uuqypy9y-if-any-of-you-agree-to-a-pure-solo-que-for-rankeds-please-say-yes-poll?comment=000b0001
: > or let the community come up with something and actually try that out. > For something that's been around for so long with such a huge success they sure don't like to implement anything from the community as it's too "risky". > As if everything on the PBE is mandatory to be implemented. Yeah, ignoring all that. You're disregarding a ton of possibilities. They could at least try.
To even make something for the PBE takes a ton of effort.
: Then experiment with new maps or let the community come up with something and actually try that out. For something that's been around for so long with such a huge success they sure don't like to implement anything from the community as it's too "risky". As if everything on the PBE is mandatory to be implemented. Or hell, as one of the richest game company in the world, make your own company name make sense? Riot GameS?
Making a map is a lot of resources rofl. It's a huge investment that has proven to have a low chance of success. They're one of the richest gaming companies in the world because they don't do this.
Kenni (NA)
: People arent mad about the tyler1 ban their mad at the fact that riot showed specific special attention to tyler1 and not any of the other big streamers aka Nicktron/Kaceytron lol...
I thought Kaceytron was just bad though. You can't be banned for being bad.
: All these people who suddenly know how to speak Chinese with their complaints, sigh. EDIT: This was meant for the people complaining about google translate.
What do you mean "suddenly know"? I'm pretty sure they've always known but never had a reason to announce it lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sckullzz,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=5xKTBRmq,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-04-29T21:46:15.770+0000) > > They are a gaming company... no kidding they are interested in making money hahaha it is the player's choice to spend money on skins and other costumes that don't matter. The things players can spend money on are completely cosmetic and don't give players an advantage (access to better items, cheaper gold, etc.) > > As far as game changes go, the game has to keep improving. If they never made changes or tweaks to the game, it would get boring and die out. I've been upset about some changes and in love with some changes. I never wanted to play supp ever again when they got rid of Heart of Gold, but I'm still playing. I think they are going overboard with subclasses, and I wanted to flip a table when I read the rework on Brand (I think they made him double broken) but it's not something that will "ruin" the game. Players will come up with new strategies and better item builds to play against these things. This game would be great if it was balanced, and cotton tail teemo didn't look like he was hit by a dump truck driving down the interstate. If riot took a season to balance everything out it would make a great foundation for new content. I'm tempted to make a long post about the balance of season 6 and post every change to items and champions etc. Idk it just feels like riot is taking it up the butt right now, and they can't take the time to fine tune their game. How can a multi million dollar company have sever crashes? You'd think they'd have a hot fix or a backup. Also having one server for ALL OF NA is the worst idea ever. RIP 32 ping.
"How can a multi million dollar company have sever crashes? You'd think they'd have a hot fix or a backup. " ._. You must not read the news much.
Arybus (NA)
: #FuckTencent #腾讯他妈的
I don't know why people are blaming Tencent for balance changes. I doubt they're telling Riot to make balance worse.
: _yet_
Why do you think this would change? As far as I remember, Tencent has owned Riot for a long time.
: IMO some skins might as well be pay to win. Playing Aetherwing Kayle vs Default Kayle is a much more fulfilling experience. The animations are so much smoother. Also reminds me of Tyrant Swain vs Default Swain. I understand that normal vs legendary skins need a mixup in animations, but some animation changes are clear advantages, especially when in the past it has been shown to sometimes alter attack speed or other factors. I think it was Galaxy Rumble that has a different point of origin for his projectile on his E?
Still not ptw imo. The advantage is so small that it's barely noticeable. Like I said, buying a skin isn't going to suddenly get you to Challenger. Buying a better pc or gaming mouse would probably make a bigger difference.
: Even something as simple as color changes have had measured effects on competitive games, let alone particle changes. Honestly surprised more skins aren't banned.
Xonra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Saecii,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=h76A9cNO,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-04-28T23:01:01.610+0000) > > Not splash updates, it was a splash UNIFICATION. > We got some of theirs, sure, but they got some of ours to. No they didn't. "Besides, these 'new' splashes are confirmed to be mere placeholders for the actual updates" That's false too. Sure some are getting updates, but not the ones that were changed. There are many more that DIDN'T get updates, and some of those are getting different updates, but not the ones we got. Think you might have misunderstood the message Riot stated. Also NA isn't the only region to be annoyed with suddenly having to use the "China Censored" splash arts (not my words, just repeating what I've read multiple times enough to use it as a quote now).
