: Over 75% of my ARAM games, I don't have emotes. My friend has the exact same problem.
I've seen this too. I doubled checked I didn't somehow reset and save them, but they were there. I switched an emote, saved, switched it back, saved, and the next game they were available. For a bandaid fix it worked for me (but I'm only one person and I don't know if it was just that 25% that happens to work). It definitely needs a fix.
vyzyl (NA)
: not unpopular enough i agree fully with you I probably wont get the pass but its nice to have the option if i was stupid rich
It's like $12 of RP. You don't have to be stupid rich to have $12 in extra money.
: Blue Essence Earn Rates - Learning the Numbers with Carl and Henrietta
Wow, playing every day is casual? I'm a filthy casual then. I get to play on just the weekend. So it would take me months to see any rewards? PSA: Wrap it up people. This is what babies do to you. Wake up at 5:30am to get kids dropped off at 2 places, then work, then dinner, then a teething one year old, pass out from exhaustion, rinse and repeat. Only attempt when ready.
: Jarvan can actually E-Q while snared (probably grounded too) because neither his E nor his Q is classified as a movement ability
I noticed this as well in one for all. Hit 3 jarvans and they just slide away.
: season 6 death timers in urf...
For the first URF, everyone brought Revive and Teleport. You had to double wipe with the instant rez. I think this should be brought back. Games were routinely 20-30 minutes.
: Hextech Issue : Not getting Keyfragments
I have 5 to open. I got a chest when I wasn't even supposed to get one (4 days until the next one opened, all 4 were dimmed out) and it bummed me out cause I really wanted a key fragment instead of a chest. And as soon as I opened a chest, I got another. So here I am sitting on 5 chests again. I've only opened two chests so far. I guess it's better than nothing, and I haven't made any loot yet. Just sitting on my materials waiting on key frags.
: It's a decent question. I'll look into what the expectation for this is on Monday.
Any news on this? I've been looking for a follow up to this post. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Axis the Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=lQdAtUpE,comment-id=0001000200000000,timestamp=2016-04-05T02:02:28.664+0000) > > Fabulousness is the correct term. Fabulocity is a company name lmao. Are there any other forms of fabulous which are grammatically correct/appropriate? http://www.auplod.com/u/ulaopd785ed.png
Fabio-lous. To be like Fabio. I've been wondering what shampoo he uses for decades.
: Raise the true damage on Ignite.
I read this as it has 420 upvotes. I want to raise it, but I won't ruin this for you. Countdown to 4/20: 19 days
: > [{quoted}](name=Paletongue,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AbxF5v1A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-20T16:50:20.337+0000) > > It's a nice idea they had implementing these alternatives, but it isn't effective in a practical sense. > These items are handy because you pay a small fee to combine two required support items into one slot, saving space for another item. > Problem is, Supports don't generate enough gold to make consistent use of the extra item slot, especially when actives like {{item:3092}} are so desired in the first place. > > And technically, these were the "biggest disappointment" of last season. We have plenty of new disappointments for season 6. The Sightstone upgrades save gold AND space. In order to buy both the active item and SS, you pay 3000 gold. The Eye items are 2200 by themselves. The reason it's good is because you don't have to buy a full item and THEN SS before you even start on boots. If it was just Talisman vs Eye, no question Talisman would win. But it's Talisman and SS vs Eye, unless you just want a dark map all game.
> [{quoted}](name=NeoSeraphi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AbxF5v1A,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-02-20T22:20:19.681+0000) > > The Sightstone upgrades save gold AND space. In order to buy both the active item and SS, you pay 3000 gold. The Eye items are 2200 by themselves. > > The reason it's good is because you don't have to buy a full item and THEN SS before you even start on boots. > > If it was just Talisman vs Eye, no question Talisman would win. But it's Talisman and SS vs Eye, unless you just want a dark map all game. A full item then sightstone? Shit, I only need 1300 gold to get tier 2 gold gen item and SS. The same thing you buy. Then I upgrade the gold gen item for only a couple hundred more gold, because with talisman's speed or FQC's slow, you don't really need boots that quickly. And FotM has that shield! With that and Locket, you're almost Tahm Kench gray health bar on anyone.
: Unable to connect to server..
I tried on two different computers and two different ISPs (Suddenlink and Centurylink). Nadda.
: Team builder was ideal for people just wanting to hop in and play a quick game with the champion they want in the role they wanted. Even if it took 10 minutes to fill a game at least you got what you wanted out of it. Now it still takes 10-15 minutes to get into a game because someone forgets to "lock in" every game and to boot your favorite champ is banned. Yes, I am annoyed I bought Jhin on release and haven't played him, but I almost exclusively played team builder. This new mode is fantastic for ranked and I may bother to play this season, but please please please bring back team builder for us filthy casuals.
