: Honor Level 4 and Still Haven't Had a Capsule
I've gotten like 4 since I was honor 3
: Claiming your comments got deleted? Ha, that's funny. Last I checked there's none "Deleted".
deleted only shows if there's a comment already replied to it. Plus mods easily have the ability to nuke the entire comment chain.
: Why?
Weird egg sitting on her back, head frills way too large. Wing structure also super weird. Probably incapable of flight.
: Anivia VU 2nd version
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Anivia in 7.1
I guess Ex- Anivia main here. Just finished buying every skin on her just a couple of weeks before you guys put this patch through. she's unplayable for me now. Can't play her aggressively at all and she's a very sit back and react person now. Not sure where you're getting your aggression is good for her argument when you directly nerfed her only aggressive combo. She's a defensive champion now, and she's completely reliant on the enemy being bad, and less on you being good.
KabHD (NA)
: That's part about "you're toxic if you're noticing toxicity" is definitely questionable, lmao.
> "you're toxic if you're noticing toxicity" That is extremely questionable, because you didn't quote it properly. >Because quite honestly, the only people who notice 'rampant toxicty' are toxic themselves. Is much less "questionable". League really isn't that toxic, and you're only likely to see something 'fairly' toxic 1 in 10 games on average, roughly. That really isn't that bad, 90 people you play with, you'll only experience toxicity from ~2 of them. As everyone should know by now, toxicity breeds toxicity. So if a toxic person is in the game, they'll incite others to be toxic when otherwise they wouldn't be. Meaning if you're toxic, it's very likely you'll take small disagreements and make them into big problems. Of course you don't see yourself as toxic, but you see everyone else you instigated as being toxic, as such you'll notice league being significantly more toxic. I kind of want to find the forum post lyte did explaining all of this and even doing a quick experiment. But I won't. I will illustrate it however. Lyte made a post asking people to comment on what they thought of the 'toxicity' in their last 10 games. Most people reported no toxicity(they didn't really remember any), and when their last 10 games were reviewed it was found that they did often have some toxic elements in their past 10 games. Usually only 1-2 out of the past 10 games had a toxic person in them. What is notable about this is that despite have some blatant toxic players in their past 10 games they don't really think their games were toxic at all. Now the comical part is the people who did report toxicity in their past 10 games. All of them, and I literally mean all of them who said they noticed significant toxicity in their past 10 games were the defining toxic element in their games. Poor lyte was wondering if people were trolling him. This is why I say if you notice rampant toxicity in league you're likely toxic yourself. Because you are. Exception is low summoner level games. Those are toxic asf.
: Triggered the kiddo with his 4xpost
Not sure if you've noticed but you're definitely not the correct one in any of this. It's very clear from all you're comments you're kind of a dick.
: Really haven't noticed a difference toxicity wise, just there were less fights last season in DQ champ select.
>Really haven't noticed a difference toxicity wise Because you're toxic yourself.
: Anecdotal is the best evidence for sure. Here's 100+ reports on this list to show just what a fantasy land you live in: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DXfqiP4cR_mF1ajdlmRmqMtyZLrE_lsGwCvvjO0uRp8/edit#gid=1180632855
Holy shit man, you keep a spread sheet of your games in bronze? Anyways if you want to talk about "real" evidence, riot has released and talked about toxicity stats before. Lyte even did some research on it. Turns out the game really isn't that toxic, and you will on average get about 1 toxic person per 10 games. The exception to that is if you are toxic yourself. If you are toxic yourself you'll notice significantly more toxicity in league. Mainly because you start it, and you take small disagreements and turn them into rather large arguments. You take a minor problem and make it a massive one. If you're noticing a significantly large amount of toxicity in league then I'm willing to bet you're fairly toxic yourself. Because quite honestly, the only people who notice 'rampant toxicty' are toxic themselves. Sorry mate, you're toxic.
: What can I say, blind pick brings out the worst in players. Who knew that players getting stuck in roles they don't want and having to play champs they don't want because of it could lead to people getting upset, along with the usual name calling, taunting and "report x player", AFK's and feeding accusations.
>What can I say, blind pick brings out the worst in players Nah that's ranked. Blind pick brings out the best of players imo.
nep2une (NA)
: Nerf Veigar, his ultimate does 10 trillion damage if you let him farm 13,333,333,332,900 CS with Q.
