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: MF discussion: what does the community want in an Ulti Skin?
I see a lot of people asking for a top laner, but all good things come in due time, so I'm not worried there (Besides, I know a certain top laner whos overdue and could become quite terrifying *cough *cough *Star Guardian {{champion:6}} *cough). As for what I expect from an ultimate, it's rather simply put: I expect something eye-catching in a way that holds my attention for a while and provides unique variation. To boil it down, look at the other ultimates: Udyr has 4 revamped forms that then revamp again upon maxing them. They deliver on his theme in a way that lets you pick which playstyle you want to rush first and have all be useful and visually appealing with their own dialogue and recalls. For its age, it is wonderfully done. Ez has evolving ability graphics too that polish off the skin and change the way things look as the game goes on, giving a more evolutionary feel to him than Udyr's as the graphics change significantly. Of all the ultimate skins, this is my least favorite, as there is little variation to choose from and you wind up in the same place any way you slice it. Sona was mindblowingly cool in that she had three very different forms that gave very different global music and each had cool themes. Each form was eye-catching and had a mood of its own to choose from. The non-gameplay-related forms were also a massive improvement on the other two. Lux had the pinnacle of ultimate skins with dialogue and graphics for ten separate iterations you could choose from (albeit in a limited way, it made each more unique and fun to pick). The sheer differences in personality made this skin great. Now there's MF. Her ultimate would fit in perfectly if it had come out after Ez and before Sona, but it didn't. The standards were raised, and 4 forms definitely fits in, just not as well as a follow-up for Lux. If the forms had more variation to them (I read a good comment on helmets and hair) and the mechs had impacts on her personality, I'd put it after Sona. The only way I see this skin making its place after Lux is if some new aspect of the game is addressed to keep the theme of one-upping each other going. Mayhaps if there was an interaction where different mechs altered the map visually. Like having GGMF in the game caused subtle mechanical pieces to replace portions of walls for the game, and those pieces reflected her form. That could be a cool way to influence the whole game (or at least her team) in a way worthy of an ultimate skin. Of course, if it gets annoying, having an option to turn it off like Sona's makes sense too. TLDR: A slight bit more graphical and personality variation to the mechs could def up the quality of GGMF, and a cool interaction with the map could maybe even put it on par with Lux or Sona.
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Doozku (NA)
: I put in a request to join a whole year and a half ago... and still nothing {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
I put mine in mid s4. I lost hope some time ago bc I don't play ranked almost at all. They probs don't want my normal-game-and-aram-loving low-elo self on there.
Galiö (NA)
: Signed up for PBE, is it my time?
I sincerely wish you luck with getting the PBE account. One tricking is often not-so-ideal in terms of learning the game, but they do learn their champs very well. If they don't bring you in with some other Galio mains they're just missing out on probably the most insightful identity-based feedback for him.
zaire90 (NA)
: (probably getting downvoted to hell for this)tbh i would rather have a snowball meta than a tank meta at least the people who snowballed either fall off or are still squishy and most of the time have a reckless playstyle (assuming ur talking about lethality champs and assassins) with tanks they arent falling off. Theyre going tank but still doing alot of damage. Everyone saying they want a tank meta but when poppy was abusing the new CoC mastery everyone was losing their shit and remember if its a tank meta all the tanks are going to be on that lvl of annoyingness. That being said i love fiora and she would be op during that meta tho all my assassins would struggle.
To be honest, the Poppy issues wasn't so much of a "look how annoying she is being tanky" but more of a "look at how annoying she is being a better tank than almost any other in the game by a significant margin in most situations." If meta allowed, Mundo could probs deal with Poppy pretty well. As could a nice tanky Naut or Shyv. Tank meta lets those champs thrive much more, and damage threats still have the ability to amp up and be good, they just need team coordination. The mass wet noodle pile-ups after both frontlines kill the opposing carries only happen if both sides let that happen.
: When they Underestimate the Urgod
Never underestimate the Urgod
Sciela (NA)
: Unfortunately, armor doesn't really mean much anymore. ADCs (and Yasuo) will still instagib you, and even Rammus can't do much since lifesteal is so absurd right now.
{{champion:33}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3123}} fight me
: A few thoughts: - Sona isn't considered viable in any meta to begin with. Not sure why she's mentioned here. Tank meta? Not tanky enough. Assassin meta? Not tanky enough. - When was Yasuo ever a good pick in the "Any pro play at all?" - Malzahar's already seen his way out of bot lane relevance, and thus the entire game. Not seeing much Zyra anymore either. - The incoming tank meta from the MYTU is going to make a ton of champs SQUISHIER when building defenses, and only jugs/wardens/vanguards are going to hit that frontliner status people are thinking about. In other words, tanks will enjoy the tank meta and everyone else is in for a real "treat". - Pffft...Kench...
{{champion:37}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3009}} or {{item:3020}} I don't even care if I overstack CDR. Get me late game with that build in tank meta and fun will be had. E perma speedups with all the MS in this build make it hard to hit me and whoever I am glued to, constantly healing and buffing while holding my r for peel only unless snowballing. Hell, even in burst meta she works if you have the positioning and timing to make assassins have to dive deep for you only to stun them in the middle of your team. The build may change a bit, but she can definitely still function fine. Zed? He tells you where to ult with a second or two to aim. Talon? Red trinket and wait. Katarina? Aim for the knives or wait for her to just go in. Full lethality J4? Now that's scary. Not impossible, but scary.