This. Sometimes, I just don't want to go bot with a Xerath, or Katarina support. I like to kick those out of my group. :P Troll supports who don't even build sightstone, that is. So no more bot lane, I guess.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Cassiopeia 1. The immobile poison champ. Immobility makes kiting necessary to succeed. Team fight changing ultimate. 2. Her passive. It takes until 30 minutes, on average, to fully stack. By this time, the game has already been largely decided beyond comeback. Also, it detracts from her poison identity. I know, it's easier to balance a "ball of stats" at X minutes into the game, but it simply isn't fun to play for most of the game until she gets the ball of stats. Her poisons early game do not hurt. Even squishy targets can stand in her W for several seconds without taking noticeable damage early in the game. Her Q poison barely knocks off health early game. Too much reliance on E. Honestly, I feel like I just spam Q until I hit one, then use the MS buff to E-E-E-E as much and fast as possible to chase them back under tower. Until the Q is hit, her gameplay largely consists of : "one wrong move and you're dead," which is not very fun. E is meant for a quick poke, not a main DPS spell. Also, it is not good to spam Q around minions as it is not strong enough to last hit very well until mid game and makes you lose CS. I know Riot stated she was a lane bully before her rework, but with all the mobile mages offering plenty of counterplay, it was puzzling. I hope you bring her back to pre-rework and find the balance you were looking for. I have 6 champions at level 5 mastery. Cassiopeia is the highest at 41K. It's not ton but I've played her enough, and pretty much quit 100% when preseason started due to her not fitting into the meta/preseason changes.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
I have a few questions about Cassiopeia. 1. What general direction are you looking to take away from her current kit, and what general direction will you take her reworked kit? 2. Who is working on the Cassiopeia rework? 3. Will any spells (QWER) be completely replaced, or just tweaked? I'm assuming her passive will be the major overhaul. I hope at least. :P
: > Will gems remain truly, truly outrageous? I believe so, yes. I'm sure there will be people that say we went too far on how outrageous, and those that say he's not outrageous enough. Hopefully it's a good balance. > You don't have to answer this, but will Armor of the Fifth Age remain in its glorious state? I'm specifically referring to the pink stripper fur leggings. I say stripper as an adjective because I danced at a club in college and the other girls wore them a lot. They really are horrendous on women, and should only be worn by tall, muscley, manly men. Like Taric, or John Travolta in the 1990s. This is specifically the only reason I gifted the skin to my husband. We haven't updated Armor of the Fifth age yet, but we've talked about it and intend to do it justice.
Thank you so much for answering! I appreciate it. And look forward to seeing Riot's new Sexiest Champion of the Year award winner. Miss Fortune ain't got shit on that.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
1. Will gems remain truly, truly outrageous? 2. You don't have to answer this, but will Armor of the Fifth Age remain in its glorious state? I'm specifically referring to the pink stripper fur leggings. I say stripper as an adjective because I danced at a club in college and the other girls wore them a lot. They really are horrendous on women, and should only be worn by tall, muscley, manly men. Like Taric, or John Travolta in the 1990s. This is specifically the only reason I gifted the skin to my husband. Edit: I hope this hasn't already been asked, as it's the most important question out there. And it can be answered with a simple Yes or No. I also added #2 in this edit. I forgot about my favorite skin on my manliest man.
: I disagree. Rengar is super underpowered. He needs a serious buff :^)
Actually, a buff would make pick/ban rate 100% and quasi delete him from the game temporarily. After Riot sees this, they will overcompensate nerfs to the point no one will play him. Genius? Quite possibly.
: The problem with Cassiopeia indepth by a Cassiopeia Main since release.
You forgot about the nerf to her lore. This is totally opinion but the VU was a nerf to me. 1. Her splash is worse, making her face too elongated and "bitchy" looking compared to the old splash. It follows the much hated fashion of Katarina and Fiora in this regard. 2.Her in game VU update was worse. Her body used to flow, her large breasts rising and sinking like a perpetual wave. Now the have decreased her cup size and they no longer flow as well. 3.Her voice over is awful as well, and the community was pretty adamant her original voice acting was one of the best in the game. That's all I can see you left off.
Raiyza (NA)
: The goal of the marksman change was just to create uniqueness to them. Obviously, they overtuned the items. I can imagine Reaver will get nerved as well as Blade's Dance. The only champion that needs a change is poor koggie. He takes even more to be in the state that Riot intended. As for the masteries, thunderlords will get nerfed.
If you're talking Death's Dance, not Blade's Dance, it's currently buffed on PBE. This is from current betapatch notes for 6.1 on surrender at 20. Items Death's Dance Unique Passive now heals for 15% of damage dealt up from 12% Unique Passive damage taken dealt as bleed effect increased to 15% from 12%
Penns (EUW)
: The only utility Tahm has is his W and maybe his ult, but no one uses that in soloq anyway. Riot also said that they initially designed Tahm as top lane/ jungle tank but I guess his ult and W ended up being a bit too "support heavy". But his ult passive and E just dont really fit on a support because they gain value from tanky stats and were obviously made for a role with high income (of course nearly every ability gains value from stats, but supports are designed to not need as many). Braum has WAY better CC, WAY better utility, is probably even more tanky than Tahm in some cases (his E is literally half an Alistar ult at rank 3, just that it doesnt work on towers) and his damage is still insane especially with thunderlords. Yeah Id probably say even Braum is better than Tahm.
So that 70% slow and fully stacked stun on his Q isn't utility? That makes his Q, W, and ult full utility. Also, his E allows him to dive bot lane and take damage instead of his carry. It's like Braum's shield, in a way, in that is it meant to mitigate damage from his teammates. Also, his W is stupidly OP bot lane. I lane bot with husband playing Tahm, and he is always in the top damage to champions, gets a decent chunk of kills, and has over 6K life by the end of the game, doing insane damage. He says he is way too OP atm, after playing him often.