Yeah please nerf him, bring back his old playstyle please, the hyper aggression god roamer. I miss you old veigar, plz come back :'(
: I'd rather wait 25 minutes than play a role that I don't enjoy/am not good at. I've played this game since 2010, and for those of you that say "it used to be this way and you had to play every role because you didn't always get the role you wanted." I understand that, and that's why there have been times that I've stopped playing. Having the new system is what's kept me engaged. This is a game. I play for fun. Not every role is fun.
I got mid more times before than I do now, that's for sure.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fizz Enthusiast,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7AQpuOA2,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2016-11-23T02:25:33.473+0000) > > Nerf hitting PBE tomorrow will be targeting the top end burst and also making her lane slightly softer. How, exactly? Her end-game Q does the same amount of damage. You just nerfed her early game for... whatever insane reasoning you guys used...
Not sure why you're being downvoted, she is already weak early game. Her stealth isn't an issue either. It's her Q'ing and hitting like a fucking truck mid-late game, which is exactly the same as before. These nerfs don't even matter. Not even sure you could call them nerfs. Just play passive in lane and farm up. Nothing has changed.
: Patch 6.23 notes
Omg you just dumpstered {{champion:34}} WTF riot I literally own every skin only to have you do this shit. Without her empowered E right off of R she's completely shit tier now. It's literally the staple part of her kit. What a god damn oversight. WTF. And still no range indicator fix on {{champion:69}}
: http://www.shortpacked.com/comics/2011-12-02-sexy.png?noredirect That being said, who cares. Just gimme a balanced meal from the food pyramid of sexy. We've got plenty of MF and Sona, Braum and Taric; just make sure to round it out with some more Illaoi and Ezreal. (now I want Debonair Warwick and Rek'sai and Vel'koz and things like that...) ((bah, that image is still too small to read unless you actually follow the link... oh well))
You post a comic about false equivalence perfectly depicting false equivalence. The irony in that comic is palpable. Of course men and women don't get objectified the same way. It just so happens men and women both find different attributes attractive. I mean, there's a reason we have a distinction between male and female, it's because they're dissimilar in all ways that matter.
: Hey, we need more Sexy Urgot though.
As soon as rito makes star guardian urgot my friend...
: Riot : SJWs complain when we hypersexualize females. I know, lets hypersexualize males! Nobody cares about the double standard!
I really don't care either way tbh. Oversexualize females and males alike, it really, really doesn't bother me.
: Riot: And if Lee Sin isn't seen a lot, we'll just buff him again. {{champion:113}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:62}} : What about us? I mean we're junglers too- Riot: Stfu
: Vayne's officially hit a 53% winrate.......
>No champion like Vayne should have that high of a universal winrate. I mean there have been tons of champions with winrates higher than 53% Hell 53% is hardly anything. Well I'm looking up my own statistics here http://na.op.gg/statistics/champion/ Vayne is at ~50% for NA That actually seems fairly balanced if you ask me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tides of Blood,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uoeB06PU,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-20T21:40:25.966+0000) > > A sufficiently skilled Yasuo turns the game into his to lose, not his enemies to win. > > The Boards is usually rife with complaints (almost always justified) about Yasuo's design as a gameplay element, so I'll skip all that as there's probably a thread on the same page as this one about it. > > Other Champions do have similar issues, but none as egregious as the wind wandering weeaboo. Laning against him, it's very easy to see who's a Yasuo main, and who's not. There's something to be said about Champion Mastery certainly, but something is desperately wrong when Champion Mastery warps the game in such a way that there's almost no interaction for your opponent. play swain and watch the enemy yas cry..i stopped banning yas after i found that out
unless you just happen to specialize at a certain champion it's typically better to not counterpick as them. So often people will pick someone as a counter pick and get smashed, because they don't really play that champion that much. Always better off picking someone you're best at, even if you counterpick yourself.
: Most of my ranked games are chill but it doesn't mean I'm not trying my hardest. I've played normals drunk before and I'd never do it in ranked. Your mechanics, decision making and map awareness go to complete shit. There's a huge difference between "having fun" and purposely screwing your team over because you're intoxicated. And yes, they really do play that badly. I've played with drunk/high people who give up 20 kills in 20 minutes or who wind up with lower CS then the jungler. I've had games where I had more CS then the next two highest CS people on my team combined. I've had games where every single lane gets flame horizoned. In all of those situations the people were like "sorry I'm way too drunk right now" or "man, I really shouldn't have smoked that bowl before this game." If you don't mind people like that in your games then more power to you but you're completely delusional if you think that alcohol/drugs don't greatly inhibit your ability to play a complex game like League.