: Most high-skillcap champs such as Lee, Yasuo, Riven, Zed, etc will have relatively little weaknesses the better a person gets. The catch is that the average player performs more poorly on these champions. DotA functioned the same way with Invoker/Geomancer/Chen/Enigma.
The other 3 you mentioned each have times at which they are weaker and times where they shine in a game. Pre-6 Riven and Zed are significantly weaker than post 6 and can be out-dueled by many. Zed lacks sustain or shields. Riven and Yas lack sustain. Pre-crit Yas is way weaker than post crit and his 2 item spike is when he really shines. Yas and Riven have much less high-range harass capabilities (Riven's is an ult). Zed ult and Yas ult choreograph themselves decently well, allowing your team to play around where those squishy targets will be a lot easier. Yea they all have fewer weaknesses than most, but they still all have their own. Lee's only one I can see is his melee auto attacks or maybe that he needs to go in to do damage. While certain champs have less weaknesses because they have high skill floors and ceilings, they should all still have some big weaknesses and they should never be broken or allowed to be overly strong when played at their skill ceiling when amongst others playing at theirs. A Zed and a Morg in challenger should both present threats to each other, even if one is binary and one isn't. Same with Amumu and Lee or Riven and Singed. No one champ should never have the tools to single-handedly outplay any situation. At that point beating them is no longer outplaying them so much as it is merely waiting for them to be too bad to outplay you.
: You go 1v5 and get destroyed, how is this a problem? It's balanced. What wouldn't be balanced is if you went 1v1/1v2 and lost. But you went in the middle of a whole team and didn't expect to die? That's just ignorant.
It's not that he wants Rammus to be able to yolo 1v5 teams and live for days or win. What he wants is for tanks to be tanky again, and his go-to example is Rammus because Rammus has that unique niche and history for just being unkillable versus all AD comps (with a non-AP support especially). He punishes AD heavily and is weaker to AP carries, so against a team of {{champion:133}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:201}} he should be theoretically a juggernaut once he has a few armor items for his w to scale with. In no way should he be melted unless it is by someone with melting capabilities like {{champion:114}} {{champion:67}} , and even then in a 1v1 against full armor Rammus both of those are iffy. It's not that OP expects to never die 1v5, but he does reasonably expect that the most anti-AD tank in the game would be able to, with full build, tank 1v5 a full AD comp for a decent bit before dying. And almost no full AD build should be able to 1v1 a full Armor Rammus with Thornmail (there are very few exceptions), but if this niche champ can't even pull off tanking what he was designed to this season, than what hope is there for most regular tanks? That's more of what he was going for I think
: > [{quoted}](name=winteriscoming97,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iAGonXVH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-31T23:17:47.167+0000) > > Everything else about him is self defeating though. Except on ARAM, that is. Yeah, it all needs changes.
I can agree he needs tweaks and work. I just made the post because I for one will miss the wonderful mess he is now. Half of playing him is getting to watch the enemies try to deal with him.
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: RIOT, please postpone Blood Moon Diana and make it into a Legendary skin.
If she got a new voice line and/or toggle mask I'd happily shell out the legendary price for this skin, and I really only play Diana on occasion. I just love the champ's theme in general and want this to be HER skin (if that makes sense). I'm hyped for it either way though!
SlownD (NA)
: Skin Idea - Dark Star Xerath
Rito pls! I have a Xerath-loving friend who I can never buy gifts for and I know he's too broke to get a skin like this himself. Help me help him for a better tomorrow!
: New Year, New List, Skin Team Still Putting Up Big Numbers
I heard tales of a poor player who mained Yorick, Urgot, and Viktor since s4, and in that whole time he/she has just been waiting to feel the hype of having a new skin come about for one of their mains. Kinda makes me sad to think of it, but I wonder if Yorick is still one of their mains after his rework. He plays a bit differently now.
: Varus: thunderlords vs Lux: thunderlords
Dude, as an avid fan of Sona I feel you.
: Daily quests?
Since generic quests would be a tiresome thing, what if the quests were role oriented? Like, once a week/day you could go to the quests panel and select a role to be given a task for that role. Something like "Successfully get 300 CS within 30 minutes in a game" for ADC or maybe "Heal allies for 5000 HP over a single game" for support. Yea, some would encourage specific picks, but that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Plus the occasional fun one could be thrown in for variety like "Hit 700 MS while in the opponent's half of the map without the use of Teleport" for Top/jg or "Hit an AOE ability on 5 champs at once" for any role (although ADC might struggle here). If these tasks were a weekly thing that could only be done outside of ranked, it'd make for some fun variety here or there, and if you don't like your weekly task you could just let it expire. I'm sure that idea sounds atrocious to some people, but imo it would provide some interesting ways to mix up the occasional game with friends.
: singed doesn't really struggle in lane like that. He's a strategic and psychological champ. How good is your psych game brah!?