Penns (EUW)
: "kite" I cant help you when you just stand there trying to 1v1 a Tahm lol. He needs his Q stun to reach people with his W. If you would have to apply 3 stacks again he wouldnt ever reach anyone with his W.
His Q has a 70% slow... that doesn't help him reach people?
: Mundo and Voli can't make an ally untargetable. Mundo can't stun an enemy while simultaneously relocating them. Voli can, but for a much shorter duration and less controlled direction. Oh, and he doesn't deal %maxHP damage while doing so. Mundo and Voli don't get two health bars. Mundo and Voli don't have a stun. Mundo and Voli don't have an AA buff that scales off of HP. Tahm doesn't have built in %HP regen. (Mundo) Tahm doesn't have a MS boost (anymore). (Volibear) Tahm doesn't have an AoE ability. (Mundo and Volibear) They have some similarities in their builds and all three are durable, but they are played in VERY different ways.
Just look at their champion roles. Voli and Mundo are primary Fighters, secondary Tanks. Tahm is a primary Support, secondary Tank. Braum is also a primary support, secondary tank. Fighters do damage. Support tanks do not. By comparing a utility, support kit to a fighter and saying they are the same strength pretty much indicates that Tahm's strengths and weaknesses are out of whack. Tahm is not meant to do the damage of a Fighter with a Support/Tank kit.
Penns (EUW)
: Nah they are all 3 tanky damage based bruisers/ juggernauts. Comparing Fizz to Ashe would be comparing apple and orange. But whatever, just keep begging for Tahm nerfs because you find his kit annoying to play against lol. Meanwhile both Mundo and Volibear jungle are sitting at a 5% higher win rate than him. Mundo also has a higher pick rate and flat out better stats overall + people with 50 or more Mundo games apparently have a 70% win rate with Mundo jungle lol.
If you look at primary and secondary roles, you can see they are very different, like apples and oranges. Voli and Mundo have primary roles as Figher, secondary as Tank. _They are meant to do damage, and be tanky._ So their role is much different than Tahm, who has a primary role of Support and a secondary role as Tank. _His is to provide utility and be tanky._ Your assertion of comparing Tahm to Voli and Mundo is saying that a Support Tank has the kit and damage to play as a Figher Tank. Fighters lack the utility a support has._ A more comparable champion would be Braum_ (primary Support, secondary Tank), or even a Leona (primary Tank, secondary Support). But comparing and saying he is a Figher like Voli, when his kit should be comparable to Braum, is saying his strengths and weaknesses should be reassessed. A Fighter kit does not have the utility Tahm brings to the table.
: He's definitely not unbalanced, and it's not like he really gets that much playtime anyways from what I've seen.
You mean he doesn't get much playtime since he's banned 50% of the time in ranked? Since his ban rate is so high, you would theoretically see more play him if he wasn't banned so much. Plus, you think there's a problem when a support main role has a 50% ban rate? People seriously do not want to play against a Tahm, especially a decent/good one.
: In Japanese culture sakura blossoms often resemble blood because they're frail and die fast (something like that). Basically, Zed es ded. I don't think Zed is going to be actually dead though, I say that the video showing that tree growing out of his face is a vision that symbolizes something. Maybe you get a vision like that if you're marked by this bounty hunter? Maybe Zed really is dead? We don't know yet but we'll see. ~~Also Shen rework?~~
TIL Zed gets deleted next patch. GG Riot Balance Team! Their motto: If at first you don't succeed, try again. And again. And.. Oh fuck it. Just start fucking deleting the problem ones. :P
: I tried to think of one for you, but there does not seem to be much that is consistently a meta champion outside of Lee Sin and Thresh. Eve, Elise, and J4 are the next closest things I could think of after these two, but all of them have been tweaked in some way either between seasons or during a season that has moved them to the fringes of the meta. I thought of Kassadin, as well, since I remember a season when he was first ban in 90% of LCS games, but he fell out of that spot after being reworked. I remember, too, when Shen top was first pick worthy, but like Eve, Elise, and Jarvan, he eventually fell out of the meta. Anyway, though it pains me as a support to say this, Thresh is another good example of a champion that is not too difficult to learn, is generally good in most situations, and has been a constant top tier pick in the highest ranks of League over multiple seasons without Riot seeing the need to "encourage diversity."
Twisted Fate is a top tier consistent pick in pro leagues, mainly due to map presence for ganks. He has had minor touches since season 3. Here is the last description in 5.24 about his changes: "Like slow creeping fungus, Twisted Fate’s been an under-the-table force for a while and it’s not hard to see why. Unparalleled map presence and point-click stuns reign supreme when it comes to securing leads, and there’s no better time like preseason to take advantage of the chaos. Lowering TF’s mid-game spike and waveclear should buy teams enough time to withstand his pressure game while mounting a response." So, that decreased mid-game spike they were talking about? Q - Wild Cards MAGIC DAMAGE : 60/110/160/210/260 ⇒ 60/105/150/195/240
: It is personal bias because you are ignoring what items the champions you compare will buy, etc... I can't fathom how you even compared Katarina's QEW's damage with Lee Sin's double Qs when Katarina's Q damage is varied, and her QEW combo plus Luden's Echo (considering her Q's maximum damage) should deal more raw damage than Lee Sin's double Qs (again, disregarding his % missing health modifiers) at her level 9. If you are comparing Katarina's level 3 damage plus Luden Echo's proc to Lee Sin's double Qs' damage at level 9 with one AD item, you are comparing apple to orange, but I am sure you aren't this dumb so I want your clarification on this. What types of items do these champions in the above table buy? What levels do these champions have? What ranks are the above abilities? If you can't answer these questions properly you are exhibiting personal bias in this supposedly objective table lol.
