: They stated that traditional snowdown skins don't sell well so this year they are trying these sugar skins for the holidays.
Maybe they try making christmas skins that people actually want. Santa ornn, gives teammates items out of a sack of gifts, ult is reindeer/sleigh. And candy kayn... just kayn with a candy cane scythe.
: Patch 9.24 notes
Riot - we want people to be able to use the new runes to fit their own playstyle Also riot - "Yuumi is a really weird case where taking the wrong rune is negatively and drastically causing people to think she is worse than she actually is. Please take Aery instead of Comet!"
: Patch 9.23 notes
While you guys are cleaning up items sets can you remove the consumables-pink ward that is for some reason included in every item set even though I dont want it there. I have my whole set exactly how I want it. With pinkward included in the top with all the other consumables and trinkets then there is just a random pink ward at the bottom of the set for no reason
: holy sht, if they refund me i'll be a thousandaire
> [{quoted}](name=Shift God Azir,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=uk0MeJ18,comment-id=00400000,timestamp=2019-01-12T05:24:19.751+0000) > > holy sht, if they refund me i'll be a thousandaire thats what im saying, but these people got as much content as us... and didnt spend a dime. so i would like my money back. even if that means i lose all my skins etc. in the process
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
so uh..... this doesnt make it any better... if i could get a refund on my account purchases that would be great. i have spent entirely too much money on this game to sit here knowing that other people have accounts with more unlocked content than i do and they didnt pay a dime for it. just take it all back please the skins, chromas, ward skins, rune pages, icons, emotes, the champions i paid to unlock. i honestly dont even want to play this game anymore with the way you guys are handling this situation. people who spend money on your game for this content are what keep it free to play. yet people come along and end up with more than us for free and youre ok with it? just gonna let this one slide? no punishment for accounts that took advantage of an obvious mistake? no compensation for people who actually pay for stuff when it comes out. i logged in yesterday planning to buy the new aatrox and pyke skins and probably a couple capsules until i saw what had happened on reddit... havent played a game since and i did not buy those skins... all i ask is for a refund of all my account purchases because apparently your content isnt worth the money ive spent on it according to you guys
Novalas (NA)
: > You guys already mentioned that Grasp, Comet and Phase Rush are good, what about Electrocute? Seems like it would combo well with his bursty nature. Any secondary runes that you like or are too good to pass up? Not too big on Electrocute. CD is too long for laning phase for the uptime on your Qs. It's not a terrible choice as a jungler. I think Nimbus Cloak is pretty huge on him so, when going Resolve, I never want to lose out on that. Precision splash on jungle Aatrox has felt pretty good to assist with clearspeed. > It seems like all of his damage is loaded onto Q, so if you miss those abilities are you basically screwed? You have some minor room to act. Primarily through using your E to get the bonus AD to auto trade (or disengage), using your W to disengage, or hitting them with your passive. But in general, his Q being down is a window to all in Aatrox. > Does he have any lanes in particular that he wins or loses really hard, so I can look out for those? He tends to hard smash tanks (the exception is Maokai due to his passive but you still win mid-late). He has difficulties in skirmisher matchups such as Camille and Fiora but he can still win the lane. Other juggernauts tend to blast him though (Darius, Illaoi). > What is his intended role in the team? Is he meant to just dive the backline carries and kind of let his team deal with the other bruisers? He doesn't have reliable autoattack DPS like his old self, so in extended fights it seems like he'd lose. Are there any items that you buy that help mitigate this? And what build do you think is all around the most optimal? His primary play pattern should be diving the enemy team; he has a lot of disruption in his kit (through his Q crowd control & damage) as well as high uptime with 40% CDR. Additionally, with Guardian Angel, it takes him a very, very long time to die. You can soak a lot of time from the enemy back line because it's likely at least two people will have to deal with you if you're far enough ahead. In general, Black Cleaver + Guardian Angel are the core items. For core item build, I'd suggest Black Cleaver -> Guardian Angel -> (If ahead, Death's Dance) Sterak's Gage -> Spirit Visage/Randuins -> Flex tank items. Super high damage builds are OK when far ahead but playing him with a bruiser pattern is more reliable. > What do you think are the best summoner spells? Could Flash+Ghost work well on him to help mitigate his low mobility, or is the standard Flash+TP/Ignite just better? > The standard Flash + Teleport is better imho. Don't think he needs Ignite. He has a lot of kill threat. > One thing someone also suggested to me was putting only 1 point into R at 6 and leaving it like that until all other skills are maxed, like Tryndamere. Honestly the movespeed on R seems pretty useless so the only reason you'd level it is for the CD reduction. Do you think that's a reasonable thing to do? I definitely disagree with the R being a 1 point wonder. You need to put points in it to reduce the CD. His ultimate CD at rank 1 is close to brutal. Additionally, the movement speed is actually incredibly potent and allows him to re-position effectively in fights (by disengaging shortly during the long ultimate duration and re-engaging).
you said his role in a team should be diving the enemy team. can u please explain to me how exactly to do that. it seems you have taken away his old diving ability (q) and replaced it with what i believe to be the shortest dash (e) in the game (if im wrong could u please tell me someone with a shorter dash). once in the middle of the other team can u explain to me how after i already used my "dash", to close distance, am i supposed to land a single q without the other team just sidestepping it or kiting me out until my ult runs out and killing me because i self rooted my self for a solid 3 seconds trying to hit my only real damaging ability. any insights would be appreciated. or maybe just make his kit more fluid, because his cast times are actually horrendous right now... like... really really really bad. i love aatrox as he is on live and i was so excited for this rework, until i actually tried it out on the pbe. and now i just wish it wasnt happening anymore. i mean, his new kit does have a lot of potential. but with how clunky his combos are right now if they arent made a little more fluid, then im pretty sure after the first couple weeks of his release hype he might actually have a lower playrate than the current aatrox. please, for us that actually love this champion, clean his kit up before he goes live
Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.13
hey, i was just looking at aatrox on the pbe (im very sad with this rework tbh) but on his champion bio page in the client it says his play style is auto attack based still, which is very wrong. and there is a bug in game when u recall and his wings go crazy all over the screen for a split second
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