Wow. You have been extreemly misinformed. "Sure some are getting updates, but not the ones that were changed." Pax Sivir's splash was changed, yet she's getting an update. I'm sure most of the other temporary splashes will be changed eventually as well. And they aren't "China censored", most of them are changed cause the Chinese version is higher quality. A lot of them aren't even from the China server lol.
: To be fair, some skins are flat out upgrades with hit particles and ease-of-readability. Hence why stuff like Steel Legion Lux and iBlitzcrank are banned from competitive due to some fucky particles.
Pretty sure it's cause their too flashy and it's for spectator reason rather than player reasons. I think Steel Legion Garen is banned too as well as other skins that have particles that are more visible. Also changing skins isn't going to get you to Challenger lol or really win you any games actually. You still have to hit someone and it's still pretty clear if you're looking out for it. If you aren't looking out for stuff like that then you aren't going to get to Challenger anyways.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >Also, the new pricing system is arguably much more fair than the original one, where Fire Diana would be legendary. Mecha Kha'Zix, which has everything Fire Diana does plus processed voiceover, was 975 in the old system. So were Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao and Jarvan. There was more skins that had their price increased from 975 to 1350 than those decreased from 1820 to 1350 (in fact, only one, Sad Robot Amumu).
lol wut. Did you forget all the skins that were moved down a price tier? Pretty sure after the change it would cost less to buy all skins than before the change.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Fizz is indeed frustrating to play aganist, but I'd rather face fed Fizz, than say, fed Diana. And she gets fed off Yasuo just as easily. In any case saying "Yasuo lost lane" implies his opponent is fed and pretty much everybody who's fed beyond all recognition is a problem.
It doesn't really say how fed they were though. There's a difference between 11/0 and 4/0. You can actually lose lane without dying too. And if he hadn't mentioned Fizz, those 11 deaths could have been assumed to have been split across the enemy team which might not have been as bad.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Ah, good old Tencent. I remember how I played Crossfire, back when it was just starting. Truth be told, I don't know if it was always owned by Tencent, but the game turned beyond garbage. When I logged in for the first time most of the content was f2p, quite literally there was only one entirely cosmetic character model you **had** to pay to get it. The rest was like IP/RP system we have in LoL, with a twist; you can rent a weapon for a day, a week, a month or perm for either in-game currency or $$$. Now, 3 years after I stopped playing and about 5 since I started, 90%+ of the content is Pay 2 Win. Like, they added a chest system, which you could buy for Crossfire's IP or RP. At first it was 50/50, like 2 f2p chests and 2 premium ones. When I checked it half a year ago the number of $$-exclusive chests is about 5-7 times as high as f2p ones. Same for buyable content. --- How does it fare for Riot Games and League? So far we had skins price adjustment and since then most of newly released once were, in fact, more expensive. Hell, when was the last time a new champion had their launch skin priced at 975 RP? _"But muh new spell sounds"_, said Katey explaining why Fire Diana is 40% more expensive than L.Goddess Diana. Then we have Hextech System in which it's pretty much impossible to get enough key fragments to open all chests, basically saying, _"Go to the shop and spend $$$ to unlock me!"_. Of course then there's also Dynamic Queue which caters to casuals and fucks up matchmaking balance by allowing any number of people make premade lobbies and play aganist unorganized parties of any size or solo players. Not to mention back in the day, when they introduced Ladder Overlay to ranked queue, so people wouldn't _feel bad_ about their rank, or so they'd feel like they're making progress. Or when they made it impossible to get demoted from Gold for inactivity, so casual players can get all rewards despite not actually playing ranked.
I can't believe you're saying that Hextech crafting is a sign that the game is more ptw (when did _skins _ even become ptw?). Also, the new pricing system is arguably much more fair than the original one, where Fire Diana would be legendary.
: I have a problem understanding the mentality of the people who always choose fotm OP champs (this goes for normals as well). I have concluded that I just feel sorry for them when they can't succeed without playing something broken.
Idk, maybe they just like playing that champ? I've played the same champs since the start of the game and I'm not changing just because they're "OP" or they're "UP".
Rioter Comments
butenz (NA)
: Riot Surveys
They already have this lol.
: Why can mids abuse the support role but supports are nerfed from playing mid?