> If you are comparing Katarina's level 3 damage plus Luden Echo's proc to Lee Sin's double Qs' damage at level 9 with one AD item, you are comparing apple to orange, but I am sure you aren't this dumb so I want your clarification on this. > WTF are you saying, dude? I can't believe you are this dumb, and I'd like clarification on what you mean by this? My math is below. Please feel free to show your level 3 Kat vs level 9 Lee Sin math to clarify. Since you don't seem to be able to look up champions abilities and perform the check on the math before you blatantly call him out, I'll help you. I don't understand why you couldn't just glance at the numbers and his math to do simple addition in your head, but here goes. Here is Katarina's Q ability: Bouncing Blades Throws a dagger dealing 60/85/110/135/**160** (**+0.45*AP**) magic damage. The dagger bounces to the 4 closest enemies dealing 10% less damage with each bounce. Enemies hit are marked for 4 seconds. Katarina's basic attacks or spells will consume the mark dealing 15/30/45/60/**75 **(**+0.15*AP**) additional magic damage. **Rank 5 is bolded. ** So, you claim her Q damage is varied. Well, he took care of that for you and calculated damage based on the highest amount. Look at the bold numbers. Those are the highest amounts you can do. Here is the math, with Q at rank 5: (160+75) + (.45AP + .15AP) 235 + .6AP *Luden's has 100 AP, so .6 * 100 = 60 235+60=**295** Here is a quote from Vekkna's calculation: Q (both hits): 235 + .6 AP = **295** Here is Lee Sin's Q ability: Sonic Wave Sonic Wave: Lee Sin projects a discordant wave of sound to locate his enemies, dealing 50/80/110/140/**170 **(**+0.9*Bonus AD**) physical damage to the first enemy it encounters. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike for the next 3 seconds. Resonating Strike: Lee Sin dashes to the enemy hit by Sonic Wave, dealing 50/80/110/140/**170 **(**+0.9*Bonus AD**) physical damage plus 8% of their missing Health (Max: 400 Damage vs. Monsters). **Rank 5 is bolded.** So, let's do this simple math again! Again, if Lee levels Q first, this is what it will look like. (170+170) + (.9 bAD + .9 bAD) 340 + 1.8bAD *Warrior's has 60 AD. 1.8 * 60 = 108 340+108 = **448** Quote from Vekkna: Q (both hits): 340 + 1.8 bAD = **448** If you want to add in the bonus damage from Luden's, then look at the tooltip for the ability and do the math. UNIQUE: Gains charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next instance of ability damage you deal will expend all charges to deal 100 (+ 10% AP) bonus magic damage to the first enemy hit and summon up to 3 lesser bolts that target nearby enemies, prioritizing enemies damaged by the ability and champions over minions. 100 + (100*.1) 100 + 10 = 110 (with Luden's Echo only) 295 (math from eariler, see above bolded) + 110 = 405 For Katarina, if you want to look at item damage in addition to her ability only damage, you would add 295 + 110. This is **405**, and it is still lower than Lee Sin's damage of 448. **TL;DR ** **Lee Sin rank 5 Q damage with Warrior's = 448. Katarina rank 5 Q damage with Luden's = 295. Katarina rank 5 Q damage with Luden's, plus the Luden proc = 405.** PS: Math is not that hard. This could all be easily fact checked in my head, without a need for line by line calculations. His calculations for the rest are correct and I'm not going to line by line do the math for every single one of them.
: Except his W removes all stacks....
My bad. 7.75 seconds of hard CC. So, yeah, 7.75 seconds of straight CC. You and I both forgot that his W also stuns for .25s. I'm assuming that you did because you didn't mention that. So, let's see. 1.5 second stun with base (no AP) 80-260 magic damage, depending on rank, with the enemy at 3 stacks with a Q. Stacks remain. Devour champion for 4-6 seconds, depending on rank with W. Regurgitate champion dealing 20-32% max health damage, depending on rank, by reactivating W. Also, post rank 6, your Q and W deal an additional 20 (+ 4/6/8% bonus health). The damage will likely be around 20 + 40-280 from rank 6 up to end game. That's 1000 extra health (from Sightstone/Relic or Cinderhulk/Tank item, with runes/masteries) at rank 6 to 3,500 at end game. It is very easy to get over 6K life on him and that 3,500 is a conservative estimate. If Q and W are max rank at level 11, that is 260 (+140 from R passive) + 32% max health (+ 140 from R passive) = 540 + 32% max health in damage. Not done! See after you spit them out they are stunned for .25 seconds. This gives you time to Q them again, because Q's cooldown is the same length of time as his devour ability. So you get another freebie 70% slow with 260 damage. Auto attack two times during the 2 second slow, and you can eat them again for 6 seconds. Now, granted if it is a mobile champion with dashes or anyone with Flash on cooldown, they *might* get away at this time. More than likely, however, they will be dead and unable to do so. So that's my synopsis on the Tahm Kench CC chain. You're welcome. :) Edit: Wish I could have seen a Tahm Kench with a DFG. The burst!