Had a high guy on my team do pretty poorly, but it wasn't as bad as you're saying. last game I had with some non-sober people I think we got smashed by them. Was a super fun game though.
: It's obvious this guy just wants to troll you. He got a free win and so it's "okay" to him that the enemies were drunk. Of course it's okay when it's not your team.
I actually think we go smashed by them. Well I remember getting smashed, can't remember if we won or not, probably not though.
: Yeah, I only play ranked when I want to try hard. Normally, I just like to mess around and have a casual game. I'd never do that in a ranked game because I don't want to be a dick and cost someone some LP. If you enjoy having people troll your ranked games then have fun but I think 99% of the community expects people to try their best when they play ranked.
see this is the problem you don't even know what a chill game in ranked is. The people that are drunk/high really don't play that badly.
: I think you forgot a /s at the end of your post. The whole point of ranked is to try hard. It is literally the try hard mode. If you want a chill game then play norms.
Yeah you're one of those people who almost never play ranked. I almost exclusively play ranked. You are entitled to your opinion, but given that you just about never play ranked it doesn't really matter. You probably still have ranked anxiety... lol.
: Enemy Remakes And I drop ELO how does that work?
they made some changes and for those that have already finished they got 1 more placement match and that was used to readjust flex Because currently Gold in flex is all plats and diamonds, well as far as I can tell, as thats all I'm really playing against. Happened to my friend. He intially got placed gold 4, came back after a week, played another and got placed back in silver
: You should only report someone if the feeding is intentional. Whether they're drunk/high has no bearing on it. Either they're intentionally feeding or they aren't. That said, if someone was drunk/high in one of my ranked games I'd report them because they're assisting the enemy team and there's no excuse for playing ranked when you're not all there.
>I'd report them because they're assisting the enemy team and there's no excuse for playing ranked when you're not all there. Played against some drunk/high people last night in ranked. It was actually super fun. Can't say I remotely agree with you. It's nice to have a chill ranked game every now and then. Bloody try hards.
: had i known that i wouldnt have been placed in bronze1 in flexQ....
Im placed in gold 4 playing exclusively against plats and diamonds.
: Zyra and Brand still work fine mid. but if you think they're not played support more often than mid right now, I think you need to watch some more gameplay... It's basically the only role they're ever played in, so I'm not surprised Riot is doing this.
No, zyra is balanced for support now. Brand is just a mid who found purchase as support. Like annie they are viable in both but best as support.
Setije (NA)
: What happened to honor?
>it was a good system and many people really stepped up their manners No they didn't?
: gonna get a lot of hate but {{champion:238}} or {{champion:8}}
Zed is garbo right now and vlad is whatever.
: WHAT? Why are you asking for nerfs on my Twitch?? Honestly Twitch received so many nerfs this patch already... he has literally no mobility, escape, or even a decent form of CC. He doesn't even get to build Youmuus anymore. He relies 500% on waiting for the stars to align so he can get an effective ultimate off. He has one of the weakest laning phases of all ADCs. To be honest he is probably one of the most balanced carries right now. The only reason he is actually shining now is because other ADCs like Jhin are scrambling. There's a simple counter to Twitch it's called control wards and CC.
Twitch is actually stronger now lel. The change to his W makes him soooo freaking strong now. It's great for laning phase.
: I think that Twitch was hurt enough by the invisibility changes. No more sneaky escapes (or escapes at all) for him anymore.
to be quite honest I find it's easier to escape as twitch because of that 30% movement increase. I don't think it breaks on damage either.
: Every preseason there are three types of player:
I quit for two years when they did the veigar chance...
Doo0m (EUNE)
: soo r u planning to get draft pick back to euen itss seems very bad to only play blind pick i cant pick my lane unless u write ur lane firstt itss bad
You can just play ranked instead..? Same thing except in normal draft people half ass it.
: So I'm teaching my dad how to play League and ..
>But really though, this is how the community still acts.... Surprisingly the massive majority of people who think league is toxic are toxic themselves. It's really not that toxic, and I'm just going to say it isn't as bad as your portraying it. Not that you're lying, you're just biasing it severe and building an over the top explanation. All caused by league supposed toxicity 'problem', that has been thoroughly debunked.