Singed's psych game is too much effort for my tastes. If I go for that sort of thing I usually go Urgod top and just tilt people. Singed's lane struggle is if he actually attempts to lane like most champs, farming and trading with the opponent. He has some good match-ups, but he really isn't the best at traditional laning vs most top laners until he gets some gold. Most of his strat and psych game come into play a bit later on once he has his ult and a bit of gold to spend on tankiness and annoyability. If he lost some of his inherent tankiness for a situational immovable AOE cc and/or poison that he couldn't control that well it would make his bad match-ups (ranged champs in general) a lot worse early (although I'll admit that the fully stacked Rod with a Seraph's thing sounds like it'd be pretty great with a Rylais and full AP).
Tripack (NA)
: Ashe Visual Update Idea by Artist: Verauko
The Ashe idea seems like a really cool one. If Riot ever decides she needs a VU, I hope that's the direction they take, although I am very fond of the current Queen Ashe skin. Idk why, but something about the skin just gives it a regal feel. I think it's the way her dress moves when walking and how well the gold and blue play off each other in her current color schemes. Either way, the rest of this Ashe VU I am 100% down for. I get why they did it, but it really doesn't make the most sense for a Freljord champ to be wearing a miniskirt unless they are just supposed to be a tough-as-nails badass chick who doesn't care, but the only one of those we got is sej and she opted for the full battle gear instead (and understandably so). Oh, and as for the Cait one, I'm gonna have to disagree. She NEEDS the big hat. Like, 600% needs it. Also, the slimmer design just seems to fit her confident go-getter attitude. As to how conservatively she needs to dress, that is up for debate, but a big puffy dress just seems ill-fitting imo. It takes away from her sassy disposition.
: Singed Passive Suggestion
That wouldn't give him much better of a chance in lane (where he already struggles), and would hurt his survivability later a bit in exchange for that situational boost in all-ins. It's def a cool idea, but I feel like he'd need to be able to hold onto it somehow until it's needed or else he just gains a massive weakness vs poke (which he already struggles with until he gets tanky enough to go full ham). It's a cool idea, but I feel like he'd need a few more tweaks and maybe even a mini-rework to support it.
: Scout's Trousers: Cost 4400 gold +100 AP +5% Movement Speed +15 Magic penetration Unique passive: Your damage over time effects deal 25% more damage. Unique passive: Your auto attacks gain 100 units more range, permanently. Unique passive - Lucky: If an attack was to kill you, it reduces your HP to 1 instead and removes all debuffs.(100 second cooldown) {{champion:17}}{{champion:27}}
OOO YISS! MY TURN! (Imma keep going with the "Late game super-pricy niche pick-up that has terrible gold efficiency by amazing passives" thing cuz w/o passives yours is only 66.6% efficient with 2932.45 gold worth of stats) Greaves of the Frontrunners: Cost: 4550 gold (although it ends up being around 3570 gold worth of stats w/o passives, so 78.4% gold efficient or so) +600 HP +40 Armor +40 MR +150% base HP Regen Unique Passive: Determined - After receiving 40% of max HP in damage over 3 seconds or less, incoming damage is reduced by 40% for 4 seconds. (80 sec CD) Unique Passive: Frontrunner- All self-healing is increased by 30%. (Can I get some {{champion:50}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} last item hype? Also, sorry for nerding out but I just wanted the items to be feasibly efficient so they might theoretically have worked)
: *laughs in elementalist lux*
You have singlehandedly brightened up my day. Thank you sir
Eyesack (NA)
: Singed's VO is what really sold me on this game
The thing that sold me on League was a misconception about Syndra and Hextech Gunblade. It was early s4 and my friends had told me to get the game, but neglected to add me when I did, so I was left in the hands of a 3 year vet player who had never gone higher than Bronze 4 before. He taught me 3 things: 1: On {{champion:25}} top, build Morellos, because it was her item and made for her. Multiple Morellos was also a solid build. 2: {{champion:134}} was the most difficult mage in the game to use. 3: Sustain in any form was broken, and coupled with any offensive stat it was even more so, so {{item:3146}} was the strongest item in game. From there I learned the lores of Syndra and Morg and fell in love with the ideas there. Gunblade became my staple first item on both of them and Syndra was my first main (the B4 had bought her for me lv 1). So I get to lv 7 before any friends remember I'm alive and add me. My plat friend took me in game and was delighted at hearing I already knew a lot of the basics. That delight turned to confusion when he saw my Syndra mid rush Gunblade and WoTA. After a lot of deconditioning, I got the hang of things, but Gunblade stuck with me. Between Syndra as a whole and the idea that champs varied in playstyles so extremely that some were basically undying monsters who actually built gunblade, I immediately began to read the lore and kit of every champ in the game. I wound up on Leona next and spent awhile in support bc I needed to for my friends, but I found my way into every roll over time with dozens of champs. Even now, building Gunblade makes me happy just because I still love the ability to feel like a sustaining monster.
: This is why I am now a Lux main mid :D. Support gone rouge... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Same! Except I done went Urgod mode in the top lane. I had enough of having my Sona yelled at when I went 2/0/2 in lane. Now they get to see me really get ugly. Grotesque even. I've never had more fun than I am now.