: Karthus doesnt even have a radius for his Q on quick cast.
This is referring to what the enemy sees, not what you see. So it doesn't show a radius line for any of his Q's. You can just see the animation coming up below you. This is like Cass's Q, there is not a line when you play against her. Think about playing against a Lux. When she throws out E, you can see a line around it's edge showing where it will hit. Morgana's pool is the same: it has a defined line when you are playing against her.
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: **He is not op at all because he has no real dmg (he can't kill u in less than 5 secs unlike {{champion:64}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:107}} ) and he has no mibility like {{champion:64}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:35}} , so he is not op.**
If these champions built full tank, like Tahm, they wouldn't do near as much damage as you say they do. They exchange survivability, or tankiness, for damage. You are comparing apples to... steak? You can eat them both (like these are all champions), but they are very different. Also, you shouldn't justify a tank's damage by saying assassins do more. Of course assassins do more burst. They are assassins. Tanks are meant to survive, not deal out assassin level damage.
: I actually agree that Tahm gets too much hate. That being said... ** 1) Name a tank support that has GOOD mobility. ** Low mobility is a definiing attribute of tank supports. Alistar, Leona, Thresh, Braum, nautilus... all of them have barely any mobility to speak of. Blitz is probably the only exception, and he's not even innately tanky. He's most often played as an offtank because he lacks aoe presence in teamfights, and is something of a 1 trick pony. **2) "Target the squishies" is a stupid, generic argument.** Not to sound harsh, but I'm sick and tired of hearing this. Back when Cinderhulk was broken, everyone was like "just don't target them". Tanks not only have insanely nasty CC, but they disrupt, sitting in the front line so the damage dealers can get away. Tahm does a LOT of damage; I'd throw numbers at you, but suffice it to say, if you ignore him, he will punish you dearly for it. Ignoring him is in no way a solution, and most of the time the damage dealers can get away without his help. Even if they cant, having to eat one doesn't impede tahm's ability to damage you with his tongue, or to soak up more damage. **3) Agreed.** More people should realize this. He's weak pre-6 not only because he doesn't have his ult adding damage to literally everything, his mana costs are actually oppresive early on (none of them scale). **4) Those items don't deal with him particularly well tbh.** Armor pen isn't much of a thing because he builds more health than armor. GIant slayer is nice, but 15% more damage isn't going to cause him to melt. The real problem is his shield, which can effectively double his HP bar. Here are some of my own thoughts. 1) Force tahm to shield. This is the best way to deal with him. Damage the crap out of him and force him to shield, so that he can't get the HP back. 2) Wait for his shield to decay. People attack him while he's shielded all the time, and it's pointless. Just wait for the thing to expire; it;ll go away on its own really fast. 3) Use walls of flesh. Tahm has no stickiness without being either in melee range or in skill shot range of you. Put tanky people in between you and your valuable targets, it cuts away his ability to get to them and/or attack them.
Honestly, his stacks should fall off after you use an empowered ability. This would fix a lot. It's really crazy he can stick to someone like Ahri if he has stacks. He just uses a ranged stun that last 1.5 s, then eats them for 6 seconds, then stuns again for 1.5s. This is 9 seconds of CC, back to back. I don't know of any other champs who can stack back to back. Braum stuns on his, but they don't stay on so he can immediately stun after the 8 sec CD. They fall off, the count starts over. Edit: I stand corrected. That is 7.75 seconds of hard CC. Stun for 1.5, devour for 6 seconds, regurgitate with .25 second stun.
Wajster (NA)
: Random high ping East Coast, PA
Suddenlink in Arkansas here. Day started with 40ms ping. By the end of the first game, it was a steady 200ms ping. Not any spikes, just a gradual rise in ping that was consistent. All subsequent games have been 200ms ping from start to finish. The last week or so it has been like this: a game starts with low ping, and slowly rises to ~200ms, then stays for the remainder of the day. It fucking sucks.
Jbels (NA)
: Tahm doesn't have a giant Teamfight ult that knocks people up and then creates a slow field (Rumbles love it), Braum's passive can also be used to stun people simultaneously, while Tahm must go from one to the other.
> [{quoted}](name=Jbels,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VijiNcRd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-17T16:31:02.313+0000) > > Tahm doesn't have a giant Teamfight ult that knocks people up and then creates a slow field (Rumbles love it), Braum's passive can also be used to stun people simultaneously, while Tahm must go from one to the other. Tahm can chain CC stupidly well with stacks not falling off. So you can stun, eat, stun, etc. The CD for the stun is the same as how long you can eat them: 6 seconds. So that is 9 seconds of CC. If stacks fell off after an empowered ability, it would be more fair. You have to damage them 3 times to get empowered again.