Kyrrion (NA)
: Pulsefire Ezreal gets an additional particle whenever he kills anything. They also had the fiery explosions and icy tombs during the last All-Stars event. It's very possible, the technology/coding is there. However, these may lead to "visual overload" - where there are too many particles and effects taking place at once where people are unable to identify what actually happened. Riot spoke about this once, I think it was back when they implemented the colorblind mode. They said they had to be careful with particles and effects to ensure the game remains as clear as possible as to what's going on.
Actually, the first time they did it was during URF I think. When people asked for it to be permanent, that's when they said they didn't want the particle clutter.
: I think it's because there's nothing flashy about getting assists. There's no recognition by the game when you make an amazing support play. You know, and your teammates might know, but when you save everyone's life and set up the kill on the enemy's carry in a teamfight there's no "pentassist". I'm not sure how it would be implemented well but if people got some positive feedback when they play well as a support I think that'd go a long way to making it desirable.
That's not true, as a support main I often make flashy plays and get recognized for it. The thing is though, that's mostly saving people, not killing people.
: well, i'm pretty sure Traditional Karma features her old fans when she dances :P (just does her normal dance with fans in her hands) i know what you mean though, she should have a skin where she has her fans back in combat
I thought all the old Karma skins still had fans.
: SHH! My point still stands though. XD I just did a quick google image search.
It's kind of important though if someone wants to buy it though since they might accidentally purchase the light novel instead of the manga, especially since Amazon labels the light novel as a manga. Also the illustrator is different.
: Are you mentioning this series: http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/9780316302173_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg I'm loving the manga! XD
But that's a picture of the light novel :X
: they can kill them but they can't kill the rest of the team.
Yes they can, although maybe not as fast as an adc. It really depends on the champion.
: That is because ADCs are made of paper mache. The point is ADCs will do the most damage in team fights at 6 items since they scale multiplicatively off of crit/as/ad/ie. Yes, champions can kill adcs, but that is only because they have usually 2k health and very minimal resists so are very prone to bring bursted.
Yeah, but it doesn't make the 4 supports and an adc. It depends on the champion and comp. Sometimes it really is 4 supports and an adc but other times it's 2 adc killers, 2 supports and an adc, etc...
: AP mids are strongest mid to mid/late game. Their damage scales linearly (flat AP) while AD autoattacker damage scales multiplicatively, but since most melees have to build at least 1 defensive item and can't afford to build crit, the only ones who actually truly scale multiplicatively are ADCs. A late game ADC is doing the damage equivalent of a Lux ult to one person every 0.5 seconds. If they're Jinx, they're doing a regular Lux ult every 0.5 seconds. In super late game where everyone is 6 slotted it's 4 supports + ADC.
Not really, there are many champs that aren't adcs that can kill adcs late game.
: Why do I get paired with players I report?
It's because people would abuse it and report anyone that they deem "bad" if they don't get qued with them. Then they'll only be qued with "good" players.
Wero34 (NA)
: Sawa from tari tari
I watched Tari Tari but what scene is that from o.o
Satly (NA)
: @Riot - Have you ever thought of a champion that actually BREAKS the terrain?
Omiwom (NA)
: Know what peeves the ever-loving shit out of me?
Especially when that "something bad" results directly from whoever wants to give up.
Ñaofumi (NA)
: Why we should lose lane
: Well, that is what happens when a company classifies new, effective strategies as "abuse" if they weren't the ones to think of it.
Because no one ever complained about Lulu or Alistar.
: Every champ with some kind of color based indicator like TF's wild card should have a colorblind mode to them. Maybe for TF they could add different shapes above the card, about the same size of said card. something like: **circle = Red Square = Blue Triangle = Gold**
Well I'm pretty sure the cards already have shapes in them.
: Ok so there is a poem about Djinn (related to Jhin and "deadeye").
: > [{quoted}](name=JAGMAG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=g6shBbMm,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-28T19:12:24.603+0000) > > well jana is a different kind of broken she dose not do damage but she is one of if not the biggest cock blocker in the game she is probably ok atm but use to it was to much and now lux is borderline broken i think her low play rate is what saves her from getting gutted If you looked closely at win rates, you'll see the the champions with lower play rates have higher win rates. Why? Because the people who play these champions are the ones who are good at them. Players tend to have higher when rates when they play champions they are good at. If anything, the low play rate is a sign that the champion should be buffed, not nerfed. In this case: Champions have high win rate because only players proficient at the champions plays them. Champions have low play rate most likely because champion is under-powered compared to more meta champions.
Not necessarily under-powered, sometimes just more difficult or less fun.
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