: The problem with putting assassins like Talon or Zed at top lane is that you are sacrificing your frontline (unless you have a tank in the jungle), but unlike ranged champions, they do not have good matchups against most bruisers or tanks, which can outtrade them at close range and harass them. For example, a Darius would dumpster Talon in lane, while a Malphite would just never die (and would, too, outtrade Talon at melee range). They can then just build an armor item (or a MR item in case of LeBlanc or Fizz) and proceed to ignore them for the rest of the game while outscaling them in terms of tankyness and utility, and in the case of bruisers, only dealing slighty less damage. Even if they are not facing a tank or bruiser, they are probably facing a ranged champion. And then, we are back to the same problem that they have at mid lane. That's the problem with assassins at top lane: They have the drawbacks of both bruisers/tanks and ranged top laners, while having none of their advantages.
Assassin tops have one advantage: Snowballing. One major drawbacks that most top lane melee champs suffer from is a weak early game. A Malph may be tough to out-trade at first, but a Talon at level 3 should be able to do it with decent ease. Likewise, Zed as well. These weak early games are when most assassins can bully them around with their escape mechanics. Zed poke is safe and clears waves. Talon poke can do a LOT of damage early. LB will not struggle against those top laners early at all with her safe poke, and Fizz can use his e to dodge key abilities from Darius or Malph or Irelia or something. Come level 6, if a kill is possible (Zed, Fizz, etc), the risky playstyle means that if the assassin can make the play before his opponent has a ton or resistances, they can snowball pretty hard. If not, they need to roam to snowball. It's risky, but so is assassins anywhere else. The only difference is that in the top lane they are likely set up to control the lane early (with the exception of Fizz and Akali). Even vs bullies like Darius or Illaoi, it becomes a skill match-up. The lack of a front-line is a problem, but it is mitigated in one of two ways (or both). Either the jg goes tanky, or the snowball rolls a team before the front line can get tanky enough to function or the adc fed enough to carry. Having a Kat top for instance gives a lot of zoning potential that couples well with another cc-based mid-laner (like Ori or Lissandra). A Zed can go very well with an engage comp that slams the enemy front-line, leaving Zed to dive in amidst the chaos. Talon and LB are in similar spots, as is Akali and Ekko. The comps can function with relative ease, they are just contingent on the snowball, and a TP lane-bully toplaner assassin has a slightly easier time of getting an early lead. There are exceptions, of course, but the top lane can definitely accommodate assassins with a decent team behind them. With all the delayed damage they deal, solo-carrying is going out of style. A LB and Ahri combo would be sickening. Same with Talon and a CC/engage mid (Swain, Liss, or even another assassin). The only down side is that both mid and top need to win lane, so jg presence to start top snowballing so he can roam mid is almost mandatory. The strat is odd sounding, but so is every new thing that pops up. Noc top was weird at first, as was Ekko tank, fizz/akali tank, and a lot of other good strats. Metas change, but only once someone finds the new meta and gets it going, so who knows? It's preseason. Anything can happen.
Zerenza (NA)
: Why the assassin rework didn't make assassins viable again.
There is always the possibility that the assassins may find further success elsewhere as time goes on. A couple may head to the jungle and some might go top. Not because they have to, but because they are better optimized for it now. A Talon top will still be able to roam mid a good deal and help control the top of the map while having TP for the rest. Ekko, Diana and Akali already have a place elsewhere, with Ekko potentially filling multiple roles with a bit of ease. With these high-risk, high-reward champs, people will only find success if they learn to manage those risks well. Against a mage with DPS or constant pressure, the assassin needs to be able to take those risks exactly when they need to. I'm not saying a buff or two here or there is a bad idea, but too much before these newer reworks have had time to settle could be really bad. Also, the reason I stressed top over jg is because you can find many more melee top laners to go against. Plus the few top laners with range often struggle with assassins (Teemo, the occasional ADC, not so much Kennen but still). Hard-carrying with assassins may be a lot tougher to pull off now, but why do they need to hard carry when they can help other carries snowball together? A roaming Kat top helping to get her Cass mid going or a Zed TPing bot to help get the adc up and running might not be a bad idea. It's what the mid version does, but with a bit tougher roaming and another mid to help out. Who knows what might develop if the melees keep having issues mid? Could be fun.
Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
I love Thanksgiving because I get to hear gratitude from everyone about everything. Most of the usual complaining that my friends and I may do is put off so we can go spend time with our families, and I love that. Anyways, since everyone else is on here doing this, I want to give it a whirl too: I am more than just thankful, I am indebted to Riot for making League of Legends (I know it sounds terribly nerdy but bear with me). I've never been the most social person, so when I was in middle school the friends I'd grown up with started to drift away because I couldn't afford to keep up with the progression from Game Boy games to Xbox and whatnot (I have always been a gamer FYI). So in 9th grade when they all told me about this new game that was free to play if I had a PC that could run it, I flipped out in the happy kind of way. I rushed home to my laptop and downloaded League (took me awhile because of my laptop being very not-good), then tinkered with the settings in a bot match with my oldest friend until I could run the game at over 10 FPS (the good old days). It was holiday season so I didn't really get to play with them much until after Christmas, and by then I'd done some researcher and was expert lv 7 Morgana top main. You can probably guess how my friends who were all lv 30 and ranked felt about that, but they helped me through it. Since then I found my place in this community, making friends with players, the occasional Rioter, and people in school I usually wouldn't talk to that happen to play PC games or League. Sorry for the long story. My point: without League, I wouldn't have likely made and kept so many friends. I certainly wouldn't have made it into college on a League-based scholarship (#ShoutcasterLifeFTW). Over the 4 years I've played I have taken a lot of my happiness from keeping up with meta-shifts, training friends, playing with friends and discovering new playstyles all the time (remember I am not wealthy so I am collecting the champs through IP like a baller). Without Riot's efforts on League, I wouldn't have such amazing friends or such an amazing team at my college in the MBU Spartans. League helps me relieve stress, exercise my think-tank, and enjoy the Lore of League (I am in love with the new Universe page). I am so thankful for all that League has allowed me to do, and that's why whenever I can I try to get an RP card to help support the game. I intend to play for a while longer if I can and I'm constantly looking forward to new changes and new friends. I guess with all that looking forward, it's especially good to remember to look back every know and then and be thankful for all the hard work that was put into this game for us players. Thank you all you Rioters and community members who make the boards and League evolve so much in such amazing ways. Stay beautiful you crazy diamonds. I love you all. OH! My favorite number is 479, so fingers crossed (insert fingers crossed pic that I was too lazy to find here).
: Why is lux allowed to have 1O new skins while she had a legendary skin this year .
Skelenth (EUW)
: **Pre. Ascension. Xerath.**
: Moment of Death Olaf Grown up Nunu Brand Brand General Garen Smoker Graves "Now with real voice lines" Rammus Seer Lee Sin Heroic Poppy Wildwood Zyra Beauty Pageant Urgot Redeemed Soraka Mrs. Shyvanna Lightshield Tall Veigar.
HOW DARE YOU! You just went right on ahead and tried to make Rammus talk. You know what? Maybe he's ok just as he is. Yea, that should be a skin: OK Rammus. It's regular Rammus, but more OK. I'd buy
Meep Man (NA)
: Would Anyone Be Interested in More "Peak of Power" Legendary Skins?
Overlord {{champion:134}} , where she's had some time to build up her immense power and her particles are literally dripping dark magnificence and power. Freed {{champion:136}} , where every star looks brighter, and his orbits more violent. His roar having the very essence of creation bursting forth without restraint from his crown. Freljord Warrior {{champion:201}} , where he is fully armored in true ice-laced armor and his shield is fully outfitted for war in his homeland. Maybe have him be a bit older too. Longhorns {{champion:12}} , where he is literally a fresh-served steak from Longhorns with a side of A1. So many possibilities.
: I'd actually be more interested in lower powered skins, personally. Slave Xerath to show what he was like as a human. Pre-death Sion. That sort of thing.
: I believe disconnecting from a match in *Doom Bots* only affects your ability to earn an icon for winning *that match* instead of *all matches*. I suggest working through our [connection guide]( to ensure your network settings are compatible with League. Let me know if you continue to experience these issues.
The connection guide didn't help much (tried that yesterday), but I seem to have got it when I reverted my PC to a previous savepoint, and was then able to reinstall League and have it work (reinstalling yesterday had proved ineffective). I'm good now though. Thank you for your concern.
: Need 13rp for chosen master yi help me rito
Quality. I will never tire of art for RP posts.
: Game won't load after champ select!
Having the same error (it's been going on for over 24 hours). Messed up my friends' teemoing game yesterday. I sent in a ticket but I still haven't gotten anything.
: Ultimate Favorite Champions Survey!
LETS GO! GAMEPLAY: {{champion:37}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:6}} /{{champion:35}} VISUALS: {{champion:6}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:85}} THEME: {{champion:37}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:268}} PERSONALITY: {{champion:35}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:74}} LORE: {{champion:203}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:202}}
SSmotzer (NA)
: Let's rename Butcher Urgot to Nightmare Urgot
Usually, I'd be all for a cool Urgot skin, but I happen to own Butcher and I am a huge fan of it. It may send a mixed message with the cooking skin line, but it was here first, and it has earned its place for successfully butchering Urf the manatee and having the balls to sell the pieces at 1/2 off. Butcher Urgot is a grotesque beauty for those who enjoy grotesque champs. Nightmare is a skin line that kids at terror. Butcher Urgot is who the nightmare line members aspire to one day be the equal of.
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Ralanr (NA)
: Sure there's a trade off, but you can control when it happens. Maw shield happens after a particular damage output and I've already said how I feel about Edge of Night. Honestly I think people should stop thinking that an Ultimate spell has to be unstoppable. If every ultimate was unstoppable or uncounterable then people wouldn't even think about trying to use them intelligently.