Rikari (NA)
: Braum's passive can't work on you for 8 seconds if he gets 4 stacks
My husband plays Tahm support a lot. From him I learned: He was not happy to see the movement speed boost with ally swallowed go. This hinders support Kench. He doesn't get why he does so much % max health damage. He would rather keep the utility to see this decreased. He has told me the main problem with his stickiness is that the stacks do not disappear after you are eaten. Typically, stacks go back to zero after a function like this. Even without a timer. After braums stun, you don't remain at 4 stacks; it's reset to zero. **With Tahm, he can stun them with Q (6 second CD), eat them for 6 seconds (6 second CD), spit them out, stun them with Q, etc.** The stacks never drop. He said it's stupid you can lock down a mobile champion like Ahri with a tank that has obscene CC and damage. He has 3v1 before on a support build and got a triple kill. I think that if you use an empowered ability, the stacks should reset. So you eat them, spit them out, and then you have to put 3 more stacks on before you can eat again or stun.
Bradmore (NA)
: Why we're not releasing the Ahri Statue
Can you please also look at her awkward hand sticking out? It differs from the splash art. By differs, I mean I immediately thought "strong hand". By that, I mean " Let me get that with my strong hand." If you don't get it still, search it on youtube. You will not be disappointed. And this is completely subjective, so it might just be my sense of humor.
: Okay, first of all, your name is awesome. ^-^ I've never seen this idea before, and holy crap, it's amazing! I love the bells on his back, haha. It'd be awesome if they jingled when he walks! Yorick needs a bit of an update before we give him some skins, but this is something we could consider for next year's Snowdown! \*saves image for later* Would you happen to know who the artist is for this?
Can his ghouls be snowmen? Something festive.
: I noticed the amont of goald income for the same champ is lower every time. But didn't really care about it. Thanks for bringing that up. Dose that mean someone who's on Legendary would give extra on kill?
Here is an example: A player is 0/8 and you kill them. You get 58 gold for the kill. A player is 1/0 and you kill them. You get 300 gold. See how much more gold you get? So if you are 0/9, then kill someone, instead of giving 50 gold to your killer, you give 300 gold and it resets back to the same amount as the 1/0 player. Because let's be honest: a player with 8 or 9 more deaths than kills can't do much if they get 300 more gold on a kill. It simply just resets their gold worth. See this link for more information. Scroll down to Bounty Values and the right column on Death gold, that goes to the killer. I mean, haven't you killed someone before who gave 50 gold to you? Someone whose death is worse less than a minion? Well, one kill pushes that back up to the top of the column, and they feed even more gold back to the killer. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kill As for your legendary question: it's answered in the link too. As players go on killing streaks, the killer gains 300 gold still but the team gets a gold bounty as well as a bonus.
: > [{quoted}](name=YumaS2Astral,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9eTK2r7P,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-01T12:33:15.808+0000) > > My biggest concern with such idea is that it would encourage people to give up, as if they weren't encouraged enough already. > > There are people who give up before the game even starts, during the champion select, just because of a off-meta pick or a poor team composition. > > If Riot were to lower the surrender time, I would only agree with that if they also changed it so that you couldn't vote surrender again for 10 minutes instead of 5. This way, people could surrender earlier, but they would not be encouraged to give up as easily. This would also prevent people from constantly spamming surrender everytime it is avaliable. You create a solution for a non-problem that creates a problem. How are you even upvoted. If the game is clearly over before 12 minutes, IDGAF if I can't surrender till 20, I'm not putting in effort for a blatant curbstomp. Doesn't matter if I can't actually surrender yet, I'm still not wasing effort. 5 minutes is a fine interval. I also think it should only take a simple majority. Tired of shitty duo queuers abusing their 2 no votes (while they usually are the ones throwing the game).
"No. They can still DC." Pre-season 5 Motto Ended up winning quite often with that OP strategy. Now it has been common in preseason 6, but not nearly as much, and DCs happen earlier in the game, with reconnects, not later. I was that shitty duo-queuer who voted No a year ago. Not so much this year. I have lost all hope in DCs winning the game this year.
excodar (NA)
: Can We Lower The Surrender Time Now That You Completely Fucked The Ability To Come Back From Games?
Saixos (EUW)
: How to: Be USEFUL while being USELESS
Please reiterate that when someone ends up feeding (and we've all been there, it happens) and has a gold value of < 200 gold, that person should NOT continue trying to get kills. Let's say you are top and 0/4 at ~20-30 minutes. You gave 176 gold to the enemy on your last death. You are next to the 3/1 ADC, or 0/1/5 jungle came to gank, and the kill canbe easily taken by you or your teammates. For fuck's sake, don't take the kill. This resets your gold value on kill back to 300 gold! Therefore, the next death, the enemy gets 300 gold, whereas if you didn't take the kill, it is 141 gold. And let's be honest, the best to hope for would be a 3/9 K/D ratio, where you literally gave 700 gold **more** to the enemy. This is not total, it is extra gold. It would be 140 gold more per kill, and going from 4 deaths to 9, would be: 140 x 5 = 700 gold. GG. Way to be a team sport!
: "I have never been Vaccinated, never been sick" Yeah, because one example is supposed to support an entire population of people. Let people know that I made the best drink ever, because I thought that it tasted the best.
Also, he needs to tell that to the 131 children in California who contracted measles. Edit: Forgot to mention, this was in 2015. From December 2014 to April 2015. Because those parents said the same thing.
MrWasjig (EUW)
: Keep political and controversial IRL bullshit outta this thread thanks.