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: get out of the memes and games section you suck at having fun with jokes
well I was replying to his very serious comment and not the OP.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 6.22 notes
@riot Are you ever going to fix the bug with Cassio where her E range indicator is significantly larger than it's actual range. It's been bugging me for the longest time as it's about a 200 range difference.
Dwaryy (EUW)
: ***
veigar doesn't counter anivia lmfao. stop trying to spin stuff out of nowhere. Quite honestly there's no one who truly counters anivia, just people she can't kill and reach. Everything else is just a skill matchup.
: > [{quoted}](name=IPewPewPewYou,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y3uO78cJ,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2016-11-06T21:05:55.900+0000) > > Oooh, rito comment on my post. > > But thanks for the feedback. Is there any reason that you guys are so hesitant to make small changes if a champ is in a bad place? For champions like Kalista and Azir, buffs make them overwhelming in pro play / extremely high elo play before they become fair for regular play (ranked and normals). Even small changes are pretty risky. That said, I think we've swung too hard in some of these cases, so while we probably can't buff them to be fair for regular play, we should be able to at least make things a bit better for the stalwarts who've stuck with them this long.
>That said, I think we've swung too hard in some of these cases Lol, that gave me a good chuckle
: Lmao Riot could remove all his abilities and you would still complain about him.
well I call him the cancerai for a reason. I just hate playing against him. I always win because I've had to deal with him being pick banned as a mid main but god fucking damn do I hate that champion.
: I've never seen a Riot employee {{summoner:11}} anything.
guess you weren't around reddit when lyte was still around. Guy smited the fuck out of people.
: Is current rewards for Champion Mastery Level 7 enough??
>but getting a champion to level 7 is a whole different story I mean it was super easy. Took less time for get from M5 to M7 then it did from M4 to M5. For both Cass and Anivia it took no times to get mastery 7. If anything they should make it so it doesn't take as fking long to get to master 5.
: Now we just need Finales Funkeln back :P {{champion:99}}
They said no.
: DO NOT say you or someone you know is planning a school shooting or terrorist act.
Naw, truth is I really don't care if they do or don't. Im not so do gooder, I'm a professional bystander.
: and if dynamic queue gave them 2 minute queue times with fairly matched teams, they would mystically stop caring. I have never heard or seen a streamer or pro complain about dynaQ because of the groups queueing together (they all know each other in challenger anyway, for the most part), it's almost always complaints about long queue times. It's also because when everyone is at the top level of play, "coordination" becomes less of an advantage because your team is more likely to understand how to react individually without communication. Additionally a lot of pros will VoIP up when they get into game, even if they didn't queue together... So trying to say "pros want solo q too!" is disingenuous - more than anything else pros want shorter queue times with fairer games. This is what they make their money off of (streaming more games = more viewers = more money).
I can say I agree but I can further say it doesn't really matter because that is not what dynamic Q does. It just increases Q times and the balancing with it is even worse now. Solo Q as it was is better as a competitive tool than dynamic Q.
: Woot! Another Solo Q post with 0 explanation as to why or reasoning for how this change would actually benefit the game more! Just another "I shouldn't have to say anymore because it's an assumption that 99% of everyone wants Solo Q back". Although those who are vocal wanted it back, that was a very small number of people compared to the total number of players for this game, and there's no way to determine what those who said nothing want. So in reality, your title should be changed from "bring back solo q" to "i want solo q back" since you shouldn't be making assumptions for others.
because all the arguments have already been made and just about anyone who cares knows. And it doesn't really matter what most people think when the pro's are unanimously in favor of bringing back soloQ.
: Ok, THIS is my GOD DAMN PROBLEM with fuckin Dynamic Queue, RIGHT HERE.
Wow I hope you got reported by 9 people that game. You seem extremely toxic. If anything I'd bet they got tired of your attitude and just didn't feel like playing with you more than they had too.
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
Ones a melee AP, the other is a support. I wonder? Who would win, a cleric or a burst caster? I can only wonder.
: > Opponents arenโ€™t evaporated for making a single mistake, and Viktor gets to carry a fight through intelligent play like the **diabolical mastermind** he is. What the fucking fuck.
yup, they did the same to my veigar. As someone who had this happen to him, youu guys are fucked.
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