Agreed. The only ultimates in the game that should be unstoppable imo are the ones with a massive amount of the champ's kit front-loaded into it. For instance, Malph ult. 1v1 he wastes a lot of power using it, so blocking it is fine. 5v5, if he ults into a team, it should (and does) hit. If it was stopped by, say, an Azir wall, the champ would be so hard countered that it'd be stupid. Even if every enemy has a banshees or spell shield of some kind, Malph still ends up in the middle of their team with his AOE AS slow, his MS slow, and some decent damage. Likewise, if Raka ult could be cancelled that would just make her extremely weak vs cc. Same with Kayle ult being uncancelable, Trynd ult, etc. These champs need these to function. Now, Karthus is iffy. Zhonyas allowed for situational relief from part of the impact his ult has (only zhonyas user and a few special abilities could stop it). For its CD and how easy it is to interrupt if he tries it alive near any opponent, it deserves to be so powerful, that if it fires it should have a meaningful impact on a team. Having an adc vs Karthus able to build Night's edge and literally be immune to it if they can time well, as can their mid (regardless of AP or AD status), their jungler potentially (regardless of AP, AD, or tank who, while not immune, takes much less damage and is not usually the focus). That only leaves top and support as reliable targets. Supports will have free reign over their new heal item, a stronger locket shield, and their utility, which leaves top as the one wildcard. For an ability with sooooo much counterplay, it should either have a lower CD or more potential for outplay from Karthus. Since it has neither (88 sec max rank CD with 45% CDR), it should deliver on the power it promises, so unblockable isn't the most ridiculous of requests. Zhonyas is ok in the same way bard ult is. Immobilized invincibility is a decently fair trade off, and it's CD can be beaten late game by Karthus ult's. Champ abilities allow for counters, and banshees is balanced pretty well with needing to be unhit for 40 seconds to get your shield, but a 10 sec spell shield on a 30 sec CD that comes with MR and damage? That just stacks the odds against him too much. Every ultimate doesn't need to be unstoppable, but certain ones have too much riding on them to be as easily countered as they are.
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: I feel this board is a 4 way war between tanks/juggernauts (who sometimes have civil wars), assassins, mages, and marksmen.
Shhhh... You must quiet your heresy before you awaken the angry 5th group: The agitated, often-self-righteous support mains. I have seen their wrath. It takes over whole threads and is unrelenting.
Ralanr (NA)
: So effectively, despite the power of range, we weaken the power every season? That would explain the hefty increase in Rylai's use. Against mages I can sort of understand that, but I feel the gap between melee and range is increasing.
Each season the gap shifts. I have only lived through 3 seasons in League, but I have seen that in spades for AP vs AD. Season 4 had the AP "assassins" running so rampant that any AP champ with a DFG could 100-0 any non-tank, and almost kill any tank with one rotation of spells. The only people who could keep up were those abusing things like Feral Flare and AFK farming until they can two-auto a mage as master yi or Udyr. When DFG was removed, but AP items the same, you saw AD come back, and in the jugg meta of s5 AD closed the gap too easily (except for poor Morde) because they were all tanky enough to eat harass and keep going with little detriment. As things were fine tuned you saw that the bruiser items still kept them ahead until nerfs came in. Those nerfs balanced the game to the point where most agree that the game had rarely been in a healthier state (everything was at least somewhat viable). Unfortunately, as AP and AD balanced out from their nerfs, the tanks snuck up and overpowered everything with their un-nerfed kits and items meant to fight the stronger versions of the AP and AD champs around them. After tank meta AP and AD both had mini-metas with the introduction of Runeglaive and Devourer. AP showed up again with runic echos. AD slowly came back with the marksmen update and the addition of Duskblade. MYMU put mages back on top. Both were buffed over and over to get to today, where mages have come out on top because their skill shots allow them to justly deal more damage, but their items are too strong. The gap is huge again, and preseason aims to fix that, but the sheer amount of changes they are doing is scary. Stronger AD items, stronger assassins, weaker Rylais and protobelt inbound, and support itemization to keep ADC's alive and kicking. All of these things close the gap a bit, but together they may just go too far. That's the fear. Power has crept up this season, and everyone is worried that an insta-kill meta with AD is next. While the changes will mix things up, they aren't guaranteed to be perfect, so I'm in favor of waiting to see how things work out before bringing out the nerf stick on them, but I understand the concerns. Mages haven't been the strongest for some time until the MYMU item changes. Now the mage mains are hesitant to give that up. It's not unreasonable of them, but things change. The game would be healthier if the gap was balanced better, so Riot's trying to do that. If they fail and AD are too strong, people will call for nerfs or AP equivalents all over again. If not, AD will. I for one am looking forward to this preseason immensely. (sorry for wall of text)
: {{champion:112}} because he designed himself, literally. Submit to his designs. METAL IS PERFECTION.
I am almost tempted to change sides and side with {{champion:112}} . If I recall, he lost because he leads the GLORIOUS EVOLUTION, yet has no followers of any sort, or even those that might somewhat agree with him. One person does not a movement make, but the rest of him is really well-done. Honestly, he got discredited on a technicality. I'm still for him, I'm just a bit more for Urg.
: Why is {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks considered best-designed? I can understand Diana, Braum and Jhin, but Fiddlesticks?
The way he argues it, Fiddlesticks is more of a joke pick that still makes it on a technicality. Fid's lore is vague, mysterious, and accomplishes little other than that he's supposed to be this evil creature who is just kinda there and people die afraid and babbling about crows. That's not too far off from Fid's gameplay, but the reason the rest of us shoot down Fid is that he simply is too vague, and he doesn't use the scythe that his lore hypes up so much.