Apparently he wants to buff measles and polio around the world, while also nerfing the health of infants and immunocompromised. GG. Surrender at 20.
ThatH1N1 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrWasjig,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y2yKaEvE,comment-id=0000000000010001,timestamp=2015-11-25T19:14:04.617+0000) > > I'll remind you of vaccines causing more of what they prevent next time an epidemic rolls in and you refuse to get vaccinated. I have never been vaccinated, never been sick. Let me ask you. IF these vaccines work, what does it matter to you if I don't get one? You are protected right? You are right about them causing more problems than they fix though. Search engine "clean vaccines for the rich in Europe and japan" Some people don't get the bad stuff with the Mercury, aluminum and SV-40 in it, why do the rest of us.....? Just trying to help you, this stuff could save you or your families lives, especially children.
http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/28/health/measles-antivaxxers/ Sure. But if I take a 6 month old baby to a doctor for a minor illness or check up, and this baby is too young to be vaccinated for measles, polio and the like, and YOU come in with measles (or polio), I'd be pissed as fuck you didn't get vaccinated, you asshole. There are people who can't get vaccinated (babies, those with allergies to the vaccine, and the immunocompromised for example), and herd immunity from everyone else who is vaccinated protects them. This happened from that measles outbreak in California when an unvaccinated child brought the disease back home. I hope no one like you lives near me, because I do plan on having a child soon and would rage if you, or some other ignorant selfish person, exposed my child to the disease while relying on everyone else's herd immunity to stay safe. And my uncle had polio as a child, and has been pretty much crippled since then. And you want to risk the chance of spreading it to those who can't help not being vaccinated, and increasing the risk of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus to those who are in the process of obtaining immunity. Shame on you. http://www.who.int/features/qa/64/en/ And here is a **scientific** source on circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus, from a real scientific organization. Herd immunity actually **prevents** it. "It takes a long time for a cVDPV to occur. Generally, the strain will have been allowed to circulate in an un- or under-immunized population for a period of at least 12 months. Circulating VDPVs occur when routine or supplementary immunization activities (SIAs) are poorly conducted and a population is left susceptible to poliovirus, whether from vaccine-derived or wild poliovirus. Hence, the problem is not with the vaccine itself, but low vaccination coverage. If a population is fully immunized, they will be protected against both vaccine-derived and wild polioviruses. Since 2000, more than 10 billion doses of OPV have been administered to nearly 3 billion children worldwide. As a result, more than 13 million cases of polio have been prevented, and the disease has been reduced by more than 99%. During that time, 24 cVDPV outbreaks occurred in 21 countries, resulting in fewer than 760 VDPV cases." Get your facts straight. Trust science from scientists and doctors, not some 'greenmed' website that is promoting half truth bullshit.
FaerKhan (NA)
: Turrets used to be actually scary. As in, you basically couldn't tower dive early game without dying yourself. Now they just shoot marshmallows at you.
Those "laser cannons" on inhib turrets make it insanely easy to use assassins to tower dive, burst down a squishy behind turret, and get out before the higher damage starts. I hate it. Plus, all 5 can off tank the turret, switching agro between one another. I wish they hurt again, too.
: Herald is bad for Nasus. He's way too weak early to contest it. Even if his jungler helps him take it he honestly doesn't want to push down the lane early because that makes it harder for him to stack his Q. Herald is going to bring midlaners and junglers toplane earlier than ever and Nasus hates that because it makes it hard for him to stack in peace. And now that TP isn't required anymore people are going to be taking ignite and killing him under his turret
I have a feeling the whole new "first towers down at 8 minutes, game over by 30 minutes" vibe will kill Nasus. His power starts when the games are now ending. First towers have been going down between 8 and 9 minutes, he doesn't have time to farm before team fights at 10 minutes. Sion is with him. And, my favorite mid, Cassiopeia, doesn't hit her 500 stacks until ~30 minutes, making her extremely hard to reach that power spike and be useful. Laning ends earlier, so she won't build stacks as fast poking in lane like normal. Same as Nasus and Sion.
: You guys are retarded. Please read patch notes before saying they gutted AP mids. -First off the spectral crow has LESS MR on it , giving mages a chance to do more damage even after someone gets the item. -Second, the banshees and SV (although the MR is higher), the cost is also higher, so it will take longer to get that banshees veil. -Starting gold is higher, gold income is higher. -No mana potions, however they have 3 refillable flasks now hat provide way more than enough sustain and chalice has never gone anywhere. -45% COOLDOWN REDUCTION CAP now: Tibbers is always out, Twisted fate can smack you with two gold cards if quick enough, etc. -Rod of ages got buffed to have 80 AP like most other items AND is a tanky item as well. -They are building ARMOR against the all powerful Attack damage Carry and not magic resist. That means more 1 shots for your Leblanc, more penta kills for your annie, and more Ace cleanups with your Brand. -A keystone that gives you a free ludens echo proc for waveclear on those hard to hit/slow clearing mages. relax, before you assume mages are dead. Read the patch notes and stop assuming.
You realize the increased gold cost was mitigated by the increased passive gold generation for everyone. That point is kinda moot.