: Nocturne. It may be kinda trope-ish, but its amazing. Read all of his lore. And I mean read it from the wiki page, not the client. There's WAY more to it than just what's in his little in-client paragraph.. Same with Vlad.
I always read the wiki lores of champs, and Noc's is pretty sick. I think he lost points though for just being not the best assassin and having a really assassin-esq theme with the whole idea of surrounding the enemy in darkness and picking them off. He does it fairly well, but a few glaring weaknesses hinder his ability to live up to his admittedly incredible lore.
: {{champion:203}} Never has a champion looked like it came right out of a story book until them, at least in my opinion. Their voice lines give me chills and they have a serine yet ferocious feel to them. A+ champion.
My Kindred main friend wanted me to come back and add her to the original post, but you said it better than I could've.
: > [{quoted}](name=Inept Maverick,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zaT7VwzB,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-15T01:25:41.261+0000) >"EDIT: I even have a comments section here to prove what I'm talking about. Everything is either "too late", not good enough, not fancy enough, or anything else under the sun. I swear, some people just look for the bad in the world and say "See, boom I was correct!" Why do you go into these situations expecting failure when you should actually go into things looking for how they could be of use or the positive side, looking at the negative side later to see if it outweighs the positive" A lot of stuff they're implementing took them 6+ years to finally do. Other games have had it since launch. ex: Sandbox. Has been requested since fucking beta. You think I should praise them and open my mouth wide for them since they finally did something almost a decade later? LOL. Here, lemme help you. You order a mcchicken from mcdonalds. That's all. A single fucking mcchicken. Not only do I not give it to you. I tell you you're wrong and you never wanted it. Take your receipt, throw it away, charge you again, make you wait in line for 7 years and then finally hand you a frozen pick of chicken on a bun with no mayo or lettuce. Would you be happy? I don't think you would. Well, that's basically what they did. Jungle Changes: Do you know how fucking tired us junglers are of jungle changes? **very** It doesn't add "depth or flavor" to the fucking role. It makes me spend months trying to figure something out, rerune+mastery+refucking learn the entire game only to be told "jokes on you %%%, relearn it again." Now they made it even worse. No smite buffs and they hand me this . . . p.o.s RNG plant. Now junglers with bad early games and powerful late games have a scaling function which eliminates all of their problems. Now with hehexd knock back plant Yasuo can be ganked for by any jungler with the plant, and bot lane is basically GG. Whoever gets the knock back plant wins bot lane. It's really that fucking simple. How is that good design. ever? This is going to be worlds in a nutshell. "Bot lane got ganked." "Well, they should have been careful." "Their jungler has no cc, and the enemy bot lane needs to be harassed before they scale." "Well, they should just always play with the assumption that Nidalee has a knockback now. Because plants." "WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF DESIGN IS THAT?" "Stfu and l2p newb." "Yeah man, just learn to play around the enemy jungler may or may not having CC because fucking reasons." That entire situation is stupid. I'm not even playing bot lane ever again specifically because of how stupid the concept is. If I even play this season. Skins: But they added all these things and solo queue so you should be grateful losers. These skins are only **now** being created 6+ years after requested, and also when their numbers plummeted and they have been met with extreme criticism + negative rep + Tryndadouche looked like a massive . . . well, yeah after he tried shit talking someone while being 100% wrong in all factors. LoL pays their people way less than any others. Prize pools are worthless. This isn't a thing we should be _thankful_ for. This is them trying to kiss ass rose color glasses us back into the game. DQ: Most people are salty that even after countless players told them they were wrong. Riot Lyte blatantly said we don't know what we're talking about. They showed bad numbers. Fake numbers. Rigged numbers. Said we were wrong. Rigged multiple surveys. IT all basically boiled to, they called us liars, tried to make us feel bad and be "wrong." Their only fix basically made upper queue a fucking joke anyways. High elo basically revolved around who had what picks and how many smurfs. That's all. Skill really made no difference. Game balance. {{champion:104}} That's all that needs to be said there. Client: 7 years to get a nontoaster client that everyone else already has? I've lost more ELO to this game's client telling me to get fucked than I have any other game even when adding losing fairly + cheating etc. It's still so bugged that me getting end game chat is a roll of the dice and my client will freeze my computer for 10 to 15 minutes upon logging in and sometimes just close all together. I have to log in twice just to look at mystery chests. Cheating: over 250,000 players were permabanned for cheating in KR alone. I just want you to look at this number and then tell me to my face again that scripting is rare. I've been bitching about this for years and people swear It's just the enemy is just "so good." over 1/4th the KR ladder was cheating. That's two scripters per game, and in upper elo, roughly 3 if not 4. What does this tell you? People often relate scripting to dodging, but in all honesty the most frequent script utilized is by ADCS, and it's an attack move script + a last hitting script. This amplifies their dps + harass potential by an insanely large margin. You factor all of this together and a lot of us sit here and wonder. Why the fuck should I be grateful? You're giving me half assed everything because **you** as a company fucked up horribly. You're giving me skins instead of fixing problems. You're giving me shit a year after the damage is already done and lied to my face repeatedly. You're giving me a sandbox at a time in my LoL career where I don't even fucking need it, you're changing jungle balance. **again** For the worse, while indirectly fucking bot lane to the RNG knock back lane. Whoever has the knockback plant wins bot lane X3. None of this crap will change my opinion of this game. I log in to play my ELO decay games, and one or two norms on a rare moment of insanity, and that's as far as it goes. Even those 5 games a month give me a fucking headache.