Meddler (NA)
: If the enemy minions are a bit more powerful they'll be by your towers more often (they'll win the minion versus minion pushes). That results in a situation where the enemy either capitalizes on that, and takes further objectives, or your team farms and catches up. It's a similar principle to how Baron buff now works, giving you a temporary advantage that, if used well, can be leveraged for extra gain, but, if not used, gives the enemy a way to get back into the game if they play well (in contrast with guaranteed, permanent advantage that can result in slow, safe, 'get further ahead' play without much of interest going on).
But.. with the tower defenses were lowered, and death timers higher at earlier points in the game, doesn't that mean one mistake and winions can take a tower? Excuse me for being daft, but I'm not following the logic of the current structure of the game from what I see, and what you are currently saying. I know, you will argue, but the turrets have more health! And I will still view giving turrets 1K health, while taking away 100 resistances (or -70 at the current max of 30 resists), as making the turrets *easier* to take down. So a mediocre team fight can make a turret go down simply because you can't defend 2 lanes if an ally is down. TL;DR Since turrets are easier to take down, winions will take down turrets faster. Obviously a huge detriment, and in no way a buff, to the losing team. Essentially, it makes comebacks harder to accomplish, thus keeping games at 30 minutes or less. I'm not sure what your goal is with that post, but you sound like a car salesman. Like your trying to make that 1997 Geo Metro hatchback sound like a Mercedes, so you can up the price by another $500. When in reality, you know it's just an ugly piece of shit, and your hoping the customer doesn't find that out before they sign the papers.
Meddler (NA)
: Can definitely understand your concerns. We do think there's a useful lever in tuning minions based off game state, I'd imagine it's a mechanic that will need a decent amount of follow up tuning to get to the right spot though (when should it be triggered, how large an effect should it be, how obviously communicated does it need to be etc). It's also a change that from what we've seen in testing looks bigger on paper than it's felt in game (it's been on the PBE for a couple of weeks for example without anyone that I'm aware of commenting on it). The other big thing to mention is that it's also a change we've shifted from 5.22 to 5.23 due to a bug we found right at the end of the testing period, so the initial preseason patch won't have the minion changes in yet. Once 5.23's out though it'd be great to get a bunch of feedback on how people are finding the changes once they've had a few days to play with them in game, rather than just assess on paper.
With games changed to end at roughly 30 minutes, and rarely over 40 min, I don't like buffs that go to the team that 's obviously ahead, no matter how minuscule. It still changes dynamics in a way that sets the team behind up to lose even faster, unless that the goal of course. Another feature to enhance 30 min or less games...
: Yup, problem solved! He totally isn't broken as shit to begin with and these changes don't make him oppressive or overpowered at all. Well done Riot, good thing you ignored everything about Yasuo from the community.
100% crit with hardly any items has counterplay... that 10% crit dmg reduction they gave him! *sarcasm* in case any of you out there can't tell... Sometimes I wonder how super cereal this board is.
: About Cassiopeia...
I'm only worried about Cass's power spike in the PBE with the new death timers routinely going over 60 seconds at 30 minutes, sometimes up to the 70s. Considering I typically hit 500 stacks around 30 minutes (give or take depending on the game), and the games being shortened to 25-30 minutes, the power spike will come at a point where it is not substantial to the game. As for power, I typically do not see a huge issue right now with her power. Le Blanc is the only champion that I invariably do poorly against. Zed has gotten much easier after repeat exposure, to the point where he is hungry for kills around level 6-8, as most assassins are, and a simple stun (esp under turret) can easily get a kill. For most, trying to watch their moves and when they time their spells makes it so easy to poke for me. Landing a Q will allow me to dodge most any skill shot. I can zone my opponent to the direction I want them to go with W when a gank arrives. Of course, I do not build glass cannon Cassiopeia, going on my first back to get {{item:3070}}, followed by {{item:3240}}. After this, a defensive item is typically needed for maximum poke. {{item:1057}} into {{item:3001}} for AP and {{item:3191}} into {{item:3157}} for AD. {{item:3136}} into {{item:3151}} and/or {{item:3116}} are next. {{item:3003}} when near 750 stacks. {{item:3135}} for maximum penetration (I see what I did there). Her passive gives the Rabadon buff, so it isn't truly needed. Overall, with these items and runes, I will get right around 100 armor and magic resist, 2,000-2,500 health depending on level, 42% penetration, 44 straight penetration after that, and another 20 reduced with Abyssal when I'm in range of my E. Those items make her tankier, and also will take 200 MR down to 52 MR. At 200 MR you are doing 33% of your damage after reduction. At 52 MR I am doing 65% damage after reductions. This effectively doubles my damage. Sure Rabadon's gives you insane AP, but considering her AP ratios are not that high, pure penetration works better. At 110 MR or less, you are dealing true damage on all abilities. The bonus poison damage after landing some E's will make a tank just shred health, especially with Liandry's, and your ult, Zhonya's, plus the added tankiness from items can save you from assassins. TLDR: If Riot is moving towards games that cap out around 30 minutes, reaching the 500 stack passive (including the average stacks per second on champions and over time) around the 20 minute mark would be ideal. She's a snake: you need maximum penetration to hit her sweet spot. I feel her power is in a good spot, even if it doesn't truly capture the essence of poison for me. I don't feel her gameplay of *slowly increasing power* matches her identity as a character, but that doesn't make it under powered imo.
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