As far as jg changes go, I'm not here to disagree. I'm just saying that I'm pretty sure plants are stationary, so Nid ain't getting any knockback unless you chase her into her jungle and she has one. Idk for certain b/c it isn't out yet, but the vid looked stationary. Other than that, I agree that the poor jungle gets mauled yearly, but all the jungle mains I know have been desperately awaiting this mauling, bc season 6 put them in a pretty awful spot of picking from 5 god-tier junglers or losing to one bc they can't keep up. It'd be nice for the jungle to be kept the same eventually, but not the way it is now. As for sandbox mode, they could not do that for many years. They literally couldn't afford the tech for a free-to-play game like League to have such a humongous addition. Now they can, and under their current management they're trying. For that, I'll be thankful. DQ I can't really contend there. They done goofed, but they're trying to fix it now. Get mad if you'd like, but unless you have a better idea on how to fix what they have right now, there is no point to bringing up DQ after they've admitted their goof so many times, apologized a ton, and are now trying to help. They aren't perfect, they were just trying to make things better (albeit failing in that regard). Client is right up there with sandbox mode. Limited resources for the company take a toll. They're successful as of a few years back and now they're shelling out a new client as fast as they can, but they're making this one good, and taking their time on it. They probably could've done one sooner, but they prioritized other things. Cheating. I don't even know what you want to hear. They try man, but people are dedicated to breaking every game. "Ban the cheaters," you might say. They try. "Get better systems/security," they are literally doing that more and more each season, but people worldwide try their best to bot accounts, script, and do all sorts of not-allowed stuff. It's tough to catch them all. Skins: No. I'll give you that they took their time with some of those skins that everyone wanted, but they are here. Riot jumped every legal hurdle associated with making fan-skins (and there can be quite a few, I'm told), found resources to allocate to them and made them worth the RP. No trash 750 skin of pantheon with a baguette and a pan shield, but a fully decked out chef with a loaf shield, butter particles on his butter-spreading thing, fun recall and a toast slam on his ult. Devil teemo is so decked out he even gets his own event. If Rito just wanted to throw some cheap retexture at us to satisfy the masses, everyone and their mother would hate it. I'm not saying it shouldn't of been done sooner, but I'm glad it wasn't. Now it can be done and done well. Overall, I get the complaints, but you gotta realize that the company is limited. New skins, champs, reworks, clients, modes, servers and projects take a lot of resources. As do maintaining current skins, champs, modes, the client, the servers, bugs, glitches and balance. They may take their time, but they should get props for what they do from time to time to, and people just don't ever seem grateful at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Inept Maverick,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zaT7VwzB,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-15T01:25:41.261+0000) > >Why do you go into these situations expecting failure when you should actually go into things looking for how they could be of use or the positive side Why? Because we went into Season 6 all positive, looking for how a solo Q would be of use alongside a dynamic Q... and then we SAT AND WAITED all of Season 6 while Riot displayed an ignorance and lack of insight so stunning that the Earth stopped fucking turning. Trust is lost. Hence pessimism.
There was never trust from most people. I did, and maybe you did too, but many sat on the boards and fought every change. In preseason 5 the jungle changes were hated, as was cinderhulk, runeglaive, devourer, rift herald, almost every champion and rework released, tanks, tank-killers, and malphite (he gets heat every season cuz his attack speed slow is awesome and his ult too). S6 brought more flame to match its reworks, champs, etc. Do you remember the fiasco over fiora's hair (which I am not ashamed to admit that I was a part of)? No matter what Rito does, a few hundred people will always rage on the boards. Even when I didn't like changes, I would try to be civil, but on the boards it's a relentless assault. No one on the boards was waiting for dynamic queue alongside solo queue, at least not patiently. It was "DAILY REMINDER: WE WANT SOLO Q" and "RITO YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING" up until the changes were announced. The pessimism is nothing new, and trust is rarely displayed on the boards. People have made the system their personal complaint box for years, with little gratitude to be found that is ever upvoted.
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: {{champion:136}} which some may disagree with me on kit wise but really, his kit is about as laid back as I'd expect him to be when dealing with feeble mortals. He just does exactly what's natural to him, and if things get a little hairy, he can just unload the very essence of creation itself to decimate his foes. I don't even need to speak to his lore, visuals and VO, but the effortlessness of his kit just sells him for me. {{champion:14}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:240}} are also strong contenders for me, but Aurelion Sol takes the cake.
Asol was my friend's favorite for awhile. I think the reason he got taken out of the running was because he seemed prone to a little self-entitled rage in his lore (for the disgrace Targon had dealt him), and his ult didn't deliver on that very well, but asol def made it into every one of our top 10's (I personally had him after Kled at number 6, with my #1 being the Urgod.
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